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TORREGOLF.EU at Hacienda del Alamo

TORREGOLF.EU at Hacienda del Alamo Wednesday 19th.June

Wednesday 19th. saw us all off to this the longest course in Spain and while it may be a long way out it certainly is worth playing and remains one of our favourite courses and it certainly did not disappoint us, though have to say the bunkers were in need of a lot of extra sand, however, we were informed that the machine they use for this operation was currently awaiting the arrival of some spare parts and then they would be back to A1 condition

The game our usual Stableford, was to-day in 2 Categories and while it was expected that some high scores would come in with the course in great condition this did not happen, however, over half of the members playing achieved scores of over 30 points and the winners were Category 1. 1st. David `King Kong' Gill 37 points, 2nd. Roy Middleton 35 3rd. Geoff Betts 33 points on count back from 4th. Rachel Priddle Category 2. 1st. David Winder 34 points, 2nd. Alan Moody on count back from 3rd. Mike Zebadee and 4th. Freddie Brown all with 33 points. Nearest the Pins Hole 5. Phil Brigham, Hole 8. Freddie Brown, Hole 12 and yes this hole is 184 mtrs. over water, was won by Alan Moody with his unusual left hand below his right hand grip over, yes, a 7 Iron!. Great shot Alan. Hole 15. Robert Marchant.

Scratch card to day for 20 Euros was won by Roy Tennant with Aston Villa.

To-day, we introduced a new prize called The Full Monte, after the supporters club of our football team CD Montesinos. This being the person with the lowest score and to-day went to Paul Abbott, will not disclose Paul, so don't worry and this prize was sponsored by Mick Hyland.

Our photo to-day show some of the winners on the Terrace of Hacienda del Alamo's beautiful Club House, it was also great to see many wearing our TORREGOLF.EU polo shirts which are available at a price of 18 Euros.

TORREGOLF.EU at La Peraleja

TORREGOLF.EU at La Peraleja Monday 3rd.June

What a great day for playing golf, weather was spot on, conditions excellent and a great turn out, but for some unknown reason scores that were expected to be very high turned out being mediocre for what was our 3rd. visit this year to this lovely Sevi designed course?.funny old game this GOLF.

Our game was a normal Stableford with 6 nearest the pins thrown in for good measure and for these the winners were Hole 2 Roy Tennant, Hole 7 Robert Marchan t, Hole 9 David Park, Hole 12 Peter Kerr, Hole 16 our current King of The Par 3's Geoff Betts and on Hole 17, 3rd. shot NTP was a result for our President who finished up a foot from the hole which was duly despatched for his par.

Two Categories to-day which resulted in Category 1 winner going to Roy Tennant 35 points on c/b from Phil Brigham 3rd. David Park 31 and 4th.Paul Hurrell 30. Category 2 1st. Pauline Johnston, our only lady member playing to-day, with 33 points 2nd. David Winder 31 on c/b from 3rd. Con Morre, just in from Ireland the night before and 4th. Roger Twigg all with 31.

The scratch card winner to-day for 20 Euros went to Paul Abbott with Stoke City. We will also complete another at Vistabella this coming Sunday the 9th.

Our next game at Vistabella on June 9th and this is followed by Hacienda del Alamo on June 19th.

One last item thanks to to La Peraleja who had all the flags flying the Union Jack and for the Union Jack bunting adorning the Club House to celebrate the 60th. Anniversary of the Coronation of Elizabeth II to-day. Well done. Would also like to think it was also there for our benefit but then we are not all British and have many from our European Partners, hence our name.

The picture to-day of all the winners less one in the shadows of La Peraleja Club House after consuming a couple of drinks, as you will see!.

Dont forget everyone that we run a lunch every month in association with The Full Monte supporting C.D. Montesinos come and join us, it's good. You get details direct from the supporters club.

TORREGOLF.EU at Vistabella

TORREGOLF.EU at Vistabella Friday 24th May 2013

With many thanks to Vistabella golf to-day who provided prizes for our Special Stableford Competition a full house of members took advantage of this and enjoyed a great day of golf even if most found it difficult to get 30+ points except Phil Brigham who with his new set of Ping Clubs tore the course apart with a staggering 40 points. Well done Phil but you know what that means, yes, a severe cut!

Results and the winners for to-day were Category 1. 1st. David (King Kong) Gill 33 points 2nd. Chris Butler 28 and Paul (The Hulk) Hurrell 27. Category 2. Phil Brigham 40 points 2nd. Keith Mann 28 on c/b from 3rd. Ken Holmes. Category 3. 1st. Brian Coombes 29 points 2nd. Terry Phillips on c/b from Roger Twigg 28 points. Both the best Front 9 & Back 9 went to Phil Brigham with 22 and 20 points. Nearest the pins Hole 4 & 15 Paul Hurrell. Hole 8 Jackie McVicar and 4th.shot nearest the pin, Hole 7 & 18 King Kong, himself, David Gill.

The Full Monte prize for the lowest score going to George Hall. Our scratch card for to-day was not completed so that will run over

Our next game at La Peraleja on June 3rd. and this is followed by Vistabella on June 9th.

Once again many thanks to Pablo and his Staff at Vistabella for providing prizes and making sure the course was in great condition and for the on course Marshall who made sure no hold ups occurred.

Our picture of the winners L-R. Phil Brigham, Terry Phillips, Brian Coombes, Roger Twigg, Ken Holmes, Paul Hurrell, Jackie McVicar, Keith Mann, David Gill and Chris Butler.


TORREGOLF.EU at Alenda Friday 17th May 2013

A full house today turned up to play this lovely course just north of Alicante and have to say it was in great condition. Greens were slow on the day probably from the hollowing tinning that had taken place recently but give it another couple of weeks and for sure they will be like grease lightning. The only memorable thing on the day was El Presidente came last! And I am sure he will not like being reminded of it. The day was completed in good weather after the last few days of torrential rain which was good though have to say it looked doubtful a couple of times during the day.

Our usual Stableford competition resulted in the following winners Category 1. 1st. Paul (The Hulk) Hurrell who was doubtful in the first place with a wrist injury ha!ha! it was all a ploy with 32 points on c/b from Geoff Betts 3rd. Spencer Andrews on c/b from Phil Brigham 30 points. Category 2. 1st.Ken Holmes 36 points on c/b Alan Darby 3rd. Roy Middleton 31. Category 3. 1st. Sandra Twentyman 36 2nd. Gail Green 35 3rd. Freddie Brown 33 points. Nearest the pins Holes 3 & 5 Paul Hurrell, Hole 13 Gail Green, Hole 16 Tony Mackman the longest drive on Hole 17 Spencer Andrews.

Our football scratch card for support of The Full Monte and CD Montesinos was completed at the game Sunday and the winner for 20 Euros was Gail Green with York City.

Our next venue is Friday 24th. where we will be playing a "Special" at Vistabella Golf first tee time 09.36 following on at La Peraleja on June 3rd .

Watch out for some changes/additions in the fixture list here and remember all bookings for the Saturday/Sunday games at Vistabella should go through Phil Brigham at c.c. David Winder.

Our photo on the day with some winners L-R? Spencer Andrews, Freddie Brown, Tony Mackman, Geoff Betts, Paul Hurrell, Roy Middleton and 2 lady members Gail Green & Sandra Twentyman.

TORREGOLF.EU at Altorreal

TORREGOLF.EU at Altorreal Friday 3rd May 2013

What a wonderful day for playing golf just perfect conditions on a course in great condition and of course (excuse the pun) it brought the best out of everyone including Tony Mackman who scored a brilliant Albatross on the Par 5 12th. Well done Tony and a sleeve of our very special TORREGOLF.EU golf balls.

Our Stableford competition in 3 categories produced the following. Category 1. 1st. Jim McVicar 34 points, 2nd on c/b David Gill 33points, 3rd. Peter Kerr. Category 2. 1st. Tony Mackman 37 points, 2nd. On c/b Brian Coombes 35 points and 3rd. Roy Middleton. Category 3. 1st. Sandra Twentyman 35 points 2nd. Roger Twigg 30 and 3rd. David Winder 29.

Nearest the pins Holes 5 & 8 Roger Twigg, Hole 17 Brian Coombes no one got near on hole 10.

Our scratch card was not completed on the day but finalised with our associated partners The Full Monte on Sunday at the away game of CD Montesinos with the winner of 20 Euros going to Roger Twigg with Bolton.

Our next game is Vistabell on Saturday the 11th.May followed by Alenda on May 17th. and then a special day at Vistabella on Friday 24th. So if you want to play with a special Club then give David a call on 626 774 157 or email him at or via the website and get some of the cheapest rates on the Costa's for the best courses, also see our advert in this Costa Blanca News. Membership, if joining now, will see you paid up till the end of July 2014 and includes that of the The Full Monte supporting C.D.Montesinos.

Our picture to-day shows some of the winners on the day.

TORREGOLF.EU at El Plantio

TORREGOLF.EU at El Plantion 19th April 2013

After more than a year we returned to our home course and must say it was good to be back, yes the course is now getting back to the condition we used to know it to be, plenty of grass on the fairways and the greens were in good condition though some were slightly bumpy and with the weather conditions perfect it was just to the tonic we needed for our Stableford game of golf.

Winners on the day were nearest the pins Hole 7. Tony Mackman Hole 9 Chris Rose Hole 14 Brian Coombes and Hole 18 David Rae, on our Hole 12 4th.shot nearest the pin, Paul Hurrell.

In the Stableford Category 1. 1st. Paul Hurrel on count back from Alan Darby 33 points 3rd.David Rae 32. Category 2. 1st. Brian Coombes 34 points 2nd. Paul Abbott 33 and 3rd. with 31 Tony Mackman. Category 3. 1st. Chris Rose 36 points 2nd. David Winder 32 and 3rd. Steve James 29 points.

The scratch card for 20 Euros and run in association with the Full Monte supporting CD Montesinos was won by Henry Dryden with Brighton.

Our next outing is Vistabella Saturday 27th. followed by Golf Altorreal on the 3rd.May Vistabella on May 11th and Alenda on 17th Picture to-day shows some of the winners in the entrance of El Plantio Club House

TORREGOLF.EU at Altorreal

TORREGOLF.EU at Altorreal Wednesday 4th April 2013

Thursday 4th.saw us back to this lovely course just on the outskirts of Murcia and how the course had changed from when we were there just a month earlier, fairways were growing lots of grass, must have been the rain following our last visit and the warm weather we have seen over the past 4 weeks, and the greens were in great shape and fast and all this led to what can only be described as a great round for everyone and as expected some high scores.

Our Stabelford competition resulted in many count backs to sort the winners out and we finished with Category 1. 1st. Hugh Steward 40 points on C/B from Sue Owens and Jim McVicar just behind on 39. Category 2. 1st. Tony Mackman 37, 2nd.on C/B Phil Brigham 34 from 3rd. Peter Kerr. Category 3. 1st. Dave Kilner a new member joining us for the first time 39 points 2nd. Christopher Rose 35 and another new member and increasing our Scandinavian members, from Denmark, Svend Kildegaard also on 35 points.

It has to be said that it's great to see that we are becoming a truly European Golf Club and that all this has come about due to our association with the Costa Blanca News.

Our nearest the pins to-day and winners of our usual sleeve of TORREGOLF.EU golf balls went to Hole 5. Peter Kerr. Hole 8 El Presidente. Hole 10 Michael O'Brien and Hole 17 Sue Owens.

The photo to-day shown some of our winners, runners an riders for the day on the Terrace of Altorreal Club House (just as the rain came)

TORREGOLF.EU at Hacienda del Alamo

Event : TORREGOLF.EU at Hacienda del Alamo Wednesday 20th.March.

The day did not start well with many getting lost because the sat nav. took one to places that got you no where. However all were, be it our smallest turn out in 2 years, able to get to their tee times in time and what a great day it was. Sun from beginning to end but a very strong wind kept everyone on their toes not only on the course but most definitely on the greens which were in great condition but very difficult to read with so much wind that kept moving the ball as soon as you placed it again after marking.
As many will know the course is one of the longest in Spain and of course it was expected that together with the wind that scores would be reasonably low or that was our excuse so with 2 Categories to-day for our Stabelford competition the winners were Category 1. Phil Brigham 31 points 2nd. Paul Hurrell 30, 3rd.Sue Owens 29points. Category 2. 1st. Alan Darby 31 points, 2nd. David Winder 29 and 3rd. Brian Coombes 25 points. Only 2 nearest the pins to-day and both over water Hole 8. Mr. No One. And Hole 12 Paul Hurrell.

Our Scratch Card was not completed to-day so 20 Euros will go forward to our next game at Altorreal on April 4th. and following that El Plantio on April 19 being our games in the near future except of course for our weekend roll up's at Vistabella.

Photo to-day shows the winners L-R Alan Darby, Phil Brigham, David Winder, Paul Hurrell, Brian Coombes and Sue Owens.

TORREGOLF.EU at Altorreal

Event :TORREGOLF.EU at Altorreal, 5th March 2013

To celebrate El Presidente's birthday we were at Altorreal for a day that can only be described as a bit of a `colourful day' yes, it started with red rain then yellow/orange sun, grey mist, blue skies, black clouds, green and brown grass more rain and mud, mud glorious mud, but did it deter us NO! some reasonable scores being recorded in what can only be described as not the best day to play golf.

Winners then on the day Category 1. 1st. David Watson 32 points 2nd. Ray Tennant on a c/b from Sue Owens 30 points. Category 2. 1st.Phil Brigham 34 points 2nd.Brian Coombes 33 3rd. Mick Heart 31 points. Category 3. Steve James 36 points 2nd.Roger Twigg 35 and 3rd. Barbara Watson 34 points.

Nearest the pins on the 5th. and 17th. Geoff Betts, fast becoming the winner in our NTP King at the end of the year. On the 8th. it was impossible to find a winner as the distance was exactly the same so 2 winners Sue Owens & Peter Kerr (just as well no one got near on the 10th! as we would not have enough TORREGOLF.EU golf balls to give away)
The scratch card to-day for a 20 Euros prize went to Al Warnock with Plymouth Argyle?..sorry `Hulk' you lost out to-day for not playing!

Our next outing is Hacienda del Alamo on the 20th.March followed by Vistabella on the 30th and then back to Altorreal on the 4th.April.

Our pictures to-day shows El Presidente on the 8th.Tee at Altorreal and some of the winners on the day.


Event : TORREGOLF.EU at La Serena, 23rd February 2013.

Water, water no not the cry of help or maybe….. but for those that don’t know La Serena we have a golf course that has more than it’s fair share on the course where 16 holes will test anyone skills and if the wind is blowing well look out, because you have lots of problems.

With a large number playing half played off the 1st. and the rest off the 10th. Yes lovely day with plenty of sunshine just a gentle breeze and warm enough after an hour to discard the jumpers but how that changed after a couple hours because we then had some heavy rain and gale force winds, luckily the rain stopped after 20 minutes but the wind continued to plague us.

However, with all the problems we had to deal with it was good to see that that some did manage to break the 30 point barrier. So well done Bernard Ball, Geoff Betts, Sue Owens, Peter Kerr and David Winder. You cannot play La Serena without having a little wager on the most ball lost in the water on the day and while the total lost amounted to 120 with the most going to Peter Cowd with 11. However, Geff Betts with the best score of the day of 38 points managed to get round with the same ball he started with. Well done Geoff.

The results of our Stabelford competition were Category 1. Jeff Betts 38 points 2nd.Sue Owens 34 and 3rd.Peter Kerr 30. Category 2. 1st. Bernard Ball 2nd. Tony Mackman on C/B from Phil Brigham 28 and Category 3. 1st.David Winder 30 points 2nd. Terry Sangwine 28 3rd.Barbara Watson 26. Nearest the Pins Hole 3 Sue Owens, Hole 9 Phil Brigham, Hole 15 Jackie McVicar and Hole 17 Vince Lannon.

After the game we returned to The Courtyard in Los Balcones where David Gill (one of our members) and his staff provided us with a great buffet while the presentations for the winners etc. took place. Thank you David.

Our next venue is Altorrel on the 5th. March followed by Vistabella on the 10th and Hacienda del Alamo on 20th March.


Event : TORREGOLF.EU at Alenda, 18th February 2013.

Monday the 18th. saw a full house of members playing our Stableford competition in conditions that can only be described as perfect and this was reflected in some great scores. The course was in a great condition and it was good to see some green grass as opposed to the brown stuff that we have seen recently.

On the day the results were Category 1. 1st.Keith Mann 36 points 2nd.Paul Hurrell 31 and 3rd. on a countback from Peter Kerr, Sue Owens, Paul Abbott and Roy Middleton was David Gill with 27 points. Caegory 2. 1st.Phil Brigham 32 points 2nd. Bernard Ball 30 on a countback from Con Moore. Category 3 Brian Coombes 39 points 2nd. Christopher Rose 38 and 3rd. David Winder 34 points Nearest the pins to-day going to Keith Mann on the 3rd.Geoff Betts on the 5th. Dudley Pike on the 13th. and Peter Kerr on the 16th Our game at Vistabella on the 15th resulted in a win for Alan Moody with 33 points.

Our next venue is at La Serena on the 23rd followed by Altorreal on the 5th March and Vistabella on the 10th.

TORREGOLF.EU at La Peraleja

Event : TORREGOLF.EU at La Peraleja 1st Feb

The 1st.February saw us at this lovely course for the first time this year and you would have thought summer was with us. What a great day for both the weather and the golf, yes, perfect conditions to play but once again members were finding it difficult to get more than 30 points in conditions that should have produced many more points.

Our Stableford competition split into 3 Categories produced the following winners, Cat.1. 1st. Neil Young 34 points,2nd. Roy Middleton 30 and 3rd. Geoff Betts 29 Cat.2 1st. Peter Kerr 30 points 2nd. Jackie MacVicar 28 on count back from Vince Lannon. Cat.3 only 2 prizes due to low numbers to-day, resulted in 1st. Christopher Rose 33 2nd. El Presidente 28 points. Our nearest the pins for those prized TORREGOLF.EU golf balls Hole 2. Alan Darby. Hole 7. Ron Matthews. Holes 9 and 16. Geoff Betts who now goes way into a big lead for our year end prize of a FREE ROUND OF GOLF and Hole 12. Roger Twigg.

Our picture to-day shows some of the winners Left to Right, Peter Kerr, Alan Darby, Christopher Rose, Roger Twigg, David Winder, Jackie MacVicar, Ron Matthews, Roy Middleton and Neil Brown in the evening sun of La Peraleja’s lovely Club House balcony.

Our next game is our roll up one at Vistabella on the 9th., last weeks winner being Sue Owens, followed by Alenda on Monday the 18th. and then La Serena on Saturday 23rd.

Also would remind all that our Football Team, CD Montesinos play a top of the table game against Torrevieja CF this Sunday 10th.February at the Los Montesinos Olympic Stadium, kick off expected to be 16.00hrs (4pm) so come on down and support the lads.

TORREGOLF.EU at Altorreal

Event : Altorreal Golf 21st.January

For our second major meeting this year we were back to another of our special courses and for those that had returned from the snow of the UK it was very warm, for the others a normal sunny winters day here on the Costa’s though it has to be said only 1 member turned up in shorts.

Another great day of golf with the course in good condition though very wet under foot. However, something must have caused the scores to be very low with only 4 players scoring more than 30 points and I would suggest it was the putting, greens were very hard to read some fast some slow and as most will know the greens at Altorreal are not flat ones! and are very testing. Or maybe it was the wind which at times was very strong.

The competition was our normal Stableford one with the winners
Group 1. 1st.Geoff Betts 28 points 2nd.Paul Hurrell 26 on c/b from David Gill. Group 2. 1st. Ken Holmes 35 points 2nd. Peter Kerr 31 3rd. Brian Coombes 29. Group 3. 1st. Christopher Rose 34 on c/b from David Winder 3rd. Steve James 28 Nearest the pin winners, Holes 5 & 8 Geoff Betts Holes 10 & 17 Ken Holmes

The photograph of all but one winner shows L to R. Brian Coombes, Paul Hurrell, Geoff Betts, David Winder, David Gill, Steve James, Christopher Rose & Peter Kerr.

Our next game is our Saturday Fun Day at Vistabella on the 26th. and then La Peraleja on the 1st.February and Vistabella on the 9th.

If you are interested in joining our Club call David Winder on 626 774 157 or email him at

TORREGOLF.EU at Font del Llop

Event : Font del Llop Thursday 3rd Jan 2013

Thursday 3rd. saw us back to one of our Costa Blanca News preferred courses for our first game of the New Year and while the picture of some of the players/winners look as if it was a cold day I can confirm it was not, in fact we had a day of lovely sunshine with very little wind and it was expected that some high scores would be recorded, how wrong can one be, in fact only one player scored over 30 points and it was down to a Lady to do it, come on guys…..not good enough you must try harder.

The competition was a Stableford one and for to-day only 2 categories for the prize money.

Winners being :
Category 1. 1st. Sue Owens 33points 2nd. Our ‘King Kong’ David Gill on c/b from Eric Garside with 30 points. Shame Eric you lost your ball on the 18th. that could have made a lot of difference at the end of the day.
Category 2. 1st. Brian Coombes 30 points 2nd. Al Warnock 28 and 3rd. Christopher Rose 27.

Nearest the Pin winners Hole 3. Brian Coombes, Hole 8. Hugh Stewart, Hole 12. David Rae and Hole 17. Sue Owens.

The winners of our last Saturday roll up game at Vistabella just prior to Christmas, which was a 2 ball better ball, were Sue Owens and David Winder with 45 points.

Our next game at Vistabella is on the 12th.January followed by Altorreal on Monday 21st.January and then La Peraleja on Friday 1st.February.


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