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TORREGOLF.EU at Vistabella

Event : TORREGOLF.EU - Captains Day Vistabella Saturday 6th. December

At 08.30 on Saturday with a shot gun start, 48 Members began a full day of Golf and Fun which finished just before Midnight to celebrate Phil Brigham's Captains Day Bonanza and what a day it was!

So, at 08.30 with the sound of a gun shot, all set off some in shorts others in thermals, yes beautiful day but with a cold wind you could say a little chilly but who cares course in great shape and it's a special day and with lots of money and prizes at stake and to-day with 3 Categories and prizes for the first 6 in each Category it was all to play for
However, I think the weather took it's toll as only 10 players managed to score 30+ so the prizes and results for the Stableford Competition were Category 1. 1st and overall Captains Day Champion, Dezzy Heywood with 38 points and receiving the Captains Trophy, Free Round of Golf and 20 Euros. 2nd. David Gill 33 points with 15 Euros & bottle wine. 3rd. Mick Reeves 32 points 10 Euros + bottle wine on c/b from 4th. Brian Smith who received 5 Euros + bottle Vino. 5th. with 31 points Geoff Betts, Vino and 6th. El Capitan, Phil Brigham, Vino.

Category 2. 1st. Con Moore 34 points and receiving 20 Euros and a Free Round of Golf. 2nd. Tony Jones 33 points 15 Euros and bottle of wine. 3rd. Joe Curran 31 points 10 Euros and bottle of wine. 4th. Roy Middleton 28 points 5Euros + vino on c/b from 5th. Tony McQuillan bottle of vino and 6th. Peter Cowd 26 points and bottle vino. Category 3. 1st. with a Free Round of Golf and 20 Euros 31points Dave Wake. 2nd. Ron Nicholson 29 points 15 Euros and bottle of wine. 3rd. Tony Jeff 27 points 10 Euros + Vino. 4th. Terry Phillips 26 points 5 Euros + bottle wine. 5th. with 25 points John Brockley bottle of wine. 6th. Christopher Rose 24 points with bottle of wine.

Now, not best front and back 9, BUT the worst 9 with this going to on front 9 Malcolm Harrison with 4 points and back 9 with just 3 points Rob Marchant. Lastly and in our association with our football team CD Montesinos. The Full Monte?.Steve James

Well done and many thanks to Pablo, Diego and his staff at Vistabella for preparing a great day for us all.

Golf out of the way we then had a short rest ready for our meal, prize giving, entertainment etc. at La Fortaleza, Vistabella where 84 members and partners all had a 3 course meal all for 8 Euros including wine and to finalise a raffle where 25 prizes were up for grabs with such items as 2 meals for 2 1 from La Fortaleza and 1 from Tilleys Bar & Restauant a meat basket and again a fantastic embroidered quilt made by Shirley Lannon. It was also great to see Bouquets of Flowers being given to Val Brigham, Gill Winder and Virginia Riestra. Thanks Phil for a great day, well organised all round, everything went the way TORREGOLF.EU like to have it

Should you like to join our great Club then call David Winder on 626 774 157 or email David at and not only take in many great things we provide in addition to some of the cheapest golf on the Costa's.

TORREGOLF.EU at Font del Llop

Event : TORREGOLF at Font del Llop 28th November

Once again another 28 players turned up to play our normal Satableford competition at this fabulous course just slightly north of Elche.

Yes another great day of golf however most players found conditions which though a little wet after recent rain, difficult with scores very close to one another and only 6 players making the magic 30+ score.
With 5 nearest the pins on all the Par 3's the winners were Hole 3. Wayne Corbett. Hole 8. Brian Smith. Hole's 12 & 17 and keeping it in the family, Sharon Smith. Hole 16. Sue Owens

The Full Monte in support of our football team CD Montesinos going to Nicola Murdoch.

Now for the winners Category 1. 1st.Sharon Smith 39 points and in line for another cut, but some great golf, I know because I played with her. Well done Sharon. 2nd. Pete Collins 37. 3rd.Phil Brigham 33

Category 2. 1st. Joyce Collins 34 points yes another great round and another playing partner on the day. 2nd. Vince Lannon from Henry Dryden & Freddie Brown all with 29 points.

TORREGOLF.EU at Altorreal

Event : TORREGOLF at Altorreal Monday 17th November

28 players turned up to play this course, one of our favourites, which currently is undertaking a number of changes on the course which looking at the moment will make it more challenging in the future even so at the moment it is in great shape and very lush.

Scores for our usual Stableford were, in 2 Categories to-day:
Category 1, 1st. John Piere Price 33 points. 2nd. Mick the Grip Reeves 32 on c/b 3rd. Martin Fitzpatrick.

Category 2. 1st. Bernard Ball 34 points. 2nd. Alan Perry 33 and Steve James 32.

Nearest the Pins: Hole 5 Roy Tennant. Holes 8 & 10 Doug White and Hole 17 Vince Lannon.



Here's an email sent to me by Escuela Golf, hope you can take advantage of it.

Hi David, I´m María Jesús and I have an offer for all members of Torregolf.EU
We have a new promotion. A lesson of 1 hour for 4 people with our resident teaching profesional, Eduardo Minguell. It´s included the temporal license and you can play 18 holes. All this 20 Euros by person.

Kinds regards, RECEPCIÓN ESCUELA GOLF ELCHE TF: 966 36 40 36

Enjoy your golf!

TORREGOLF.EU at El Plantio

Event : TORREGOLF at El Plantio Monday 20th October

Monday 20th. October saw 32 members returning to their home course El Plantio which have to say is now getting back to as we used to know it. Though there were 2 temporary greens 6 & 7. However, not sure what happened to the scoring as only 3 players breaking the 30 barrier and only 3 managing to win 3 Personalised Golf Balls for the 4 Par 3, Holes.

Winners on the day, Category 1. 1st. Con Moore 35 points. 2nd. Nick Turner 30 3rd. Tony Mackman on c/b from 4th. Eric Garside with 29 points.
Cagtegory 2. 1st. Neil Casey 31 points 2nd. Brian Coombes 29 3rd. Chris Rose 28 and 4th. John Brockley with 27 points

Nearest the Pin winners Hole 7 David Winder, Hole 9 Reg Palmer, Hole 14 John Brockley and 4th. shot NTP on Hole 12 Mark Palmer

The Full Monte to-day in support of our Associates, Supporters Club of CD Montesinos going to Len Cole who crowned it by winning the 20 Euro Scratch Card with Chelsea.

What's coming up firstly we are now well into our bookings for 2015 and we have increased the number of games being played over the year with 54 games taking place. However, currently we will be at Vistabella on 25th. October then Alenda on 4th.November Vistabella November 8th. and Altorreal on 17th.November.

We are also pleased to now offer a special deal at Vistabella with a TORREGOLF.EU membership card, play 5 rounds and get a 6th.FREE (buggy extra).

TORREGOLF.EU at Altorreal

Event : TORREGOLF at Altorreal Friday 10th. October

Firstly let me tell you that this course is in fantastic condition and probably now one of the best if not the best around currently and how 32 players enjoyed it after the long drive down to Murcia.
As usual the day which had perfect conditions was our normal Stableford one with again 2 Categories for the prize giving with the winners being Category 1.Chris Butler 35 points 2nd.Geoff Shand 34 points, good to see you back Geoff and fighting fit after your long illness 3rd. Dave Watson 33 and 4th. Brian Walsh 31 points.
Category 2. 1st. Peter Kerr another back to form after illness and without a doubt back into Category 1. for the next outing after recording a massive 42 points. 2nd. Mick Hart 35 3rd. Al Warnock 30 and 4th. Barbara Watson 26
Nearest the pin winners Hole 5 Brain Walsh. Hole 8. Alan Perry Hole 10. Geoff Shand and Hole 17. Ken Lewis

The Full Monte going today to Barry Howett and the Scratch card for 20 Euros with Southampton, David Winder

The usual winners photo after the game with the putting green and 1st.tee in background taken from the Club House.

For more information on the fastest growing golf Club on the Costas contact davidwinder, Our next 3 games are El Plantio, Monday 20th.October, Vistabella Saturday 25th and Alenda on November 4th. We are also pleased to announce that we now have a Loyalty Card scheme in operation for playing at Vistabella again contact David Winder.

To end ??cannot wait to get down to Altorreal again on the 17th.November.

Vistabella Golf

Event : TORREGOLF rates at Vistabella and free golf !!

Following talks yesterday between myself, Phil Brigham and the management of Vistabella Golf I am please to let you all know that the rates for the 2015 Season will remain the same as they were for this year, no increase, and we have booked to play 23 times next year with all venues being on a Saturday and run as they have this year by Phil, so please continue to email him c.c. me with all your booking requests.

The dates will be published on our web site as soon as we have concluded all the fixture dates for 2015.
Now, we are also pleased to let you know that for those that would like to play this great course at other times than those arranged on a Saturday and to encourage you to play more golf at Vistabella we are introducing with immediate effect a loyalty card that will show both the TORREGOLF.EU and VISTABELLA logos and you will be issued with one when you go to play and if you get 5 stamps on the card to cover 5 rounds you will get a 6th. round FREE. However, you will have to pay for a buggy!. If you walk all the time then no problem it's the walking rate. This deal will cover you round till the end of July, 2015

All rates are those on our web site.

Please take advantage of this great deal tell your friends, relatives etc., of what TORREGOLF.EU are able to do for golfers and of course what Vistabella have to offer us, yes, some of the cheapest if not the cheapest golf on the Costa's.

Enjoy your golf!

TORREGOLF.EU at Las Colinas

Event : TORREGOLF at Las Colinas Wednesday 1st. October

Wednesday 1st. saw 48 members take part in the 1st. Full Monte Trophy, yes, the Supporters Club of CD Montesinos have been good enough to sponsor a yearly trophy as a thank you for the support given by our members since we formed our Association The weather was perfect and while the scores were fairly low overall a great day was had by all. The restriction of buggies to paths however, caused a few problems to many members.
On the day which was a usual Stableford competition there were prizes going to the first 5 in each of 2 Categories, so besides the Trophy plenty to play for. The winners on the day were
Category 1. 1st. Sally Brian 36 points. 2nd. Sue Owens 30 points and winning a Las Colinas gift set, 3rd. Ron Matthews on count back from 4th. Dunstan Taylor & 5th. Lindsay Dunlop all with 28 points. Category 2. 1st.Tony Mackman 32 points 2nd. Alan Moody also winning a Las Colinas gift set. 3rd. Roger Hazeldine 29 points on count back from 4th.Peter Kerr & 5th. Liam Higgins all with 26 points.
The best front 9 went to Sue Owens with 17 points and the best back 9 to Sally Brian both winning Las Colinas Golf Towels. Nearest the Pins Hole 5. Chris Butler Hole 7. Con Moore Hole 10. Peter Kerr Hole 14 Brian Smith Hole 17. Sally Brian and the 4th.shot nearest the pin on Hole 11. Alan Moody

Our Scratch card for the day with 20 Euros prize went to Ray Pollock and The Full Monte to Joyce Patterson.

It was good to have Howard Yates, Treasurer of The Full Monte supporters club with us on the day ably assisted by his wife Mary to present the prizes and The Full Monte Trophy to the ultimate winner Sally Brian from Edinburgh.

Our pictures today show Howard presenting the Trophy to Sally Brian and with rest of the winners on the day. Also today the 4 ball of Ladies taking part L-R Sally Brian, Sue Owens, Dee Garvin and Joyce Patterson after their finish at the

TORREGOLF.EU at El Plantio

Event : TORREGOLF at El Plantio Monday 15th. September

Monday the 15th. saw 30 members playing at our home course and while the course was not in the best of condition due to hollow tinning taking place on the greens last week we were able to offer the cheapest game of golf we have had for many a day and it also included all the competition fess etc. so where else can you find these sort of deals, yes TORREGOLF!
There were no exceptional circumstances to report with scores just being average and only a third being able to achieve 30+ points so the winners on the day.
Category 1. 1st. Alan Searle 39 points. 2nd. Pat Coyne 37 and 3rd. Eric Garside 34. Category 2. 1st. Gail Green 33 points 2nd.Vince Lannon 31 on c/b 3rd. Andy Martin. Category 3. 1st. Carol Martin 32 on c/b 2nd. Roger Twigg 3rd. Steve James 30.
Nearest the Pins Hole 7 Gail Green, Hole 9 Pat Coyne, and Holes 14 & 18 Eric Garside.

The Full Monte in support of our football team CD Montesinos going today to Fred Parkinson and the winner of our scratch card for 20 Euros Ray Pollock.

Our next game is on Saturday 20th. at Vistabella where we will be supporting the The Royal British Legions, Poppy Appeal and then the BIG ONE at Las Colinas on Monday the 29th September when our Associates THE FULL MONTE, supporters club of CD MONTESINOS will be putting up a trophy to be won every year and for which 48 of our members will be competing, to win The Full Monte Trophy!

The picture to-day of all the winners at El Plantio L-R. Andy Searle, Vince Lannon, Roger Twigg, Gail Green, Pat Coyne, Steve James, Fred Parkinson,Carol Martin, Eric Garside and Andy Martin.

TORREGOLF.EU at Las Colinas

Event : TORREGOLF at Las Colinas

Last Friday saw us back at this great course and for a change we were not sold out on the day which is very unusual for this venue however it did not deter the players there experiencing what can only be described as a Great Day Out at one of the very best Courses here in Spain.
The day was our usual Stableford Competition with all taking part for the top prizes and just 3 nearest the pins.
Winners then 1st. Peter Cowd 40 points 2nd. Paul Abbott, at his home course, 34 3rd. David Winder 32 points on c/b from 4th. Paul Hurrell Nearest the pins Hole 3, Paul Abbott. Hole 15. John Ritchie Hole 17. No one.

The Full Monte prize in support of our Associates to-day going to Peter Kerr

Photograph shows David Winder, Paul Hurrell and Peter Kerr 3 of the days winners on the edge of terrace at Las Colinas

TORREGOLF.EU at Font De Llop

Event : TORREGOLF at Font De Llop Thursday 7th. August

It was great to return to one of our Special Courses known as the "Wolfs Watering Hole" on Thursday the 7th. and were we glad to be there to water ourselves!. Course in great condition but some of the holes had had some H&T work carried out during the week so slight problems with the `old puts', however that did not appear to have an effect on El Presidente who sank several from 4mtrs+, the bunkers were also lacking sufficient sand and very wet which caused more problems, but it was still great to be there even though it was a little warm but what do you expect at this time of the year and it was this that caused our numbers to be down on the day, am sure.
Ok the weather is now making life a little difficult on the course but who cares when the grass is green, well maintained and greens though with a few blobs of brown and I mean not any bigger than a Euro coin, obviously repaired pitch marks! were in great condition and true.
However, our Stabelford Competition with just one category to-day produced only 4 members exceeding the 30 plus score which is unusual
So the WINNERS 1st. Tom Curran for the 2nd. time on the trot, 36 points, yes those lessons from our resident pro Adrian Rudge ( special rates for our members) are certainly paying dividends. 2nd. Vince Lannon 31 points 3rd. Martin Goodman 30 on count back from 4th. Steve James.

The Full Monte to-day, in support of our football team CD Montesinos going to Alan Darby.

Only 3 nearest the pins to-day Hole 3. Steve James, Hole 8. Ron Chambers, Hole 12. Martin Goodman.

Our game at Vistabella the previous Saturday resulted in the winners being, Category 1. 1st.Bob Adaiar 36 points 2nd. Ray Pollock 31 and 3rd.Dave Marshall 30 in Category 2. 1st. Terry Taylor 37 points 2nd. Peter Sands 29 and 3rd. Tony Jeff 28. Nearest the pin winners Hole 4. Ron Matthews, Hole 8. Ray Pollock and Hole 15. Terry Taylor

Photo to-day of some of the members playing Font del Llop on the terrace in front of the 18th.

TORREGOLF.EU at Las Colinas

Event : TORREGOLF at Las Colinas Friday 25th. July

Friday 25th.July saw a full house of members returning to this lovely course for the 3rd. time this year and how we are looking to return again in October & December after what was a fantastic day of golf.
Ok the weather is now making life a little difficult on the course but who cares when the grass is green, well maintained and greens though with a few blobs of brown and I mean not any bigger than a Euro coin, obviously repaired pitch marks! were in great condition and true.
The game was our usual Stableford, in 2 categories and with a large turn out from both the 1st. and 10th.tees at the same time which again was great as everyone was able to finish and enjoy the free drinks and not worry about having too many before the results and then driving home. So, the winners on the day
Category 1. 1st. Paul Abbott 37 points 2nd. Paul Hurrell 36 and 3rd. Larry Quinn 34 and Category 2. 1st. Tom Curran 38 points, normally recording around 25 points and yes that was after his lesson with our resident Pro. Adrian Rudge so you all now know what to do to improve your game go and see Adrian!. 2nd. Al Warnock 36 and 3rd. Neil Casey 34.

Nearest the Pins today Hole 7 Nicy Murdock. Hole 10. David Winder. Hole 14. Sue Owens and Hole 17. Steve Murdoch and the Full Monte Prize in support of our football team CD Montesinos, to-day sponsored by our President going to Colin James

The scratch card to-day winning 20 Euros was Bernard Ball with Chelsea Photo to-day shows some of our members and winners on the grass outside the Club House and in front of the lake and

Also are the results from our last game at Vistabella on the 20th. when 28 players turned out for our regular Saturday game. Winners on the day with 3 Categories were Category 1. 1st. Geoff Betts 40 points good to see you back Geoff. 2nd. Ron Smith 34. Category 2. Barry Wesson 40 points. 2nd. Roger Hedberg from Sweden 32 points. Category 3. 1st. Ray Pollock 42 points. 2nd.David Winder 37. So as you can see some more cuts to handicaps from Mr.H. Nearest the pins Hole 4. David Winder Hole 8 Roger Hedberg and Hole 15 Ron Smith. Well done all, lets see if our next game on the 2nd.August brings another spate of large scores.


Event : TORREGOLF at Roda Golf Monday 14th. July

Monday 14th. had a full contingent of members going to Roda for the first time and all were pleasantly surprised to see the course in great condition.
However, most found the front 9 fairly difficult but in contrast the back nine which was played first, a lot easier and some very good scores were recorded for example Alan Darby 25 points, Eric Garside 23 and both David Winder & Chris Butler scoring 22 for our normal Stableford Competition. Very good scores for 9 holes.
At the end of the day the winners were Category 1. 1ST. Chris Butler 38 points 2nd. Alan Darby 37 and 3rd. Rob Marchant 36 points. Category 2. 1st. David Winder 38 points 2nd. Steve James 33 on c/b from 3rd. Neil Casey 33. Nearest the Pins. Holes 7 & 11 Rob Marchant. Hole 11 Paul Abbott.
The Full Monte to-day in support of our Associates and football club CD Montesinos going to Malcolm Harrison

We also to-day had a hidden pairs competition and the winners were believe it or not David Winder and Chris Butler who each received a TORREGOLF.EU Polo Shirt.

After the game we returned for the first time to Tilleys Bar, Mar Azul, Torrevieja, owned by one of our regular golf members Dave Gill for the results and it was so unexpected but Dave had put on a great spread of sandwiches and sausage rolls, enough to feed an army of golfers. Many Thanks indeed Dave it was greatly appreciated by us all and we can confirm that we will most definitely return to you when playing South of Torrevieja.

We are also pleased to announce that we have now added 2 more golf courses to our playing list, Roda and La Marquesa. Details shortly on our web site.
Picture to-day, some of the winners at Tilleys Bar, Mar Azul. L-R Neil Casey, Alan Darby, David Winder, Steve James, Rob Marchant and Chris Butler.

TORREGOLF.EU at Hacienda Del Alamo

Event : TORREGOLF at Hacienda Del Alamo Wednesday 2nd. July

Wednesday the 2nd. saw us travelling off to the longest playing course here on the Costa's and what a day it was at one of our Special Courses, well it was for one!, El Presidente.
Not a full turn out but we still managed 21 players and of those playing over 60% managed to score 30 points+ so that must say something on a course though long was in perfect condition, for our Stableford Competition. Well done to all at Hacienda del Alamo with all the problems with water the courses are now having to deal with
Our game again was in 2 Categories for the prizes with the winners being Category 1. 1st. Con Moore 35 points 2nd. Roy Tennant on c/b from 3rd. Ron Chambers 33 points
Category 2. 1st. David Winder, 41 points yes 41 should now be known as El Bandido not El Presidente 2nd. Mike Zebadee 38 points and 3rd. Roy Middleton 36.
Nearest the pins Hole 5. David Winder, Hole 8. No one!, Hole 12. Roy Tennant Hole 15. Ross Rankin just edging out El Presidente and 4th.shot NTP on Hole 18. David Green. The Full Monte prize in support of our Associates and sponsored by Vince Lannon going to Paul Hurrell.

Our scratch card for 20 Euros winner, Brian Coombes.

On Saturday the 15th. we had 28 turn out for our weekly game at Vistabella and here the winners were Category 1. Mick Byrne on c/b from 2nd. Peter Collins 32 points 3rd. Phil Brigham 30 and Category 2. Ron Nicholson 35 points 2nd. Mike Zebadee 32 and 3rd. Joyce Collins 29. Nearest the pins Holes 4 & 15. Paul Hurrell Hole 8. Lindsay Dunlop.

Our photo to-day, some of the winners at Hacienda del Alamo.

TORREGOLF at El Plantio

Event : TORREGOLF.EU at El Plantio 19th. July

Thursday 19th. July, what a great day, returning to our home course for the first time in 8 months and finding it in great condition as was expected following the visit 4 of us made two weeks earlier.
A lot has taken place on the course the most noticeable was on the Par 3. Hole 9 where to make life so much easier there is now a bunker protecting the green from left to right!
The work carried out by the management and ground staff to get this course back to the condition we were used too for many years has paid off.


To celebrate our return, the day was subsidised and all playing received free coffee on arrival with the compliments of El Presidente.

Scoring in our Stableford Competition was very low, this I would put down to the greens which though in perfect condition were slow and very difficult to read resulting in only 5 members getting 30+ points.
The Winners…… Category 1. 1st. Brian Coombes, who from The Full Monte last week to 37 points to-day 2nd. Sharon Smith 32 points and 3rd. Tony Mackman 30. Category 2. 1st. Roy Middleton 30 points 2nd. Christopher Rose on count back from Liam Higgins 27 points.

Nearest the pins, Hole 7. Joe Curran, Hole 9. Alan Darby, Hole’s 14 & 18 Brian Smith. Nearest the Pin 4th.shot on Our Hole 14, John Poole.

The Full Monte prize supporting our Associates and sponsored by Vince Lannon going to Will Abernethy.

Our Football Scratch Card for a 20 Euros prize going to Eric Garside who also received to-day his personalised golf bag won in a recent TORREGOLF.EU raffle.

Pictures to-day of those playing and the new bunker at Hole 9 just about to be fully completed.


Event : The Torregolf Newsletter - June 2014.

As many of you know TORREGOLF started in another form 8 years ago and we became known in our present form and name some 4 years ago and you all know my feelings about Societies, we are a Club, “for the people by the people” and will remain that way, providing you all with golf at what I like to think are some of the cheapest rates on the Costas.
This past playing year, that has not yet been completed, has been what I can only describe as phenomenally successful in its growth with our membership now reaching nearly 300 and I thank you all for your support.
We obviously do something that pleases our members.

I would like to say a few thank you’s because there are others behind the scenes that have made us what we are, firstly to Gary. who with my input has put together what I consider the most fantastic web site The site came to fruition in December 2011 and last year we achieved over 135,000 hits, unbelievable!

To the Costa Blanca News for the weekly advert they print for us, the power of the web and advertising!! and of course our Associates, The Full Monte supporters Club of CD Montesinos, hopefully we will see more of you watching our team next season and hopefully pushing for promotion.

Membership is not now just coming from the UK and Ireland but from all the Scandinavian Countries, Belgium, Holland, and even from Australia.

Others ...ALL YOU MEMBERS OUT THERE that I must say do a great job in also promoting us. Paul Hurrell who keeps an eye on all you bandit’s with the handicaps, Roy Middleton who generally looks after the finances on golf days, Keith Mann for looking after the Blogs etc., on the web site and lastly Phil Brigham who is tireless in looking after our games at Vistabella on a Saturday (please email him at, c.c. myself if you would like to play in any of these games, all are on the web site).

I would also like to say that it is advisable if you book your golf days well in advance to save disappointment because we still try to keep these days to a maximum of 24/28 players. Do not forget that your card also enables you to obtain good rates at all our Golf Courses, details again on the web site.

I will continue to look at courses that I feel may be of interest and would like to deal with us and on that subject I am pleased to say we have now concluded an arrangement with RODA where there are some attractive rates for you to obtain upon production of your membership card (see below).
We are also currently talking to La Marquesa.

In addition to golf we are also adding restaurants now, where it is possible upon production of your membership card, to obtain a discount of some form or another. Details may be seen in our Sponsors section at the bottom of the website pages headed “Special Torre Golf Courses” and “About our Golf Club”.

New membership cards this coming year effective August 1st will be slightly different in so far as one side will show our EU Logo, with your name and membership number on the reverse Full Monte side.

Fees for the coming year which are due on the 1st.August will remain at 10 Euros for existing members, however, new members will be required to pay 15 Euros but if they rejoin again next year they will revert back to paying 10 Euros.
I will, nearer the end of July, advise you that you will be able to not just renew your membership with cash to us here in Spain but I will make an arrangement for those living in the UK to pay direct into a UK bank account and for those living in Europe with Euro Currency to a Spanish Bank.

Hope to see you all soon on the Tee., but please not all together!!!

Kindest regards,

EL PLANTIO - Back Up To Scratch

Event : El Plantio Visit - June 2014

Today, Wednesday the 6th. June, Phil Brigham, Roy Middleton, Paul Hurrell and myself visited El Plantio to see how the course is shaping up because as most of you know our home course has not been that good for some while in fact we have not played there as a Club since last year when most members made comments about not going again!
Shame but it was not good.

However, I am very pleased to say that El Plantio is now the course we all came to love in fact it is better than most of the Courses we play now, and even though there are a few signs, and I mean a few, of the hollow tinning that took place a couple of weeks ago the Course to our minds is top class and as you will see from the photo which also includes Santiago, Director of Golf at El Plantio everyone gives it the thumbs up?

Nueve de cada diez pulgares para arriba para jugar El Plantio

The greens were perfect but have to say were very slow, but I am sure by the time we go on June 19th. you will find them to perfection, as we know El Plantio greens in the past were.
That being the case, get your name down now to play - you will not regret it!!


Roda Golf

Event : TORREGOLF discount rates at Roda

LOW SEASON 2014 January, July , August, December
1 Green Fee 35 euros, Buggy 12 euros 2 green fees + buggy 82 euros
MID SEASON 2014 February, May, June, September and November
1 Green Fee 39 euros, Buggy 12 euros 2 green fees + buggy 90 euros

HIGH SEASON 2014 March, April, October

1 Green Fee 49 euros, Buggy 12 euros 2 green fees + buggy 110 euros

I am pleased to announce the above rates for Roda Golf, Ctra. F-27, San Cayetano, Los Narelos 30739 (AP7 Salida/Exit 786)

These of course may only be achieved upon production of a current TORREGOLF.EU membership Card. When making a booking please advise Roda Golf , you are a TORREGOLF.EU member. I will shortly insert more details under the Course Directory section of our web site.

TORREGOLF.EU at Los Colinas

Event : TORREGOLF.EU at Los Colinsa Monday 26th.May

Monday saw us returning for the second of five visits this year to this great course and one of our Special Ones, and it has to said Las Colinas, is "Special".

Great day, perfect weather and a course in excellent condition with the greens really testing ones putting skills. However, one member didn't need to putt on Hole 14 and with an 8 Iron off the tee straight into the hole. Well done Sharon Smith enjoy your prize of a free round of golf and a special bag tag duly embossed, recording the Hole in 1.

To celebrate a photo with Susan and her prizes ...

It was a normal Stableford competition with 2 Categories and the winners were, Category 1 1st.Con Moore 37 points 2nd. Ron Chambers 35 points 3rd.Keith Mann 33 and 4th. Pat Coyne 31 points.

Category 2. 1st. Steve James 30 points on C/B from 2nd. Roy Middleton 3rd. Al Warnock 29 and 4th.
Paul Abbott 28 points on C/B from Bernard Ball. Scoring overall was very close and El Presidente who wasn't going to play due to just getting over an attack of gout started very badly and after 12 holes had just 9 points under his belt and then finished the last 6 holes with an extra 18 points. Strange things happen sometimes in this great game of golf.

The Full Monte supporting C.D. Montesinos prize and sponsored by Vince Lannon to-day went to Simon Gray.

Our other photo to-day shows the winners .


I am please to give you another Restaurant in our area where you are able to go with your TORREGOLF.EU/THE FULL MONTE membership card and receive a discount of 10% off your total bill.

The restaurant, Los Tilos situated just 100 mtrs from the sea in the North end of Torrevieja and located at, Nuestra.La Senora de Monserrate 8, 03182, Torrevieja. Phone number 965 71 11 70.

Los Tilos serve a selection of excellent reasonably priced food with the dining area being on a mezzanine floor that seats some 60 visitors with crisp white table cloths and real cutlery and you can watch what is going on below in the lower bar/cafe. It is also possible to take a wine/ beer or any beverage, even food, outside on the pavement terrace and watch the world go by.

  Click here to go the Los Tilos website   - you are able to see what they do etc., and you even get details of the Menu del Dia for that day. There are many photos on the web site but below are 3 photos taken by me to give you some idea of what the restaurant looks like. Like it!, Enjoy it!, It's Good!

TORREGOLF.EU at Hacienda del Alamo

Event : TORREGOLF.EU at Hacienda del Alamo Tuesday 13th.May

No, not Friday the 13th. but Tuesday 13th.May saw us returning to this lovely course in Fuente Alamo, Murcia. Though course maintenance had recently been going on it did not stop some good scores being recorded on a course which is the longest here in this part of Spain.
There were no significant things to report other than it was good to see one of the first members to join TORREGOLF.EU, returning to play once again after 3 years, glad to see you Tony (Rudd) and that at long last your knee is now or should I say nearly 100 per cent better.

To celebrate a photo with El Presidente ...

2 Categories to-day for our Stableford competition with prizes going in Category 1. 1st. Joe Curran 38 points 2nd. Ken Holmes 33 and 3rd. Con Moore 31 points.

Category 2. 1st. El Presidente, David Winder 34 points 2nd.Liam Higgins 31 and 3rd. Roger Twigg 28 points.2 nearest the pins to-day Holes 5 & 15 both going to Con Moore..someone, (no names) forgot to put the other two out!!.

Our Full Monte prize in support of our Associates, supporters club of CD Montesinos and sponsored once again by Vince Lannon going to Frank Reed.

Our other photo to-day shows the winners on the splendid terrace at Hacienda del Alamo L-R, Frank Reed, Liam Higgins, Joe Curran, David Winder, Con Moore, Ken Holmes and Roger Twigg.


Event : TORREGOLF at Alenda Wednesday 30th.April

In perfect conditions for playing golf 32 members turned out for our normal Stableford competition at Alenda Golf with plenty of scores over 30 points so well done everyone, see if you can keep it up when we play our next game at Hacienda del Alamo on the 13th.May. I have my doubts with the course being the longest in Spain.
The results to-day with 5 nearest the Pins were Hole's 3 & 16 Ken Lewis, Hole 5 Paul Hurrell, Hole 13 Tony Mackman and 3rd. shot NTP on Hole 18 always a difficult hole Tony Mackman
Our Full Monte prize in support of our Associates, The Full Monte, Supporters club of CD Montesinos and sponsored by Vince Lannon going to-day to Chris Charlton.
Now for the competition results, 4 prizes in 2 categories,

Category 1. 1st. Peter McCormack 38 points on c/b 2nd. Ken Lewis 3rd. Mick O'Brien 33 points on c/b Roy Middleton

Category 2. 1st. Freddie Brown 38 points 2nd. Peter Cowd 35 on c/b 3rd.Stan Clayton, 4th Janice Corbett 34 points.

Following our game at Alenda, the following day, May 1st. we had our 1st.Sping Dinner with Entertainment for 60 members at the restaurant Sinfonia di Roma in Benijofar where we, as a Club, have a special deal for our members. Great evening was had by all.

TORREGOLF.EU at La Peraleja Part 2

Event : TORREGOLF at La Peraleja Thursday 17th.April

Yes, as previously stated in our report for the game, we welcome all overseas visitors and here you can see El Presidente with Tom Curran, from about as far as you can come Perth, Western Australia, who will be here during the Australian winter, didn't think they had winter in Perth?. However, we welcome you Tom for the next few months but have to say long way to come for a game of golf!

Event : Adrian Rudge

Hi All, I am pleased to announce that we are now in a position to provide our own PGA Advanced Teaching Professional, Adrian Rudge.

Adrian is the Golf Professional at Vistabella Golf and Head Teaching Pro. at Greenland's Golf, i.e. Greenland's Golf and Driving Range, Ctra. San Miguel-Benijofar CV 940.,E 03187, Los Montesinos. Phone 965 971 681

With your Membership Card you may now book with Adrian on Telephone + 34 670 291 788 or email him at - He may also be contacted via our web site and you will receive a discount of 10%.


Adrian is a great guy and I know that if you need 'HELP' with your game he is the one to sort you out, so give him a ring and meet up with him at Greenland's.

Kindest regards, David

TORREGOLF.EU at La Peraleja

Event : TORREGOLF at La Peraleja Thursday 17th.April

Great day for playing golf on a course that is one of the hardest around. It is a shame that some of the fairways are no better, as were the bunkers, than when we were there just 2 months ago. However, 33 players turned out to enjoy themselves and while scoring overall was not high 11 did manage to break the 30 barrier so that was good in weather conditions that were perfect.
Our Stableford competition in 2 Categories resulted in wins for the following. Category 1. 1st. Sue Owens 34 points 2nd. Mick O'Brien 33 3rd. Eric Garside on c/b 4th. Tony Mackman.
Category 2. 1st. Con Moore 38 points 2nd.Vince Lannon 35 3rd. Tom Ashworth on c/b from Roy Middleton 32 points.
Nearest the pins to-day resulted in wins for, Hole 2. Mick Byrne Hole7. Keith Mann Hole 9. Sue Owens Hole 12. David Winder back after a month lay off due to Golfers Elbow Hole 16. Steve James and the 3rd.shot NTP Hole 17. Eric Garside

Our Full Monte in support of our football team CD Montesinos and sponsored by Vince Lannon going to-day to Peter Kerr.

It was also good to see that our message is getting known far and wide as to-day we had 2 new members one from Belgium and one, believe it or not from Australia!

The picture shows some of the winning members on the veranda of Peraleja Club House.

Event : 5 Mental Mistakes You Should Never Make On The Golf Course

I strongly believe that golf is one of the most mental sports. And for that reason, the average player loses way too many shots to poor mental decisions and not knowing how to systematically approach each shot and control their emotions to maintain confidence. This article will show you the 5 most common mental game mistakes that most golfers make and how to eliminate them.

1. DON'T ANALYZE YOUR SWING or think about it while swinging. Any thoughts about your swing on the golf course is counter-productive to a good score, whether it be in between shots or during your swing. Trusting what you have is far more important than trying to correct something or forcing a movement while swinging.

Trying to consciously control your body during any action makes the task more difficult. Think about if you drove your car while consciously thinking about what your body is doing ("foot on brake, now accelerator?") and you'd probably get into a crash! Instead you simply trust your ability as a driver. Thinking about your swing while swinging creates tension which interferes with the free-flow of a good swing. It's fine to think about it on the driving range when you're practicing a new movement you've learnt in your golf lessons, but on the course your mind has to be quiet to play your best.

Swing thoughts usually creep in during a round when a few wayward shots are hit, and subsequently the golfer analyses the swing and attempts to correct the problem. A lot of these off line shots are simply caused by tension, which increases with the more control over the swing the golfer attempts to have. There's a saying that In golf, "You need to give up control to gain control" and I strongly believe that to be true.

Instead of being focused on the body's movements, we need to be connected with the objective - to hit the ball to a specific target with a pre-determined shot shape, and then trust the body to do what we've practiced. The best swing thought is to trust the swing you have, but if you need some help, you can try saying the words "one-two-three" - "one" for the back-swing, "two" for the down-swing and "three" for the follow-through. This should help eliminate the swing thoughts.

2. DON'T THINK ABOUT YOUR SCORE (unless you really have to) Unless you're in a situation where you need to know your score for strategy, like during the closing holes of a tournament, it's best to forget about it. Some of the best rounds in history have been shot while the player didn't know what his/her score was. You'll find that when you play your best, it's like you don't care about your overall performance and you don't judge it, you're just enjoying playing the game and hitting good golf shots. This is the mentality we need during every round.

Score is something that is external and out of your control. Tying your performance to it can create a roller-coaster of emotions. If score is your absolute goal of the game, how are you going to feel when you score an 8 on one hole? Will it dent your ego and ruin your round? If you can shift your goal from each round from score to executing a good process and just enjoying the game no matter what, you will score better. Your focus has to shifted from outcome to process to play your best.

3. DON'T BEAT YOURSELF UP, be your own caddy and remember it's just a game How you talk to yourself on the golf course can make a big difference in how you perform. Caddies are generally selected, not only because they can calculate yardages and read greens, but more so because they knowhat to say to a player and when to say it. You can bet your life if Adam Scott hit the ball O.B. and Steve Williams was to say "What the @#$% was that? How can you hit a shot like that you loser!", he woulbe fired on the spot. Saying such things, doesn't help a player, it would lower their confidence and make them more tense before the next shot. Instead the caddie would offer some encouraging words to help the player forget about it and move on.

Most of us don't have the luxury of a caddie, so we have to create our own "inner caddy", so we boost our confidence and bounce back quickly from shots we're not happy with. To do this, start to develop a list of phrases that you can say before and after a shot. Unless you're playing golf for your livelihood, it really shouldn't make you upset. After all it's a game that allows you to practice real life challenges, like facing adversity, focusing, having a positive attitude, staying in the present and so much more. Think about this next time you hit the ball in the trees.

4. DON'T JUST AIM AT THE FAIRWAY OR GREEN - have a very precise target in mind As a continuation of #3, caddies will always help their player pick a very precise target instead of telling them to aim down the fairway or at the green. But most amateurs do exactly that and it costs them several shots per round. Ask any of the top players and they'll tell you that they make their target as small as possible. Phil Mickelson's target might be that thin silver tree branch behind the green. It definitely won't be the whole green or even one half of it. Next time you're out there, make this a part of your pre-shot routine and you will notice the difference.

5. DON'T FORGET ABOUT YOUR ROUTINE The shot routine (which includes the pre-shot and post shot routine), is an absolute must if you want to play your best golf. It's the most effective way to ensure that you choose and commit to the right shot and then have the optimal reaction whatever the outcome. If you don't have a very meticulous routine (which eventually becomes a habit) you are simply throwing away shots. And it can all be done easilyin the one minute allowed. This one ties in nicely with Mistake #2. Instead of making score your goal, make your routine your goal for every round and focus on everything that's great about the experience in between. If you need help with a good routine, come to Ostravice and see our Head Pro Adrian Hubert.

TORREGOLF.EU at Font del Llop

Event : TORREGOLF at Font del Llop Friday 4th.April

Friday the 4th.April saw our Club returning to one of our Special Courses and though we had a sunny day and the course in great condition, the wind did take some casualties, but having said that we had 10 members breaking the 30 points barrier, so it was not all bad news and the winners of our normal Stableford competition were.
Category 1. 1st. Mick Byrne, yes think this is now 4th. time on the trot, in the winners frame, with 32 points on count back from Ken Holmes, good to see you back Ken following your replacement knee, your long lay off obviously had no effect on your game! 3rd. Roy Tennant 31 and 4th. Tony Mackman 30 points.
Category 2. 1st. Joe Curran 37 points 2nd. Bill Wylie 33, 3rd.Neil Casey 32 and 4th.Brian Coombes 31.
Our nearest the Pin winners Hole 3. Sue Owens, Hole 8. Roy Tennant, Hole 12. Joe Curran Hole 16. Tony Mackman. Regretfully the marker for Hole 17 was lost in the wind!!

The Full Monte in support of our Associates, the Supporters Club of CD Montesinos and sponsored by Vince Lannon going for the 2nd. time in 2 games Christopher Rose. Our football scratch card, carried over from La Serena, going to Jan Chambers with York City. 20 Euros for when you are back Jan.

After our game some of us returned to El Raso Restaurant for Tapas and prize giving and thanks go to Igor and his crew for looking after us so well and he may been seen in the photograph with those that returned outside El Raso Restaurant.

Event : La Serena

We all know how La Serena can swallow your golf balls maybe this is where they finish up?
No, in all seriousness we all know how there is a great deal of wild life on our courses and here we see a female Coot with nest containing 6 eggs on the edge of the green to Hole 10.
So please take care when you take your next shot! David


Event : TORREGOLF at La Serena Monday 24th.March

Monday the 24th.saw 28 members descending upon La Serena to try and beat the water and combat what turned out to be a very windy day and those that know this course are aware it becomes very challenging and the scores returned, reflected the problem. However, the course was in great condition and greens though covered with a very light coating of sand were true and firm but were a problem in the wind!.
Our Stableford competition to-day resulted in prize money going to

Category 1. 1st. Mick Byrne 33 points. 2nd. David Watson 31 points on a c/b from 3rd. Sue Owens.
Category 2. 1st. Con Moore 38 points. 2nd. Rob Marchant 29 and 3rd. Ray Pollock 28 points.
Category 3. 1st. Barbara Watson 31 points. 2nd. Syd Avery 28 and 3rd. Jan Chambers 27 points

Nearest the Pins winning each a special sleeve of TORREGOLF.EU golf balls. Hole 3. Vince Lannon, Hole 9. Chris Charlton, Hole 15. Con Moore, Hole 17. Mick Byrne and 4th. shot NTP on Hole 18. Babs Watson.

The Full Monte to-day sponsored by Vince Lannon in recognition of our Associates, the supporters club of CD Montesinos going to Christopher Rose.

We also had a Special Prize to-day for the one who lost most golf balls 2 players with this one with a total of 12, both cards going into the hat and the winner of a bottle of Soberano?Chris Charlton, who had to go early so we used it to liven up Paul Hurrell who somehow did his foot in and our President who retired hurt after the 13th. with an arm strain.
Picture of some very cold winning members on the Terrace at La Serena.

TORREGOLF.EU at Altorreal

Event : TORREGOLF at Altorreal Tuesday 11th.March

Tuesday the 11th. saw us back to one of our favourite courses on what can only be described as a perfect day for golfing and at a cost of 6 Euros cheaper than our normal rate, for each player. However, once again slow play was very evident even though it was not caused by any of our members with the course being very busy and a great deal playing prior to our first tee of 10.00am.
However, with the course being in very good condition we should not complain too much and with 3 players coming in with 40 points and over half those playing returning scores of more than 30 points it was obviously a great day.The results of the Stableford Competetion ..

Category 1. 1st.Sue Owens 40 points on c/b from Mick Byrne who I would add had 24 points on the front 9. 3rd. Ron Matthews 37 points.
Category 2. 1st. Vince Lannon 40 points 2nd. Alan Darby 33 and 3rd. Brian Coombes 30 points.
Category 3. 1st. Roger Twigg 34 points 2nd.Al Warnock 33 and believe it or not in 3rd. place and the very first time in the winning enclosure, yes it is Cheltenham week, Syd Avery.

The nearest the pins prizes to-day went to, Hole 5. Ivan Meyrick. Hole 8. Mick Byrne. Hole 17 Ron Matthews and 4th.shot NTP Hole 12. Vince Lannon.

The Full Monte prize sponsored by Vince Lannon and in support of our Associates and CD Montesinos went, and good to see him back following his illness, even though his golf is not yet back to normal, Peter Kerr.

Our scratch card to-day was won by Paul Hurrell with Arsenal. Following our game at Vistabella on Saturday 15th. we are then at La Serena on March 24th. followed by Vistabella on the 29th. March and then Font del Llop on Friday the 4th.April. Details of all our fixtures for 2014 may be seen on this web site.
Our photograph of the winners at Altorreal L-R, Vince Lannon, Brian Coombes, Syd Avery, Mick Byrne, Ron Matthews, Sue Owens, Al Warnock, Roger Twigg and Alan Darby (dig those shorts!)

TORREGOLF.EU at Las Colinas

Event : TORREGOLF at Las Colinas Monday 24th.February

This Monday, 24th. February saw us visiting the lovely course of Las Colinas for the 1st. of 5 visits in 2014 and even though the weather did not turn out as was predicted and many turned up in shorts it was a great day for us all with the course in great condition in fact I have never seen a course where even the fairways were like putting greens, well done to all at Las Colinas for providing us with a great day.
Due to the large numbers of members playing we were able to-day to make this a special one for all, with over a 100Euros of prize money up for grabs for our normal Stableford Competition played with 2 Categories and while it was anticipated some big scores would be recorded only 10 managed to score 30 points plus. Results.

Category 1. 1st. Bernard Ball 34 points on c/b 2nd. Stan Clayton.3rd. Brian Coombes 33 on c/b 4th.Paul Abbott 5th. David Watson 32 points.
Category 2. 1st. Terry English 40 points 2nd. Mick Cartwright 35, 3rd. Neil Casey 33 4th. Al Warnock 31 on c/b from El Presidente.
Nearest the pin winners. Hole 5 Wayne Corbett, Hole 7 Mick Hyland, Hole 10 Jack Ashworth Holes 14 and 17 Paul Robinson and on Stoke Index 1 Hole 11, 4th. shot ntp Phil Brigham.

Our Full Monte Prize in support of our Associates The Full Monte, supporters club of CD Montesinos and to-day sponsored by Rob Marchant went to Syd Avery. Well done to all the winners and some may be seen in our photograph.

I would also like to thank all you who read this website that after the 1st.year of having a web site I can report that we had up to the 31st.December, 135,097 hits. This year I can also report that in January we had the largest number of hits since it's formation with a total of 21,444.

TORREGOLF.EU at La Peraleja

Event : TORREGOLF at La Peraleja Tuesday 11th.February

On a very cold and windy day but have to say dry, we had a full turn out of members to play this Sevi course and it has to be said that I am sure the conditions weather wise caused a day of very low scores and of course it does not help when one group of 4 finished up playing 2 holes out of sequence and were subsequently disqualified sure they need to go to Specsavers in order to read the course planner and when the so called sat nav showed that they were 700mtrs from the hole did they realise they were off course, ha!ha!. However, our President also had problems trying to cope with glasses that were over 10 years old that he had to use due to having broken his current set while back in the UK last week so thanks go to Brian Coombes who was his guide dog for the day to tell him where the ball was on the tee and where it finished up.
Enough of the laughs and lets get down to the results of our usual Stableford Competetion ..

Category 1. 1st. John Aitchison 31 points on c/b from Ron Matthews 3rd. Jim McVicar 28 and though all Torregolf members they are all members at La Peraleja so of course, course knowledge was certainly applied to achieve a clean sweep of all the prizes in this category.
Category 2. 1st.Bernard Ball 33 points, 2nd. Tony Mackman 27 and 3rd.George Hall 25 points
Category 3. 1st. Christopher Rose 35 points 2nd. Steve James 32 points 3rd. Al Warnock 28 points.

Good to have Mick the Grip with us to-day and receive a contribution from us to his recent sponsored hair cut for charity and we thank him for sponsoring the nearest the pins to-day which resulted in the prizes going to Hole 2. Steve James, Hole 7. Neil Brown, Holes 9. & 12. John Aitchison, Hole 16. Paul Hurrell and the 3rd. shot ntp on Hole 17 Bernard Ball.

Our Full Monte Prize in recognition of our football team CD Montesinos and sponsored by Vince Lannon went to-day to Ian (Barber) Simmons.

Photo to-day shows some of the very cold winners at La Peraleja.
L-R.. George Hall, Tony Mackman, Bernard Ball, Al Warnock, Mick Reeves, Paul Hurrell, Steve James Christopher Rose and Jim McVicar.


Event : TORREGOLF at La Serena 29th.January

On a day that can only be described as an ‘iffy one’ weather wise, a full turn out of members descending on this lovely course to do battle with the water and it has to be said that on the whole players beat water!. That does not mean there were no losses!

It has to be said the course was in great condition and enjoyed by all with some vey good scores being recorded in our Stableford Competition with results being Category 1.1st. Terry Harper 38 points 2nd.June Harper, yes, keep it in the family and it’s he first time playing the course so well done both!
3rd. Reima Matikainen 31 on c/b 4th. David Gill

Category 2. 1st. Tony Mackman 40 points 2nd. Bernard Ball 33 points 3rd. Freddie Brown 31 and 4th. Christopher Rose 27 points.
Nearest the pins Hole 2 Paul Hurrell. Hole 9 David Gill, Hole 15 Terry Harper, Hole 17 Peter Savage.

Our Full Monte prize to-day sponsored by Vince Lannon and in support of our football team CD Montesinos went to Peter Savage.

One has to have a ‘special prize’ at La Serena for the most lost balls and to-day it went to Janice Corbett.

Picture to-day, some of the winners at La Serena.


Event : TORREGOLF AT Font del Llop 14th.January

On what can only be described as a chilly day, yes, not a lot of sun and a little breeze or should I say wind?, at this lovely course but it did not put our players off because 50% of those playing all managed to beat the 30 points barrier in our Stableford Competition which was in just one Category to-day.

The resulting glory going to 1st. Brian Coombes 38 points. 2nd. Con Moore 36 points 3rd. June Harper 33 points and 4th. on count back Bernard Ball 32.

A great course to play and has to be on anyones agenda when here on the Costa’s.

The nearest the pin winners, Hole 3 Eric Garside, Holes 8 and 17 Brian Coombes Hole 12 Chris Rose and Hole 16 June Harper.

The Full Monte prize, sponsored by Vince Lannon to-day, in support of our Associates and our football club, CD Montesinos.

Photograph to-day shows winners at Font del Llop L-R. Brian Coombes, Chris Rose, Con Moore, June Harper, Bernard Ball and Eric Garside.


Event : TORREGOLF.EU at Alenda Thursday 2nd. January.

We kicked off our New Year of fixtures at Alenda, although we did escape the rain, the day was dull but only where the weather was concerned as nearly 50% of those playing managed to score 30 points or more in our Stableford competition.

Results then, Category 1. 1st. Terry Harper 36 points 2nd.David Gill 35 on c/b from 3rd. Paul Hurrell 35. Category 2. 1st. Peter Cowd 35 points on c/b from 2nd. Vince Lannon 3rd. Mick Hart 32.

Nearest the pin winners of those very special TORREGOLF.EU golf balls. Hole 3. Brian Coombes. Hole 5. Vince Lannon. Hole 13. & Hole 16. David Gill.
The Full Monte prize in support of our football team CD Montesinos and sponsored by Vince Lannon went to Chris Robertson.

Our scratch card for 20 Euros to-day went to Rob Marchant.

Photograph to-day shows some of winners on the balcony of Alenda Club house overlooking the 9th.

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