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TORREGOLF.EU at El Plantio

Event : TORREGOLF.EU at El Plantio June 19th 2012.

Tuesday 19th. saw us returning to our home course and even though summer is upon us it was very comfortable to enjoy the course which was in excellent condition though greens were very slow and caught many out.
However who complains when the cost for the day was less than 40 Euros including a buggy. Once again showing why TORREGOLF.EU, provide some of the cheapest golf on the Costa's and to top it all everyone received free coffee upon arrival.

Our usual Stableford Competition produced some very high scores and those involved know what that means.
Results on the day, Category 1. 1st. Dunstan Taylor 40 points 2nd. Jeff Betts 35 and 3rd. David Gill 34 points. Category 2. 1st. Peter Kerr 38 points 2nd. Betty Galbraith 34 and 3rd. Fred Galbraith 32 points.
Category 3. 1st. Pauline Johnston 42 points 2nd. Mike Zebadee 37 points and 3rd. Alan Winfield 32.

Over half of those playing to-day scored 30+ points so well done all.
Our nearest the pin winners Hole 9 Betty Galbraith. Hole 14 Alan Winfield. Hole 18 David Gill and the 4th.shot nearest the pin on our Costa Blanca News sponsored hole Jeff Betts.

Our next outing is to Altorreal Golf on Friday 6th.July followed by another visit back to our home course El Planio on July 24th.
Rates for our preferred course may be seen in the advert found in the Costa Blanca News for more information please contact or call him on 626 774 157.


Event : 1st June TORREGOLF.EU Diamond Jubilee venue at Font del Llop.

Yes a great day to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee which took place on the 1st.June with perfect weather for golf and a great turn out of red, white and blue everywhere and a course in great condition to celebrate the day. Greens however while in prefect condition caused many problems, will say no more!

Some good score were recorded and of course many prizes to be won not only for the game but for the best dressed on the day, and the results were firstly in the Jubilee Competition , Pearl Sabine, well done Pearl good to see you back on the circuit. Nearest the Pins , The Corgi's Hole Malcolm Harrison who also achieved another prize at Newly Weds Hole. The Prince's Hole was won by Geoff Betts and the Queen's..Sue Owens.

Other prizes Category 1. 1st. Phil Brigham 38 points 2nd.David Gill 37 3rd. Spencer Andrews 35. Category 2. 1st. Peter Kerr 37 points 2nd. Peter Wells 36 3rd. Alan Darby 32. Category 3. 1st. Christopher Rose 30 points on c/b 2nd. Roger Twigg 30 3rd. Paul Looseley 28.

Alan Darby and Vic Souter were judged by the Director of Golf at Font del Llop to be 1st. and 2nd in the best dressed competition.

Oue next game is back to our home course El Plantio on the 19th. June followed by Altorreal on the 6th.July.

For more information please contact David Winder on 626 774 157
or email him at

Photographs show President with the winners of the Best Dressed Players and The Royal Couple



Tuesday saw a full house turn out for a return visit to Alenda and another great day of golf in association with the Costa Blanca News. Course in great condition though greens expected to be fast were in fact slow. Have to say some shots resulted in golf balls finishing up making a journey to Madrid on the back of a lorry(s), sorry to those involved, they know who they are!. The president, for once had a great shot, on the hard 17th. Hole when he hit the pole with his 3rd.shot and finished his par off with a 6 inch put.

Results on the day did cause a problem with marking in Category 2 where 6 players finished the course with 34 points. However, overall in Category 1. 1st. Geoff Betts 38 points 2nd. Roy Middleton 35 and 3rd. Phil Brigham 34 points. Category 2. 1st Vince Lannon 2nd. Tony Mackman and 3rd. Bernard Ball all with 34 points. Category 3. Brian Coombes 38 points 2nd. Sandra Twentyman 35 points 3rd. Terry Sangwine 34.

Other results on the day Nearest the Pins, Hole 3 Richard Cairns. Hole 5 Geoff Betts. Hole 16 Ron Matthews and Longest Drive Hole 17 Michael Gossage.

Our next game(s), First, Font del Llop 1st.June for fun & games during our Diamond Jubilee Stableford Competition where everyone is required to wear red, white and blue and then on the 19th.June back to our home course El Plantio. For more information follow our Budget Golf insert in the Costa Blanca News or email

TORREGOLF.EU at Hacienda Riquelme

Event : Hacienda Riquelme 26th.April

With lovely weather our members descended for the first time on Thursday to one of the best Jack Niklaus courses here on the Costa's namely Hacienda Riquelme and we were not disappointed. However when we arrived it was obvious from first glances and the wind that the day was not going to be easy and club selection was very difficult on every hole to combat the wind and avoid the many LARGE bunkers to be seen on every fairway and the rough with its many grasses to swallow up the ball from any wayward shot, and then of course there was the usual water hazards to avoid!

Taking all this into account the result was that many members had great difficulty in publishing high scores and then of course when we arrived on the beautiful contoured greens reading was difficult as we would expect after the recent rain to be lightning fast they were in fact slow.

However, a great day and the winners on the day were first the course and then followed by in Category 1. 1st.Sally Brian with 39 points, 2nd.Paul Hurrell with 34, 3rd.Jane Woodward with 31 points. Category 2. 1st. Peter Wells 35 points 2nd.Vince Lannon 31 and 3rd.Con Moore 29 points. Category 3. 1st. Terry Sangwine 27 points 2nd. Roger Twigg 26 3rd. Mike Zebadee 25 points
Our 4 nearest the pin winners were Hole 5 and 7 Joyce Paterson Hole 15 Mike Zebedee and Hole 17. Jane Woodward.
Our next outing is the Alenda Golf on Tuesday 14th.May and then Font del Llop on the Friday 1st.June, both being courses in our Costa Blanca News Budget Golf deals.

For those interested in joining us, membership of 10 Euros will see you through now till the end of July 2013 for the fastest growing golf club here on the Costas. For more details call David Winder on 626774157 or email him at

Our picture of some of the winners on the day shows left to right Con Morre, Terry Sangwine, Roger Twigg, Mike Zebedee, Paul Hurrell, Peter Wells and to the front Sally Brian, Jane Woodward and Joyce Paterson.

TORREGOLF.EU at Altorreal

Event : TORREGOLF.EU at Altorreal Thursday 5th April

Thursday 5th,April saw us back to Altorreal and this time with a little twist to add to our normal Stableford Competition yes in addition we had ...
1. Catch the Bunny i.e nearest the Bunny and ...
2. Bunny and Fox competition
where you must not find the Fox in a designated hole to claim double points.
All great fun!

The winners for these 2 extra events were Nearest the Bunny.
Hole 2. Brian Coombes. Hole 4. Bojangles. Hole 12. Malcolm Cambell and Hole.14. Mick Wells.
Our Bunny/Fox competition resulted in
1st. Roger Twigg 32 points
2nd on countback from 3 others Christopher Rose
3rd. Sandra Twentyman & 4th.Tony Mackman all with 29 points.
Our main competition showed overall to-day that it was not going to be a high scoring day with only 4 players breaking 30 points and this resulted in the winners being, Category 1. 1st. Mick O'Brien 31 points 2nd.Mick Gossage 30 and 3rd.Roy Middleton 29. Category 2. 1st.Alan Darby 36 points 2nd.Peter Kerr 32 and 3rd. Tony Mackman 29. Category 3. 1st.Sandra Twentyman 26 points on c/b 2nd. Chris Rose and 3rd. Bojangles 25.
It was great to get round and finish before the rain came.

Our next outing is returning to Hacienda Riquelme on the 26th. April to catch up on our earlier washed out day that should have taken place on the 20th.March and this is followed with a return to Alenda on the 15th.May.

If you are interested in Budget Golf and great deals and at the same time hopefully support our local football team CD Montesinos then contact David Winder on 626774157 or email him at and if you would like to join us then for 10 Euros you can now become a member till the end of July 2013.

The picture shows some of the winners at Alrorreal just as the rain came.

TORREGOLF.EU at Golf Altorreal

Event : TORREGOLF.EU at Golf Altorreal Tuesday 5th March

Tuesday 5th.March saw a great day of golf with a full house of members enjoying not only a green fee of 24 Euros including a buggy but over 200 Euros of prizes to be won. Yes, once again the cheapest rates on the Costa's. How does one achieve these rates, well for an annual fee of 10 Euros this not only gives you TORREGOLF.EU membership but also a membership to Te Full Monte, The International (CB) Football Supporters Club of CD Montesinos currently top of their division. For more information please contact David Winder on 626774157 or email him at for more information.

Now, after the advert let's get back to the day. Unusual low scores today, think mainly due to the greens being electric fast and extremely difficult to read resulting in only 10 players scoring 30+ points. Winners on the day.
Category 1. Phil Brigham 39 points, 2nd. Roy Middleton 33 and 3rd. Mick Gossage 30 points on count back.
Category 2. John Heyes 30 points on count back 2nd. Con Moore on count back 3rd. Alan Derby on c/b. Category 3. Fred Hyland 41 points 2nd. Brian Coombes 30 points 3rd. Peter Kerr 29 points.

Best Front 9. Fred Hyland 25 points. Best Back 9. Mick Gossage 20.
Longest Drive Hole 2 Tony Mackman. 4th.shot nearest the pin Hole 12 Mick Gossage with a birdie 4.

Nearest the Pins Hole 5. Roy Middleton. Hole 8. Alan Darby. Hole 10 Sue Owens and Hole 17 Con Moore.

Our next outing is a 1st. for us at Hacienda Riquelme on March 20th.
Followed by Golf Altorreal on April 5th.

Our picture shows some of our members and prize winners that attended the day.

TORREGOLF.EU at El Plantio

Event : TORREGOLF.EU at El Plantio 14th Feb 2012.

Tuesday saw us back to our home course for the 1st.time this year weather a little chilly but sunny for most of the day. It's been a long time since we have seen such low scores with only 4 players making 30 points or more. With a special rate to members of 45Euros including the buggy we all played our normal Stableford competition. Not quite a full house to-day with the flu bug keeping many away or was it because it was St.Valentines Day, so we only had 2 categories but still plenty to play for.

Results for the day being as follows ...
Category 1. 1st. Paul Hurrell 31 points 2nd.Betty Galbraith 29 points 3rd.Mick Gossage 28 points.
Category 2. 1st. Terry Phillips 32 points 2nd.Roger Twigg 31 points 3rd. Paul Looseley 30 points.

The best front 9 went to Terry Phillip 16 points and the best back 9 Paul Looseley 19 points.
Nearest the pin winners Hole 9 Phil Brigham, Hole 14 not won and Hole 18 Tony Mackman. The 4th.shot nearest the pin on our Costa Blanca News sponsored hole 12, went to Betty Galbraith
Good day for Betty a new member to-day, with 2 prizes and also scooped 20 Euros from our football scratch card in aid of our football team CD Montesinos.

Or next game is at Altorreal Golf on the 5th.March where we hope to have something special going on.

TORREGOLF.EU at Alenda Golf

Event : TORREGOLF.EU at Alenda Golf 24th January 2012.

Great day in every respect and at a price of 35 Euros including a buggy for our very first visit to Alenda Golf. However, it did not start well with many of our members losing the plot as far as directions to the golf course were concerned, but thanks to Jose, at Alenda, we were able to keep near enough to our booked tee times.

Course in great condition, greens superb but what a place to have the pin on the 18th, very well placed to test us all.
It was also the first golf day for members to nominate their card for our Super League to be finalised in December, 5 cards were nominated and after the game we had El Presidente on a count back with 33 points leading the pack. While talking about count backs it was just as well we had 3 Categories for the prizes as we could still be at the course checking scores which were very close because we had 12 members coming in with a score over 30 points with the winner on 37.

Results for the day.
Category 1. 1st. Maurice Sweeney 37 points. 2nd. Brian Mulligan 33 points on c/b. 3rd. Ronnie Gibson.
Category 2. 1st. Peter Kerr 33 points. 2nd. Brian Coombes 32 points on c/b. 3rd. Roger Bird.
Category 3. 1st. Terry Sangwine 34 points on c/b. 2nd. Roger Twigg. 3rd. David Winder 33 points.
Our nearest the pin winners Hole 3. Reg Palmer, Hole 5. Alan Darby, Hole 13. Maurice Sweeney, Hole 16. Alan Darby.

Longest Drive on Hole 17. Mick Gossage. I should also say that Micks wife Lin ran a half marathon at Santa Pola at the weekend in aid of Help the Heroes Charity and was sponsored by TORREGOLF.EU but .....yes, she ran with perhaps she thought, a strained ankle, but was later diagnosed with a broken leg. Have you ever heard of someone running 12 1/2 miles (not sure whats that in kilometre's) with a broken leg.

Well don Lin.

Back to the golf. Best front 9. Peter Kerr 19 points. Best back 9. Maurice Sweeney 23 points. Lastly our football scratch card with a 20 Euro prize was won by Roger Bird.

Our next game is back to our home course El Plantio on Valentines Day, 14th.February followed by Golf Altorreal on Monday 5th.March. So if you want to play some of the best courses here on the Costas with the best prices then email or give him a call on (0034) 626774157.

Please also follow the path of CD Montesinos in their quest for promotion, currently top of the league, on


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