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TORREGOLF.EU & Golf 4 Heros

Event : The new campaign - Golf 4 Heros.

As you all know I started TORREGOLF.EU with the express purpose to make golf cheaper for our members, not those just living here but most of all to those that visit from time to time and are unable to play due to the high cost of golf charged here in Spain.

I am now taking this to a different level and am very pleased to announce that following correspondence between myself and Lt.Col.Tristan Crew who founded the Battleback Golfers programme in 2009 and was recently, (June 29th) on the ITV show Surprise Surprise hosted by Holly Willoughby, TORREGOLF.EU will as of now be supporting the Battleback Programme set up by Golf4Heros.

This new campaign - Golf 4 Heros - is currently being backed by the PGA, the National Golf Club Challenge, Your Golf Travel and the Telegraph in the UK.

I believe this is a great idea and that we as a Club should throw our support behind this Charity, as and when required, here in our little part of Spain.

Many thanks.



Event : Dinner/Dance Rincon de Miguel, Los Montesinos 18th.December,2015

Rifa prizes

Following the successful golf day earlier at Las Colinas for The Full Monte sponsored event, most members that played together with those who could not play but on the waiting list were invited to be at Miguel’s for the results, presentations and dinner/dance. As a thank you, all wives/husbands/partners were invited to attend FREE as a thank you for allowing their other halves to play golf regularly with TORREGOLF.EU.

Spencer Andrews - Longest Drive trophy
After a great meal together with enough drink to fill a swimming pool and great music from Paul & Linda as “It Takes Two” duo, we had the results and presentation of Trophies, Cash etc, by Howard Yates, Treasurer of The Full Monte and yours truly.

All photographs kindly by permission of Karen Cross show some of the winners on the day. A raffle was also held with prizes donated by The Full Monte and thrown in for good measure by myself…...FREE GOLF
including buggy for a TORREGOLF day at not 1 but 5 golf courses namely El Plantio, Las Colinas, Altorreal, Font de Llop and Vistabella.

Spencer Andrews with Nearest the Pin trophy
Once again many thanks to Howard and The Full Monte, supporters club of CD Montesinos. VAMOS MONTE.

Also all our other halves for a truly great day/evening and a great year.

A full report of the day may be found in the Coast Rider out on January 5th.2016

See you all on the Tee, 2016.
Overall winner on the day Spencer Andrews = 38 pts
Paul Hurrell ... King of the Par 3's, 2015
Al Warnock Nearest the Pin
Members having fun
Lyn Gossage winner of €20 scratch card
With Patsy Long
With Rob Parker winner of our day, Full Monte
With Kjell (Charlie) Aasebo with his NTP Trophy
All the winners at the dinner/dance The Full Monte, Presentation

TORREGOLF at Las Colinas

Event : TORREGOLF.EU at Las Colinas Friday 1 8th.December.

For our final game of 2015, all in red, because it was a fully sponsored day for prizes by our Associates, The Full Monte, supporters club of CD Montesinos and we played locally at Las Colinas.

A great day weather wise once again with a course in great condition and greens very fast which had a great deal to do with some low scores, I feel from the comments received.

32 members took to the Course for a 1 0.00 start and had we been able to obtain more tee times we could easily have made 50, so popular is this event and course.

Below you will see pictures of the 4 balls taking part for our Stableford Competition.
Results, Trophies and prizes for the day overall were kept for the evening when we had a Dinner/Dance at Rincon de Miguel in Los Montesinos. However for those that weren't able to attend here we go.

Category 1 . 1 st.Spencer Andrews 38 points. 2nd. Eric Garside 32 and 3rd. Kjell Aasebo 31 on c/b Paul Hurrell
Category 2. 1 st. Paul Abbott 35 points 2nd.Peter Kerr 28 3rd. Joe Curran 25
Category 3. 1 st. Bernard Ball 33, 2nd. Al Warnock 29 and 3rd. James Boyd 27 points

Nearest the Pins. Hole 5. Kjell Aasebo, Holes 7 & 10
Paul Hurrell who by this became the King of the Par 3’s for 2015 winning a FREE round of golf at El Planto who sponsor this event regularly with a total of 12 for the year beating Ray Rumble by one.
Next year we will bring in Vistabella which has not had this competition included before.
Hole 14. Al Warnock and Hole 17. Paul Abbott

Longest Drive Hole 3. Paul Hurrell and Longest Drive Hole 12 which finished up being Hole 15. Spencer Andrews and The Full Monte spot we have at every game today went to Rob Parker.

Patsy Long a new member today completing his 3rd.Card received a sleeve of those very valuable embossed TORREGOLF.EU golf balls with a score of 35 points.

Well done everybody see you now in 2016 at our first game Alicante Golf on the 7th.January.

2 scratch cards today with winners of 20 Euros each Roy Tennant and for lady partner in the evening Lyn Gossage.


TORREGOLF at Vistabella

Event : TORREGOLF at Vistabella Saturday 12th. December.

For our last Saturday game at Vistabella this year, next year we are having to move some of our fixtures to mid week at the request of Vistabella, which is not a problem as we have many members who cannot play regularly on a Saturday so we are once again able to accommodate all.

So today with the normal Stableford we had 28 players turning out for a 9 am start in once again perfect conditions however scores were today unusually low with only 4 making that 30+ point target.

So, Category 1. 1st. Irvine Scott 36 points 2nd. Jack Webb 33 and 3rd. Geoff Betts 30 points on count back from Ron Chambers.
Category 2. 1st. Neil Casey 29 points 2nd. Peter Sands 28 and 3rd. Tony Jeff 27 points.
Nearest the pins today Hole 4 Paul Hurrell Hole 8 Lynda Govan and Hole 15 Ken Sutton.

Well done all see you all next year and for our last game of 2015 we have the big one at Las Colinas on the 18th. December For The Full Monte Trophy followed by a dinner dance at Rincon de Miguel in Los Montesinos.

TORREGOLF at Hacienda Del Alamo

Event : TORREGOLF at Hacienda Del Alamo 4th.December.

Why is it that whenever we travel to this lovely course many get lost and today was no exception with one member arriving just on time to make his tee time. However with last minute changes to the playing order and even though we were a depleted number we all enjoyed a great day of golf with some fantastic weather for the first week of December and our Stableford Competition produced some great scores for this very long course. Results on the day for just 2 Categories were
Category 1. 1st. Martin Fitzpatrick 40 points 2nd. Gerry O’Loughlin 32 3rd. Felix Mallon 31 points.

Category 2. 1st. Tony Jones 37 points 2nd. John Hough 33 and 3rd. Lyndsay Dunlop 28.

Nearest the pins went to Hole 5. Mike Jenkins Hole 12. Lyndsay Dunlop. Hole 15. Ray Rumble. No one managed Hole 8.

The Full Monte today going to Brian Coombes and the scratch card for €20 went to Peter Kerr.
Our next game slightly nearer to home Vistabella on the 12th.

TORREGOLF.EU at Altorreal

Event : TORREGOLF.EU at Altorreal Monday 23rd. November

It was a shame that our numbers were very low today because this course gets better and better every time we go. Fairways were immaculate lush green from one side to the other but if you did get slightly off the fairways then it meant trouble however greens I had no trouble with, but they were still recovering from recent maintenance, give it a couple more weeks and wow! Great rates for our members as well.
With low numbers in what were ideal conditions for playing golf, though a little chilly, only one Category for prize money which resulted in
1st. Ken Holmes 37 points 2nd.
Neil Casey 35 points 3rd.
Yours Truly 31
and 4th. Mick Gossage 30 points
Nearest the pins Hole 5. Ken Holmes Hole 8 Ray Rumble no one could get anywhere near Hole 10 and Hole 17. Jeano Price
The Full Monte to day being Jim Delaney

Picture of the winners to day L­R Ken Holmes, Ray Rumble, Jim Delaney, David Winder, Jeano Price, Neil Casey and Mick Gossage (looking very cold).

Prior to Altorreal above, we were at Vistabella on the 14th.November when 28 players taking part in a Stabelford with the winners being
Category 1.
1st. Geoff Shand 37 points
2nd. Con Moore on c/b
3rd. Geoff Betts 34 points and
4th. Doug White 33
in Category 2. 1st.Peter Sands 35 points 2nd. Ray Pollock 34 3rd. Bernard Ball 33 4th. Terry Phillips 32 points.

Good day with 12 members with over 30+ points. NTP winners Hole 4. Stan Clayton and Hole 8 Geoff Shand. No one on Hole 15, and then on Saturday 28th. another 28 took to the fairways a Vistabella but not finding it as easy as it was on the 14th. with the winners being
Category1. Geoff Betts 36 points 2nd. Jack Webb 35 3rd. Con Moore 34 4th. Paul Hurrell 28 in Category 2. 1st. Joyce Collins 37 points 2nd. Bernard Ball 33. 3rd. Tony Jeff 28 and 4th. Ron Nicholson 26 points
Nearest the pins Hole 8 Joyce Collins and Hole 15 Geoff Shand No one on Hole 4.

With just 3 games left till end of the year Hacienda del Alamo on 4th. December Vistabella on 12th. and the big one for The Full Monte Trophy that is played for every year with many other trophies donated by our Associates The Full Monte, Supporters Club of CD Montesinos taking place at Las Colinas on Friday 18th. December followed by grand dinner at Rincon de Miguel, Los Montesinos for results and prizes.
This will then wrap the year 2015 for us up.


As most of you are aware, we operate our club handicaps using the European Golf Association Slope System in conjunction with the Spanish Golf Federation system.

This has for the most part worked extremely well, however, as you may also be aware a lot of our members are UK or Eire based and play under the CONGU unified handicapping system at home.

We have always trusted new members to advise us of their correct handicaps and have allowed all players to play with us using the slope system. Unfortunately over the last twelve months it has become evident that a number of handicaps have clearly been 'generous' to say the least! This has been further exacerbated as shots added through the slope system has put 'local members' at a considerable disadvantage.

Paul Hurrell our Handicap Secretary has monitored the handicaps and resulting scores very closely over the past few months and the number of new members returning higher than expected scores has been on the increase. It is therefore necessary that we take action to ensure fair play for all. With effect from today's date the following procedure for new members will take effect.

In order to play in our Club Competitions new members currently playing under the CONGU handicapping system will be required to have a current CONGU Handicap together with a CONGU ID Number. These players will not receive any additional shots under the ESGA Slope System. New members who do not qualify under the above will of course be very welcome to play as a guest but will not be permitted to win in Club Competitions until 3 cards have been submitted and validated by our Handicap Secretary who will then provide them with an official TORREGOL.EU handicap which will also enable them to play under the Slope system.

I am sure that the above changes to our handicapping system will result in a more level playing field and fairer competition for all our members.

With many thanks,



At long last we are now able to give you details and results of our games that take place at Vistabella.
Regrettably this has not been possible before due to circumstances beyond my control.
I would also like to apologise to those members that over the past 2 months who felt they were down to play but couldn’t because names had not been recorded.
Next year with booking system being on line these errors, which should not have happened will not occur.
As you also know we were requested by Vistabella to possibly keep our playing numbers down to a maximum of 28 players., this we have now carried out.
Also you will notice - that in 2016 - many games have gone from Saturday to a week day Event ... again at the request of Vistabella.


Hi David,

Please find attached the official 'thank you' for the money raised.

Kind regards and many thanks,


Michael Reeves (Mick The Grip)

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Tweet me on: twitter@mickthegrip

TORREGOLF at Font del Llop

Event : TORREGOLF at Font del Llop Thursday 5th.November

The celebration of Fire Work Day certainly showed with our visit to Font del Llop where upon arrival we were greeted with a line of buggies duly marked with names of all those playing under the banner of TORREGOLF and our picture today shows 18 buggies lined up ready to go and do battle with what can only be described as one of the best courses around.

Thank you Font del Llop.

As per usual the day was a Stableford one with 3 Categories and the winners were Category 1.
1st. Pete Collins 39 points. 2nd. Geoff Shand 35 and 3rd. Mick Gossage 34 on count back.

Category 2.
1st. Con Moore 36 points. 2nd. Joyce Collins 30 on c/b 3rd. Neil Casey

Category 3.
1st.Tony Jeff 36 points 2nd. Roger Twigg 34 and 3rd. Babs Watson 30

Nearest the pin winners Hole 3. Geoff Shand Hole 8. Alan Searle Hole 12. Mick Gossage Hole 16. Mel Bayliss and Hole 17. Sue Owens

Our Full Monte again and its becoming a habit, Steve James come on Steve give some else a chance!

Finally our scratch card with West Ham and 20 Euros goes to Peter Sands

TORREGOLF at Alicante Golf

Event : TORREGOLF at Alicante Golf Thursday 29th.October

Not the easiest course to find but on Thursday 26 players ventured into the depths of Alicante to play this great Sevi course, with 6 par 3's, 6 par 4's and 6 par 5,s and it has to be said members obviously enjoyed it because nearly half managed to beat 30 points, maybe it was the FREE breakfast!, in our usual Stabeleford competition for which the results were as follows with only two categories to day for prize money

Category 1.
1st. Mick O'Brien 35 points on c/b 2nd.David Watson 3rd. Eric Garside 34

Category 2.
1st. Dorian Brooksby 34 points.yes and believe it or not 25 points on the front 9, 2nd. Len Cole 31. 3rd.Andy Robinson 30

Nearest the pin winners Hole 3 Eric Garside Hole 6 Kath Robinson Hole 8 Mike Jenkins Hole 12 Ray Rumble no one on Hole 15 otherwise it would have been a clean sweep of all the TORREGOLF.EU personalised golf balls.

The scratch card for 20 Euros and Oldham went to Mick Gossage and The Full Monte to Steve James

TORREGOLF at Altorreal

Event : TORREGOLF at Altorreal Friday 16th.October

How this course is now becoming a must play one and for the day we had 32 members playing the usual Stableford Competitiion in glorious playing conditions.
However it didn’t help most because only 10 members managed to break the 30 points barrier and the results were.
Category 1.
1st.Martin Fitzpatrick 33points. 2nd. Ray Rumble 31 on c/b 3rd. Paul Hurrell

Catefory 2.
1st. Peter Kerr 36 points. 2nd.David Watson 33 on c/b 3rd. Con Moore

Category 3.
1st. Tom Curran 33 playing his last game for this year as back to the Sun of homeland Australia. Well done Tom we will see you again next April 2. Kath Robinson 30 and 3rd. Mike Zebadee 29

Nearest the Pin prizes to day going to Milne Sloane Hole 5. Peter Kerr Hole 8 and Mike Jenkins Hole 17

The Full Monte in support of our Associates CD Montesinos going to day to Brian Coombes.

Photo of the winners at Altorreal L-R. Paul Hurrell, Kath Robinson, Peter Kerr, Martin Fitzpatrick, Ray Rumble, Con Moore, Dave Watson, Milne Sloan & Tom Curran

TORREGOLF at El Plantio

Event : TORREGOLF at El Plantio Monday 5th.October

39 members descended on El Plantio for the normal weekly Stableford competition, should have been 41 but as per usual no shows spoil the organisation. It has to be said there were ideal conditions for playing golf even though many found it hard going with only 11 members beating that 30 barrier.

For the results nearly all returned to El Raso Restaurant, El Raso for the usual Tapas, kindly donated by them, once again thank you El Raso and the prize winners were
Category 1. 1st. Geoff Shand 40 points, 2nd. Steve Locke 38, and 3rd. Mike Jenkins 37 points.

Category 2. 1st. Ken Saviour 39 points, 2nd. Tony Mackman 32 and 3rd. Tom Curran 37

Category 3. 1st. Patsy Long 37 points, 2nd. David Winder 33 and 3rd. Kath Robinson 30 points.

Nearest the pin winners: Hole 7. El Presidente, Hole 9. Mike Jenkins, Hole 14. Ray Rumble, Hole 18 Arthur Huke and 4th. Shot NTP on Hole 12 Geoff Shand

Our Full Monte in support of CD Montesinos this week going to Rob Parker.

Picture to-day shows all the winners at El Raso.

TORREGOLF.EU …..Las Colinas

Event : TORREGOLF.EU …..Las Colinas, Friday September 18th

Everyone was up with the lark this morning for our usual Stableford competition with members playing from both the 1st. @ 10th. Tees at 08.30 but it was worth it with the course in great condition, even though we had 3 no shows. Scores to-day were I suppose were average after previous competitions with only 7 players beating that +30 barrier.

Category 1. 1st. Ray Rumble 34 points, 2nd. Ken Holmes 33,3rd. John Peters 30& 4th. Felix Mallon 29
Category 2. 1st. Carol Martin 35 points, 2nd. Tony Jones 31, 3rd. Tom Curran 29 4th. Mike Zebadee 26
Category 3. 1st. David Winder 31 points, on c/b 2nd. Margaret O’Brien 3rd. Neil Casey 30, 4th. Christopher Rose 27 (bon voyage Chris we will miss you and your West Country accent)

The Full Monte in support of our Associates, CD Montesinos Alan Perry

Nearest the Pins:
Hole 5. Ray Rumble,
Hole 7. El Presidente,
Hole 10 Ken Holmes,
Hole 14. Tom Curran.
No one on Hole 17.

Our next venue is our Poppy Day appeal at Vistabella on the 26th. followed by El Plantio on October 5th.

Our photo to-day shows the winners but unfortunately Ladies or Guys, none of you could claim the car for a Hole in 1.

TORREGOLF.EU at La Marquesa

Event : TORREGOLF.EU at La Marquesa Friday 4th.September

Friday saw just 23 members attending and out of this total 16 managed to break the magic 30 point barrier, how, I do not know as the course was in very bad condition with only 1 hole playable the rest were under sand in some shape or another and 1 temporary green which was a laugh and totally unplayable. You would think that when hollow tinning takes place that Courses would advise you what is going on, most do and give you the option of cancelling or playing at a reduced rate, not in this case and we were not even advised when we arrived to play.
Comments from those attending “please can we not go here again”

However, we managed to get through it all and the results of our Stableford Competition were
Category 1. 1st. Phil Brigham 39 points great score well done Phil on c/b 2nd. Gerry O’Loughlin and 3rd. Pete Collins 38
Category 2. 1st. Freddie Brown 39 points. 2nd. Tony Mackman 38 3rd. Neil Casey 36
The Full Monte to-day going to Malcolm Harrison

The nearest the pin prizes Hole’s 5 & 15 Steve Keilty-Woolcock Hole 11. Peter Kerr. Hole 17. Mike Jenkins

I heard yesterday that Peter Kerr, when he got home had a lot of pain and the following morning went hospital and was diagnosed with a fractured pelvis which means a lay off for a while. Sorry to hear the news Peter and we all wish you well and back on the Tee as soon as possible.

Our football scratch card to-day for 20 Euro’s with West Ham going to KjellAasebo who is commonly known as Charlie, much easier to pronounce.

After the game we all returned to El Raso Restaurant for the results and another great helping of Tapas.
Thank you Guys very much for looking after us.

TORREGOLF.EU at Font del Llop

Event : TORREGOLF.EU at Font del Llop 20th. August

A very small number of members turned up on Thursday for the usual Stableford and how this course gives us all the WOW factor for its design and challenge and the day was just perfect for playing what has to be one of or not the best courses here on the Costa’s.

With only 2 prize winners to-day 1st. Tom Curran our Aussie member from Perth 36 points 2nd. Terry Taylor 35 points.
Nearest the Pins Hole 3. Terry Taylor Hole 8. Dorian Brooksby Hole 12. Brian Coombes Hole 16. The Club number one! and Hole 17. Mike Jenkins
The FULL MONTE. To-day…… Steve James

Our Scratch Card held over to the next game at La Marquesa on 4th.September


Event : TORREGOLF.EU at RODA Friday 14th.August

For virtually a last minute booking we went to Roda as the rate obtained was one that we as a Club can accept it is a shame because he course is of good design and have to say was in very good condition and playing conditions were prefect for our usual Stableford Competition.

The results and for to-day with just one Category and 5 prize winners were 1st. Brian Coombes 37 points.
2nd. Ken Holmes 36,
3rd. Dorian Brooksby 35,
4th. Ray Pollock 34,
5th. Tony Jeff 33 on c/b from Kevin Edwards with 33 points.
Nearest the Pin winners Hole 2. Dorian Brooksby, Hole 7. Tony Mackman, Hole 11. Peter Kerr and Hole 13. Phil Brigham

The FULL MONTE supporting our football team CD Montesinos going to Christopher Rose.
Our Scratch Card winner for 20 Euros Jim Bremner with West Ham.

TORREGOLF.EU at Alenda and El Plantio

Event : TORREGOLF.EU at Alenda 30th.July and El Plantio 7th.August

With Summer now and truly with us and many members away to cooler places, maybe? so we are putting 2 reports together.

It has to be said that both courses appear to have suffered from the recent extreme weather and were not in the condition we have come to expect though it has to be said that at El Plantio it was obvious that a lot of work has and is going on on the course to have it back in A1 condition for the start of what we call the High Season in mid to late September.

Both the games were our usual Stableford ones with the results as follows:

Alenda winners Category 1. 1st. Mike Freeman 37 points on c/b 2nd. Ray Rumble and 3rd. Geoff Betts 31. Category 2. 1st. Dorian Brooksby 33 points 2nd. Bill Abernethy 32 on c/b 3rd. Bernard Ball.

Nearest the Pins Hole 3. Geoff Betts Hole 5 Luke Brooksby Hole 13 Mike Freeman Hole 16 Felix Mallon and The Full Monte with a disastrous round El Presidente

Our Scratch Card for 20 Euros going to Peter Kerr

El Plantio winners with just 1 Category. 1st. Mike Jenkins 39 points 2nd. Martin Goldman 36 3rd. Kevin Edwards 35 on c/b 4th. Nick Oliver.

With 5 Guests playing with us to-day the best guest Nick Hurrell 30 points

Nearest the Pins Hole 7. Tony Mackman Hole 9 Paul Hurrell Hole 14 Nick Hurrell and Hole 18 Phil Brigham and The Full Monte, Aiden Mangin

After both the game’s most of those playing returned to El Raso Restaurant, El Raso for the results FREE TAPAS and plenty of liquid to quench ones extreme thirst.

See you all at Alenda next week!

TORREGOLF.EU at Las Colinas

Event : TORREGOLF.EU at Las Colinas 17th July 2015

Friday the 17th saw a smaller turn out than normal for this very popular course, maybe it was the extreme heat we have had over the past couple of weeks but 24 players still played and with an 08.30 start we were able to get a few holes under our belts as it were before it began to take its toll on us because scores to-day were a lot lower that we would normally have.

Have to say the course was in great condition with greens now beginning to show a great deal of speed which threw many of our members and the results of our Stableford Competition were
Category 1. 1st. Liam 0’Brien 32 points 2nd. Larry Quinn 31 3rd. Peter Kerr 29 and 4th. Paul Abbott with 27 points.
Category 2. 1st. Margaret O’Brien yes, keep it in the family! 37 points 2nd. Bernard Ball 36. 3rd. Terry Phillips on c/b from 4th.Tom Curran 31 points.
Nearest the pins Hole 5. El Presidente Hole 7. dead heat, could not split at all so 2 NTP’s Gill Lawrence & Larry Quinn. Hole 10. Margaret O’Brien and on holes 14 & 17 Geoff Betts.

The Full Monte in support of our associates and CD Montesinos, going to Gill Lawrence.

Please note also that we have added another fixture this year that of Roda on August 14th. so please make a note and book up to play.

No pictures of the winners today but in its place details of the charity we intend to support from now on and one that is very close to what TORREGOLF try to achieve, encourage more to play golf and here it is, Ex Service men who have lost a limb or limbs of some description and for them to take up and play golf under the umbrella of Battle Back Golfers

TORREGOLF.EU at Font Del Llop

Event : TORREGOLF.EU at Font del Llop 1st July 2015

With summer now kicking in and with lesser numbers than usual it has to be said that Font del Lop provided us all with everything today with not only a course in great condition as it always is but they even made sure we had that wonderful breeze on the back 9 that made the day even more pleasant. With the President only in attendance to make sure everything went to plan the Stableford competition was away with an earlier start ... and the results in just 2 categories today were
Category 1 . 1 st. Peter Girenas 35 points 2nd. Mike Jenkins 34 on c/b 3rd. Ray Rumble 4th. Brian Coombes 33 points.
Category 2. 1 st. Neil Casey 37 points 2nd. Joyce Collins 34 3rd. Peter Sands on c/b from 4th. Chris Butland on 33 points.
Nearest the Pins going to Neil Casey hole 3 Ray Rumble on holes 8 & 1 7 John Poole hole 1 2 and Joyce Collins hole 1 6
Our Full Monte today in support of our football team CD Montesinos going to Chris Rose.
Afterwards nearly everyone returned to El Raso Restaurant for the great Tapas they provide and of course the results and cool drinks to wash the day down with.
Our picture outside of El Raso shows some of the winners on the day.


Adrian Rudge


Hi Everyone,

As you know we have a deal with Adrian Rudge as our Golf Teaching Pro. at Greenlands Golf, Los Montesinos.

I am pleased to inform you that Adrian has taken over the control of both the Par 3 golf course and Driving Range. Not The Bar/Restaurant or The Bowls.

The course as many will know has not always been in the best of condition but under Adrian's control will be re vamped, if that is the word, over the coming year or so to make it a Par 3 course to be enjoyed also the range will undertake some surgery and some is already noticeable with brand new Srixon range balls now available. On that subject I am pleased to announce that the 40+ balls that cost €2 for the range will now upon production of a paid up TORREGOLF.EU Membership card will cost you €1.

There will be a special price for TORREGOLF members for playing the Par 3 course once it is considered, up to standard.

Please give Adrian and his Staff your full support.

Many thanks and once again the best deals come from TORREGOLF.EU.
Kindest regards,

TORREGOLF.EU at El Plantio

Event : TORREGOLF.EU at El Plantio Wednesday 25th July

Back to our home course and it has to be said it was in great condition all round and probably the best we have seen for a long while however there were not that many members breaking that 30 point barrier that we like to see at every game. A great day all in all with prefect playing conditions all round.

Results for our Stableford Competition in just 2 Categories to-day were as follows ...
Category 1. 1st. Alan Searle 35 points 2nd. Peter Kerr on c/b 3rd. John Peters 32 points
Category 2. 1st. Simon Gray 32 2nd.Gail Green 31 and 3rd. David Winder 28
Nearest the Pins Hole 9 Ron Matthews, Hole 14 John Peters and Hole 18. Rob Marchant

The Full Monte in support of our Associates and CD Montesinosgoing to Alan Brooker and the Scratch Card for 20 Euros with Coventry: Peter Kerr

Our picture today shows some of the winners L-R
John Peters, Rob Marchant, David Winder, Simon Gray, Peter Kerr, Gail Green and Alan Searle


Event : TORREGOLF.EU - Irvine Scott presentation.

Irvine Scott know to us all as Scotty proudly shows his trophy at Vistabella duly received printed as being the player with the highest score at the recent President v Captain's golf day that took place at Las Colinas.

Also we would like to report that he celebrated this by getting married last Saturday and having his reception at Vistabella Restaurant.
On behalf of all TORREGOLF members we wish you all the very best for the future, well done Scotty but a drastic action to take for winning a trophy.

Congratulations to you both and enjoy life here in Spain

TORREGOLF.EU at Las Colinas, Friday


Today saw 40 members playing in the 1 st. President v Captain 4 Ball Better Ball Competition at Las Colinas in what can only be described as “a perfect day” to carry out this event with the course being in great condition and weather to match.

Besides a magnificent trophy donated by the President there was also over €300 of prize money and other items for some lucky players.
The day was split into 2 games with 1 being The Trophy game and the other an individual Stableford both starting at the 1 st & 10th. Tees in order to not make it that long a day.

The scores on the day were not that high with only 11 managing to break the 30 points barrier, but then this is a course that tests ALL.

The individual prize winners being
Category 1. 1 st. Paul Hurrell 34 points 2nd. Phil Brigham 32 on c/b 3rd. Geoff Betts and 4th. Eric Garsde 31 points.

Category 2. 1 st. Irvine Scott 36 points 2nd. Peter Kerr on c/b 3rd Dod Frieslick on c/b 4th. Rob Marchant all with 33 points.

Category 3. 1 st. Tom Curran 29 on c/b 2nd. Peter Sands 3rd. James Boyd 28 and 4th. Mike Zebedee 27 points.

Nearest the Pins: Hole 5 David Gill. Hole 7 Eric Garside Hole 10. Roy Middleton. Hole 14 El Capitan, Phil Brigham. Hole 17…… and 4th. shot NTP Hole 15 and a foot from the flag, Dod Frieslick


Other’s: Trophy for Best Score for the day, Scott Irvine. Best 4 Ball with a combined score of 49 points the team of Phil Brigham, Geff Betts, Dod Frieslik and Tony Jeff.

Our usual FULL MONTE in support of our football team CD Montesinos and today sponsored by Tony Rudd…… Simon Gray Our scratch card for 20 Euros was won by George Hall.


FINALLY the BIG ONE the President v Captain 4 Ball Better Ball Trophy with a total of 231 points El Capitan, Phil Brigham who it has to be said slaughtered the Presidents team by some 15 points. Sure next year David will want his revenge!! To-day was not his day, in more ways than one.


TORREGOLF.EU at Font del Llop

Event : TORREGOLF.EU at Font del Llop Thursday 28th.May


Font del Llop outing last Thursday was as expected first class, how we love this course, always in great condition with plenty of things to think about when playing…..looking forward to being back there again on 1st.July.

To-day it was our normal Stableford competition in 3 categories being as the numbers playing exceeded our normal allocation, with results as follows

Category 1. 1st. Paul Hurrel 39 points, 2nd. Con Moore 35 3rd. Phil Brigham 31 points.

Category 2. 1st. Brian Coombes 35 points, 2nd. Ken Holmes 34 and 3rd. Andrew Barwood 31

Category 3. 1st. Roy Middleton 41 points 2nd. Kath Robinson 34 3rd. Al Warnock 26

Nearest the pin winners John Costello, Keith Mann, Kath Robinson and Rob Marchant and The Full Monte prize in support of our Associates and CD Montesinos going to Varnon Anderson Our scratch card winner with 20 Euros Rob Marchant.

After the game most of members returned to El Raso Restaurant for the results and Tapas kindly supplied by Igor and his staff. Many Thanks for you hospitality Igor.



Our photographs, show some of the winners outside El Raso left to right, Igor - El Raso, Andrew Barwood, Con Moore, Brian Coombes, Paul Hurrell, Roy Middleton, Al Warnock John Costello, Kath Robinson and Phil Brigham and all enjoying the Tapas courtesy of El Raso Restaurant.

TORREGOLF.EU at El Plantio

Event : TORREGOLF at El Plantio Friday 15th March

32 Members turned out to day at our home course for the usual Stableford competition and once again perfect conditions even though some arrived late due to being detained on route by the Traffico for not driving correctly on the motor way, yes not for speeding but for being in the middle lane?..please note YOU MUST stay out of the middle lane its just for overtaking!!!!!! 300 Euros later back on route so beware of unmarked cars.

Lets forget about the negatives and get back to what we all enjoy GOLF however the game to-day had many highs and lows in the 3 categories with the winners being

Category 1. 1st. John Burns 31 points, 2nd. Phil Brigham 30 and 3rd. on c/b Peter Kerr from Brian Dean 29 points.

Category 2. 1st. Tony Mackman 34 points 2nd, Brian Coombes 33 and 3rd. Mervyn Coombes 32.

Category 3. 1st. Steve Kealty-Woolcock 39 points 2nd. Simon Gray 34 and 3rd. Christopher Rose 33.

Nearest the pins Brian Dean, Mick O'Brien, John Burns and Peter Kerr and 4th.Shot NTP on our Hole 12. Joe Curran.

The Full Monte to day going to Terry Spinks and the Scratch Card for 20 Euros to Paul Hurrell.

Last Saturday also saw 31 players at Vistabella with prizes in 3 Categories on another great day's golf (you would hardly know they had been hollow tinning) with the course in great condition. Results: Category 1. 1st.Brian Deans 36 points 2nd. Geoff Betts 34 3rd. Phil Brigham 32 points. Category 2. 1st.Con Moore 37 points 2nd. Ron Chambers 32 3rd. Peter Kerr 31 and Category 3. 1st. Terry Phillips 34 points 2nd. Peter Sands on c/b from Christopher Rose both with 28 points. NTP's on the day Pete Savage, Paul Hurrell and Peter Sands.

To days photo shows the winners at El Plantio.


Event : TORREGOLF.EU - La Serena Wednesday 6th. May

To-day we were off to the course of water designed by Manuel Pinero yes he also designed, Vistabella! the weather and course were perfect, no wind off the Mar Menor, but it has to be said it did take its fair share of balls with El Presidente being unable to complete the 18th. However having said that some large scores were recorded so it could not have been all doom & gloom and the winners

Category 1. 1st. Ray Rumble 39 points on c/b 2nd. Will Hadlow 3rd. Ken Lewis 36. Category 2. 1st. Alan Darby 41 points 2nd. Peter Sands 35 and 3rd. Bernard Ball on c/b with 34 points it has to be said 6 other players scored more than 30 points namely Phil Brigham, Brian Dean, Martin Fitzpatrick, Paul Hurrell, Peter Kerr and Tony Jeff.

The Full Monte to-day going to our Aussie member Tom Curran. Scratch Card to Alan Perry and Nearest the Pins to Ray Rumble, Brian Dean, Phil Brigham and Ken Lewis

TORREGOLF.EU at Altorreal

Event : TORREGOLF at Altorreal Monday 30th.April

My how this course is becoming now one of the best here on the Costa's and we have to say is more than a pleasure to play even if is approximately a 45 minute drive. However, enough of the journey details not quite a full turn out of members for our usual Satbleford competition which took place in what can only be described as perfect conditions, and some great scores were recorded in the 2 Categories winners being

Category 1. 1st. Martin Fitzpatrick 39 points 2nd. Will Hadlow 37 3rd. on c/b Peter Kerr 35 from Joe Curran.

Category2. 1st. Neil Casey 35 points 2nd. Ken Holmes 32 3rd. another c/b Mike Pearson form Roy Middleton both on 31 points.

NTP Winners to-day Will Hadlow, Roy Tennant, Mike Pearson and Rob Marchant, and The Full Monte in support of our football team CD Montesinos this week Paul Hurrell

The scratch card winner for 20 Euros George Hall

All the winners to-day on the Terrace of Club House L-R, Ken Holmes, Will Hadlow, Martin Fitzpatrick, Mike Pearson, Peter Kerr, Neil Casey, Roy Tennant and Rob Marchant.

TORREGOLF.EU at Alicante

Event : TORREGOLF at Alicante Monday 20th.April

Monday 20th. saw the Club visiting this Sevi Course in San Juan, Alicante and for most it was their first visit, and though many found it a little difficult to find they all arrived in plenty of time to enjoy a Coffee & Tostada and be on the 1st. tee for the first game at 10.33 and were they in for many surprises!!!, the course was in great condition but it was tough and on the day the pin positions difficult. However our Stableford competition on the course which has 6 Par 3's, 6 Par 4's & 6 Par 5's produced some great scores with 16 players making the magic 30+ points and all the Par 3's produced nearest the Pins, which on the day cost our President a few Euros, ah, what a shame!!.

So, for the results which today were in 3 Categories.

Category 1. 1st. George Hall, 34 points. 2nd. Eric Garside 32, and 3rd. Mick O'Brien 31 points. Category 2. 1st. all the way from Australia, Tom Curran good to see you back Tom and in great form with 39 points 2nd. Roy Middleton 38 and 3rd. Mike Pearson 37 points. Category 3. 1st. Steve James 37 points where did you produce them from? 2nd. Tony Jeff 33 and 3rd. Neil Casey 32 points.

Nearest the Pins: Holes 3 & 8. Mike Pearson, Hole 6. John Peters, Hole 12 Brian Coombes, Hole 15. Will Hadlow & Hole 17 Mal Bayliss.

The Full Monte to-day in support of our Associates supporting CD Montesinos for the 2nd. week Len Cole.

After the game many returned to El Raso Restaurant where next week we are having a grand dinner/dance, for the results and Tapas kindly supplied by Igor and his Staff. Picture shows some of the winners with Igor on the Terrace.


Event : TORREGOLF at Alenda Friday 3rd.April

Once again perfect conditions for playing golf on Friday and Alenda provided us with a course in perfect condition for a full turn out of members and it is obvious many changes have gone on and still going on, e.g. new bunkers going in on the 9th. which will make this Par 5 HCP 14 more difficult.

Even though the greens were very slow and caught many out I have to say it didn't cause too much of a problem because 50% of those playing managed that magic 30+ score for our Stableford Competition with the winners in 3 Categories to-day being,

Category 1. 1st. Phil Brigham 37 points 2nd. Max Edwards 36. Category 2. 1st. Dorian Brooksby 36 on c/b from Vince Lannon and Category 3. 1st. Al Warnock 36 points 2nd. Henry Dryden with 35.

Nearest the Pin prizes to-day Hole 3. Len Cole. Hole 13 Phil Brigham and Hole 16 Paul Hurrell.

The Full Monte, in support of our football team C.D. Montesinos going to Len Cole.

Picture shows the winners L-R Phil Brigham, Paul Hurrell, Len Cole, Dorian Brooksby, Max Edwards, and seated Henry Dryden and Vince Lannon

TORREGOLF.EU at Vistabella

Event : TORREGOLF at Vistabella Saturday 28th. March

Wow, summer has arrived and to celebrate we had a great turn out of 38 players for a special day followed by a FREE Barbecue where partners joined all those taking part and how everyone enjoyed themselves.

Our Stableford competition had three categories today with prizes for the 1st. four in each and of course the usual nearest the pins.

The course was again in great condition as it always is but with all the rain we have had recently and now the sun it will get even better. Scores on the whole were fairly low with only 6 players making 30+ points, why?, not sure but if I hazard a guess it was those fantastic greens which need so much reading before you hopefully stick it in the hole!, it certainly was not the wind which for those that play this course regularly can cause havoc, because there was NONE.

However, the results Category 1. 1st. Phil Brigham 33 points well deserved in view of the fact he organises all our days at Vistabella. 2nd. Alan Seale 29 3rd. Mike Jenkins on c/b 4th. Dave Gill, 27 points.

Category 2. 1st. Tony Jones 30 points sure was due to all that walking and mountain climbing he does. 2nd. Ray Pollock 28 points from Andrew Barwood and Stan Clayton, good to see you back Ray following the car accident on way to Altorreal earlier this month when both you and Phil had a narrow escape!

Category 3. 1st. Alan Perry 34 points and this was after a front 9 of 11points, 2nd. Bernard Ball 32 3rd. Peter Sands on c/b from David Winder both with 30 points.

Our picture to day, yes it was cold! Shows Nearest the pin prizes Hole 4 Alan Searle, Hole 8 Tony Jeff and Hole 15 Mike Jenkins.

Two other things??.it was John & Ann Clays 50th Wedding Anniversary in the week and on behalf of TORREGOLF.EU they were presented with a bottle of Campers to celebrate which was quickly consumed. We also had a raffle for all the players taking part and for 3 Euros one could win a free round of golf for 2 people with buggy at Alenda, proceeds going to reduce the price for all playing there with us next week on Good Friday.

Picture shows the winners on the day.


Event : TORREGOLF at La Serena Wednesday 18th March

A few members did manage to survive St.Patricks Day and turn up to play golf on a day that was predicted to be a complete wash out with rain all day but someone took pity on us and even though it was very cold, yes it is still winter, and though extremely windy some even wearing shorts, we all managed the conditions and the water of La Serena. When ever I looked back during play there were members scanning the edges of a lake being just 1 of 16 that help to make this course a challenge at all times and it has to be said only 4 members managed to break our 30 barrier.

Our Stableford competition in just 2 Categories to-day saw the winners as follows:

Category 1. 1st. Alan Searle 34 points 2nd. Alan Moody 31 and 3rd. on count back Mick O'Brien 26. Category 2. 1st. Alan Darby out of the blue with 9 points on the front 9 and completed a brilliant back 9 of 22 points 2nd. Bernard Ball 31 and Roy Middleton again on count back 29 points.

Nearest the Pins Hole 3. Sue Owens. Hole 9. Paul Hurrell. Hole15. Alan Moffett and Hole 17. Alan Darby

The Full Monte supporting our Associates the Full Monte and CD Montesinos going to Ron Matthews.

After the game some members returned to Tilleys Bar in Mar Azul where we go following games in the South for results, presentation of prizes and also where David Gill is good enough to supply us with snacks. For this we are extremely thankful and would also like to thank all the Staff for their reception and hospitality.

Our picture to day, yes it was cold! Shows some of the winners and members outside Tilleys Bar.

TORREGOLF.EU at El Plantio

Event : TORREGOLF at El Plantio Monday 9th March

Back to our home course for our second visit this year and again we had perfect conditions to play but after last week and fast greens we were back to those slow greens, never mind that's what golf is all about. However scores were not as expected with only 8 players beating that 30 barrier.

Results for our usual Stableford competition in just 2 Categories to-day were

Category 1. 1st. Paul Hurrell 34 points 2nd. Alan Searle 33 and 3rd. Rob Marchant 31 points. Category 2. 1st. Roger Twigg 36 points 2nd. Al Warnock 34 and 3rd. Peter Sands with 33 points.

Nearest the Pins Hoes 7 & 9 Tony Mackman Hole 14. Sandra Twentyman Hole 18. John Clays and the 4th. shot on the TORREGOLF Hole 12. Rob Marchant

Full Monte to-day Roger Hazeldine and our Football Scratch Card with Norwich and 20 Euros. Steve James

For more information visit web site

Picture of winners on terrace at El Plantio.

TORREGOLF.EU at Altorreal

Event : TORREGOLF at Altorreal Tuesday 3rd March

What a great course this is now turning out to be and with great rates to us, what more could you ask for and to day's conditions just perfect. Big surprise when we arrived was to see all brand new buggies set out for us and showing TORREGOLF with one set out for El Presidente with Porsche embossed on the side! It must have helped because he managed to come in second for our Stableford competition. Course in great condition and greens very fast compared with many around at the moment that are slow. This had a lot to do with the final scores, am sure.

The results turned out with Peter Kerr in with 33 points 2nd. David Winder 31 3rd. Bernard Ball 29 and 4th. Barbara Watson 28 points.

Nearest the pins were not easy to day with only Paul Hurrell managing to get anywhere near a pin and this was Hole 8. The Full Monte in support of our Associates and CD Montesinos going to Reg Palmer.

As per usual more details of our courses may be found in this addition of the Costa Blanca News.

Our next venue is at El Plantio on the 9th. followed by Vistabella on the 14th. and then La Serena on Wednesday 18th. Yes probably the only Club here on the Costa's that play once a week so for more information contact David Winder on 626774157 or email him at

Photo today of winners at Altorreal.

TORREGOLF.EU at Font Del Llop

Event : TORREGOLF at Font Del Llop Friday 20th. February

Friday 20th.and a full turn out of members to this beautiful course and what a great day to be there as well, because the weather followed by the course were both perfect for our day. Have said it before and will say it again this course is probably now the best here on the Costa's, with a great lay out to challenge any golfer and in great condition. The only problem to-day, as far as all were concerned, was the number of lost balls not to the water but in the brown grass right of all the fairways but surely one is supposed to keep the ball on the fairways!!
However, our normal Stableford competition to day was in 3 Categories with all the competition money collected being returned in prize money with the President putting up a sleeve of TORREGOLF.EU embossed balls for all the Par 3's remember there are 5 at FdL and for a change we also had a 3rd. shot NTP on Hole 6 which surprisingly no one got anywhere near and we only had 3 NTP winners Hole 8. Roger Twigg, Hole 16. Babs. Watson, Hole 17. Will Hadlow.
The Full Monte today in support of our football club CD Montesinos going to Steve James and the Scratch Card to win 20 Euros going to Eric Garside not for the 1st. time this season!. The results for the main competition showed 13 players breaking the 30 points barrier so it turned out to be a very close result. With the winners being
Category 1. 1st. Geoff Betts 36 points 2nd. David Watson 34 and 3rd. Mike Jenkins 30 points.

Category 2. 1st. Peter Kerr 39 points 2nd. Dorian Brooksby 36 and 3rd. Bernard Ball 34 points.

Category 3. 1st. Tony Jeff 32 points on c/b 2nd. Peter Sands 3rd. Roger Twigg 26 points.

Picture to-day shows SOME of the winners on the day.

TORREGOLF.EU at Las Colinas

Event : TORREGOLF at Las Colinas Friday 6th. February

Friday, February 6th. saw 30 members turning out to play a normal Stableford competition on a day that was a lot better weather wise than of late. However, the day was slightly spoilt by Marshalls continually harassing for slow play and for tickets when they should have been aware that our tee times were all booked for the Club. There was no slow play and as one knows you can only go as fast as the players in front of you.
We would like to think that this situation had its effect on the scores because for a change scores were very low with only 4 beating the 30 point barrier. Other than that not a lot to report on the game. So the results were
Category.1 1st. Ron Matthews 34 points 2nd. Will Hadlow on c/b from 3rd. John Peters 31 points Category 2.1st. Con Moore 29 points 2nd. Peter Cowd 25 3rd. Peter Kerr 24 points. Category 3. 1st. Chris Charlton 37 points 2nd. Bernard Ball 29 on c/b 3rd. Christopher Rose.
Extra prize money was put up by the President for todays game and there were 6 nearest the pin prizes of TORREGOLF.EU personalised golf balls. Which were won by Hole 5. Brian Dean Hole 7. Bernard Ball Holes 10 & 17. Dave Marshall Hole 11 Stroke Index 1 4th.shot Par 5 NTP John Peters

The Full Monte in support of our football team CD Montesinos, Graham Hobday and the scratch card for ?20 with West Ham, Fred Parkinson. Well done all.

You may also be pleased to know we had more than 247,000 hits in our website. Many thanks to you all for viewing remember you can find all you want here and if you know of any others who may wish to come and join us, this is the web site to be, there is a facility to send me an email from the website as well.

Today's picture El Presidente.

TORREGOLF.EU at El Plantio

Event : TORREGOLF at El Plantio Friday 23rd. January

On a very crisp sunny day and no breeze we had our smallest turn out for many months on the return to our home course El Plantio for the 1st. time in 2015.
However it did not stop those attending having a great days golf, in ideal conditions. At least we didn't have a very early start so it did give our members the chance to get acclimatised to the winter conditions before teeing off for our normal Stableford competition which has to be said showed the difference in scores from one Category to the other with over 7 members in Category 1 shooting over 30 points and only 2 in Category 2. So,
The final winners in our 2 Category competition were, Category 1. 1st. Gerry O'Loughlin on count back from Eric Garside both with 38 points.
Category 2. 1st. Neil Casey 34 points and 2nd. Roy Middleton with 31.

Nearest the pin winners. Holes 7 & 9 Eric Garside Hole 14 Paul Hurrell with no one on hole 18 and the 4th.shot NTP on our Hole 12 Gerry O'Loughlin.

The Full Monte, Supporters Club of CD Montesinos prize to-day going to Alan Brooker and our scratch card for 20Euros to John Hough. Well done to all.

The photo today shows winners in the setting sun of El Plantio.


Event : TORREGOLF at Altorreal Tuesday 13th. January

On a bright sunny day and perfect conditions a full house of players turned up to take on this great course which I have to say was in perfect conditions with a lot of maintenance works going on ready for the Spring, however greens were slow which perhaps showed in most of the final scores with only 8 members managing to break the 30 barrier.
The results of our Stableford competition being Category 1.1st. Paul Hurrell on c/b 2nd.Phil Brigham on c/b Tony Jones all with 34 points.
Category 2. 1st. John Clays 39 points. 2nd. Merv Coombes 36 and 3rd. Steve James 31 points.
Nearest the Pins Holes 3 & 16 Paul Hurrell Hole 5 Eric Garside and to-days FULL MONTE in support of our Associates and CD Montesinos going to Bill Wylie

Our picture show the winners on the day. Don't know why but you have 2 United fans trying to hold down the City fan!


Event : TORREGOLF.EU - La Romero Tuesday 6th. January

A bright sunny day marked Torregolf.Eu first visit to Lo Romero and our second game of the New Year with 24 members playing. The course was in pristine condition although the greens were ultra fast and difficult to read for most of our male members. The day belonged to our two female players Sandra Twentyman and Carol Martin who both returned scores of 37 points, although we had one male player Tony Mackman who returned a fine 38 points the rest we won't mention.

The winners on the day were Category 1. Tony Mackman 38 pts, Peter Cowd 35 pts. Category 2. Carol Martin 37pts (cb), Sandra Twentyman 37pts.
Nearest the Pins. Geoff Betts,Max Edwards, Carol Martin. The Full Monte in support of our Associates going to Christopher Rose. After the game all returned to Tilleys Bar, Torrevieja for the results and presentation of prizes

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