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Following the very first 'Fun Day' at Escuela de Golf recently, it has been decided we will make this a regular attraction from November onwards.
So would you please note in your diaries the dates

and book to play by letting Kevin Hopkins know ...

You cannot book on line
We may also arrange somewhere to have a (light) meal after the games.

The dates we have booked are ..
Friday 10th.November, 2017

the rest are 2018
Thursday 8th. February
Thursday 10th. May
Tuesday 21st. August
Tuesday 18th. December

with Tee times starting at 11.00

Please note these outings are in addition to our normal Events.
Remember its a Fun Day - for all - including Partners ...
so treat it as that and of course it will improve your short game and putting on this lovely par 3 Course.


Course Closure ...

All members please be aware that La Peraleja Course is temporarily closed - will post again when open.

Bob Govan

It's with regret that I have to report the sad news that Bob Govan died suddenly on Saturday the 16th. December with a heart attack while visiting friends in Cartagena. Our thoughts go out to all his family He did tell me last week at golf that he was looking to go back to the UK in the New Year. RIP Bob.

TORREGOLF at Vistabella

Event 99 - Vistabella Saturday 30th.December, 2017

The last game for 2017 and what a great year it has been not only with the number of members increasing but with us now adding 2 new courses La Finca and Bonalba and this is now the last time we will play Vistabella as a 11 hole golf course because in 3 days it will become a full 18 hole golf course with us playing it as a Club on Friday the 26th.January, so make sure your name is down for Event 103.
It will be worth it - because i’ve tried the course and trust me you won’t be disappointed.
Now for today under the control of Kevin Hopkins, thanks Kev for looking after the day. Though numbers were down which was not surprising, it was also reflected in the scores with only 4 members making that magic 30+ points score, so for the results ...
Category 1. 1st. Terry Sharley 35 points. 2nd. Jim Imrie 32 3rd. Spencer Andrews 31 and 4th. Peter List 29 points.
Category 2. 1st. Kevin Hopkins 31 points. 2nd. Gordon Roxon 29 3rd. Helge Rong 25 and 4th. Mick Madra 24.
Nearest the Pins Hole 4. Derek Bckett Hole 8. Vince Lannon and Hole 15. Spencer Andrews
Best Front 9 with 20 points Kevin Hopkins and Best back 9 was Terry Sharley with 18 on a count back.
The Scratch Card rolls over to Bonalba next week which leaves us with just The Full Monte which today went to Keith Ellingham.

TORREGOLF at Vistabella

Event 98 - Vistabella Wednesday 20th.December, 2017

Not our last game of the year but the last before Christmas so for all those not there and reading this have a very Happy Christmas. Yes the last time I will play the 12 holes as the course will become 18 on the 2nd.January and are we all looking forward to it.
I will do a new course description as soon as we can in the New Year.
In the meantime the game for the day which took place in perfect conditions and yes it produced some surprises for the small amount of members playing but all in all a good day. Though it was surprise to some who had not read the website announcement or the Torregolf Facebook page of the sudden death of a long standing member Bobby Govan who passed away suddenly this last Saturday but was down to play out first this morning.
After the game we all stood with our glasses and saluted Bob and wished him well in his travels. RIP Bobby.
I attended a small ceremony that took place with his family and some friends after the game at Los Locos beach, Torrevieja.

Now for the golf and results
Firstly the Full Monte yes a big surprise here Spencer Andrews with 17 points. You were obviously intoxicated with too much Christmas cheer Spence.
Nearest the Pins. No one on Hole 4 Hole 8 Vernon Anderson and Hole 15 Frank Todd
Best Front 9. Brian Coombes 17. Best Back 9. Ray Rumble 20.
Just 2 Categories today due to numbers.
Category 1. 1st. Ray Rumble 36 points. 2nd. Peter List 32 3rd. Jim Imrie 30 and 4th. Ken Holmes 28 points.
Category 2. 1st. Frank Todd 32 points 2nd. Kevin Hopkins 30 3rd. Brian Coombes 29 on c/b 4th. Paul Greenwood.
Our scratch card and 20 Euros Tim Scragg
Our photo above shows the winners ...
The memory of Bobby Govan, always a winner, written in the sand at Los Locos

TORREGOLF at Font del Llop

Event 97 - TORREGOLF at Font del Llop Thursday 14th.December

Yes back to a true favourite with everyone for a day that predicted good weather with a high of 19 however we were subjected to cold winds that wasn’t expected so was a little difficult when playing into the wind which appeared to follow us from hole to hole. The course for once was not in great condition particularly on some fairways which were under going not just repairs but seeding and also the bunkers were very bad....surely people who play golf regularly know what to do after they have played out.....yes, rake! Don’t think there was one bunker that was if you like perfect! Due comments made to management.
However the 32 members playing enjoyed themselves but it was obvious with the challenges before us or in front of us scores were going be low and they were with only 10 members making that 30+ points total.
So for the results and firstly The Full Monte who this weekend hopefully will finish the end of year in 3rd. place taking on near neighbours San Miguel.
Yes, Derek Beckett on a count back from Colin McCoy both with a massive score of 15 points.
Our scratch card for 20 Euros and the team Luton going to Geoff Plumer
Nearest the pins Hole.3 Geoff Shand Hole.8 Dennis Clarke Holes 12 & 17 Jim Imrie and Hole 16. and keeping it in the family Vicky Clarke.
Our best guest returning after so many years to visit us Maurice Sweeney with 29 points. Great to see you Maurice don’t leave it so long next time.
Best Front 9. Ken Holmes 18 points on a count back from 4 others
Best Back 9. Kevin Hopkins with 20 points.
And the winners in 3 Categories
Category 1. 1st. Sverre Soneson 33 points 2nd. Jim Imrie 32 on c/b 3rd. Vicky Clarke 4th. Dennis Clarke 31 points.
Category 2. 1st. Ken Holmes 32 points 2nd., Alan Gifford 31 3rd. Tim Scragg 29 and 4th. Lindsay Dunlop 29 points.
Category 3. 1st. Kevin Hopkins 34 points 2nd. Quinton Pegdon 33 3rd. David Winder 31 and 4th. Brian Coombes 29 on c/b from Frank Todd
Our photo today shows some of the winners in a slight twilight situation on the terrace at Font del Llop.
Love the trousers Dennis a true golfer!


Event 96 - TORREGOLF at La Finca Tuesday 6th.December

A very special day today for 51 members who took part in The Full Monte golf day at La Finca, where our Associates The Full Monte, supporters club of CD Montesinos, put up for the 3rd.year running all the trophies including the FULL MONTE Trophy so there was a lot to play for. The results were not done on the day but were carried out on Friday 8th. at Paco’s in Rojales where 84 members including partners and guests enjoyed a great evenings food and entertainment.
Back to the day, where because of the large numbers wanting to take part, was split into 3 some going out at 08.40 the majority at 10.30 and the final ones at 12.50 so it was a long day for the likes of Mike Jenkins, Kevin Hopkins and El Presidente. Course was in great condition and the weather perfect though the last 4 ball just about made the 18th. in the twilight. However, it was a great day but scores generally were on the low side even though we had members playing off as low as 4 (slope included).
At this period of time we have re booked the same Event no.141 at La Finca for the same day next year so if your wanting to play get your name down early, currently there are 23 names down to play.

Now for the results starting with nearest the pins
Hole 3. Roddy McKechnie Hole 6. Roger Hazeldine Hole 13. Keith Smith and Hole 16. Gordon Meikle
The best 1/2/3/Guest carder was given as a draw with winning and scores of 34 points Neil Redpath and Vicky Clarke both enjoying prizes for the day.
Best Front 9. Keith Smith 19 points on a c/b Darren Holden
Best Back 9. Also 19 points and again on a count back, John Moore from Jim Imrie and this went back to as far as the 11th. before John won.
Our scratch card winner with York City Tom Gallego

Category winners
Category 3. 1st. Kevin Hopkins 33 points 2nd. Brian Coombes 31 3rd. Paul Clews 29 and 4th. Mick Madra 28 points
Category 2. 1st. Vince Lannon 33 points 2nd. Con Moore 30 3rd. Dorian Brooksby 29 4th. Mick Madra on c/b 28 points
Category 1. In 4th. Place Ray Rumble 34 points losing on c/b 3rd. John Moore 2nd. Keith Smith 35 points and in 1st.Place and overall winner of The Full Monte Trophy, Jim Imrie 37 points.

Jim with his other half at Paco’s and the Full Monte Trophy taken after a good meal.

Finally , the little Full Monte, yes the one with the lowest score on the day and for the 2nd week running Peter List.
More pictures of the prize giving Dinner/Dance to follow ...
Jim sharing the 1st.prize in the raffle, yes a basket of Seasonal goods.
Collage of all the Dinner Dance 2017 Photo's.
Collage of all the Dinner Dance 2017 Photo's.

TORREGOLF at Vistabella

Event 95 - TORREGOLF at Vistabella Wednesday 29th.November


TORREGOLF at Altorreal

Event 94 - TORREGOLF at Altorreal Tuesday 21st.November

What can one say about today.....
not a lot after it had been agreed the last time we were at Altorreal in September we would try a new system for playing times in order to speed the day up a little and accommodate more members.
Today, we had 40 playing and what happened neither management had remembered to carry out the plan so at High Noon as it were, we had to accommodate all members that were told playing times would be from 10.00 till 11.12 to BE OFF TEES 14,15,16,17 & 18 for a shot gun start as it were at 10.00.
Not fun but thanks to Kevin Hopkins who kept his nerve, we made it with minutes to spare!

That out of the way lets report on what it’s all about the golf day ...
yes the day was perfect for playing and while the course was not its usual condition on the greens, (my opinion) some HT going on! The scores today were not good! However it has to be said that after the stress earlier it didn’t affect Kevin who came in with the highest score of the day 38 points, well done my mate.

We had 7 member’s playing their introductory cards in 1st.2nd.3rd stages and the winner of the much prized TORREGOLF MUG was Jukke Aaltonan with 33 points
The other winners... Scratch Card with Newcaste and 20 Euros Sverre Soneson
The Full Monte today and you won’t believe this, after being in the frame for weeks on end with great scores PETER LIST came in with 19 on a count back.... Ole Rong was sweating for a while!
Nearest the Pins Hole 5. Norbert Spaniol Holes 8 & 17. Mike Serridge and Hole 10. Geoff Plummer.
Best Front 9. Mike Jenkins 21 points Best Back 9. with 20 points Barrie Hopkinson
Winners overall, points wise
Category 1. 1st. Alan Gifford 31 on c/b 2nd Geoff Shand 3rd. Keith Smith 29 and 4th. Ray Rumble 27
Category 2. 1st. Barrie Hopkinson 36 2nd. Brian Coombes 35 3rd. Mike Jenkins 31 and 4th.Ken Holmes 30
Category 3.1st. Kevin Hopkins 38 2nd. Gordon Roxon 37 3rd. Pete Boon on c/b 4th. Paul Clews both with 32 points.

Our photograph of the winners today on the terrace of Altorreal Club House and covering up the outside bar area! Yes, it is late November so shadows do come in.

TORREGOLF at Vistabella

Event 93 - TORREGOLF at Vistabella 13th. November

It was not Friday the 13th. but what a strange day where scoring was concerned, weather conditions were perfect for playing golf course in its usual great condition but 30+ points today were very few for our Stableford competition and for the 34 members taking part.
So the scores etc., and in the winning frames:
Category 1.
1st. Geoff Ashton 34 points on C/B 2nd. Sverre Soneson 3rd. Tony Robson 32 points and 4th. Peter List 31.
Category 2.
1st. Con Moore 35 points 2nd. Mike Jenkins 33 3rd. Barrie Hopkinson 29 and 4th.on a C/B from Derek Beckett yes, Alan Gifford 27 points
Category 3.
1st. For the 2nd. week running Norman Dobson 34 points 2nd.Allard Hudson 30 on C/B from 3rd. Kevin Hopkins and 4th.David Winder 28 points.
Best Front 9. Tony Robson 18 points and Best Back 9. Con Moore 21 points.
Best 1/2/3. Carder Norbert Spaniol for the TORREGOLF MUG
Full Monte winner Alan Perry 15 points.
Nearest the Pins. Hole 4 Tony Robson Hole 8 Mike Jenkins and Hole 15 Alan Gifford
The football scratch card for 20 Euros with QPR, Geoff Ashton.

Our winners photo today showed what the conditions were like with clear blue skies above them at 16.30 in the afternoon on the green outside Vistabella Club House and left to right Geoff Ashton, Sverre Soneson, Tony Robson, Alan Gifford, David Winder, Mike Jenkins, Allard Hudson, Norman Dobson, Con Moore, Kevin Hopkins, Barrie Hopkinson and Peter List.


The second of our " Fun Days" at Escuela de Golf took place on Friday 10th..
There is no doubt this little extra to our normal once weekly outings is now beginning to attract more attention so if you would like to come and have some fun on this lovely Par 3 Course .......
details at the top of the Blog page just send an email to Kevin for the next one on the 8th.February.
We may even throw in Fish & Chips after the game.

Below are the winners on the day and the overall winner Vince Lannon with a massive 37 points

TORREGOLF at Alicante

Event 92 - TORREGOLF at Alicante Tuesday 7th.November

What a strange day......perfect conditions on a course that was in great condition......but could anyone capitalise on them, answer NO very strange to see all those members in Category1, yes the Torregolf elite not managing to get in that 30 points frame in fact out of the 36 playing only 5 players broke the barrier.
However it has to be said there always has to be one who doesn’t or didn’t find it difficult, yes, Mick Hyland playing off 17 scoring 42 points!!! I played with him and did he play well? YES. On a course that’s not the easiest to play with 6 Par 5’s 6 Par 3’s and 6 Par 4’s and enough water to cause problems.
So the scores on the door’s
Starting with of course, The Full Monte in support of or Associates and CD Montesinos, who followed up another great win on Sunday and now move up to 7th. in the league and the winner Steve James
Our best new carder was Wim Vieleers with 32 points
Best Front 9 and Best Back 9. Mick Hyland with 22 and 20 points.
Nearest the Pins:
Hole 3 Mick Hyland. Hole 6 Peter List. Hole 8 No One! Hole 12 Mick Hyland Hole 15 Roger Nielsen and Hole 17 Jostein Landsvic
Our Scratch Cars today went with Manchester City.....Doug White
So what’s left..... yes the Stableford competition winners.
Category 1. 1st. Keith Smith 29 points 2nd. Tony Robson 28 3rd. Geoff Ashton 27 and on a countback 4th. Ray Rumble 26 points. All in the same 4 ball!
Category 2. 1st.Mick Hyland 42 points 2nd. Dorian Brooksby 29 3rd. Con Moore 28 and 4th. Tom Curran 27 points.
Category 3. 1st. Norman Dobson 36 points 2nd. Brian Coombes 33 3rd. Roger Twigg 30 and 4th. Al Warnock 29
Our photograph today at 16.30 in the afternoon hence the long shadows taken on the grass outside the Club House at Alicante Golf.

TORREGOLF at ElPlantio

Event 91 - TORREGOLF at ElPlantio - 1st.November

All Saints Day here in Spain and I think they certainly shone down us today with a course in great condition, no wind, perfect weather for playing golf and some very acceptable scores with a lot of members playing in their buffer zone.
Course was very busy which reflected in a late start for us with a 1st. Tee at 11.04..........
at least it allowed us to play in dry conditions following the small amount of rain the previous day and at this time of year the early morning dew!.
So without further ado the facts and fifures for the day:
Our Scratch Card to day with Chelsea went and for the first time in over 2 years he finally got 20 Euros .........
a long way to come from Sydney to get it.........Tom Curran!
Our best 1/2/3rd. card and winning that very special Torregolf Mug which I forgot to bring , so next time, Dennis Clarke with 33 points
Nearest the Pins: Hole 7 Derrick Cooper. Hole 9 Ray Rumble. Hole 14 Doug White. Hole 18, Yes, 1 ft from the Hole Micky Mouse, no, Tom Curran and finally the 4th. Shot NTP Hole 12 Keith Smith
Our Full Monte today believe it or not was on a count back from Phil Harris/ Dave Watson & John Gregory and finally going to Dave Watson with 20 points.
Best Front 9. Tom Curran on C/B from Derrick Cooper with 19 points and
Best Back 9. Brian Coombes with 21 points
Then we are left with all the Category winners.
Category 1. 1st. Alan Gifford 38 points and at long last after so many buffer zone scores A CUT! 2nd. Derrick Cooper 35 3rd. Lindsay Dunlop 34 and 4th. Con Moore 32
Category 2. 1st. Brian Coombes 37 points 2nd. Tom Curran 36 3rd. Mike Madra 33 4th. Stephen Lowe 32 points
Category 3. 1st. David Winder following on from his Full Monte last week, yes, 35 points 2nd. Len Cole 31 3rd. Gordon Roxon 29 and 4th. Norman Dobson 28 points.
It was fairly late into the afternoon when all the results were given so it’s looking a little dull for the winners photo on the terrace of El Plantio’s Club House.

TORREGOLF at Vistabella

Event 90 - Torregolf at Vistabella - Thursday 26th. October.

Who would have thought it nearly into winter and this week end with the clocks going back here we are enjoying Temperatures into the late 20’s. What a golfers life we have here on the Costa’s and to day, at Vistabella, we are on count down for just 4 more games before we see the remaining 7 holes being opened to give us a great 18 hole golf course from the 2nd.January, 2018. I have seen the finished article and can assure all our members we are in for a treat!
Once again some very good scores on this course where if you don’t put well you are in trouble, however it has to be said there were many low scores amongst the 34 members playing.
Course in excellent condition as per usual.
So for the winners:
Category 1. 1st. Jim Imrie playing off 4, 35 points on c/b 2nd. Ray Rumble 3rd. Alan Gifford 34 and 4th. Peter List 33 points.
Categorg 2. Barrie Hopkinsn 33 ponts on c/b 2nd. Vince Lannon 3rd. Brian Coombes 31 and 4th. Mike Madra 26 points.
Category 3. 1st. Paul Clews 38 points 2nd. Tom Gallego 36 3rd. Len Cole 33 and 4th. Gary Carr-Smith 27 points.
Best Front 9. Ray Rumble 19 points Best Back 9. Paul Clews 22 points
Nearest the pins: Hole 4. Jim Imrie Hole 8. Ray Rumble and Hole 15. Keith Smith
And of course The Full Monte......yes, El Presidente with a magnificent 16 points.
Back to the drawing board David!
Our picture today, sorry about the sun light getting in!, shows all the winners outside the Caddy Masters Office also with Ben, who did a great job on the course today, making certain we kept the pace up. Great Staff, Great Course.

TORREGOLF at Altorreal

Event 89 - Torregolf at Altorreal - Monday 17th.October

40 Members today took off down to Murcia to experience the delights of Altorreal and how they enjoyed it, perfect weather and in the 3 Categories of winners only one made less than that magic 30 points we go on week after week but it did make things difficult for checking the final scores coming in with so many count backs, well done Captain Birdseye, yes, Ken Holmes for his hard work at the end.
The course was not as good as it usually is mainly due to some course management in the form of sand on some fairways and around the greens which has to be carried out from time to time to keep the condition we normally see at Altorreal and I know that when we come again on the 21st.November it will be perfect.
So for the results starting with The Full Monte in support of our football team CD Montesinos and today it went to Alan Perry with just 16 points.
The best new carder today winning that very special TORREGOLF Mug and 32 points, Bep Brouwer, next time it’s in the money!!
Best Front 9. Allard Hudson 21 points and Best Back 9.Johan Brouwer with 20 points.
Nearest the pins: Hole 5. Sverre Soneson Hole 8. Keith Smith Hole 10. Johan Brouwer and Hole 17. Yes, Mr.Bojangles
The scratch card for 20 Euros, winning with Chelsea, Kevin Hopkins
And the ultimate winners
Category 1. 1st. Joan Brouwer 35 points 2nd. Alan Gifford 33 points 3rd. Jim Imrie 32 on c/b 4th. Ken Holmes
Category 2. 1st. Phil Harris 31 points on c/b 2nd. Andrew Martin and 3rd. also with 31 and the count back Joe Curran 4th. Mike Jenkins 29 points.
Category 3. 1st. Kevin Hopkins 33 points 2nd. Paul Cogin 31 3rd. Davd Winder 30 on c/b 4th. Norman Dobson
With so many players now turning out and long days in the Club House we will be trying a new system when here again with a shot gun start from holes 14 through 18 at 09.44 ......well we can try it!

TORREGOLF at Font del Llop

Event 88 - Torregolf at Font del Llop 9th.October

What can you say about this course that hasn’t been said before. From the minute you arrive, the welcome is fantastic! everyone bends over to help over any problems, buggies all lined up with TORREGOLF.EU on everyone and because we had a slight delay from our original tee times for the 42 members playing the Course Marshall was on the 1st.Tee handing out a bottle of water t all those playing. Yes thank you FONT del LLOP for the way you look after us.
However, the day could have been better if there wasn’t so much slow play, particularly from some groups and I am sure you know who you were. Delays not only cause frustration on the course but it also makes it harder for those waiting to finalise the Competition and others who finished early who are in The Club House trying not to exceed the drinking rules!
This also didn’t help when you are left with so many count backs to check for the final results.
The moan has to be said what great condition the course is in and nice to now see the 17th. grass’d over a wide area of the bunker. Also, we talk every week about that magic 30+ points scenario and today was no exception with 27 members breaking the barrier. I am sure The Full Monte winner i.e. Norman Dobson with 21 points wondered what was going on because don’t think there has been many Events where this has been won with a score of over 20 and with so many playing, feel sorry for you Norman!.
Our picture today shows all the winners on the Course Terrace and there were a lot taking home something for their efforts. So here we go with prize winners
Nearest the pins Hole 3. Colum O’Carroll Hole 8. Keith Long
Hole 12. Peter List Hole 16. Keeping it in the family, Maura O’Carroll and Hole 17.Stephen Lowe.
Our best carder and submitting his 3rd. Bryan Andrews yes with 45 points and winning that very acceptable and treasured TORREGOLF.EU mug.
Our scratch card was won by Henry Dryden with Hearts. Who also won the Best Back 9 with, yes, 28 points shame about the front 9 with 5! and the Best Front 9, Allan Gifford with 23 points.
So the Category winners:
Category 1. 1st. Bob Goval 39 on c/b 2nd. Steve Connolly 3rd. Ken Holmes on C/b 4th. Colum O’Carroll both with 36 points
Category 2. 1st. Phil Harris 39 points on c/b 2nd. Con Moore 3rd. Chris Butland 38 points on c/b 4th. Bob Eccles
Category 3. 1st. David Winder 34 points on c/b 2nd. Kevin Hopkins 3rd. Henry Dryden 33 on c/b 4th. Bep Brouwer.
Another big turn out next week at Altorreal so let’s see if that magic 30 exceeds today’s 27.

Early morning (09.00) of course .. Photo from Terrace from where the earlier group photorgraph was taken


As many members of Torregolf know we lost , last month a member, good friend and a character beyond belief! in the shape of Peter (Pedro, when on a golf course) Kerr and after a last minute arrangement yesterday, following our game at Vistabella arrangements were made for Peters ashes to be spread on his favourite and local course, Vistabella this morning.
It was decided that his ashes would be spread on Hole 2 of the course which currently is part of the 7 holes under construction and which will open to the public on the 2nd January 2018 so the ceremony did not affect those playing.
Our thanks go to Vistabella for allowing us to carry out this ceremony.
The ashes were spread around the tallest tree overlooking the green of Hole 2 and the rest of the golf course which thanks to the Course Marshall was shown to both Anne Kerr, Peter’s Wife and Peter’s Grandaughter, Cheyanne Kerr.
One of the photograhs displayed needs no explanation! and has not been fabricated.
As many members will know it has been decided that we will hold, every year in September at Vistabella, a tournament which will be played for annually and to be known as the Peter Kerr "F" Trophy and this will remain at Vistabella in his memory.
We all know now when we get to the 2nd green in 2018 and beyond that date, that you (Pedro) will be there looking down on us and saying "what the f..k are you are you doing down there", when you miss that putt!.
R.I.P. Pedro you will never be forgotten.x
I also attach other photographs taken during the short ceremony.
I also thank those that came and paid their last respects .

TORREGOLF at Vistabella

Event 85 - Torregolf at Vistabella Golf Tuesday 4th.October

A very large turn out today at Vistabella for our normal weekly Stableford competition and perfect weather to go with it. Though I didn’t play I was able to get about and have to say the course as usual was in great condition and with 19 members out of 42 playing made that magic 30 + points score and today we had 4 Categories for the share of prize money etc.
The shock of the day was the Full Monte having showed us what the short game was all about last Friday at Escula de Golf, winning what was on offer he blew it today and with 19 points......Mike Jenkins. However, the real Monte yes our associates and CD Montesinos this week end secured their first points of the season with a 3-3 draw away to Catral. With a number of carders taking part we set aside a 4th. Category today just for the 9 playing, as you know new members are not allowed to win prize money till 3 cards have been returned and with a massive 39 points and winning that special Torregolf Mug, Bryan Andrews 2nd., with a sleeve of Taylor Made golf balls, Mark Lew.
Nearest the Pins. Hole 4. Mark Lew Hole 8. Steve Connolly Hole 15. Spencer Andrews.
Best Front 9 Colum O’Carroll with 20 points and Best Back 9 Ole Rong 21 points.
2 Scratch Cards today and 20 Euros each Mike Jenkins with Plymouth and Ray Rumble with Southampton.
So for the results of our Stableford Competition
Category 1. 1st. Ole Rong 36 points on c/.b 2nd. Dave Ready 3rd. Also on count back Spencer Andrews 35 points as was Tony Felstead
Category 2. 1st. Ken Holmes 36 points chopping and changing categories to keep the numbers equal. 2nd. Dave Watson 34 3rd. Con Moore 30 and 4th. Phil Harris 29 points
Category 3.1st. Paul Cogin 33 points 2nd. Tom Gallego on c/b 3rd. Quinton Pegdon both with 31 points and 4th. Kevin Robinson 30 points.
A great day enjoyed by all and was also able to secure permission for Peter Kerr’s ashes to be spread around on Hole 2 of the 7 holes under construction and opening on the 2nd. January 2018. I took a look to see how it was taking shape and have to say it’s looking great grass everywhere, greens just like we know Vistabella greens to be with contours all over and yes a little water!, too look after your balls on Holes 3, 4 and 7.
This 18 hole course will test your game to the full and we will be there to combat it as it were on Friday 26th.January, 2018 so get your name down now and experience a treat. Also remember you may now book any Event on line for get booking.
Our picture of all the winners today taken on the grass outside the club house. Yes everyones a winner at TORREGOLF.EU.


Torregolf “FUN DAY” Friday 29th. September,2017

Yes the first of many at Escuela Golf, Elche that took place on Friday. A great FUN DAY on this Par 3 golf course; organised by Kevin Hopkins. Here are the pictures of all those taking part and all the winners.
Due to the success of the day and request for more, it is proposed that we do one every 6/8 weeks. Come and ‘Have Fun’, at the same time improve your short game.
Watch this Events Blog & Photos page for more information.

TORREGOLF at Alicante Golf

EVENT 86 - TORREGOLF at Alicante Golf Tuesday 26th.September.

34 Members today experienced what can only be described as probably a course that has never been in such great condition and you will go a long way to find another at this period of time, even the lakes had been coloured to welcome us?. Had the greens, which were perfect and true but slow, it would have been 100%. Alicante has always been good but today exceptional, well done to the green keeper and staff though it has to be said the buggy sat navigation system was worrying at times.
A good course produces good results and scores showed just that with just under 50%, making that 30+ barrier that we like to talk about regularly.
3 Categories for the prize money today and the winners were ...
Category 1. 1st. Ray Rumble 37 points 2nd. Spencer Andrews 36 3rd. Ken Holmes on a c/b 4th. Kjell Aasebo with 33 points.
Category 2. 1st. Con Moore 36 on c/b 2nd. Mark Spencer 3rd. David Green 35 and keeping it in the family 4th. Gail Green 33
Category 3. 1st. Marion Spencer 33 points on c/b 2nd. Kevin Hopkins 3rd. Al Warnock 30 and 4th. Alan Moody 29 points.
Best Front 9. Ray Rumble on c/b from Mark Spencer 19 points, and Best Back 9. Spencer Andrews 20 points on c/b from Con Moore.
Nearest the pins: and yes, there are 6 at Alicante in case you are not aware!
Holes 3 & 6. Con Moore no one on Hole 8. Hole 12 Ole Rong Hole15. Peter List and Hole 17 Spencer Andrews.
The scratch card was carried over to next week at Vistabella
Finally the poor old Full Monte in support of our Associates and yes, Alan Perry with just 18 points.

The winners picture today was taken on the outside real grass terrace of Alicante Club House.

TORREGOLF at Altorreal

Event 85 - TORREGOLF at Altorreal Wednesday 20th.September.

Now fast approaching Autumn and still the temperatures continue to be good, however, greens are now showing dew for the starters around 09.30 as we found out but it has to be said the course is in great condition but again where are those fast greens we used to have? Mishap of the day and a bad one most of the winners today were looking splendid in their TORREGOLF Polos’s not good when your camera on your phone is in ‘selfie’ mode and you take 3 photographs (could not see on the phone as sun was shining on the view finder) to find they are a selfie of me, so very sorry folks no photograph of today and you don’t want to see me even if I was a minor winner on the day.
The results of the 36 members playing our normal Stableford
Category 1. 1st. Spencer Andrews 35 points on c/b 2nd. Peter List 3rd. Andy Rawlings 34 on c/b 4th. Ray Rumble....yes the rumble couldnt sink most of his putts today, which we all know is Ray’ forte.
Category 2. 1st. Dorian Brooksby 36 points 2nd. Mark Spencer 34 on c/b 3rd. Brian Coombes and 4th. Vince Lannon 30 points.
Category 3. 1st. Gail Green 34 on c/b 2nd. Paul Cogin 3rd. Alan Moody 32 and 4th. David Winder 29 points.
Best front 9. Dorian Brooksby on a c/b from Brian Coombes 20 points and Best back 9. Gail green also on a c/b from Paul Hurrell 19 points.
Our best starter card and the famous TORREGOLF Mug. Pat Gingell 31 points
The scratch card for 20 Euros with Coventry. Steve Rollings
Yes the Full Monte supporting our Associates always a laugh and today out of Category 1. John Gregory with 13 points.
Not the best of scoring today with only 14 members breaking that 30 points barrier.
Finally Nearest the Pins. Hole 5. Peter List. Hole 8.
Yes didn’t miss this one Ray Rumble. Hole 10. From the Full Monte John Gregory and Hole 17. Alan Moody.

TORREGOLF at Vistabella

Event 84 - Torregolf at Vistabella Thursday 14th.September

Yes 31 members joined us to play on what turned out to be a very warm day with temperatures up to 34 degrees for our normal Stableford competition. It was also a very sad day as well, for many of us who new Peter Kerr who passed away on the 9th. September. Following the prize giving etc after the game it was promoted by Tom Curran that maybe members would like to chip in and buy a very special Trophy to celebrate Peter’s long association with our Club and with an overwhelming show of hands 130 Euros was given just like that!. Tom has suggested that the contributions will continue to be collected for the next 3 games. So if you would like to chip in see Tom or Myself (David) and we will then buy a ‘Special’ trophy which will be called The Peter Kerr “F” Trophy, I am sure you will understand what the “F” stands for if you new Peter!

Now for the day, yes course in great condition after the recent rain with fairways lush green instead of that dry look we normally see at this time of the year. I can also report that the other 7 holes are also looking good for us to get our clubs on very soon. Greens were slow and still showing the last of the hollow tinning marks so sure they will soon be back to speed. We had 2 Categories and a 1st/2nd/3rd card category for that very special TORREGOLF Mug and the winner today with 37 points Paul Clews now cut before getting going!
So, Category 1. 1st.Ole Rong 36 points. 2nd. Andy Rawlings 35 3rd. Ray Rumble 33 and 4th. Kjell Aasebo with 31 points.
Category 2. 1st. Dorian Brooksby 38 points 2nd. Kevin Hopkins 33 on c/b 3rd. Roger Hazeldine 4th. after a review Paul Greenwood on a c/b from Brian Coombes with 29 points
Best front 9 Ole Rong 18 points and Best back 9 Dorian Brooksby with 23 points
Nearest the pins Hole 4. Andy Rawlings Hole 8. Peter Boon and Hole 15. Ray Hamilton
Our Full Monte today and a surprise Vince Lannon with 18 points
Our football scratch card and 20 Euros with Everton...Brian Dean

No picture of the winners today - all in the photograph to remember Peter Kerr and the shirt signing for his coffin later in the evening. R.I.P. Peter.


TORREGOLF at El Plantio

EVENT 83 TORREGOLF at El Plantio Friday 8th.Settember

For the 2nd. week running back to our Home Course and yes the rain had made a difference with fairways looking very green however the greens which had been cut were still very slow and many points were missed today but it has to be said some big scores were recorded like for example, new member Ray Hamilton returned his 1st. Card with a score of 41 points, so looking forward to seeing how his next 2 cards go. Great score though Ray, playing off the slope at 11 today (not the time!).
However, we still had another 10 breaking the barrier of 30 points.
With a reduced number playing, only 2 Categories for prize money etc, and the results ...
Category 1. 1st. Lindsay Dunlop 37 points 2nd. Ray Rumble on c/b from 3rd. Vic Smith 34 points and 4th. Mike Jenkins 31 points
Category 2. 1st. keeping it in the family Louvain Smith 34 points 2nd. Gordon Roxon on a c/b from Tom Gallego both with 32 and 4th. Paul Cogin 31 points.
Nearest the Pins Hole 7. Nil Hole 9. Alan Perry Hole 14. Gordon Roxon Hole 18 and nearly a hole in one hitting the flag Dorian Brooksby ..
and of course when ever, we are at El Plantio, the Torregolf hole 12, 4th shot, Ray Hamilton
Best Front 9 Tom Gallego 19 points and Best Back 9 Lindsay Dunlop also with 19.
Scratch card not full today so will roll over to Vistabella next week.

Our photo of the winners taken in front of the putting green and the Mitsubishi up for grabs .......
sorry none of us won it!.


TORREGOLF at El Plantio

EVENT 82 - TORREGOLF at El Plantio Thursday 31st.August

Yes, the last couple days prior to this Event was a problem due to the severe weather/rain nearly washing everything away and the allocated venue was Alanda, however, due the conditions they were unable to guarantee buggies and with a turn out of 34 members wanting to play somewhere, El Plantio came to our rescue, and with buggies, which was great! even if it meant, we could not tee off till 10.40.
However upon arrival it was obvious that bookings made prior to us did not materialise as we had the course virtually to ourselves and the opportunity to play as soon as we were ready. We were also able to obtain a special rate as this was now the High Season, the power of TORREGOLF and the association we have with our Courses.
I am also able to report following talks with Jose Antonio, Director of Golf the previous day that they are prepared to pay for an El Plantio banner in support of our associates CD Montesinos to be displayed at the home ground and this will take place from Sunday 10th. September when Monte take on CD Alicante for the Fred Griggs Trophy, k.o.18.30.
It was obvious that after the rain we would see some water/boggy areas but there was nothing and with the sun shining down on us again it soon dried out, sure the course appreciated the rain and next week when we are here again we should find an even better course. The greens were a little slow and woolly but that was understandable with the greens not being touched probably for 3 days!
So for the results, and yes with 34 playing and what was thought to bring some low scores was totally wrong because 19 members still managed to score more than that magic number of 30 points +
Today we also has all our top 3 handicappers playing which was good and if we put all their HCP’s together it amounted to 13, with the slope.
Category 1. 1st. Peter List 38 points yes his 3rd. Week of taking the top position lets see how Paul Hurrell deals with this! 2nd. John Moore 35 on count back 3rd. Ray Rumble 4th. Jime Imrie 34
Category 2. 1st. Tom Curran 35 points 2nd. Lindsay Dunlop 32 3rd. John L Moore 31 and 4th. Mike Jenkins 30 points.
Category 3. 1st. Vince Lannon 38 points prior to going into hospital for a minor operation tomorrow, speedy recovery Vince.2nd. Kevin Robinson 34 3rd. Mike Madra 33 and 4th. Gary Carr-Smith 32 points.
Best front 9. Vince Lannon 21points and Best back 9 also with 21 points Tony Felstead on a c/b from John Moore.
Nearest the pins Hole 7. Ray Rumble Hole 9. Gordon Meikle Hole 14. Gary Carr-Smith and Hole 18 No one which was good as we were unable to split the 4th. Shot NTP Hole 12 and that sleeve of golf balls came in handy for the winners Paul Hurrell and Mike Jenkins.
The best guest/card number and the very highly treasured TORREGOLF mug with 39 points James Carr-Smith
Our scratch card and 20 Euros with York City. John Moore
And finally The Full Monte in support of our Associates and CD Montesinos, Bob Eccles with ........
no, will not disclose his score!

Good to see all the winners on the El Plantio terrace in the afternoon sun and joining them Jose Antonio, Director of Golf El Plantio, (the tallest one in the back row). Thanks for that Jose and along with David on the front desk for looking after us and coming to our rescue on the day.

TORREGOLF at Hacienda del Alamo

EVENT 81 - TORREGOLF at Hacienda del Alamo Wednesday 23rd.August

On an extremely warm day with temperatures reaching into mid 30’s a smaller number of members just 23 travelled to Hacienda and while many feel this is a long way to go it is not any longer than going to Altorreal as was proved yesterday when we took just an hour. It’s a long time since we were here and many of those playing it was their first attempt at a course which is the longest here on the Costa’s and this is probably not a course for first time players with 3 holes over 500 mtrs , and a total distance of 6375 mtrs , off the Yellow markers.
There are large areas of desert areas and a lot of these have been tidied up since we were here last. Greens were in great condition and true but the fairways were certainly lacking in water and very hard.
However with a very good rate it was worth the visit and I know that those who found it difficult will know a lot more when we return again in 2018, yes, even with the rate yesterday I have secured a great deal for the whole of 2018 which will now be considerably cheaper than the rate yesterday and the normal rate we have had for 2017 and previous years. So give it support it is worth it.
With all the sales talk out of the way lets deal with the day and results, have to say the distance took its toll on most with only 9 members getting 30+ points so with 2 Categories and a larger sum of prize money.
The winners
Category 1. 1st. Peter List 34 points 2nd. Keith Smith 30 on a c/b from Ray Rumble and 4th. Mike Jenkins 29 points
Nearest the Pins Hole 5. Brian Coombes. Hole 8. Peter List Hole 12. John L. Moore and Hole 15. Gordon Roxon
Category 2. 1st. Vince Lannon 36 points 2nd. John L Moore 35 3rd. Barrie Hopkinson 32 and 4th. Kevin Hopkins 31.
Best Front 9. John L Moore 21 points and Best Back 9. Keith Smith 19 points.
Our scratch card with Swansea, Brian Coombes.
Lastly of course The Full not Tom Curran who had certainly said if he got it 3 weeks on the trot he would hang himself so,.....I had to bring the rope home! Because it went to Frank Kinghorn with just 15 points. His comment was “I’ve never won anything while playing golf” so well done Frank.

Our photos of all the winners taken on the Club House Terrace and Gordon Roxon contemplating what club to use before getting nearest the pin. Together with some of our members ready to rock & roll and try their putting skills from the Club House terrace looking down the 18th. Fairway.

TORREGOLF at Vistabella

EVENT 80 - TORREGOLF at Vistabella Tuesday 15th. August, 2017

It has been a long time since I have said that I have never seen such low scores but today was unbelievable. 32members turned out for our normal Stableford competition with 8 scoring less than 21 points. It must have just been a bad day at the Office? So without further ado the results and the biggest shock of the day was, to see Tom Curran for the 2nd. Week running winning The Full Monte with just 14 points, lets put it down to feeling home sick for Australia.
As per usual the course was in great condition and the greens true. Weather wise, well it is August, but was acceptable.
With a number of new members and some completing their 1st. 2nd or 3rd. Cards we had 3 Categories to day, and in this Category the winner of a much Treasured TORREGOLF Mug John I. Moore with 35 points. The other winners ...
Category 1. 1st. Peter List 33 points on a c/b 2nd. Mike Jenkins 3rd. Barrie Hopkinson 32 points and 4th. Hugh Reilly 31.
Category 2. 1st. Vic Smith 33 points 2nd. Kevin Hopkins 31 3rd. John Vaygelt on a c/b 4th. Vince Lannon with 27 points.
Nearest the pints Hole 4. Kjell Aasebo Hole 8. John Moore and Hole 15. Steve Lowe
Best front 9 went to Mike Jenkins with 22 points and Best back 9 on c/b with 18 points, Kevin Hopkins must say by default from John Vaygelt.

Our scratch card with Birmingham going to Chris Butland.
Next week we are off to Hacienda del Alamo for the 1st. Visit in over a year with a great price and FREE Coffee & Bacon Sandwich on arrival.

Would also remind everyone that the fixture list for the whole of 2018 is now online.

Our usual picture of all the winners taken outside the Vistabella Golf shop.


TORREGOLF at El Plantio

EVENT 79 TORREGOLF at El Plantio Friday 7th.August

In temperatures of 35 feeling like 42c., 30 members decided to try their luck with El Plantio where we were able to negotiate a special rate for the day. Was it worth it????.
Well some good scores, the first 4 in the 2 categories played today all managed to break 30 points in fact 16 members broke the 30 barrier.
Course to our selves, no one to trouble us in the bar before and after the game great!, but fairways and some of the tee boxes very bad in fact even though lots of work was taking place on the fairways it was difficult to understand what was happening. Greens were very slow but true.

Anyway, lets deal with the results and firstly The Full Monte, yes, having represented TORREGOLF in a tournament at Font del Llop, the previous week end with Ray Rumble, Tom Curran decided maybe 2 games in a week was too much, yes we also have to consider his age and of course the weather. As an Australian it’s understandable!! Well done Tom, we still love you.
Nearest the Pins. Hole 7 Mr. No One. Hole 9 John Moore. Hole 14 Carstan Landaas. Hole 18 Matt Shirkie. And of course we, as always on Hole 12, have a 4th.shot NTP and today it went to Peter List.
Best Front 9 very close as was the Best Back 9 with count back on both with Front 9 winner Ray Rumble from Chris Butland 19 points and Back 9 Matt Shirkie from David Winder also with 19 points.
Today with a number of guests who later decided to join as members, which is great news, we had a winner of a treasured TORREGOLF Mug, Rob Watson with 37 points
Our scratch card was not completed so rolls over to next Tuesday at Vistabella, which leaves us with the prize winners in 2 Categories.
Category 1. 1st. Matt Shirkie 36 points on c/b 2nd. Ray Rumble 36 poins 3rd. John Moore 35 and 4th. Stephen Rollings 33 points.
Category 2. 1st. Chris Butland 37 points 2nd. David Winder 36 3rd. Nick Oliver on a c/b 4th. Kevin Hopkins both with 31 points.
With that out of the way 1st. August is the start of the new playing year with membership renewals being due so if you havnt renewed please do so as soon as possible as non renewal will result in you being deleted from the membership list at the end of August.

The 1st also denotes the start of the football year, here in Spain, and our Association with The Full Monte and CD Montesinos, who will be playing in Divison 1 this season, following promotion, and they kick off their pre season, with a friendly away game at San Fulgencia on Friday 11th. August.
We all wish the boys all the best in a new division.

Our usual photograph on the Terrace at El Plantio shows all the winners on the day.



EVENT 78 Torregolf at La Finca 28th. July.

What a difference a week makes yes 36 members turned out to play La Finca and was it worth it, YES!
This course has to be now one of the best around and with fairways in places looking like greens which I would say today were a little slow, am pleased to say we will be back in December and now have the course booked for 5 more times for next year. Fixture list, for 2018, is now on line.
Back to today..... it has to be said with regret that for the second time at La Finca this year a 4 ball were disqualified for playing an incorrect hole. I know some holes can be confusing but all holes are clearly marked and while the markers may be a way from the tee box everyone should check to make sure they are playing the correct hole.
We had 4 Categories today due to a number of members playing their 1st. 2nd or 3rd.Cards and in the 4th. Category the winner of a now wanted TORREGOLF Mug was Darrell Bluck with 34 points should have been Geoff Rhodes who found himself in Category 3 in error and amassing a mammoth 42 points and now a severe cut is on the way young man!
So for the other winners
Category 1. 1st.Joe Sheehan 38 points 2nd. Tony Robson 35 on count back 3rd. Carston Landaas also with 35 points.
Category 2. 1st. Vic Smith 37 points 2nd. Ole Rong 32 points on c/b 3rd. Hugh Reilly
Category 3. 1st. Geoff Rhodes 42 points 2nd. Ailish Sheehan 36 points and 3rd. Louvain Smith 28.
Best Front 9 Carstan Landaas 24 points and Best Back 9 Geoff Rhodes 23 points.
Nearest the Pins.
Hole 3 Darren Holden. Hole 6. Tony Felstead. Hole 13. Phil Harris and Hole 16. Joe Sheehan
The Full Monte today going to Pete Jenner
Scratch card for 20 Euros Mike Jenkins with Blackburn.

Our picture taken in the shade of the restaurant/bar shows the winners on the day ...
except El Presidente who just came for the ride!


TORREGOLF at La Marquesa

EVENT 77 Torregolf at La Marquesa Saturday 22nd.July, 2017

Regretfully there is no report for Event 76 as all the paperwork was lost on the day. However, La Marquesa our first visit since the Lake was built followed and have to say the course was in good condition for the unusual small amount of players which was a shame and some very good scores recorder with only 3 members managing to make less than 30 points, which I think was very good.
The results in just 2 Categories due to reduced numbers. Category 1. 1st. John Moore 36 points 2nd. Keith Smith 35 and 3rd. Keith Wheatcroft 34
Category 2. 1st. Phil Harris 34 points 2nd. Joe Curran 33 and 3rd. David Winder 32
Best Front 9 going to Bob Eccles with 19 and Best Back 9 with 22 points Phil Harris.
The Full Monte supporting our football team CD Montesinos with not a bad score but with so many 30+ pointers went to Gordon Roxon with 24 points.
Nearest the pins Hole 5. no one! Hole11. Ray Rumble Hole 15. John Moore and Hole 17 David Winder.
Our scratch card for 20 Euros with Leicester City. Fred Parkinson

Our photograph to day of the winners, attached, regretfully shows one member less ....
and one thumb print more to replace Rumble’s, sorry Ray blame Mr. Gallego!


TORREGOLF at Font del Llop

EVENT 75 TORREGOLF at Font del Llop 7th.July

Back to my favourite course and what can I say other than the fact the course is in fantastic condition but the day was one of two halves no, sorry three/four.......
Upon arrival we were greeted with extreme thunder storms with severe rain which of course delayed the procedure of playing. However, by the time first tee was off we were 2 members due at that time, missing and 3 more still not checked in. So this meant changing the four balls around for our usual Stableford Competition. In fact 3 members did finally arrive to just squeeze in before the last flight departed at 10.56 how come, took wrong turning, and finished up going towards Benidorm. Which left 2 not arriving at all having said prior to the game, would be playing. We all know what that means a 50% Green Fee fine to be paid on next outing ( as per our Constitution)
That’s taken care of 2 parts, the other 2 were those going out early though not getting wet were subject to some unpleasant conditions on the ground and slow greens and those out towards the end had entirely the other way round other than the fact severe winds blew up around 12 noon and when its blowing in your face not good particularly when trying to clear water!
However some good score were recorded and we still managed 3 Categories for prize money and everyone had a great day finally in total sunshine, though thunderstorms could be heard all around.

Our photo on the beautiful terrace at Font del Llop shows the winners L-R. Keith Smith, Ray Rumble, Mark Spencer, Scotty,Tom Curran, Brian McClusky, James Boyd, Stephen Rollings, Joyce Collins, Carstan Landass, Alan Perry and Bob Eccles.

Results ...
Category 1. 1st. Ray Rumble 37 points on c/b 2. Keith Smith , 3rd. Brian McClusky 35 points.
Category 2. 1st. Tom Curran 35 points 2nd. Stephen Rollings 32 on c/b 3rd/ Irvine Scott.
Category 3. 1st. Alan Perry 32 points on c/b James Boyd and 3rd. Kevin Robinson 29.
Nearest the pins ...
Hole 3. Kevin Robinson. Hole 8. Tom Curran. Hole 12. Carstan Landass. Hole 16. Joyce Collins and Hole 17. now contoured to take out the very large bunker (not seeded just yet) Tony Felstead.
Our Scratch Card with Cardiff, today, Mark Spencer.
Best Font 9. Keith Smith 20 points. Best Back 9. A remarkable score in view of the wind Rumbles with 22 points. It must have been all that rumbling around us spurred him on.
Which leaves us with The Full Monte supporting our football team CD Montesinos....yes a little competition was going on here as was thought with both Bob Eccles and El Presidente going neck and neck down to the wire of the 18th. Where, with an astonishing 5 on the 18th. putting in off the fringe, to secure not being the winner.El Presidene. Must say was not a great day for El P. 23 points and yes can you believe it 8 blobs!
Not a good day at the office!


EVENT 74 TORREGOLF at Alenda Wednesday 28th June.

A very popular course with members however only 24 turned out which was a shame as the course was in great condition other than Hole 11 which had work taking place in front of the usual tee box and the fairway was covered in a light coating of sand, presume to take some re seeding. The weather started out and was predicted to be a very warm clear blue sky day, however, it started that way but before very long some clouds were brought in by a very strong wind which did make life a little more difficult out there. However, it didn’t affect the winners enclosure because all members in the frame for 2 Categories all cleared that magic score of 30 points in fact all but 6 scored 30+ points and even the Full Monte made 26. So, a very tight game but only 2 of the winners were on count back.

The results.
The Full Monte in support of our Associates and CD Montesinos. Kevin Quinn
Best Front 9. Keith Smith 20 points on c/b from Alan Gifford Best Back 9. Con Moore 20 points
Nearest the Pins. Hole 3 Keith Smith. No one on Hole 5 - Hole 13 Con Moore and Hole 16 Colin McCoy
Category 1. 1st. Alan Gifford 38 points. 2nd.Keith Smith 37, 3rd. Con Moore on c/b 4th. Ken Holmes with 34 points.
Category 2. 1st. Colin McCoy 37 points 2nd. Vince Lannon 36 back after his very recent leg operation (must have done something for you Vince) 3rd. Brian Coombes 34 points and 4th. Joe Curran 33 points
Our Scratch Card with Bournemouth Mick O’Brien
Next week off to another local club Font del Llop.
Pictures of the winners L-R Alan Gifford, Keith Smith, Colin McCoy, Vince Lannon, Brian Coombes, Con Moore, Ken Holmes and Joe Curran and then there always has to be a last one, acting the Clown .....
Kevin Quinn

TORRE GOLF at El Plantio

TORREGOLF Event 73 El Plantio Tuesday 20th.June

Yes Presidents Day and what a day it was, Unfortunately El President was unable to play though was in attendance for being the official photographer on the day. Regretfully lots of members cancelled over a short period of time but in the end we still managed, even with no shows! a turnout of 42 players playing off Tee 1 & 10 so we managed to get round in reasonable time. Perfect weather (little hot?, No!, never) the course was in great condition though some of the greens on the back 9 were in need of a cut.

The results for the day were not completed as they were given out on the night of the Presidents Summer Ball taking place at Laurels in Quesada on Friday 23rd. Where it has to be said 73 members and partners enjoyed a fantastic evening of eating, drinking and dancing to the great music given to us by “It Takes Two”, thank you, Paul & Linda.
So with all the pomp and ceremony out of the way and with the shock announcement that our President & Founder, David Winder, stating that he intends to stand down at the end of the year. Maybe he will be encouraged to carry on in some degree with more members coming forward to help out with what is a great Club consisting of 300+, members and following the chanting of certain words, as he left to sit down!

The results with over 400 Euros of Trophies and Prize money and raffle prizes worth in excess of 300 Euros, with some great input from the likes of Stephen Brown, Vince Lannon, Kevin Hopkins, El Plantio and Vistabella Golf . Many thanks it was all very much appreciated. Let’s hope we can have many more Events like this.
So without further ado... the results starting with the normal Full Monte supporting our Associates and our football team CD Montesinos....... winner, Bob Eccles. Nearest the Pins Holes 7 & 14 Kevin Robinson Hole 9 Ailish Sheean, Hole 18 Brian Coombes and of course we always have what is known by me as the TORREGOLF HOLE, yes the 12th. 4th. Shot NTP. Keith Smith a distance of 488 mtrs from the pin off the Yellow markers.
The winners in 3 Categories and yes all the winners came in with 30+ points in fact 32 players recorded 30+
Category 1. 1st.Joe Sheehan 37 points on c/b 2nd. John Poole 37 points. 3rd. Ray Rumble 35 and 4th. Sverre Soneson 33 points.
Category 2. 1st. Mick Madra 36 points 2nd. Tony Mackman 35 3rd. Tom Curran on c/b 4th. Con Moore both with 34 points.
Category 3. 1st. Ailiash Sheehan 39 points. 2nd.Gordon Roxon 37 3rd. Tom Gallego 35 and on a count back from Al Warnock 4th. Alan Lawrence 32 points.
Best Front 9 Alish Sheehan on c/b Alan Lawrence 20 points and Best Back 9 Michael Madra 22 points
And today we had trophies for the best 4 Ball and the winners were with a total of 131 points
Ailish Sheehan, Gail Green, Colin McCoy and Joe Sheehan
Finally our usual scratch card with Leeds, Bobby Govan

Pictures today of all those taking part ...

Winner of the David Winder, Presidents Trophy, Ailish Sheehan & trophy on the terrace at Laurels.


The spectators leave the course ...


TORRE GOLF at La Finca

EVENT 72 TORRE GOLF at La Finca Tuesday 13th.June

13th. unlucky for some and definitely Babs Watson who scooped The Full Monte today
However on the whole scoring was pretty good, course in great condition greens true and fast, shame about the bunkers though hardly any sand and what was there had lots of chippings in them, not good for your wedges/irons. La Finca, NOTE, also and before someone else does Hole 17 Tee Box is not Hole 14. Don’t wish to make any further comments on that one! Other than 36 members found the correct Tee out of 40, playing.

La Finca marble tile logo below Tee 1

Yes a great day’s golf and as stated some good returns so without further ado the results, to day in 3 categories so lots of winners.
Category 1. 1st.Stephen Brown 36 points.2nd. Ole Rong on c/b 3rd. Ken Holmes on c/b 4th. Paul Hurrell all with 33 points.
Category 2. 1st. Mike Madra 37 ponts 2nd. Tom Curran 35 3rd. Mike Jenkins 33 and 4th.Joe Curran 31 points.
Category 3. 1st. Fred Parkinson 33 points 2nd. Roger Hazeldine 32 on c/b 3rd. Gary Carr-Smith 4th. Len Cole 29 points.
Best front 9. Tom Curran 20 and Best back 9. Fred Parkinson.
Our scratch card with Blackpool Andrew Barwood.
Finally nearest the pins, Hole’s 3 & 6 Joe Curran Hole 13 Martin Fitzpatrick and Hole 16. Tom Curran.
Everyone is now looking to our return to La Finca on Friday 28th.July for which there is only 4 flights left. So if you want to experience La Finca get on line and book now.

No winners photos today, technical problems at the last minute so just two and this is Mike Jenkins teeing off the elevated tee 1 ....mind the buggies!!


TORREGOLF at Altorreal

EVENT 71 TORREGOLF at Altorreal Monday 5th.June, 2017

Altorreal may be a bit of a journey but is worth it. This has been a special course with us ever since we were formed way back in 2009 and yesterday it has to be said this is the best course we have played on this year. Tee Boxes excellent, fairways great condition and greens, perfecto ...true!, some fast, some slow just to test you.
Well done Altorreal may it long continue that way, however I think it will get better.
As many will know this venue was only organised 6 days ago due to hollow tinning at La Marquesa so more thanks to Altorreal for their prompt attention and assistance. Big clap please!!
Though we did have some fall outs for to the day we still managed to provide 28 members with a great day in what must have been the hottest day this year, with temperatures over 30 one would have thought it would be a little cooler following the thunderstorms of the previous evening!
The results for our normal Stableford ...
Category 1. 1st. Ray Rumble 36 points 2nd. Ken Holmes 34 3rd.Andy Martin 32 and 4th. Joe Curran 32 on c/b Ole Rong
Category 2. 1st. Carol Martin 36 points 2nd. Roger Twigg 31 3rd. Andrew Barwood 29 and 4th. Henry Dryden 28 on c/b David Winder
Best Front 9. Ken Holmes 20 Best Back 9. Carol Martin 19

Scratch card winner Preston Ives with Leeds United
The Full Monte in support of our Associates and CD Montesinos surprise, surprise, Brian Coombes with 21 points.
Nearest the pins: Hole 5. Keith Neil. Hole 8. Ray Rumble. Hole 10 Andy Martin and Hole17 Keith Wheatcroft.
As we had a number of members playing either their 1st.2nd. or 3rd. Card , remember all new members must complete 3 cards before being allowed to win prize money we had a winner for one of our prize, prizes, yes a TORREGOLF.EU Mug and this went to Bob Eccles with 36 points .

Photograph in the shade of the Club House open air bar of all the winners on the day.


TORREGOLF at El Plantio

EVENT 70 TORREGOLF at El Plantio Saturday 27th. May 2017

Yes back to our home course for the fantastic price of 30 Euros including the buggy and what a great day in the sun with temperatures now getting like summer is here
With great conditions scores were for a change on the low side only 10 making 30 plus points.
So before the results a couple of items worth a mention ...
on Hole 8 Stroke Index 4 El President from the trees and 39 yards from the flag chipped in for a par and prior to that on Hole 2 hit his tee shot into the bunker on the left hand side of the fairway and just missed a visitor who politely said when arriving at the bunker "didnt hear you shout 4".
The results starting with the Full Monte, yes, Alan Brooker with 19 points
Nearest the pins: Hole 7 for 2nd week on the trot. Nil.
Hole 9. Steve Connoly Hole 14. Henry Dryden Hole 18. Tom Curran.
Hole 12 the TORREGOLF Hole 4th.sopt nearest the pin Alan Gifford.
Best Front 9 Kevin Hopkins 20 and Best Back 9 Alan Gifford 21 points.
So now left with the results of our Stableford competition
Category 1.
1st. Alan Gifford 34 points on C/b 2nd. Con Moore 3rd. Geoff Plumer 33 and 4th. Milne Sloan 29 on c/b from Ray Rumble and Barrie Hopkinson Category 2.
1st. Kevin Hopkins 35 points 2nd. Tom Gallego 34 on c/b 3rd. Norman Dobson and 4th. Gary Carr-Smith 32

Our photograph of the winners on the terrace at El Plantio
L-R : Gary Carr-Smith, Con Moore, Geoff Plumer, Steve Connolly, Henry Dryden, Tom Curran, Norman Dobson, Kevin Hopkins, Milne Sloan, Andy Rawlings and Tom Gallego.


TORREGOLF at El Plantio

Event 69 TORREGOLF at El Plantio Friday 19th.May

Yes back to our home course today and it gets better every time we come though it is a shame some holes you are unable to get the buggy on which means a walk if you are not near the path and of course it rules out Blue Flag players, which is a shame.
However that overcome we did not see massive scores today and that 30 barrier we talk about only amounted to 6 but checking of cards after the game was a hassle with lots of count backs in category 1 with 6 members out of a total of 10 scoring 26 points and 4 of which had 16 on the back 9. So with further ado winners ...
Category 1.
1st. Miln Sloan 35 points 2nd. Martin Fitzpatrick 32 3rd. Keith Smith 30 points 4th. Mike Jenkins 26 on c/b Category 2.
1st. Mick Madra 34 points c/b 2nd. Al Warnock 3rd. Alan Perry 33 4th. Gordon Roxon 31 points
Best Front 9. Martin Fitzpatrick 20 and Best Back 9. Mick Madra 26
Nearest the Pins: Hole 7 Nil Hole 9 & 14 Martin Fitzpatrck Hole 18 Brian Coombes
The Full Monte and a collector of them, Steve James Our scratch card winner with Burnley. Jim Imrie.
While at El Plantio today an offer not to be refused so next week back for 30 Euros including buggy and its still high season. Thank you El Plantio.
Regret no pictures of the winners today.

TORREGOLF at Font del Llop

EVENT 68 TORREGOLF at Font del Llop Friday 11th.May.

What a day for our members, where, as we all know this course tests all golfers however they tore it apart today!, for our usual Stableford Competition. Yes, 27 turned out to play and 17 managed to score 30+ points, so some severe cuts on the way for some. In conditions that were near to perfect not to hot and little wind, though it did get up a little for the back 9 we had the following results in 2 Categories ...
Category 1. 1st. Kjell Aasebo 41 points 2nd. Jim Imrie playing off 5, 40 points 3rd. Tony Felstead 38 on c/b 4th. Con Moore
Category 2. 1st. Graham Riches 39 2nd. Vernon Anderson 33 3rd. Norman Dobson 32 on c/b 4th. Mike Madra
Best Front 9. Jim Imrie 20 on c/b from Con Moore & ‘Charlie’ Aasebo
Best Back 9. Tony Felstead 22 on c/b Norman Dobson
Nearest the Pins. Hole 3 Tony Felstead. Hole 8 Tom Curran. Hole 12 Allard Hudson. Hole 16 Matt Shirkie and Hole 17 Joe Curran.
The Full Monte in support of our Associates and CD Montesinos, Syd Avery.
Scratch Card with Brighton and 20 Euros, Stephen Rollings

Again a number of winning members on the terrace at Font del Llop, for the Photo.


TORREGOLF at El Plantio

EVENT 67 TORREGOLF at El Plantio Saturday 6th.May

What a great day weather perfect course looking ok but have to say greens had recently been cut very short and were looking a little yellow instead of the greens we like to see and play on however why would you want to go and play somewhere else, as some members did today, and pay a lot more than we did for this Event. Yes it still is high season but everyone paid an all inclusive rate of just 35 Euros, yes say it again 35 Euros for all the things we have going on on a TORREGOLF day.

Scores on the doors as it used to be said were for our Stableford competition showed not big scores but all the winners scored over 30 points with only 1 point separating each of the first 4 in Category 1 and in Category 2 only 2 points separated the first 4 so the winners ...
Category 1. 1st. Brian McClusky 34 points. 2nd. Vic Smith 33. 3rd. Richie Lindsay 32, and 4th. Kevin Quinn on C/B 31 from Bobby Govan and Ray Rumble….very close!
Category 2. 1st. Louvain Smith 34 points. 2nd. Michael Madra 33 3rd. Brian Coombes on C/B 4th. Al Warnock both with 32 points.
Nearest the Pins. Hole 7. Derek Cooper Hole 9. Gordon Smith Hole 14. Maria Lindsay Hole 18. Ray Rumble and 4th.shot NTP Hole 12 Kjell Aasebo
Best Front 9. Vic Smith 19 points and Best Back 9. Brian McClusky 21

Our Scratch card will carry over to Font del Llop next Thursday

Will soon have to get a panoramic camera with all the prize winners as you will see from the photograph taken on the terrace at El Plantio after the presentation.

And of course our Full Monte and the support for our football team CD Montesinos who on Sunday last completed their season as Champions and promotion, with a 7-1 win. Vamos Monte. Winner playing off 14. Yes, bad day at the office, Gary Chambers.

TORREGOLF at Altorreal

EVENT 66 TORREGOLF at Altorreal Friday 21st. April


Hit It Hard ... Boys .. Whack it one.
3 of our “Hot Shots” on the 1st Tee taking the shade before teeing off Left to Right.. Spencer Andrews off 9.9 Jim Imrie off 4.5 and Bob Govan off 12.3

On a day where it was expected 25 km winds at Altorreal it was good to see that when we arrived conditions were perfect and even though some wind did get up it did not cause any problems and the more we play this course the better it appears to get. So when all the scores were in it was surprising to see that only 6 out of 33 members playing managed that 30+ point score for our Stableford competition.
So without further ado the results ...
Category 1. 1st. Ray Rumble 32 points 2nd. Ken Holmes 31 on c/b 3rd. Tommy Erixon and 4th. Ole Rong 30 points
Category 2. 1st. Allard Hudson 28 points 2nd. Gary Carr-Smith 26 points on c/b 3rd. Vince Lannon and 4th. Tom Curran 25 on again a count back.
Category 3. 1st. Mike Madra 33 points 2nd. David Winder 29 3rd. Jack Ashworth 27 on c/b 4th. Stever James.
Best Front 9 : Spencer Andrews 17 points yes and this was on count back from 5 other members namely Ray Rumble, Mike Jenkins, Tommy Erixon, David Winder, James Boyd, so a very close battle.
Best Back 9 : Mike Madra 18 points
Nearest the Pins Hole 5. Spencer Andrews Hole 8. Ray Rumble Hole 10. Tommy Erixon and Hole 17 : Ole Rong Our Full Monte in support of CD Montesinos with a new name John Gregory, well done John welcome to the Full Monte Club.
Our Scratch Card with winning team Plymouth and 20 Euros went to El Presidente.

Buggies lined up at Altorreal waiting for the TORREGOLF members


Lots of winners in the photograph today on the terrace at Altorreal.


TORREGOLF at Altorreal

EVENT 65 TORREGOLF at Altorreal Friday 21st. April


Barbara Hernandez - Caddy Master &
Alberto Iglesias - Managing Director @ Font del Llop.

While TORREGOLF were playing Event 64 at Vistabella ...
Another great thing was going on ...
Seve Ballesteros Foundation Golf Day, Font del Llop - Saturday 15th. April
Every one, in the world of golf knows Seve Ballesteros
After the death of Seve on the 7th.May 2011, age 54, his family formed a Foundation in his honour to fight Cancer and the Foundation have a Tournament every month all over Spain to raise funds and this year and this month it took place at that great golf course Font del Llop in Montforte del Cid, just a little north of Elche and a great deal of money was raised and for which TORREGOLF.EU, a local Golf Club and their President David Winder were only too pleased to give 300 Euros for this worthy Charity.
Here in the pictures you will see Vanesa Garcia, Director of Golf and Barbara Hernandez, Caddy Master showing all, the contribution prior to the start of the Greensome Stroke Play completion and at the presentation of the prizes again showing details of that contribution to all those attending, and this time with Barbara is Alberto Iglesias, Managing Director Font del Llop.

Vanesa Garcia, Director of Golf and Barbara Hernandez, Caddy Master showing all, the contribution prior to the start of the Greensome Stroke Play


TORREGOLF at Vistabella

EVENT 64 TORREGOLF at Vistabella, Saturday 15th.April


Our picture shows the winners for the day on the grass in front of Club House, Vistabella.

Just 2 things about to day ...
1. 36 members arrived to do battle with the bunkers and those infamous greens that just finish spoiling your birdie, or par and you finish up 1 or 2 over.
2. While all this was going on at the same time there was a Tournament taking place at Font del Llop in aid of the Seve Ballesteros Foundation…more of that next week.
So back to Vistabella with the course once again in perfect condition and with playing conditions just perfect it was expected some big score to be recorded, WRONG, with only 8 members getting past that 30+ score. So the results today in 3 Categories ...
Category 1. 1st.Ray Rumble 37 points and its not his favourite course!. 2nd. Steve Connolly 33 3rd. John Telling 32 and 4th.Paul Hurrell 29 points.
Category 2. 1st. Mike Jenkins 39 points. 2nd. Scott Irvine 33 3rd. Brian Coombes 30 and 4th. Barrie Hopkinson 27 points.
Category 3. 1st. Kevin Hopkins 34 points. 2nd. Mike Madra 28 3rd. Len Cole on count back 26 points with 4th. Gary Carr-Smith.
Best Front 9. Kevin Hopkins on C/B 20 points from Ray Rumble.
Best Back 9. Mike Jenkins 21 points.
Nearest the Pins, Hole 4. Pete Collins. Hole 8. Gary Carr-Smith Hole 15. Barrie Hopkinson
The Full Monte supporting our football team CD Montesinos today Gordon Roxon and our Scratch Card with Coventry, Allard Hudson.
Our next few games are Altorreal 21st.April followed by Vistabella on the 28th. and then with a special all in price of 35 Euros….our home course El Plantio.

Torregolf at El Plantio

EVENT 63 Torregolf at El Plantio Thursday 6th. April


Our picture today shows the winners on the El Plantio terrace.

Have to say today returning to our home course we found a different one to that visited in early January. While the greens were a little slow the course was in great condition…..the best for a long while and I feel we will be returning again very soon.
Our numbers were a little down but there were some good scores, however, results in the end took a little while to check and see who the winners were, with 5 members in Category 1 returning scores of 28 points and 4 in Category 2 returning 31 points so the final results were ...
Category 1. 1st. Carstan Landaas 35 points 2nd. Tony Robson 31 3rd. Stephen Brown 31 on c/b 4th. Ole Rong beating, Sverre Soneson, Mark Spencer and Derek Beckett.
Category 2. 1st.Brian Coombes 24 points 2nd. Kevin Hopkins 31 points on c/b 3rd. Norman Dobson on c/b 4th.Vic Smith and just missing out on c/b El Presidente.
Nearest the pins Hole 7. no one! Hole 8. Andy Martin Hole 14. Bobby Govan and Hole 18.Tony Robson
The Full Monte went to Len Cole
Best Front 9 Brian Coombes 20 points and Best Back 9 Carsten Landaas 19 points
and our football scratch card with Manchester City. Jack Webb
Well done to everyone, except El Presidente who forgot his golf shoes, but a little lucky as his shoes had some dimples on them and broke his chipper on the 2nd.hole and just missed out on prize money! Hay Ho! that’s life.. "not a good day at the office"
Finally look out for a possible change to a Venue in May with a great price to go with it!

TORREGOLF at Font del Llop

EVENT 62 TORREGOLF at Font del Llop Friday 31st.March


SUMMER IS HERE .. Or .. on its way !

Yes, back to my favorite course on a day that was just perfect for golf and it showed with some great scores, and it was good to see that members now realize that summer has come?, with more wearing shorts!, as you will see from today's winners photograph.
Just 2 Categories playing, and the winners ...
Category 1.1st. Ole Rong, yes, 44 points 2nd. Alan Gifford 36 and 3rd. Tommy Erixon 35 points
Category 2.1st. Joyce Collins 41 great score Joyce but it means a cut! 2nd. Brian Coombes 38 on a count back 3rd. Kevin Hopkins.
Best Front and Back 9’s going to Ole Rong with 22 each way.
Nearest the pins: Hole 3 and 17 Sverre Sonesen. Hole 8 Ole Rong. Hole 12 Joyce Collins and Hole 16 Brian Coombes Our scratch card will carry over to next week and of course the last thing The Full Monte in support of our Associates and CD Montesinos, from winning last week with 36points to this week …shush!, Mike Jenkins.


EVENT 61 TORREGOLF at VISTABELLA Saturday 25th.March.


Our photograph to day of all the winners outside the Club House at Vistabella….except Collum, who directly after his game had to dash back for a 19.00 flight to Dublin.

After the cancellation of Alicante last week due to the weather it was good to get back on the fairways and those great greens that Vistabella is renowned for and what a lovely day it was as well with perfect playing conditions for our usual Stableford competition with the results ……..

Category 1.
1st. Colum O’Carroll 38 points 2nd. Kjell Aasebo 33 3rd. Ole Rong 31 on c/b from 4th. Keith Smith.
Calegory 2.
1st. back to form following 2 weeks of the Full Monte Mike Jenkins 36 points 2nd. Vic Smith 34 3rd. Louvain Smith 32 and 4th. Alan Perry 29 points
Best Front 9. Colum O’Carroll 20 points and Best Back 9. Kjell Aasebo with 21
The Full Monte in support of our football team CD Montesinos going this week to Syd Avery. The team on Sunday went on to break all scoring records with a 15-0 win against Todo and remain very much in control at the top of the league and hopefully with 3 games to go …Promotion!
Nearest the Pin winners: Holes 4 & 15 Collum O’Carroll and Hole 8 Derek Beckett
Our scratch card winner. Wolves, went to Paul Hurrell

TORREGOLF at Alicante Golf

EVENT 60 TORREGOLF at Alicante Golf - Event Cancelled

Regret to say this Event had to be cancelled and course closed by Alicante Golf due to the damage incurred on the course from the bad weather earlier in the week.

TORREGOLF at Font del Llop

EVENT 59 TORREGOLF at Font del Llop Thursday 9th.March


Photograph of some of the winners taken on the beautiful terrace at Font del Llop L-R Ray Rumble, Steve James, Tony Felstead, Mike Jenkins, Kevin Robinson, Tove Roed, Sverre Sonesen, Sandra Twentyman, Brian Coombes, David Winder, Geoff Ashton, Alan Gifford, Bobby Watson ( sorry Bobby they cut your head off)…….Captain Birds Eye’s fault!

In brilliant conditions with temperatures reaching 29c. what a day to celebrate our Stableford competiton, at this, one of our favorite courses. Not the easiest of courses around but today, several members managed to as it were take it apart on total points to prove it could be done. For some, like Steve James, who managed to score 13 points on the 1st. 3 holes but alas, fell by the wayside there after, with just 1 more for the front 9. Never mind Steve take the glory of 3 holes!. It’s only a game.
The course was in great condition and looked even better with the fairways enhanced with lovely green coloring but it will now only be a short while before the grass will be growing well naturally.
So for the results starting with the The Full Monte in support of our Associates and CD Montesinos, yes, for the 2nd week on the trot Mike Jenkins.
The best score from our new card members Bob Watson 36 points.
Best Front 9 Tony Felstead 20 points from a count back
Best Back 9 Sverre Sonesen 24 points.
2 Categories for the prize money
Category 1. 1st. Sverre Sonesen playing off 18, 44 points from his own mouth "the best game of golf I have ever played"
2nd. Tony Felstead 41, also playing off 18! 3rd. Alan Gifford 34 and 4th. Ray Rumble 32 points on a count back
Category 2. 1st. Brian Coombes 39 points 2nd. Kevin Robinson 36 on c/b 3rd. Sandra Twentyman and 4th. David Winder 35 points.
It looks as if El Presidente has got the Spring feeling into his clubs and irons because, this, is the 3rd. week on the trot he has been in the money!
The nearest the pins were all won today. Hole 3. Steve James, Hole 8. and Hole 17. Tove Roed Hole 12. Tony Felstead and Hole 16 Geoff Ashton.
Our scratch card winner Manchester City and Brian McClusky.

TORREGOLF at Vistabella

EVENT 58 TORREGOLF at Vistabella Friday 3rd. March


Our picture today slightly different …….with El Presidente giving over the results for the day to those members who stayed behind. Golf is not just about playing it’s also about the social side of things and it would be nice to see all members staying behind and participating in the social section.

What a great day of golf at one of our special courses, Vistabella, you never know what this course will produce for you when playing with so many bunkers, desert areas and greens that will always catch you out and today was no exception, with on the whole, some very low scores.
However it was enjoyed by all for our usual Stableford in just 2 categories today and the winners were
Category 1. 1st.Kjell Aasebo with 33 points 2nd. Ray Rumble 31 and 3rd. with 30points Sverre Soneson
Category 2. 1st. David Winder 32 points 2nd. Brian Coombes on a count back from 3rd. Kevin Hopkins both with 31 points.
Best Front 9. Kjell Aasebo 18 points
Best Back 9. David Winder 18 points
The Full Monte today in support of our Associates The Full Monte supporters club of CD Montesinos went to Mike Jenkins
Best new member Kai Krog with 33 points
And the NTP’s Hole 4. Brian Coombes Hole 8. Joe Sheehan, regretfully no one on Hole 15.

TORREGOLF at Alenda Golf

EVENT 57 TORREGOLF at Alenda Golf Friday 24th.February


Our photograph today on the Terrace at Alenda L-R Ken Holmes, John Teeling, David Winder, Brian Coombes, Roger Twigg, Bob Govan, Sandra Twentyman, Ray Rumble, Sverre Sonson and of course the Flying Dutchman Johan Brouwer.

Today the weather situation was predicted to be raining again as if we havnt had enough over the winter months but think the Gods must have taken pity on us because we escaped with maybe no more than 5 minutes of very light rain in the middle of the day and at the same time gave us some big scores on this lovely course Alenda in fact 50% of the members playing scored 30+ points. So the results and winners were ...
Category 1. 1st. Ray Rumble 36 points 2nd. Tony Felstead 35 points on a count back from John Teeling joining us for the 1st.time today. Welcome John.
Category 2. 1st. Brian Coombes 36 2nd. Ken Holmes 33 on count back from 3rd. Sandra Twentyman
Category 3. 1st. Johan Brouwer with his first visit this year from Holland and recording an enormous score of 46 points. Please note all you Dutchman back in Holland!! He no longer is a 20 handicaper. 2nd. and yes back from a no return card last week David Winder with 36 points and 3rd. Roger Twigg 34 points

It is pretty obvious who was the winner of the best front and back 9’s. Yes Johan, 24 on the front 9 and 22 on the back.
Nearest the pins Hole 3. Bobby Govan Hole 5. John Teeling Hole 13 was not unlucky for El Presidente who hit the pin with his drive of 208 yards from the tee and Hole 16. Sverre Soneson.

Good to see Paul Hurrell back from his recent health issues - and he did collect The Full Monte in support of our Associates and CD Montesinos.
Our scratch card today with Cardiff and 20 Euros, went to Kevin Hopkins.

TORREGOLF at Vistabella

EVENT 56 : TORREGOLF.EU at Vistabella Saturday 18th.February

What a great day to play golf here at Vistabella one of our favourite courses and the weather was perfect. Course is beginning to show some green grass so think Spring has arrived, as you will see from the picture below - taken at the 2nd./13th.Green.
However it has to be said there was no spring in the air for most members with some very low scores with El Presidente, failing to return a score!!
So for the results with just 2 Categories and a special category for the 8 new members who joined us today ..
Category 1. 1st. Sverre Sonenson for the 2nd. week running with 30 points. 2nd. Steve Connoly 29 points on c/b Bjorn Nilsson 4th. Derek Beckett 28 points who was also the winner of our scratch card for 20 Euros with West Ham
Category 2. 1st. Barrie Hopkinson 35 points 2nd. Kevin Hopkins 33 3rd. Phil Harris 30 and 4th. Brian Coombes 29 points.
As said earlier the 1st. Carders winner and with a Special Prize of a TORREGOLF.EU Mug, Kenneth Persson with 29 points.
Best Front 9. Sverre Soneson 17 points and Best Back 9 with 19 points Barrie Hopkinson.
Nearest the Pins: Hole 4. Gareth Farmer, Hole 8. Bjorn Nilson No one on Hole 15.
And of course, The Full Monte in support of our Associates and CD Montesinos……. Gordon Roxon.


VISTABELLA VIEW : Spring has arrived - taken at the 2nd./13th.Green


TORREGOLF at Font del Llop

EVENT 55 TORREGOLF at Font del Llop Thursday 9th.February 2017


Some of the winners on the Font del Llop terrace....

For some unknown reason a low turnout today which started a little chilly but by the time 11a.m. arrived it was noticeable that spring may be just around the corner and it was good to see some members back to shirt sleeves for the visit to , yes, one of our very special courses here on the Costa’s.
With a small turn out today just one category of winners and these were
1. Sverre Soneson 39 points 2nd. Roger Twigg on countback 3rd. Kjell Aasebo and 4th. Ken Holmes all with 35 points 5th. Kevin Hopkins 33 points.
Nearest the pins: Hole 3 Ray Rumble. Hole 8. Paul Greenwood
Hole 12 Arnie Klines and Holes 16 & 17 Alan Perry
Best member in the 1st.2nd.3rd. card scenario Arnie Klines 39 points
Best Fron 9 Kjell Aasebo 18 points and Best Back 9 Roger Twigg 19
Lastly our Full Monte today went to Alan Moody. However, though we do not have a Longest Drive but this is worth mentioning, Kevin Robinson in my 4 Ball hit a drive that was certainly the longest one of the day from any of us and promptly followed it up with one of 3 inches on the 18th.Tee.
Oh dear Kevin!


View from the same terrace of the wonderful view of the 18th. hole. This is where to relax after a great game of golf with a Beer or large G & T.


TORREGOLF at Altorreal

EVENT 54 TORREGOLF at Altorreal Thursday 2nd.February, 2017


Some of the winners photo, taken on the Club terrace with the twilight sunset reflecting on the water around the 9th & 18th. Greens, shows L-R Phil Harris, John Moore, Irvine Scott, Bobby Govan, Ken Holmes, Keith Smith, Roger Twigg and Alan Perry.

Apprehension started the day as rain was forecasted for the whole day and we got away with it till 13.00 hours when we had some light rain for about an hour so things turned out very well even though the scores were not of the usual standard for our Satbleford competition maybe it was the course which have to say was not looking its best and was very wet, understandable after the recent snow and rain however the greens were true and generally very fast.
Low numbers today so prize money down to the first 6 with the ultimate winner Ken Holmes with 32 points 2nd. on a count back Roger Twigg 3rd. Keith Smith both with 31 points 4th. Bobby Govan 30. 5th. again on c/b Phil Harris 28 points with 6th.Alan Perry.
Nearest the pins Hole 5 Roger Twigg. Hole 8 Hugh Reilly. Hole 10 Syd Avery and Hole 17 Alan Perry
Best Guest John Moore completing his 3rd. card 33 points
Best Front 9. Ken Holmes 18 points Best Back 9. Syd Avery
A new winner for The Full Monte to day Irvine Scott in support of our associates and CD Montesinos
Scratch card was won by Roy Tennant with Leicester


EVENT 53 TORREGOLF at La Finca Tuesday 24th.January


With a fairly lateish start today our winners photo is very much in the shadow of the La Finca Hotel complex.

At long last we see some sunshine for our weekly game and today we were at La Finca for the very first time. Myself, had been before, but it was way back in something like 2004 and have to say it has matured a lot and is well worth the ride now and I am pleased to say we have made 2 other bookings for 2017 but by a majority vote it was agreed we would play another date which will now be Tuesday June 13th.
The course, yes is fairly long at just over 6000mtrs but has wide fairways a certain amount of water that likes to accept some golf balls. However, it was in good shape after all the bad weather we have had over the past few weeks and was receptive to buggies on the fairways so all in all the day was very well received by all members attending for our usual Stableford competition. For which the results were
Category1. 1st.Ray Rumble 30 points 2nd. Pete Collins 29. 3rd. Con Moore 28 and 4th.Derek Beckett 28 points
Category 2. 1st. Steve Keilty-Woodcck 33 points 2nd. David Winder 32 on count back 3rd. Joyce Collins and 4th. Alan Perry 31

The ‘big boys’ on the 1st Tee. L-R John Moore, Steve Higgins, Ray Rumble & Pete Collins.

We had 8 members who were in various stages of number of cards completed and as you know new members must complete 3 cards before being allowed to win any prize money but El Presidente took this into account and provided a winning prize to Gunn Handeland who is now the proud owner of a TORREGOLF.EU mug as she returned a card with 34 points.
Well done Gunn 1 more card to go and you could be in the money, very soon?.
Best back 9 went to Fred Parkinson on c/b from Steve Keilty-Woodcock with 19 points and the Best front went to Andy Robinson on count back from Ray Rumble.
Nearest the Pins Hole 3. Vic Smith Hole 6. Pete Collins Hole 13. Con Moore and Hole 16 Bojangles better known off the course as David Winder
And of course the Full Monte in support of our football team CD Montesinos today went to Steve Rollings.
Lastly our football scratch card for 20 Euros Joyce Collins with Rangers.
We also gave our charity money today to Steve Higgins who is collecting on behalf of the Little Pod Association. A good cause Steve.


Torregolf Event 52 TORREGOLF at Alenda Tuesday 17th.January


Our winners photo today was taken in the foyer of Alenda Club house, why, restaurant was full and outside was cold!

To think we were luck today is an understatement as the next 3 days the weather is expected to be rain, snow??, rain, with high winds and while we had some high winds today the weather was kind to us even though at times it looked as if it was going to snow……this is the Costa Brava and we don’t have snow, however, it was extremely cold and the layers were obvious to the 32 members who braved the day, however, that was after 1 no show and 11 cancellations.
Why members book themselves into play and when you remind them of the game they have something else on, is beyond belief. It is so easy with our booking system to book on or cancel. Surely the thing to do is book on line, place in your diary the date and where the Event is taking place and if something comes up that perhaps is more important cancel on line and give others the chance to play!
Anyhow this is a report of the game which has to be said resulted in some great scores did not think the course was in the condition is was a couple of weeks ago though didn’t see so many pitch marks on the greens but bunkers well, they were a disgrace as there were so many where players had not raked after playing out. Just do not understand why when there are plenty of rakes in/at every bunker on the course.
So without further ado the results ...
Nearest the Pins, Hole 3. Andy Robinson, Hole 5. Tommy Erixon, Hole 13. Sandra Twentyman, Hole 16. Bob Watson
Best Front 9. Tommy Erixon 19 on C/B
Best Back 9. Peter Collins 19
The Full Monte is support of our Associates and our Football Team believe it or not went to El Presidente and this after last week coming in with 36 points, but that’s golf! Just like, and it must be recorded, John Moore, Eagled the Par 5, 9th. Playing off 7. Great golf John! And this hole is up hill for those who are not aware of it
So, here we go ...
Category 1. 1st. Tommy Erixon, 2nd. Pete Collins 33
3rd. Ken Holmes 4th. Ray Rumble 31
Category 2. 1st. Tony Mackman 32 2nd. Mike Zenbadee on count back from both Andy Robinson 3rd. and Vince Lannon 4th. all with 31 points
Category 3. 1st. Kevin Hopkins 31 points 2nd. “I’ll give it 5” Frank Reed 30 on c/b 3rd. Steve James and 4th. Alan Perry 29

Our scratch card was not completed and will roll over to next week when we are at La Finca.

TORREGOLF at El Plantio

Torregolf Event 51 at El Plantio Wednesday 11th.January


Our picture shows all the winners outside the Clubhouse at El Plantio L-R Con Moore, Ray Rumble, Brian McClusky, Allard Hudson, Louvain Smith, Mike Zebadee, Tommy Erixon, David Winder, Chris Rose and Kevin Hopkins

Yes the Spanish winter is with us but here on the Costas even though it’s chilly the sun is shining and some members still are in shorts when playing and today was no exception for our visit to El Plantio our home course and what a great day it turned out to be, think the condition of the course certainly helped with the greens in great condition and very true.

So without further ado the results overall
Nearest the Pins Hole 9. Con Moore, Hole.14 Louvain Smith and Hole 18 Allard Hudson. No one on Hole 7 and 4th.shot NTP Hole 12. Brian McClusky
Best Front 9. Mike Zebadee 19 points and Best Back 9. Tommy Erixon 20 points
Category 1. 1st. Tommy Erixon 38 points. 2nd. Ray Rumble 36 and 3rd.Brian McClusky 29.
Category 2.1st. Mike Zerbadee 38 points 2nd. David Winder 36 points and 3rd.Kevin Hopkins 32
And of course no game goes on without The Full Monte in support of our Associates and CD Montesinos and the winner today making a quick visit back to play, was Chris Rose….long way to come Chris to win 3 golf balls!
Our scratch card for 20 Euros Bob Govan with Birmingham


TORREGOLF Event 50 at Alenda 5th.January, 2017


Our picture today in the mid afternoon sun from the lovely Alenda Club House show L-R Roger Nilsen, Carsten Landaas, Kevin Hopkins, Sandra Twentyman, Marion Spencer, Barrie Hopkinson, Geoff Shand and Fred Parkinson

Today was our first event of 2017 and we found the weather just A1 with a course I have to say in probably the best condition I have ever seen it. However, it has to be said that that two of the basic rules when playing golf is replace divots and just as important repair pitch marks and being first out it was very obvious that ‘others’ just don’t care because it was a disgrace to see so many divots all over the course and some of the greens were a disgrace and all I can say is if these were Torregolf members ‘words would be said’.

However, after the little moan, today due to The 3 Kings Festival this evening it was required of us to play our normal Stableford from both the 1st. and 10th. Tees, not a problem, in fact it made a much shorter day for us all and is a great idea when you have a large number of players, in fact we will be doing this when we visit Alenda again in 2 weeks time so for the results in just 1 Category were as follows
1st. Marion Spencer 36 points on c/b 2nd. Geoff Shand
3rd. Sandra Twentyman 35 points on c/b 4th. Barrie Hopkinson 5th. Kevin Hopkins 33 on c/b 6th. Fred Parkinson
Nearest the pins. Hole 3 Roger Nilsen Hole 13 Geoff Shand and Hole 16. Carsten Landaas
The Full Monte today: Mike Jenkins
Best Front 9. Fred Parkinson 19 points and Best Back 9. Marion Spencer 20 points on c/b from Sandra Twentyman

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