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TORREGOLF Vistabella

Event 049 : TORREGOLF Vistabella 30th. December.

After all the Festive food and drink 22 members turned out to pull the Cristmas Cracker for our last game of 2016 and while there were a number of regular players not attending it was left to El Presidente to handle the start and then he also had to pull his Cracker elsewhere and leave it in the hands of Ken Holmes. Thanks Ken for stepping in at the last moment.

So on what was a pretty dismal start it turned out to be a good weather day which we havnt experienced recently with our last Event 49, rained off with flooding to Vistabella, but today it was great and in general it has to be said you would not have known we had had all that rain prior to Christmas.
Results then for our normal Stableford Competition with just 2 Categories.
Category 1. 1st. Steve Connolly 35 points. 2nd.Geoff Shand 34 and 3rd. Ray Rumble 32 points
Category 2. 1st. Dianne Bailly 33 points 2nd. Brian Coombes 27 3rd. Mike Madra 26
Best Front 9. Steve Connoly 22 points Best Back 9. Ray Rumble 20
Nearest the pins. Holes 4 & 15 Bob Govan and Hole 8 Steve Burns

As our members know at the end of a year we have our final count up of all those winners during the year who had the most nearest the pins to win a FREE round of golf at El Plantio and the winner for 2016 was ... see next week at Alenda!

The Full Monte in association with our partners supporters club of CD Montesinos was a bit of a fight today but it could be said as usual Steve James romped home.
Our scratch card winner for 20 Euros. Bjorn Nilsson

At this stage may I wish all our members a Happy, Healthy and hopefully a prosperous golf one in 2017, with TORREGOLF.EU. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

All those taking part today are shown in the photographs below ...


Event 048 : ....cancelled due to extreme weather conditions.

TORREGOLF at El Plantio

Event 047 : TORREGOLF at El Plantio Thursday 14th.December

With so much bad weather around it was not surprising that numbers were down today but the good Lord took pity on us and we had a great day of golf in perfect conditions even though it was a little soft under foot but with an early, no 10am is not early, it looked as if it was on the course with the golf ball showing a plane of water as it went along the fairways, but some great scores recorded for our Stableford competition.
Our picture of winners on the day L-R Gordon Roxon, Tommy Erixon, John Poole, Mike Jenkins, Brian Coombes, Ray Rumble and Kevin Hopkins
With just one Category the winners were
1st. John Poole with a staggering 42 points and playing off 21 today so the hatchet is out!
2nd. Ray Rumble 37 points
3rd. Brian Coombes 36 points
4th. Mike Jenkins 33 points
Best Front and Best Back 9 John Poole 20 and 21
Nearest the Pins: Hole 7 Tommy Erixon. Hole 9 Gordon Roxon. Hole 14 Kevin Hopkins. Hole 18 John Poole and the the 4th. Shot nearest the pin on our Hole 12 Mike Jenkins
Our Full Monte to day Gordon Roxon and due to low numbers our Scratch Card will be carried forward to Vistabella next Tuesday.

TORREGOLF at La Marquesa

Event 046 : TORREGOLF at La Marquesa 8th.December.

After all the rain it was good to see today with a break in the weather and we were lucky to get a round in without interruptions however the course had taken its toll from the weather and was very wet and not in the best of condition and a near on 6 hour round did not help for everyone.
Some good scores were recorded but on the whole ‘it was a bad day at the office’ and the results for our normal Stableford was as follows, with just 2 Categories today.
Category 1. 1st. Geoff Shand 40 points 2nd. Steve Higgins 34 3rd. Alan Gifford 31 and 4th. Ken Holmes 30 points.
Category 2. 1st.Barrie Hopkinson 37 points 2nd. Michael Madra 36 3rd. Kevin Hopkins 28 4th. Rob Marchant 26
Best Front 9. Geoff Shand 23 points Best Back 9. Michael Madra 20 points.
The Full Monte went to day to the Full Monte, yes, Treasurer of The Full Monte, Howard Yates.
Nearest the Pins. Holes 5. & 15. Geoff Shand, Hole 11. Bobby Govan and Hole 17. Ole Rong.
After such a long day after the results everyone rushed for home ...
before being able to organise the usual winners photograph.

TORREGOLF Events 045

Event 045 : TORREGOLF at Altorreal for THE FULL MONTE TROPHY Competition and LAURELS, Quesada 29th. November and 6th. December.

Yes it’s that time of the year when The Full Monte supporters club of CD Montesinos our Associates sponsor a golf day and this year we were at Altorreal and what a day it was with a course looking great and the weather in the same condition.

36 Members started with the 1st Tee time of 10.00 with not only playing for the annual Full Monte Trophy but also with many other Trophies, wine and cash to be won. However after the game there was no staying for all the results because it had been arranged that these would take place at Laurels Restaurant in Quesada the following Tuesday 6th.December where TORREGOLF took over the restaurant for the evening with a dinner/dance and music supplied by Tony Francis.

Now the results of the competition which finished up being a very close game in all categories, resulted in the following
Keith Smith with a fantastic 35 points but only on a countback from Bobby Govan (your turn next year Bobby)
Winning the Full Monte Tournament Trophy which you will see in the photograph below

So the other winners in The Full Monte Tournament
Category 1. 1st. Keith Smith 35 points on c/b 2nd. Bobby Govan 3rd. Steve Rollings 32 on c/b 4th. Ray Rumble
Category 2. 1st. Tony Jones 29 points on c/b Andy Martin 3rd. Con Moore 29 points 4th. Carol Martin 28 points.
Category 3. 1st. Brian Coombes 32 points 2nd. David Winder 29 points on c/b Fred Parkinson 4th. Kevin Hopkins
The Full Monte with a very typical Trophy and for the 2nd. Year running John Clays with a fantastic score of 15 points!!
Must try better for next year John.

Best Front 9. Max Edwards 19 points on c/b Alan Gifford
Best Back 9. Bob Govan 18 points.

Nearest the Pins. Hole 5. Max Edwards Hole 8. Ray Rumble Hole 17. Carol Martin. No one on Hole 10.
Best 4 Ball: Ron Matthews/Carol Martin/Keith Smith/Carol Martin with a total of 109 points so you can see what Ron scored!!

Our scratch card to day with West Ham was won by Peter Kerr for I don’t know how many times this year. Peter as we all know has not been in good health this year and was not able to attend our dinner and presentations at Laurels as he was back in hospital. Get well soon Peter it’s nearly Christmas and I know you are planning to go back to UK. The surprise of the evening was the presentation of an oil painting to El Presidente from Kevin Hopkins and the painter Mike Jenkins on behalf of all TORREGOLF member. Thank you Guys/Girls as you know I was lost for words!

Our thanks go to Martin and his crew at Laurels for looking after us and providing a meal for 2 Voucher for the Sunday Roast, in the raffle. Also many thanks to Altorreal and Vistabella for green fee vouchers and to Font del Llop for other prizes for our ‘rifa’. The major prize for the evening, a Nike Vapor Driver was won by John Clays and supplied by Torregolf.
For a left hander on the day a Putter for Alan Perry.

Here is to the next one.

Selection of photos - from the days ................................

TORREGOLF at Alicante Golf

Event 044 : TORREGOLF at Alicante Golf Monday 21st.November

Two things to start the day off
1. What was the weather going to be like as it predicted rain for best part of the day and
2. The booking was taken knowing that there were some problems with the greens.
How wrong can one be, yes we did have a shower on the way to the course and also on the way, for probably the first time ever, traffic jams on the motorway caused by accidents, so it just started all wrong from the start but when we got on the course following
1.Free coffee and Toast
2. A course in what can only be described as in very good condition, the greens were not first class that we know Alicante generally is but on the slow side. However to be fair, the Green Keeper has done an excellent job to overcome the problems they had and provided us with a good playing service to putt on. So all those members who decided not to play because of hear say, you missed a great day’s golf which was also subsidised by our Club. All this and as usual great weather, sun all day and NO RAIN, what else do you need to play golf.
So with only 2 Categories today for the prize money the results were
Category 1. 1st. Bob Govan 37 points 2nd. Steve Higgins 34 3rd. Milne Sloan 32 on a count back from 4th.Ken Holmes
Category 2. 1st. Brian Coombes 33 and yes that was after he had taken 3 shots off the 1st.Tee and just managed to get his ball beyond the Lady’s tee. So well done Brian. 2nd. Norman Dobson 29 on a count back from Mike Madra and after a score of 9 for the front 9 and 4th. Kevin Hopkins 28 points.
Best Front 9 went to Bob Govan with 20 points and the Best Back 9 to Norman Dobson with another fine 20 points.
The Full Monte in support of our Football Team CD Montesinos who must say were magnificent yesterday with a 10-0 away win, going to a Montesinos resident Steve James. Not for the first time I may add!
El Presidente was a little worried today as he had of course 6 Par 3’s to contend with and some expensive Taylor Made golf balls for the nearest the pin prizes so a little smile on his face when there were no winners on holes 15 and 17!
So those that did get a prize Holes 3 & 6 Steve Higgins Hole 8. Syd Avery another 1st. here as don’t think Syd has ever won a major prize with us before and Hole 12. Con Moore

Finally our Scratch Card for 20 Euros with Newcastle went to Milne Sloane

Next week we are at Altorreal where the day is being sponsored by The Full Monte who are putting up all the prizes including the Full Monte Trophy.

Our photo today is with some of the prize winners on the lawn outside the Alicante Golf Club House L-R Kevin Hopkins, Steve James, Bob Govan, Norman Dobson, and Mike Madra

Christmas Dinner Dance ...

Will Follow Event 45 : Altorreal [ Tuesday ] November 21st

On the 21st. November we are at Altorreal and will be playing for The Full Monte Trophy which as many will know is generally played for at this time of the year and is sponsored by our Associates, the supporters club of CD Montesinos. In addition they will be sponsoring the rest of the prizes for the day.

I have increased the number playing now to 36 with 18 buggies. So if you want to play get your name down now for Event 45.

Now, following this we are having a Dinner/Dance with live entertainment at Laurels in Quesada on the following Tuesday, the 6th.December, where we are taking over the restaurant for the evening. The results and prize giving for Altorreal will take place on this evening.

Many have booked for the D/D and we will now throw it open to all members, even if they did not play on the day. So if you would like to attend and as it is now first come first served on the list situation, will you email ...
Kevin Hopkins …..
at the same time c.c. me and I will send you a menu for you to choose your meal for the night.

The cost is 16 Euros for members and your partner will cost 12. The difference + bottles of wine on the tables will be subsidised by TORREGOLF. Looking forward to what will be a great evening ...


Torregolf at Vistabella

Event 043 : Torregolf at Vistabella Friday 11th.November

Well the weather continues to favour our members with glorious sunshine however today it appears to have affected the scoring for some unknown reason.
Don't think it was the course which still remains in great condition or those Vistabella greens.

It was also good to see as we drove down the first tee grass growing on the greens of the other 7 holes….roll on the end of the year…….maybe October?
With a little nip in the air the 1st. 4 ball was off at 09.27 for our normal Stableford competition and following are those who got amongst the money prizes.
Category 1. 1st. Ray Rumble 30 points on count back 2nd. Con Moore 3rd. Doug white 27 points.
Category 2. 1st. James Boyd 32 points 2nd. Rob Marchant 30 on countback 3rd. Irvine Scott
Category 3. 1st. Johan Brouwer 32 2nd. Mike Madra 30 and 3rd. Kevin Hopkins 25
Best Front 9. Johan Brouwer 19 and with the same score for Back 9. Doug White
The Full Monte in support of our football team CD Montesinos, which the previous evening beat the league leaders 2-0 was Babs Watson
Nearest the pins no one on Hole 4. Hole 8. Alan Moody and Hole 15. Con Moore.

Our photo today of the winners also includes Roy Middleton who came to say his goodbye to all, as he is returning to the UK due to Marlene’s health. Thanks Roy for all your help while with us and looking after the ‘dosh’ etc., on match days. We all wish you and Marlene better health in the future, keep in touch back in Worcester. Always welcome back here Roy…………..Leaving with a tear in his eyes!

Our photo today of the winners also includes Roy Middleton ...

Torregolf at Font del Llop

Event 042 : Torregolf at Font del Llop Friday 4th.November

Yes back to the course that is now getting more likes from our members than most these days, why because it is a challenge, in great condition and you are always made most welcome, the staff are great, and the bookings for our golf days here are always full.

Today was no exception and even though the weather was not the usual sunshine, who cares when everything is just perfect for you to play golf and relax after the game and enjoy the 180 degree view of the course.

Even though this course is very different with lots of hazards and 5 Par 3’s that are not the easiest around, 50% of those playing managed 30 points plus and the results for our usual Stableford were as follows ...
Category 1. 1st. Ray Rumble 37 points 2nd. Ken Holmes 36 and 3rd. Hugh Reilly 33.
Category 2. 1st. Brian Coombes 33 points 2nd. David Watson 32 and 3rd. Mike Jenkins 31
Category 3. 1st. El Presidente 34 points 2nd. Vernon Anderson 33 and 3rd. Babs Watson 32
Nearest the Pins Hole 3 Chris Butland scoring 4 points of his 7 for the front 9!! Hole 8. Ray Rumble. Hole 12. Alan Perry. Hole 16. Roger Twigg following taking the wrong road off the motorway and costing him toll money to get back!!, and Hole 17 Hugh Reilly.
Best Front 9. Milkne Sloan 19 and Best Back 9. Doug White 22

And of course we should not forget The Full Monte in support of our football team CD Montesinos who won last week 6-1 going to Peter Kerr who I might add also won the Scratch Card and 20 Euros with Notts Forest. Don’t know how it is but Peter has probably won this more times than any other member.

Well done all and now look forward to Event 43 next Friday at Vistabella.

You will see here all the winners on the Terrace at Font del Llop with the 18th.fairway to the right.

TORREGOLF at Vistabella

Event 041 : TORREGOLF at Vistabella Saturday 29th.October

What a glorious day for 32 members to play Vistabella with hardly any breeze and glorious sunshine for the whole day and a course again in great condition though still a little dew on the greens for those starting at 09.18.

However with scores being very close in our 3 categories count backs were needed for some winning spots in each one resulting in
Category 1. 1st. Keith Smith 35 points 2nd. Milne Sloane 32 3rd. Alan Gifford 31 and on a c/b 4th. Geoff Shand.
Category 2. 1st.Lindsay Dunlop 36 points 2nd. Irvine Scott 33 3rd. Ron Matthews 32 on c/b 4th. Mike Jenkins
Category 3. 1st. Norman Dobson 36 2nd. Kevin Robinson 32 3rd. Mick Madra on c/b 4th. Brian Coombes 28 points.
Best Front 9 Kevin Robinson on c/b 18 points and Best Back 9 Irvine Scott 21 points
Nearest the Pins Hole 4 Tony Felstead. Hole 8 Mal Bayliss Hole 15 Irvine Scott.
The Full Monte today supporting our football team CD Montesinos who went on to win 6-1 on Sunday. Babs Watson.
The scratch card for 20 Euros with Norwich went to Len Cole.

After the game and results all the winners may be seen on the Putting Green and L-R Lindsay Dunlop, Milne Sloane, Kevin Robinson, Mal Bayliss, Scotty, Mick Madra, Geoff Shand, Brian Coombes Norman Dobson, Ron Matthews, Mike Jenkins, Alan Gifford and Keith Smith.

TORREGOLF at El Plantino

Event 040 : TORREGOLF at El Plantio Friday 21st.October

Back to our home course which we have not been too for a while and even though we were restricted to paths due to the recent bad weather the course was in good condition and some big scores were seen with over half of the members playing achieving more than the magic 30 points we all like to make when playing our Stableford competitions.

So, for the winners…..
Category 1. 1st. Derek Beckett 40 points 2nd. Steve Higgins 37 on c/b 3rd. Ray Rumble.
Category 2. 1st. Vince Lannon 34 points 2nd., Andy Robinson 30 and 3rd. Scott Irvine 29 points
Category 3. 1st. Al Warnock 36 points 2nd. Alan Perry 33 and 3rd. Roger Twigg yes 30 points after 3 weeks of winning The Full Monte
Best Front 9. Vince Lannon on count back 19 and Best Back 9. Derek Beckett 21 points.
Nearest the pins. Hole 9 Graham Riches. Hole 14 Bob Govan. Hole 18 Roger Twigg. No one on Hole 7 and 4th.shot NTP on Hole 12. Lynda Govan
which then left us with our Full Monte and this week went to John Vaygelt.

The winners on the El Plantio Club House Terrace L - R Andy Robinson, Scotty, Lynda Govan, Bob Govan, Ray Rumble, Vince Lannon, Al Warnock, Roger Twigg, Alan Perry, Babs Watson and Graham Riches.

TORREGOLF at Altorreal

Event 039 : TORREGOLF at Altorreal Thursday, 13th.October

Cancelled - BAD WEATHER.

TORREGOLF at Font del Lllop

Event 038 : TORREGOLF at Font del Lllop Thursday, 6th.October

Yes Autumn is now supposed to be here but does it ever come…..36 members took to the fairways of this great course and have to say it could have been late Spring, weather unbelievable, course in great shape and not a breath of wind till we had all finished what more can one ask with all that great scenery around as well.

The new order of play format given out 24 hours earlier worked well with members arriving 30 minutes before their allotted tee time and we will continue with this for all of our games in the future. Our usual competition format for today has to be said did not produce the scores expected but the the course is a challenge so the spoils were as follows
Category 1. 1st. Ray Rumble 36 points 2nd. Spencer Andrews 34 3rd. Mark Spencer on c/b 4th. Lynda Govan.
Category 2. 1st. Ken Holmes 34 points 2nd. Mike Jenkins 32 3rd. Tony Mackman 31 and 4th.Rob Marchant 30
Category 3. 1st. James Boyd 32 points 2nd. Norman Dobson 30 3rd. Babs Watson 27 with a great pitch off the fairway on Hole 13 straight in the hole and 4 points and 4th. Mike Madra 26 points.
Best Front 9 Tony Mackman 18 points and Best Back 9 Ray Rumble 20 points.
And for the 3rd. Week on the trot The Full Monte in support of our football team CD Montesinos Roger Twigg
With 5 nearest the pins Hole 3 Norman Dobson, Hole 8 Brian Walsh, Hole 12 Mark Spencer, Hole 16. Tony Mackman and Hole 17 Ken Holmes.
Scratch card QPR going to Kevin Robinson.
Our photograph today of all the winners taken on the terrace outside club house with the to the side. Well done Guys & Girl!

Torregolf at La Torre

Event 037 : Torregolf at La Torre Thursday 28th.September

Why when you just want to play golf do you have so much hassle with red tape and requirements from courses before you can get on the Tee and today was no exception, so let's just forget it and say IRM/Nike get your act together!
Think the day got off to a bad start due to the weather overnight which caused a little flooding around and looking at the forecast for La Torre we were not going to escape some rain all through the day so this along with many members going in the wrong direction, torrential rain on the way, hassle at the golf course and along with the fact we were advised 18 hours earlier that the course would be undertaking micro tinning, it was not going to be a good day….
BUT ...
all of a sudden with everything sorted and slightly late on the Tee the weather must have known what had gone on and decided to spoil us because the 36 members taking part, generally had a perfect day of golf even though the scores were not as high as was expected with the course being one of the shortest in the area and 6 Par 3’s there were only 13 members breaking 30 points.

Photo today from outside the Club House L-R ...
Mark Spencer Tom Curran,Roger Twigg, Mike Madra, Victorious David Winder, Lynda Govan,
Tony Mackman, Terry Taylor, Dave Marshall, Geoff Plumer, Andy Rawlings & Alan Moody

So the results for our normal Stableford were ...
Category 1. 1st.Dave Marshall 34 points. 2nd. Andy Rawlings 31 on count back from 3rd.Lynda Govan and 4th. Geoff Plumer
Category 2. 1st. Tony Mackman 38 points. 2nd. Mark Spencer 34 3rd. Tom Curran 32 on c/b 4th. Terrty Taylor with 32 points
Category 3. And how he managed it after all that had been going on 1st. El Presidente. 34 points 2nd.Alan Moody 33 3rd. Michael Madra 29 4th. Kevin Robinson on c/b from Brian Coombes 28 points
Best Front 9. Mark Spencer 21points
Best Back 9. Tony Mackman also with 21points.
Nearest the Pins. Hole 3, Eric Merry, Hole 5 Paul Hurrell, Hole 9 Lynda Govan, Hole 15 Alan Moody and no one on Hole 17.

The Full Monte going for the second week on the trot Roger Twig ….
maybe Paul will take pity on him?????

Our normal Scratch Card for 20 Euros and with the team Norwich. Ken Holmes

TORREGOLF at Vistabella

Event 036 : TORREGOLF at Vistabella Wednesday 21st. September

As we go into High Season for playing golf it is still very warm and plenty of water is still required when playing and today was no exception for the 26 members who turned out to play our normal weekly Stableford competition.
The course even though still only 11 holes and the remainder not likely to be completed before next Autumn still remains a challenge however with 3 categories for prize money the results were ...
Category 1. 1st. Bobby Govan 33 points 2nd. Ray Rumble 31 and 3rd. on a countback Jack Webb from Spencer Andrews 30 points.
Category 2. 1st. Peter Kerr 34 points 2nd.Brian Coombes 31 3rd. Mike Jenkins 29
Category 3. 1st. Len Cole 38 points 2nd. Mike Zebadee 34 3rd. Margaret O’Brien 32
Best Front 9. Len Cole 19 and Best Back 9. Len Cole on c/b from Peter Kerr and Bobby Govan
The only nearest the pins on Holes 4 & 15 both went to Mike Zebadee and The Full Monte going to Roger Twigg
The scratch card for 20 Euros with Everton, Derrick Matthews.

TORREGOLF at Mar Menor

Event 035 : TORREGOLF at Mar Menor Tuesday 13th.September

Yes we at long last ventured down to the Mar Menor for this week’s Stableford to find the course ok but frankly not in the condition to warrant a top 100 rating in Spain.
Though it has to be said the front 9 is totally different to the back 9. The greens today frankly were very slow, however having said that some very big scores recorded so it cannot have been that bad because 50% of those playing managed to score more than that 30 point barrier we talk about nearly every week.

Photograph today all the winners sitting/standing around the fountain of the International Hotel, Mar Menor.

So for the results to day in 3 Categories
Category 1.1st. Paul Hurrell on c/b 2nd. Stephen Brown on c/b 3rd. Mick Hyland all with 37 points.
Category 2. 1st. Tom Curran 40 points 2nd. Peter Kerr 38 and 3rd. Tony Mackman 36 points
Category 3. 1st. Henry Dryden 37 points 2nd. Len Cole 36 and 3rd.Fred Parkinson 30 points
Nearest the pins Hole 2. Tom Curran Hole 8. Mick Hyland Hole 14 Bobby Govan and Hole 17 Paul Hurrell
Best Front 9 to Tom Curran 21 points and best back 9 Peter Kerr also with 21.

The Full Monte today in support of our football team CD Montesinos who start their campaign to the new season this Sunday, going to Joe relation to our Aussie Tom!


Event 034 : TORREGOLF at Alenda Monday 5th.September

Yes, has to be said first and foremost that today has to have been the hottest day of the Summer and 27 members did in the end manage to make it to the first tee, only to find that this Par 5 due to maintenance i.e. new buggy paths going in, was sum 100 meters down the fairway and had become an easy Par4.
However, even many were past their sell by date by the time they had got to the 14 some 17 still managed to break that 30 points barrier we talk about, with our Stableford Competition.

So with 3 categories today the results were ... Category 1 1st.Paul Hurrell 36 points on c/b 2nd. Mal Bayliss 3rd. Ken Holmes 34 points
Category 2. 1st. Michael Madra 36 2nd. Vince Lannon on c/b 3rd. Tom Curran both with 35 points
Category 3. 1st. John Hough 35 points 2nd. Fred Parkinson 34 and 3rd. David Winder 33 points blobbing the last 3 for obvious reasons!
Best Front 9. On a count back from 3 others John Hough all with 20 points Best Back 9 Michael Madra 22
Nearest the Pins. No Hole 3. Holes 5 & 16. John Grint Hole 13. Joe Curran
Our Full Monte today, going to Vernon Anderson
The Scratch card for 20 Euros, team Walsall and Brian Coombes.

Must say good to see Peter Kerr having a go in the heat but flying his Blue Flag and even managing to score 32 points. Well done Peter. Regret no winners photo …….think, as soon as results given, everyone was down the A7 and home and into the pool to cool off for the first time today.

TORREGOLF at Vistabella

Event 033 : TORREGOLF at Vistabella Saturday 27th.August

Yes today, we returned to Vistabella which we would generally not do when hollow tinning is going on and will now continue till 4th.September, however with a reduction of green fee rates, we were able to offer exclusive to all TORREGOLF members an all in price to include buggy/insurance/competition fee/the usual Golf4Heros Charity input and of course our scratch card which today was won by Kevin Hopkins, of just 21 Euros, yes 21 Euros nowhere on the Costa Blanca would you find this type of fee to cover every aspect of the game.
Picture today of all the winners outside the Vistabella Shop L-R Tony Jones, John Brockley, Lindsay Dunlop, David Winder, Jack Webb, Paul Hurrell, Kevin Robinson, Brian Coombes and Pete Jenner
It has to be said, yes greens were not temporary and while there were touches of sand and were well spiked it was anticipated that scoring would be low, how wrong can you be! with a third of those playing achieving 30 plus points.

Results in 2 Categories for our usual Stableford were ..
Category 1.1st.Tony Jones 35 2nd. Lindsay Dunlop 32 and 3rd. Jack Webb 31
Category 2. 1st. Kevin Robinason with his 3rd.Card 34 points 2nd. David Winder 33 points on c/b 3rd. Brian Coombes
Best Front 9 went to Kevin Robinson 18 points and Best Back, Brian Coombes 19
Nearest the pins Hole 4. Tony Felstead Hole 8. Paul Hurrell and Hole 15. Pete Jenner
and to finish off the prizes The Full Monte in support of our football team CD Montesinos, John Brockley

Torregolf at Altorreal

Event 032 : Torregolf at Altorreal Friday 19th.August

What a great day this was, firstly able to offer our members an all in rate for the day of 35 Euros cheapest rates anywhere and play a course that I have to say gets and looks better every time we play though it has to be said you would not think there is/was a water shortage because while this course is as green, if not greener, than any other at this time of year it shows with many muddy areas but other than that this course is perfect the other item was the fact that after the game and results, it was pointed out by our handicap Guru that some cards were showing incorrect handicaps (sorry El Presidente’s fault) which finished up with the results on the day changing slightly but who cares it was only a few Euros lost and lets face it "its only a game".
Our picture today of the winners on the Club House balcony, L-R Hugh Reilly, Ray Rumble, Brian Coombes, Tom Curran, David Winder, Carol Martin, Andy Martin showing off with their TaylorMade NTP balls won.

It has to be said that the scores for today were not as good as was expected with only 2 members breaking the magic 30 points

So the final results in our normal Stableford competition with just one category was ...
1. David Winder 33 points 2nd. Carol Martin 30 points 3rd. Hugh Reilly on c/b 4th. Tom Curran both with 29 points
Best front 9 Tom Curran with 18 points and best back 9 El Presidente 17.
Nearest the Pins. Hole 5 Andy Martin. Hole 8 Ray Rumble. Hole 10. no one (great player) and Hole 17 Hugh Reilly and yes The Full Monte going to Brian Coombes with 16.

Next week we are at Vistabella and will do another Special for the day yes, 31 Euros all in.


Event 031 : TORREGOLF at La Torre Friday 12th.August

The heat took its toll on Friday with a very much reduced number for the day, which was a shame as this is the first time that many members have been to this the shortest Jack Nicklaus course here in Spain and where the Ladies find themselves playing some 1000 mtrs. + less that they would normally do at a JN courses and with 6 Par 3’s?????

Well done to all and our picture today outside the club house looking over the driving range are L-R, Carol & Andy Martin, Gary Carr-Smith, Brian Coombes, Ken Holmes and Frank Reed.
So it was anticipated that we would see them in the winner’s enclosure, as it were, WRONG!.
However, that magic figure of 30 plus points was not a problem it would appear today as only 4 players managed less.
So the result of our Stableford Competition in just 1 Category finished up with prize money going to ..
1st. Ken Holmes 38 points. 2nd. Frank Reed 36 3rd. Brian Coombes on a count back from 4th.Gary Carr-Smith on 32 points.
Best Front 9. Frank Reed with 22 who kindly donated the prize money to our Golf4Heros Charity...
thanks for that Frank and Best Back 9. Brian Coombes on a c/b 20 points
Our Full Monte in support of our football team CD Montesinos who start their season tonight with a friendly against Athletico Catral ( result 2-1 to Monte) to Paul Hurrell.
Nearest the pin winners Holes 3 & 17 no winner. Hole 5. Kevin Robinson, Hole 9. Gary Carr-Smith Hole 11. Andy Martin and Hole 15. the other half of the Martin family, Carol

TORREGOLF at La Serena

Event 030 : TORREGOLF at La Serena Friday 5h.August

Yes that course with those 16 holes of water and today probably the strongest winds blowing off the Mar Menor that I have ever experienced so it was certainly going to be a challenge and IT WAS! With one member not even attempting to return a card and the results certainly confirmed the conditions in one category of winners - as follows ..
1st. Bobby Govan 31 points on c/b from Dorian Brooksby and Tom Curran 4th. Vince Lannon 30 points and 5th. Brian Coombes 28 again on a c/b
Nearest the pins Hole 9. Brian Coombes Hole.15. Brian McClusky and Hole 17. Bob Govan
The Best front 9. Vince Lannon with 15 points
Best back 9. Ray Rumble with 19 having scored just 3 on the front 9.

Our Scratch card winner with 20 Euros Irvine Scott and last, yes, the Full Monte Bill Abernethy with sorry to say just 10 points.
Really the only winners were the 2 W’s, wind and water!

Members - Please Note ! !

Event 031 : Course change - is now La Torre [ not Hacienda de la Torre ]

Torregolf at Hacienda Riquelme

Event 029 : Torregolf at Hacienda Riquelme, Friday 29th. July

Summer is here with a vengeance and members flying off to pastures new or hiding in doors. However, those that turned out to play had a great Stableford game on a course totally new to them, other than me, but have to say it is a long long time since I was there and the only part I recognised on the course was the railway station!
Where have all those memories gone because this course a typical Jack Nicklaus one has lots to remember, not all good I might add, because there is plenty going on to wreck your game!
Like the 5 lakes that on 8 holes, (not quite as many as at La Serena where we are next week), those renown JN bunkers and of course those desert areas where your ball is likely to be lost in the mounds of tall grass.

Our photo show the winners outside the pro shop.
However, the general consensus was lets come again and for 35 Euros including a buggy, why not, it was worth it.
Results and just one Category to day
1st. Brian McClusky 28 points on count back from 2nd. Tom Curran who was also on c/b from 3rd. Ken Holmes 4th. Ray Rumble 27 and 5th. Brian Coombes 26
With new Taylormade XP balls for nearest the pins ...
Hole 5 Brian McClusky. Hole 15 Derek Matthews no one got anywhere near on Holes 7 & 17 and at 179 mtrs., it was not surprising.
We, however had 2 new members submitting their who did manage 30+ points Joe Sheehan with 31 and a massive 39 from Tommy Erixon but as all know no prize money till 3 cards completed.
One guest Simon Coley also made 32 points and watched his Father in Law, Joe Curran take the FULL MONTE in support of our football team CD Montesinos, well done Joe ... how many points ? Shush!
Best Front 9 went to Ken Holmes with 16 points and the same score went for the Best Back 9, Brian McClusky.

TORREGOLF at Vistabella

Event 028 : TORREGOLF at Vistabella Friday 22nd.July

Following my journey round the new 7 holes currently under construction it was good to get back on the 11 holes and think wow! When this course is 18 holes it will be just phenomenal, and you can take it from me TORREGOLF.EU will be the first, like we were when the course opened and I was there to see Manuel Pinero carry out the official opening, to as it were sample its delights.
Manuel if you see this blog let me tell you “you did a great job” and you will be delighted to know that those 7 holes we talked about couple years ago are now really taking great shape.

Our photo show the winners outside the pro shop.
Anyway back to our game which as usual went the Stableford way with just two Categories and today it showed nearly everyone up with some low scores, but this is Vistabella and we know about the famous greens!

So, winners
Category 1. 1st. Derrick Matthews 34 points 2nd. Jack Webb 32 on c/b from 3rd. Hugh Reilly 4th. Peter Kerr, yes the one and only complete with Oxygen good to see you Peter doing 18 holes and scoring 28 points, the first time doing the full 18 since February 22nd. May you do many more having been told you would never play again.
Category 2. 1st. David Winder 28 on c/b 2nd. Bernard Ball 3rd. Tom Curran on c/b 4th. Vince Lannon 22 points.
The Full Monte in support of our football team CD Montesinos going yes believe or not to Brian Coombes
Best Font 9. Derrick Matthews 19 Points and Best Back 9. Paul Hurrell also with 19
Nearest the Pins. Hole 4. Derrick Matthews. Hole 8. Johan Brouwer and Hole 15. Scotty Irvine

Our scratch card today was Blackpool and Vince Lannon walked away with 20 Euros.

Great day of golf in great weather on a great course.
Don’t forget in the low season get your Vistabella/Torregolf, Loyalty Card from The Caddy Master ...
play 5 times and get a game FREE.
Only available to TORREGOLF.EU members.

TORREGOLF at Font del Llop

Event 027 : TORREGOLF.EU at Font del Llop Friday 15th.July

Yes what a great day once again at Font del Llop for our normal weekly meeting and today even better when you get to play with one of our new members Dutchman, Johan Brouwer what a character and everyone must play with him at sometime because he has the most extraordinary way of addressing the ball for all his shots be it the driver, fairway, bunker and to top it, putting goes single handed and all this with a handicap of 18, and if golf was not a serious sport, or we like to think it is, this should be a comedy act! Welcome Jo you bring it all alive.
Picture today of some of the winners on the terrace of Font del Llop with the back drop of the 18th on the right. L-R : Ray Rumble, Tom Curran, Hugh Reilly, Eric Garside and Kevin Hopkins

Ok away with introductions, 28 members to day, playing this fabulous course for our Stableford competition with 2 categories for prize money and the winners:
Category 1. 1st. Ray Rumble 34 points 2nd. Felix Mallon 33 3rd. Sandra Twentyman 31 and 4th.Hugh (walker) Reilly 29
Category 2. 1st. Kevin Hopkins 38 points 2nd. Chris Butland 35 3rd. Tom Curran 33 and 4th. Tony Jeff 32 points.
Best Front 9. Chris Butland 20 points and Best Back 21 sorry Bill Wylie with your 20!
The Full Monte today going to Rob Marchant.
Nearest the Pins: Hole 3. Felix Mallon Hole 8. Keith Smith Hole 12. Hugh Reilly Hole 16. Eric Garside and Hole 17. James Puddy.

TORREGOLF at Altorreal

Event 026 : TORREGOLF at Altorreal Thursday 7th.July

There is no doubt about it this course gets better and better every time we visit and with the great rates we get perhaps we should go more often and today the rate we offered was a price some 4.50 Euros cheaper than normal…..the benefits of being a TORREGOLF member.

Numbers were down slightly but summer is here and it gets a little hot now so it is expected to a degree.
The results in 2 Categories ...
Category 1. 1st. Ken Holmes 29 points 2nd. Paul Hurrell on c/b Terry Taylor 28 points
Category 2, 1st Chris Butland 31 points on c/b 2nd. Brian Coombes 3rd. Kevin Hopkins 30 points.
Nearest the Pins Hole 5. Charlton Hopkins come on you Addicks Hole 8. Brian McCluskey Hole 10, Terry Taylor and Hole 17. “Not won”

The Full Monte for the 2nd week on the trot Roger Twigg and our scratch card for 20 Euros with Arsenal, Chris Butland who had a good day and came away with nearly more money than he started with.

Now, worth a mention and he must have thought,” how did I do that?” yes, Drive, Green, Put yes a birdie on Hole 14 for Rob Parker and 5 points must have thought ‘that’s better than winning the Lottery’ Well done Rob, you will look back on that because as a comparative new member to golf they don’t come along all that often do it again soon!

TORREGOLF at Vistabella

Event 025 : Torregolf Vistabella 30th.June

Yes summer is here and water is most definitely now needed when on the golf course for probably the next 2 months at least and today was no exception. The course is now recovering nicely from hollow tinning and today saw 50% of those playing breaking that 30 point barrier for our usual Stableford competition, with results as follows in just 2 Categories

Category 1. 1st. Spencer Andrews 39 points 2nd. Jack Webb 36 3rd. Keith Long 35 and Lindsay Dunlop 34 points
Category 2. 1st. Chris Butland 32 points on c/b from 2nd. Joyce Collins 3rd. Bernard Ball on again a c/b from 4th Tom Curran 30 points
Best Front 9. Spencer Andrews 20 points Best Back 9 Jack Webb 20 points on c/b from Chris Butland
Nearest the Pins: Hole 4. Paul Hurrell Hole 8. Eric Garside and Hole 15. Spencer Andrews

The Full Monte today…….Roger Twigg and the scratch card for 20 Euros with Ayr United David Green

The photograph today is one of the new lakes that will be ready to receive your golf balls ...
on the new 7 holes that are under construction.

Following the presentation dinner for El Valle Presidents Trophy Day even if Dunstan Taylor was not there to receive the Trophy, Al Warnock felt that perhaps he could help out and take it home!

TORREGOLF at Font del Llop

Event 024 : TORREGOLF at Font del Llop Friday 24th.June

Another great day of golf with 33 members taking to the fairways etc of that beautiful course Font del Llop though it has to be said the greens were not as fast as those we have been playing recently but then it was obvious green maintenance had recently been taking place and we are back in 3 weeks and they will be great, however it did not appear to do anything to the 17 players who managed to break that 30 point barrier we go on about but somehow El Presidente fished up with the Full Monte, again!!, with just 18 points.

Picture today of all winners on Terrace at Font del Llop.

Results of the usual Stabelford competition
Category 1.1st. Bobby Govan 39 points. 2nd. Spencer Andrews 38 and 3rd. Ray Rumble 32 points.
Category 2. 1st. Gail Green 36 points 2nd. Rob Marchant 34 and 3rd. Tom Curran 33 and
Category 3. 1st. Al Warnock 39 points. 2nd. Len Cole 32 and 3rd. Roy Middleton 30 points
Best Front 9. Al Warnock 19 Best Back 9. Bobby Govan 24
The nearest the pins Hole 3. Felix Mallon. Hole 8 Spencer Andrews. Hole `12 Ray Rumble. Hole 16. Roger Twigg and Hole 17. Mick Madra

Well done All.

TORREGOLF @ El Valle - President’s Day

Event 023 : TORREGOLF @ El Valle Friday 16th.June - President’s Day

It was up with the Larks to-day, except one! for the big day of the Year, yes,
THE PRESIDENT’s CUP Tournament taking place at El Valle for the first time and it was obvious from the scores to-day that everyone was still asleep when the competition started at 08.30 off both the 1st. & 10th. Tees and it was not even possible to have a cup of coffee to wake one’s self up as the restaurant did not open till 09.00.
Event 23 Photo 1

However, the course was in great condition to receive all those lost balls that appeared to be swallowed up by all those mounds of grass half a meter tall, that could be seen wherever you were. Never mind it’s only a game and it was goods to see the temperature dropping a little from what had been experienced in the past few days.

For our Stableford competition to day all the names went into the hat, as it were, to decide who was playing with who as it turned out that this was for the surprise addition to all the other items to play for, yes a best 4 ball on the day which was eventually won by the team of Eric Garside, Sue Owens, Tony Jones and Len Cole who between them amassed a score of 107 points
Event 23 Photo 2

2nd. but no prize money ….Rob Marchant, John Poole, Kjell Assabo (Charlie to us) and David Green with 102

The results in general were not given out after the game as The President was putting on a dinner dance the following evening at Rincon de Miguel, Los Montesinos but by the time this report is read everyone would know that the overall Winner was Dunstan Taylor who was not able to attend as he was on a plane back to Bristol as all this was taking place, however he may see his name on the President’s Trophy next time he is out.
Event 23 Photo 3

So, the results and we will start with the Full Monte in support of our Associates and our football team CD Montesinos and today actually went to a member who watches our team play, yes, John Clays., and a nice little trophy to commemorate the day.
Remember belonging to Torregolf does not mean you have to be a footie fan! We have many who are not.

Lots of other trophies and cash to be won so….
Nearest the Pin Hole 6. Mike Jenkins, Hole 9. Tom Curran, Hole 12. Dave Ready, Hole15. Len Cole all receiving the usual sleeve of Torregolf balls and a Trophy.
Event 23 Photo 4
All the normal Nearest the pin Trophies on the Par 3’s were all sponsored today by Martin Burrows owner of MB Glazing for all your double glazing requirements.

3rd. Shot NTP on Hole 13. Kjell (Charlie) Aasabo and Longest Drive Hole 7. Len Cole., both receiving Torregolf balls and a Trophy.

The Best Front 9 with a trophy and cash Sue Owens `18 points and the same for Best Back 9 with John Poole scoring 18 points
The best 4 ball went to Eric Garside, Sue Owens, Tony Jones and Len Cole with a total of 107 points receiving each a President’s medallion and cash. And our scratch card 20 Euros, today going to Southampton and Ole Rong.
Event 23 Photo 5

Ok, 3 Categories to day with trophies for the 1st. in each one, with all also receiving cash prizes
Category 1. 1st. and overall winner of the President’s Glass Trophy, Dunstan Taylor with 33 points name now to be engraved on the Trophy as 2016 winner. Dunstan also received a Trophy and cash, so well done Dunstan, trust you will be here next year to defend your title in 2017.
2nd. Bobby Govan 31 points 3rd. Spencer Andrews 30 on count back from 4th. Sue Owens

Category 2. 1st. Ken Holmes 32 points 2nd. John Poole on c/b from 3rd. Tony Jones and 4th. Tom Curran all with 31 points

Category 3. 1st. Brian Coombes 26 points 2nd. Len Cole 23 3rd. Al Warnock 21 and 4th. Roger Twigg 20 points.

As said earlier all results were given out the following night at Rincon de Miguel where 98 members including some from the Full Monte enjoyed a 6 course meal plus Coffee and where all Torrgolf players on the day brought their partners for FREE.
Event 23 Photo 6

Our guest for the evening accompanied by his wife was Diego Garcia Escolar, Sales Director of golf at Vistabella Golf.

Entertainment was supplied by Wendy Grant with her cool jazz Saxophone and singing music of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.
Well done Wendy, enjoyed by all ...

A raffle also took place with some major items to be won including free rounds of golf at Vistabella, El Plantio and Font del Llop plus brand new golf items like TORREGOLF.EU golf bag with the compliments of member Tony Rudd. Driver won by Tony Jones. Chipper to Al Warnock and a Putter to John Hough.

Our thanks to all those donating including MB Glazing.

Here is to the next big Event.

Some photographs of the evening event with some of the winners and of course members enjoying themselves at Rincon de Miguel.

Event 23 Photo 7

TORREGOLF at La Serena

Event 021 : TORREGOLF at La Serena Friday 10th.June

Yes, La Serena you love it or you hate it! and today think it came out evens. 16 Holes of water did take its toll, as did a poor Rabbit that lost its life when it was hit with a golf ball being driven from the tee by Kevin Hopkins, how could you do that Kevin without giving it a royal send off?.
Group Photo .........
However, 27 members had a great time, course just about getting over its recent maintenance which did slow the greens down but some very good scores were achieved in our normal Stableford competition in today’s, 3 Categories with winners being ...
Category 1. 1st. Lynda Govan 40 points 2nd. Ray Rumble 35 on c/b 3rd. Con Moore.
Category 2. 1st. Tom Curran 38 points 2nd. Sandra Twentyman 32 and 3rd. Roy Middleton 30.
Category 3. 1st. David Winder 28 points 2nd. Alan Perry 26 and 3rd. Len Cole 25 points.
and the FULL MONTE in support of our Associates and CD Montesinos with, for the second week on the trot came another Jekyl & Hyde performance this week from from a winner last week Mike Jenkins.

Nearest the pins Holes 3 & 17, Lynda Govan. Hole15, Ray Rumble. Hole 9 not won
Best Front 9 went to Tom Curran with 21 and the Best Back 9 to Lynda Govan with 22

Our scratch card winner with Blackpool and 20 Euros Fred Parkinson.

Next week is a big day at El Valle for the President’s Trophy Day on the 16th. and it was good to see Wendy Grant who is going to entertain us at the President’s Presentation Dinner at Rincon de Miguel in Montesinos the following evening with her coolsaxjazz and singing joining us and may be seen here, with all the winners on the day at La Serena.

Torregolf a La Marquesa

Event 021 : Torregolf a La Marquesa Friday 3rd. June.

Following the rearrangement of this venue due to hollowing tinning last week 28 members, walking and riding, finally got to play and even though there were traces of the work carried out, the course played very well, though it has to be said the greens were so slow and were obviously in need of a cut to make them like we love our greens to be this time of the year with so much good weather about.

After the game we returned to El Raso Restaurant for the usual results and FREE Tapas kindly supplied by them and here you see some or most of the winners on the day from L-R. Fred Parkinson, Lyda Govan, Bob Govan, Roy Middleton, Tom Curran, Mike Jenkins, Ray Rumble, David Winder, Eric Garside and Phil Harris.
However the 30 points barrier did not appear to be a problem for many as 50% of those playing managed that magic score we like to judge ourselves by.

The Stableford game today showed, if you like, a Jekyl & Hyde type of game for winners and losers with the usual top of the score player being last and the one usually in the lower part of the pecking order being first, funny old game this golf but that’s the way it goes sometimes, and have to say it’s good to see because those things happen from time to time. It just is that when one comes in with a massive score and a severe cut in their handicap it’s a challenge then to play to a handicap they have never been used to however, well done Fred. I know you are now on a high!

The results
Category 1. 1st. Ray Rumble 37 points 2nd. Lynda Govan 35 on c/b 3rd. Mike Jenkins and 4th. Ken Holmes 33 points.
Category 2. 1st. Fred Parkinson 44 points 2nd. Roy Middleton 35 on c/b 3rd. Tom Curran 4th.
And with another c/b David Winder 32 from Brian Coombes
Best front 9 went to Fred Parkinson with 23 and Best back 9 to Lynda Govan 22
To day, The Full Monte supporting our Associates and CD Montesinos Phil Harris
Nearest the Pins. Hole 5 Ray Rumble. Hole 11. Bob Govan. Hole 15. Joe Curran and Hole. 17. Eric Garside.

Scratch Card for 20 Euros David Rumbles.


Event 23 at El Valle Thursday 16th.June and Rincon de Miguel Friday 17th.June.

TORREGOLF.EU and Event 23 at El Valle Thursday 16th.June and Rincon de Miguel Friday 17th.June. These events will take place over 2 days. Firstly, Event 23 El Valle.16th.June

This will be a big day for us and probably or hopefully the largest Event we have ever staged.
The playing format at present is a Surprise but trust me it will be a fun day.The Event is booked for 48 Members 24 off Tee 1 & Tee 10 at 08.30.
Currently we have 44 names down to play. The cost to play for the day is now 40 Euros for Green Fee & Buggy plus the usual add on’s we have, i.e. 5 Euros Competition Fee including Golf4Heros Charity input. Scratch Card 1 Euros to win 20 and of course if non federated 3 Euros insurance this is Murcia Region.
There will be no after the game scenario as far as results are concerned.

this will take place the following evening 19.00 for 19.30 at Rincon de Miguel, C.Vistabella 15, 03187, Los Montesinos where you are invited to attend for the price of 20 Euros where we have entertainment supplied by Wendy Grant with her “coolsaxjazz” and singing, playing music from the ‘50’s upwards……...
and the Menu will consist of
Bread/Ali Oli/Tomato, Salad, Cheese & Ham, Vol au Vont then Main Course either Chicken, Fish or Entrecote YOU TO CHOOSE AND ADVISE. Followed by house dessert and coffee, Your 20 Euro price will include unlimited wine/beer/water & soft drinks 1 Rifa/Raffle Ticket and Gratuity for staff. More raffle tickets will be available on the night. Guests will be allowed at an extra 1 Euro.

However, all those playing on the day will be allowed to bring their other half for FREE so, please confirm
1. You still wish to play.
2. Your Partner’s name.
3. Your choice of main course.
We will collect the cost for the evening on the day of the golf.
Members who are not playing will be allowed to attend with partners (chargeable) and guests.
Currently we have a booking of 100 for the dinner venue but could take more.

Looking forward to it and seeing you at both venues.

Kindest regards,

TORREGOLF at Vistabella

Event 020 : TORREGOLF at Vistabella Friday 27th. May

After a hastily rearranged game due to La Marquesa not advising us that the course this week was closed for course maintenance, we were however thanks to Vistabella able to get a game in, regretfully with lower numbers due to the fact we could not get off till 13.39 but without them and at so short notice 20 members would not have had a game.
Steve Woolcock who may be seen in some of the winners on the day photo, with his prize, 3 golf balls.
However, saying that it turned out to be a great afternoon in some lovely weather which was very comfortable and to have the course to ourselves was even better. No hold ups at all. Thank you Vistabella.

Our usual game took place with cash prizes for the top 5 players in just 1 Category, results being:
1st. Phil Harris 34 points on c/b from
2nd. Mike Jenkins.
3rd. Con Moore 32 points
4th. Mike Zebedee 31 and
5th. Ray Rumble 30
Nearest the Pins Hole 4 xx. Hole 8 John Peters. Hole 15 Con Moore
Best Front 9. Mike Jenkins 17 Best Back 9. and just edging out El Presidente Phil Harris 19.

The Full Monte today and all may be interested to know that we will shortly be having a brewery here in Spain producing a beer labelled up The Full Monte who as you know are our Associates and supporters club of CD Montesinos.

Todays winner was Steve Woolcock who may be seen in some of the winners on the day photo, with his prize, 3 golf balls.

Torregolf at Vistabella

Event 019 : Torregolf at Vistabella Saturday 21st.May

Another great day of golf with greens now getting back to the way we know them following the hollow tinning season. Though have to admit scores were not up to scratch as it were with just 4 members breaking that 30 point barrier.

Notice El Presidente showing off the new TORREGOLF.EU Pole Shirt and Cap : cost 14 Euros for Polo 7 Euros for Cap or buy the 2 for 20 Euros. Orders being taken now from Small to XXL.
Results for day in our usual Stableford Competition.
Category 1. 1st. Derek Beckett 34 points 2nd. Phil Harris 32 points and 3rd. Chris Fair 30 points.
Category 2. 1st. Alan Derby 30 points 2nd. David Winder 27 on count back from 3rd. Andrew Barwood
Nearest the Pins Hole 4. Tom Curran Hole 8. Mike Jenkins Hole 15. Chris Fair
Best Front 9. Alan Darby 20 points. Best Back 9. Derek Beckett 21 and The Full Monte going to Paul Hurrell.

Our scratch card for 20 Euros went to El Presidente with Manchester United which later that day, as we know, went on to win the FA Cup… how was that…….
Comment, or should we say what a great Put or may be a fluke? by El Presidente on the 18th. Straight in over the humps of the green from 50 feet!
Picture today are the winners outside the Pro Shop at Vistabella
L-R. Tom Curran, David Winder, Chris Far, Mike Jenkins, Phil Harris, Andrew Barwood, Derek Beckett and Alan Darby.

Notice El Presidente showing off the new TORREGOLF.EU Pole Shirt and Cap - cost 14 Euros for Polo 7 Euros for Cap or buy the 2 for 20 Euros. Orders being taken now from Small to XXL.

TORREGOLF at Font del Llop

Event 018 : TORREGOLF at Font del Llop Friday 13th.May

Yes, why do we play golf on a Friday and when it’s the 13th. Because today was without a doubt one of those days when let’s stay in bed for another hour instead of getting up and playing this game called GOLF, we are mad but when everything goes wrong we just get up dust ourselves down and start all over again.
Anyway with that out of the way let’s talk about the day which started from El Raso at 08.00, ok every one turned up that said they would meet there and off we all go to Font del Llop, GREAT we all have a coffee and a chat as you do and then it all went pear shape, why, because members dont arrive in time which as we all know creates a problem with reorganisation and this was after the playing format was changed some 24 hours earlier, due to last minute drop outs.

After the game - at El Raso ....
However, that out of the way and then everything went 50-50 yes 50% of those playing failed to get more than 12 points on the front 9 and the same on the back 9, why….wind. We all know how the wind can blow at FdL but don’t think in May have we seen so much and as the game went on it got worse, and at times it was even difficult to stand up, so when it came to the final score you wonder how it is that anyone can achieve 30 plus points let alone 37.
Course in great condition as per usual for our Stableford competition with results as follows
Category 1. 1st. Hugh Reilly 36 points 2nd. Steve Higgins 30 and 3rd.John Burns 27 points just beating Mick O’Brien on a count back
Category 2. 1st. Tony Jeff 37 points 2nd. Alan Perry 31, 3rd. Roy Middleton 29
Best Front 9. Tony Jeff 24 points how, is a mystery? Best Back 9
Hugh Reilly 20. Nearest the pins Hole 3. Tony Jeff Hole 8. Irvine Scott Hole 12. Alan Perry Hole 16. Derek Beckett and Hole 17 into the wind on a par 3 which some had to take a 3 wood, Andrew Barwood.

Lastly was of course the Full Monte in support of our football team CD Montesinos, 15 appears to be a magic number because last week we had it on a count back and today it was outright with 15 and yes for the very first time, sure there will be others for the one and only El Presidente, David Winder, blame it on the wind! . Just for hell of it the lowest score for the front 9 was 4 and the back 9 it was 7 and neither was El Presidente!

After the game we all returned to El Raso Restaurant for Free Tapas and results and of course some of the winners photograph.

WHAT A DAY. Roll on Vistabella next Saturday and, forget today!

TORREGOLF at Altorreal

Event 017 : TORREGOLF at Altorreal Friday May 6th.

What a fantastic day in the end. Yes for me not a good start but even though on the 1st. Tee could not bring myself to use the Driver still manager to get 2 points and even with 2 blobs still managed to get a reasonable score on the day helped by the fantastic golfing weather, yes rain was predicted but never came and a course that just appears to get better and better and that is why it is one of our Special Courses, may it continue!.
Fairways excellent though a little wet in places as were some of the bunkers. Greens fantastic.
Well done Altorreal.
After the game - at Altorreal....
We had a number of new members playing today in our usual Stableford and as one knows they are not allowed to win prize money till 3 cards have been presented however, I decided they should not be ignored and a special prize was allocated to the one who scored most points well done Phil Harris with his 1st. card 28 points, and playing with me.

Other results starting with The Full Monte which as you all know is the one who came last in the Tournament and today it was decided on a count back…...come on Guys count back for the last spot… yes and the winner Roy Middleton from John Hough. Don’t usually show the lowest score but what the heck!....
Yes, 15 points!
Nearest the Pins. Hole 5, Bob Govan. Hole 8, Brian Coombes. Hole 10, David Winder and Hole 17 Lindsay Dunlop.
Only 5 members managed that 30+ score today with the results in 2 Categories. Category 1, 1st. Brian McClusky 32 points 2nd. Martin Fitzpatrick 30 points 3rd. Eric Garside 29 and 4th. Mike Jenkins 28 points.
Category 2. 1st. Lindsay Dunlop 38 points. 2nd. Brian Coombes 36. 3rd.
Yes, yours truly 35 and 4th. Henry Dryden 28 points.
Best Front 9 Brian Coombes 21. Best Back 9. Lindsay Dunlop 20 and of course finally the Scratch Card for 20 Euros yes, to end a great day Bojangles.

Lastly and for those that are into statistics. During 2015 this website was visited by 8242 unique visitors and received 387,823 hits.
Thank you all for your interest, may it long continue.

Vamos TORREGOLF.EU our Associates, The Full Monte and CD Montesinos


TORREGOLF at Altorreal

Event 017 extra extra ....

It’s what’s called a bit under the weather!
CoCo The Clown - would have been proud ....

As those members playing at Altorreal today knew : I was not in good health for today's game due to some self inflicted beverages the previous night at Ray Rumbles 70th.
Which have to say was a great night!

I did not drive to the course and had a little time to recover with a lift from Eric Garside.

However, decided I would play, had a blinder, even with 2 blobs but after the presentations, following the game I was reminded that was I still under the influence?

Money Bags ....

Event 016

As you know last week at Vistabella John Burns won all the prize money and did a runner with all the cash before the winners on the day picture was taken.

However we managed to catch up with him sunning himself in Monte Carlo ...

no, sorry Altorreal.

Well done John.

TORREGOLF at Vistabella

Event 016 : TORREGOLF at Vistabella Saturday 30th.April

Not the best of days to play golf when hollow tinning going on but course’s have to carry out these duties a couple of times a year and while we gave our members the opportunity to not play we had a great turn out for a 9 a.m. start. However with an even better rate for those playing than usual we were able to enjoy the course in beautiful sunshine and within 2 weeks the fairways have gone from brown to nearly lush green and how the other 7 holes are progressing is unbelievable.
There is no doubt this course will be one of the best around next year, and we will be there to enjoy it.
After the game - at Vistabella....

Now, with sand on the greens and the contours we come to accept on Vistabella greens you would expect some very low scores but am sure our members felt there was something to prove today and over 40% of those playing scored 30+ points for our normal Stableford competition in 2 Categories.
Category 1. 1st. John Burns 39 points 2nd. Mike Jenkins 36 3rd. John Poole 34
Category 2, 1st. Tony Mackman 31 on countback from 2nd. Carol Martin and 3rd. El Presidente with 28.
Nearest the Pins. Hole 4. El Presidente Hole 8. Brian Coombes Hole 15., Con Moore
The Full Monte going to new member Roger Bishop…... Roger don’t despair we all have to win it somtime!”
The best front and back 9’s, well who else John Burns with 19 on the front and 20 on the back.

With all the prize money John won he had to hire a Security Van to get away and was not able to feature in the winner’s photograph taken today outside the Vistabella Pro Shop.
Our scratch card winner with York City was Roy Middleton.

TORREGOLF at Font del Llop

Event 015 : TORREGOLF at Font del Llop Thursday 21st.April

What a day and what a course Font del Llop is. It gets better and better every time we play and have to say our association with the Club will continue as it has from the day it opened.

Yesterday, for our Stabelford competition we had perfect conditions though a little nippy in the full sun and wind for our 10.00 start but that soon changed and the rest of the day was perfect, course in excellent condition and fairways just lush green all the way no signs of that dead winter grass, perfecto!

After the game - at the El Raso Restaurant ....
With 29 members playing a full house.
3 categories and lots of prize money etc and it has to be said that there were some shock results today and that barrier of 30 points that we talk about regularly had 11 players.

Category 1. 1st. Eric Garside 38 points. 2nd. Ray Rumble 34 and 3rd. Pete Collins 34 Ray being 2nd. on count back 21 points back 9 compared with Peter’s 18.
Category 2. 1st. Joyce Collins 33 points 2nd. Brian Coombes 31 3rd. Ken Holmes 30.
Category 3. 1st. Len Cole 39 points 2nd. James Boyd 37 and 3rd. El Presidente with 29.
Best Back 9 went to Eric Garside with 23 and Best Front to Len Cole with 19.
Nearest the pins Hole 3. John Burns. Hole 8. Joyce Collins. Hole 12. Andy Robinson Hole 16. Alan Darby and Hole 17 Ray Rumble.

The Full Monte in support of our association with CD Montesinos, Paul Hurrell.
Last week’s scratch card winner for 20 Euros Alan Perry and today’s rolls over for our game at Vistabella next Saturday 30th.April.
We returned to El Raso restaurant after the game for results, prize giving and FREE TAPAS with all the winners photograph being taken outside the restaurant.

TORREGOLF at El Plantio

Event 014 : TORREGOLF at El Plantio Thursday 14th.April

What a beautiful day to play golf at El Plantio our home course yesterday and a great turn out, yes, 33 members to enjoy it all with the course looking and feeling great it’s a shame though that “others” when playing cannot repair pitch marks on the green or replace turf that is torn up! . Greens are special for this great game and only wish more would look after them when playing.
After the moan about others….scores in general were average I suppose with around a third getting past that line of 30 plus points in our usual Stableford competition.

Great day carried on at El Raso Restaurant, Guardamar for the results and FREE Tapas kindly supplied by them and where to days winners may be seen above.
The results to-day in 3 Categories
Category 1. 1st.John Burns 35 points on count back from Hugh Reilly 3rd. Con Moore 34 points.

Category 2. 1st. Roger Twigg 33 points on count back, saying he could never play to his handicap again after being cut following his 45 points at Alicante couple of weeks ago. Ha! Ha! 2nd. Irvine Scott and 3rd. Linda Govan 30 points.

Category 3. 1st. Sandra Twentyman 1st. 33 points 2nd.Tony Jeff 32. 3rd. Mike Zebedee 31 points.

Best front 9 Linda Govan 18 points Best Back 9 John Burns 21

Nearest the Pins Hole 7 Bob Govan Hole 9 Ray Rumble Hole 14 Ton y Jeff Hole 18 Con Moore and 4th. Shot on the Torregolf Hole 12 John Peters.

Followed up with The Full Monte in support of our Associates, Al Warnock!

TORREGOLF at Vistabella

Event 013 : TORREGOLF at Vistabella Thursday 7th. April

With over 50% of members achieving a 30+ point score last week at Alicante it was perhaps back to reality today at Vistabella with out of 28 players only 2 beat that barrier…...funny old game is golf particularly when everything was just perfect for playing however it has to be said …....
Our pictures today with the winners and Peter outside the Vistabella Pro Shop.
why did so many get it totally wrong with their scores to day?....
was it a late night/ early morning start at 08.24.
It was obviously not a problem with the lady members because both Categories to day were won by them. Well done Linda & Joyce.

Any how it was a great day out in the sun and the results for one’s labours Nearest the Pins Hole 4 no return Hole 8. Ray Pollock and Hole 15. Ray Rumble.

The Full Monte in support of our Associates going to Fred Parkinson.

The best front 9 went to Linda Govan with 18 points and the best back 9 to Alan Moody with also 18 points
and in the Stableford Competition the winners were
Category 1. 1st. Linda Govan 31 points 2nd. Ray Pollock 30 3rd. Mike Jenkins 29 points and 4th. with 28 Bob Govan so the Govan’s had a little more to add to the pension pot.
Peter Kerr.
Category 2. 1st. Joyce Collins 28 points followed closely in 2nd place with 27 Mike Zebedee 3rd. Alan Moody 25 and 4th. Roy Middleton with 24 points.

It was also a pleasure to have Peter Kerr and family on hand as well to receive a small token for being a great member for several years now and who has had to give up playing golf due to a severe bronchial problem which has left him on oxygen 24 hours a day. So on behalf of the Club, he was presented by our President , with an oil canvas portrait of himself taken from a photograph of the last game he played way back on January 7th. at Alicante Golf, this was duly signed by all the members taking part in the game to day. His reply…… ‘ I am gob smacked and near to tears’.

We all wish Peter the best for the future and let’s hope and pray that we can see him back on the fairways sometime……

Torregolf at Alicante Golf

Event 012 : Torregolf at Alicante Golf Thursday 31st.March

I think April Fool's Day came a little early today as over 50% of those playing, this very tough course, managed to achieve that 30 points barrier for our Stableford Competition. The course was in great condition and in perfect playing conditions we had some extraordinary scores like 26 points to Alan Perry for the front 9 and Roger Twigg with 45 points and top score for the 18 holes, yes 18, not 36.

Picture today of all the winners outside El Raso Restaurant, L-R Mick Gossage, Hugh Reilly, Sandra Twentyman, Bob Govan, Steve James, Roger Twigg, Alan Perry and Ray Rumble
So prize money a plenty with results as follows ..

Category 1. 1st. Bob Govan 38 Points 2nd. Hugh Reilly 37 3rd.Mick Gossage 34 on c/b 4th. Ray Rumble.
Category 2. 1st. Roger Twigg 45 points 2nd . Alan Perry 37 3rd. Tony Jeff 35 on c/b 4th. Sandra Twentyman.
Nearest the pins on all Par 3’s where as all knows this course has 6 Par 3’s 6 Par4’s and 6 Par 5’s. Hole 3 John Burns Hole 6 & 12 Bob Govan Holes 8 & 15 Mick Gossage Hole 17 Ray Rumble

Best Front 9 as stated earlier Alan Perry Best Back 9 Roger Twigg 22.
With the Full Monte going to Steve James

After the game we returned to El Raso Restaurant, El Raso for the results and of course the Free Tapas the restaurant kindly provide us with.

TORREGOLF at Vistabella

Event 011 : TORREGOLF at Vistabella Thursday 24th.March, 2016

Yes the weather was very kind to us today after the recent rain and 28 members took to fairways, bunkers and those very trying greens in what can only be described as perfect conditions for golf for our usual Stableford Competition and a few Euros, yes 100, to be won as well.

Our picture shows the winners for the day L-R Mike Zebedee, Bob Govan, Marion Spencer, Ray Rumble, Alan Darby, Paul Hurrell, Roger Twigg, Spencer Andrews, Brian Coombes and Vernon Anderson
The winners on the day were
Category 1. 1st. Ray Rumble 32 points on count back 2nd. Spencer Andrews 3rd. Paul Hurrell 30 points on count back again from 4th. Derek Beckett

Category 2. 1st. Roger Twigg 31 points on c/b 2nd. Brian Coombes 3rd. Alan Darby 30 points again on count back 4th. Mike Zebedee

Best Front 9 Brian Coombes 19 points and Nest Back 9 Ray Rumble also with 19 points

Nearest the Pin winners Hole 4 Bob Govan Hole 8 Marion Spencer and Hole 15 Paul Hurrell

The Full Monte in support of our football team CD Montesinos who had a great win last night 4-0 away from home….Vernon Anderson.
The usual Scratch Card produced Liverpool and 20 Euros for Mike Zebedee

TORREGOLF at Altorreal

Event 010 : TORREGOLF at Altorreal Friday 11th.March

Our turn out to day was disappointing but understood when 30 members decided to play at Vistabella on the following day, shame because they missed out on a great day and lots of prize money.
The course was again in great condition but in places very soggy due to the amount of water dispersed but then it is now Spring and it helps to germinate the grass more, with glorious sun shining down.

Our photo today shows the winners L-R Bob & Linda Green., Ray Rumble, Mike Jenkins, Hugh Reilly, Mick Gossage, Gail Green, Rob Marchant & David Green
So for the game, the normal Stableford in 2 Categories the winners

Category 1.1st. Mick Gossage 34 points, 2nd. Ray Rumble 33, 3rd. David Green 31 and 4th on c/b Mike Jenkins 30 points.

Category 2. 1st. Hugh Reilly 32 points, 2nd. Rob Marchant 31 on c/b 3rd. Linda Govan and 4th. Gail Green 30 points.

Best Front 9 went to Mick Gossage 21 points and Best Back 9 to Mike Jenkins 19.

Nearest the Pins winning Srixon AD333 personalised TORREGOLF.EU golf balls. Hole 5 Ray Rumble Hole 8 Ken Holmes Hole 10 Bob Govan and Hole 17 David Green.

Our FULL MONTE today going to Derek Beckett and that is a surprise.
Our football scratch card for 20 Euros and getting to be a fairly regular winner Peter Kerr.

TORREGOLF at El Plantio & Vistabella.

Event 008 & 009 : TORREGOLF at El Plantio & Vistabella.

Can only have 1 picture, yes, Bernard Ball at Vistabella!.
With basically 2 games in a week it’s two reports for the price of one in keeping with our ongoing efforts to provide weekly golf for our ever increasing membership at prices that remain some of the cheapest on the Costas, so here we go.

El Plantio 29th.February, Event 008.

Numbers slightly down to day so only one Category for our usual Stableford Competition being played in near perfect conditions starting at 10.00 hours with the winners and prizes up to being. 1st. Ray Rumble 31 points. 2nd. David Winder 30 yes only two members managed to break the 30 points barrier. 3rd. Hugh Reilly 29 on count back 4th. Felix Mallon 5th. Bob Govan 27 points.

Best Front 9. with 17 points David Winder and Best Back 9. Eric Garside 16

The Full Monte in support of our Associates today going to Peter Kerr.

Nearest the Pins Hole 7 Hugh Reilly. Holer 9 Ray Rumble. Hole 14 Steve Higgins, and 4th.shot NTP Hole 12. Bob Govan

Our scratch card today going to Derek Beckett with Coventry.

Vistabella 5th.March. Event 009 .

What another glorious day BUT the wind played havoc with every ones game culminating in that only one player in the competition made over 30 points…. Bernard Ball…. who I think must have made it by keeping his ball on the ground all the time, well done Bernard.

Results, Category 1. 1st. Linda Govan 26 points. 2nd. Jack Webb on c/b 3rd. Mike jenkins 25 points 4th. Ron Matthews 24

Category 2. 1st. Bernard Ball 34 points 2nd. Bernard Coombes on c/b Irvine Scott 25 4th. Ted Pillinger 23 points.

At least with the cheapest rate ever for TORREGOLF members of just 24 Euros including the buggy it helped to soften the blow of the wind and all the winners shared over 100 Euros of prize money.

Only two nearest the pin winners to day Hole 8. Irvine Scott and Hole 15. John Burns.

The Full Monte for the 2nd time playing Vistabella Keith Wadsworth and of course the Best Front 9 went to Bernard Ball as did the Best Back 9 both with 17 points.


Event 007 : TORREGOLF at Alenda Monday 22nd.February

After the gale force winds of the weekend we all arrived early at Alenda to find not a cloud in the sky and no winds, in fact perfect conditions for playing golf.
The course was very busy and to compensate we all teed of the 10th at 10 a.m. so it was great to be able to play and get round without any hold ups even when we got back to the 1st. Course was in great condition for our usual Stableford competition which I have to say produced today some very high scores in Category 2..
Overall 9 members achieved that 30+ points scenario.
Today was also a charity day in aid of SAT animal rescue for help in building their new kennels and am pleased to say we raised 125 Euros.

Picture shows winning members
outside the entrance to the El raso Restaurant.

Results for the day
Category 1.
1st. Derek Beckett 32 points 2nd. Linda Govan 30 3rd. Mike Jenkins 29 4th. Brian Dean 27. Category 2. 1st. Hugh Reilly 39 on c/b 2nd. Bob Callow 3rd. Dave Watson 35 and 4th. Roy Middleton 33

Best front 9.
Derek Beckett 17 points Best Back 9. Hugh Reilly 23

Our Full Monte in support of The Full Monte and CD Montesinos today went to Alan Perry.

The scratch card went to Alan Searle with Bolton and 20 Euros.

After the game we returned to El Raso Restaurant for results and Tapas kindly provided for us FREE. Thank you once again Guys and a special thank you to Sergio for looking after us all….regretfully not Garcia, but a good replacement.

TORREGOLF at Font Del Llop

Event 006 : TORREGOLF at Font Del Llop Monday 15th.February.2016

On Sunday 14th. our Associated CD Montesinos played 14 minutes of their game against CD Borneo before the referee decided that due to severe weather conditions i.e. wind and dust to abandon the game so with that in our minds we proceeded to Font del Llop early to find that that the wind was still with us and we all know what is like in the valley of Font del Llop when the wind blows.

A vote was taken as to whether we play or cancel and all but 2 members said play…….so we all set off on the course to find it in excellent condition but under the circumstances very difficult to play and of course this was reflected in the score for our usual Stableford Competition.
After the game we returned to El Raso Restaurant for our usual Tapas, with their compliments, and results and prize giving, which turned out to be ...
Category 1.
1st. Ray Rumble 30 points with a massive 20 on the back 9 on c/b 2. Alan Searle 3rd. Linda Govan with 28 on a count back from Eric Garside
Category 2.
1st. Brian Coombes 29 2nd. Ken Holmes 28 and 3rd, George Hall 27

Nearest the Pin winners
Hole. 3 Mick Gossage. Hole 8 George Hall. Hole 12 Gary Carr-Smith. Hole 16 Roy Middleton and Hole 17. Hugh Reilly

Best Front 9 went to Alan Searle 17 points and Best Back 9 as said, Ray Rumble.
The Full Monte went to Steve James.

Just as we were about to take the picture of the winners, the weather closed in again and it poured with rain which washed that part of the day out.
Never mind we get very little of it so we will forgive on that score.

TORREGOLF at Vistabella

Event 005 : TORREGOLF at Vistabella Friday 5th.February

A great day for playing golf, however most found it very difficult with only 5 members making the 30 barrier, why? no idea!
Other than the fact that greens were just a nightmare to read even when you were on line to put it just appeared to go left or right of the cup just as it was about to drop, and of course you have the general slope that Vistabella greens have, to contend with.
Just think the God’s were not on our side to day. Never mind we all enjoyed the warm weather and a course in great condition as it always is.
Our photograph of the winners outside the Vistabella club house L/R Bernard Ball, Roy Middleton, James Boyd, Jack Webb, Brian Coombes, David Winder, Derek Beckett and Eric Garside
The results for our usual Stableford Competition
Category 1.
1st. Derek Beckett 35 points. 2nd. Eric Garside 33. 3rd. David Marshall 32 on c/b from 4th. Jack Webb 32 points.

Category 2.
1st. James Boyd 26 points. 2nd. Bernard Ball 25 3rd. David Winder on c/b Brian Coombes 22 points

The Full Monte in support of our Associates and CD Mntesinos going today to a 16 handicap member Keith Wadsworth
Only 1 nearest the pin won to day that was Eric Garside Hole 4.
The scratch card for 20 Euros going to Roy Middleton with his own club Aston Villa.


Event 004 : TORREGOLF at Alenda Thursday 28th. January

Oh what a day in more ways than one!
With a fairly late tee start for us and a large Society playing in front of us and another behind things were a little strained however conditions weather wise were just perfect and the course was probably the best I have ever seen it in particularly for this time of year BUT the greens well what can I say …..fantastic but just impossible to read in fact what can you do when you are on the 18th. green in 3 and have 5 Putts. This was the tale for everyone and when you are nearest the pin on Hole 16 by just a meter why do you get a 4, Mr. Ray Rumble?.

However a great day and everyone is looking to visiting again on the 22nd.February.
Our picture today in very much the late afternoon sunset and taken on the veranda at Alenda ...
shows winners L-R Vince Lannon, Eric Garside, Mike Jenkins, Paul Hurrell, Hugh Reilly, Roger Hazeldine & Ray Rumble.

We have said about the reading of the greens but some great scores were recorded with just under half of those playing were able to get under that magic 30 points we talk about regularly.

The results today for our Stableford Competition were ...
Category 1. 1st. Eric Garside 33 points on c/b 2nd. Mike Jenkins 3rd. Paul Hurrell 31 on c/b from Linda Govan

Category 2. 1st. Vince Lannon 36 on c/b Chris Butland 3rd. Roger Hazeldine 31

The Full Monte in support of our Associates and CD Montesinos went to Steve Keilty-Woolcock and nearest the pins: Hole 3 Hugh Reilly. Hole 5 Chris Butland. Hole 13 Paul Hurrell. And of course Ray Rumble on Hole 16.

Our scratch card today not complete and will be carried forward to next week at Vistabella.

TORREGOLF at Las Colinas

Event 003 : TORREGOLF at Las Colinas Thursday 21st. January.

In glorious sunshine 30 members took part in our usual Stableford competition - however with a start of 08.30 on both tees, 1 & 10, it meant an early start for everyone which was not good when asking members to be there 45 minutes early, yes in the dark! and no one was able to get inside to do paperwork or even have a cup of coffee to wake yourself up and this I feel sure resulted in for the second week running scores that were again unusual with only 5 members making that magic 30 points +.

Our picture shows some of the winners outside the club house in the early afternoon sun.
Course was in great condition with greens once again catching nearly everyone out reading them, but that’s the game of golf. Also it does not help when you are continually hassled by course marshals for supposedly slow play. However, most enjoyed the game with the prize winners collecting some great cash prizes etc.

Category 1. 1st.Peter Kerr 31 points. 2nd. George Hall 30. 3rd. Bob Govan 28 and 4th. Mike Jenkins on c/b 27 points.
Category 2. 1st.Bernard Ball 33 points on c/b from 2nd. Patsy Long 3rd. VnceLannon 30 points and 4th. Roy Middleton 29.
Nearest the Pins, Hole 5, Martin Fitzpatrick. Hole 7, Roy Middleton. Hole 10, Kath Robinson and Hole 17, Peter Kerr.

Our football scratch card today with Plymouth, was won byRoy Tennant and The Full Monte to supporting our Associates and CD Montesinos going to Alan Perry.

TORREGOLF at Vistabella

Event 002 : TORREGOLF at Vistabella 11th.January.

No it was not Friday the 13th. but could well have been because 28 members took to fairway and greens of Vistabella for a Stableford competition with the express purpose of tearing the course up as far as points were concerned, WRONG, because it turned out to be one of the lowest scoring rounds I have ever seen in what is now the 10th. year of TORREGOLF.EU operating ...
Yes, only 3 members managed 30 points +.

Think I also saw what was the lowest score ever recorded for 18 holes, but will not tell!., and all this took place in ideal conditions for golf, no wind and a course in great condition with the greens as usual showing how good they are.

With extra prize money now up for grabs in 2016 today's results were
Our picture today shows of the winners taken outside the Restaurant/Club House Vistabella, in the late afternoon sunshine.
L-R Tony Mackman, Eric Garside, Mike Zebadee, Roy Middleton, Jack Webb, Paul Hurrell, Ray Pollock and Ray Rumble.
Category 1.
1st. Paul Hurrell (too much course knowledge) 37 points
2nd. Jack Webb 30 points
3rd. Eric Garside 29 on c/b from
4th.Geoff Betts.
Category 2.
1st. Mike Zebadee 31 points
2nd. Rob Marchant 28
3rd. Ray Pollock 27 and good to see him back after so long
4th. Roy Middleton 26

Nearest the Pins Hole 8 Ray Rumble and Hole 15 Jack Webb.
No one made Hole 4.

The FULL MONTE in support of CD Montesinos going to Tony Mackman and the football scratch card with the winning team, Hearts.

TORREGOLF at Alicante Golf

Event 001 : TORREGOLF at Alicante Golf Thursday 7th. JANUARY

29 members took to the course at the Sevi designed Alicante Course on Thursday for the first event of 49 planned for this year and what a day it was.
Weather was perfect for golf and a course in great condition with greens lighting fast.
After a few years now of very slow greens all of a sudden they have gone the other way so the game of golf changes again and together with the wind that got up it became a challenge and our goal of members achieving 30+ points in the Stableford Competition resulted in only 7 getting there.

Two Categories today with just on 100 Euros of prize money up for grabs but unfortunately the one with the highest score of 36 points Derek Beckett was unable to win anything, as a new member 3 cards are required before winning any prize money.
Sorry Derek you have your 3rd. next week at Vistabella.

The photograph today shows some of the winners in front of the Club House Restaurant at Alicante Golf.
So the winners
Category 1.
1st. Peter Kerr 31 points on c/b
2nd. Ray Rumble
3rd. Mick Gossage on c/b
4th. Spencer Andrews 29 points
Category 2.
1st.David Winder 35 points
2nd. Mick Hart 34 points
3rd. Rob Marchant 33 and
4th. Mike Zebadee 32 points

Nearest the Pin winners.
Hole 3 David Winder
Hole 6 Andy Martin
Holes 8, 12 & 17 Rob Marchant
Hole 15 Con Moore

The Full Monte in support of our football team CD Montesinos going for the 1st time to lady member Lynda Govan.

Our next Event 2 takes place on the 13th. January at Vistabella with a first tee time of 09.27 for more information contact David Winder on 626774157.

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