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TORREGOLF.EU at El Plantio

TORREGOLF.EU at El Plantio Thursday 19th.December

Our last game of the year, as usual, was the Xmas Stableford game back at our home course and as always out comes the Brandy and Mince Pies made by our Presidents wife Gill and how good they were!, as well as many prizes as could be given out on the day.

Other than the surprise Xmas Hamper of top class `Booz' given to our President, for which he was highly delighted, there was not a great deal to report as the weather was not the best and many members did not get round without getting a little wet!!, and only two players achieved the magic 30 points plus.

We concluded our `King of The Pins' competition which had been going on all year and this went to Geoff Betts with 12 and he won not only a free round of golf at El Plantio but received a very nice trophy donated by Peter Kerr, many thanks for that Peter, it was greatly appreciated. This competition will continue again in 2014.

Ok, the results. Nearest the Pins, Hole 7, Tony Owens. Hole 9, Sue Owens who came 2nd, with 9 overall in the yearly `King' or perhaps we should say in her case `Queen of the Pins' competition. Hole 14, Phil Brigham. Hole 18, Ray Pollock who also won a very large Jamon in The Full Monte raffle. 4th.Shot NTP Hole 12 the TORREGOLF.EU hole went to Alan Duckworth and our Full Monte prize to day went to Chris Charlton. Many thanks to Rob Marchant for that one!

Best Front 9 went to Joe Curran with 19 points and the Best Back 9 going to El Presidente with 17, on count back.

Results of the Stableford. Category 1. 1st. Joe Curran 35 points.2nd. Alan Duckworth 29 points on c/b from 3rd. Rob Marchant on c/b 4th. Sue Owens. Category 2. 1st. David Winder 31 points 2nd. Neil Casey 29 points. 3rd. Christopher Rose 27 and 4th. Steve James 24 points.

Our Full Monte/TorreGolf Scratch Card to win 20 Euros went to Bernard Ball.

Great day had by all and all that's left now is to wish all our members and readers the very best for Christmas and the New Year. TORREGOLF.EU has gone from strength to strength in promoting some of the cheapest golf on the Costa's and if you would like to join us playing a course somewhere every week in 2014 and at the same time help us in our support of our local football team CD Montesinos through The Full Monte then contact David Winder on 626774157 or email him at

Picture to-day of some of the winners outside the Club House of El Plantio.

TORREGOLF.EU at Vistabella

TORREGOLF.EU at Vistabella Thursday 14th.December

To-day saw us play our last Saturday game of this year and while it was dry it was not very warm and for some unknown reason scores were reasonably low with only 2 members scoring more than 30 points

Our thanks also go to Robin of the Vistabella Restaurant for supplying bottles of wine for all the nearest the pin winners and these were Stan Clayton, Mike Zebadee and Chris Charlton

It should also be noted, Phil Brigham who runs our Saturday games at Vistabella somehow managed to come up with prizes/gifts for the top 9 players, well done and thanks Phil.

The course, as usual, was in great condition for our Stabelford Competition to-day and the 2 top prizes going to 1st. El Presidente, David Winder, 33 points on countback from 2nd.Stan Clayton. Hate to think what El P would have scored if he had not had so many 3 putts but then the greens at Vistabella are built to give you 3 putts or more if you are not near the pin with your previous shot.

Our scratch card winner for 20 Euros in support of our football team CD Montesinos going to Bernard Ball and The Full Monte Prize went to Ann Holland well done all and see you at El Plantio for our Christmas game on the 19th. and the last game for the year 2013.

TORREGOLF.EU at Font Del Llop

TORREGOLF.EU at Font Del Llop Tuesday 3rd.December

Wow! what a day, yes, Font del Llop all system go for the Spanish Professionals Seniors Open taking place on the 4th. with a Pro Am, and then on the 5th, 6th and 7th the actual Open and it was a privilege for our Club to play the day before and actually be involved with all the pro. players on the course and enter in all the banter that was going on.

However, 3 complaints or 4 actually because in our group we had slow play but it all started on the 1st tee consisting of Lady members who were held up by slow play from the Pro's in front. Have you ever heard that one before? Then all the Ladies Tees or a lot of them had been changed and most of the hazards that would have faced them were taken out of play, and guess what all but think 2 or 3 of the Yellow Tees had been moved back to near enough the White's so all us Senior Players had to give way to official Spanish Federated Tee Boxes that basically where our boxes. However, none if these were a problem and we all entered into the fun of it all and some high scores were registered.

winners were Category 1. 1st. Sharon Smith 44 points 2nd. Phil Brigham 40 3rd. Jim McVicar 32 4th. Sue Owens 31points. Category 2. 1st. Christopher Rose 41 points 2nd. David Winder 40 3rd. Brian Coombes 33 and 4th. Steve James 30 points. Well done all. Some cutting to now take place!

Nearest the pins to-day going to, Hole 3. Roy Tennant. Hole 8. Norman Pickett. Hole 12. Sharon Smith. Hole 16. Brian Smith and Hole 17. Sue Owens. Nearest the pins to-day going to, Hole 3. Roy Tennant. Hole 8. Norman Pickett. Hole 12. Sharon Smith. Hole 16. Brian Smith and Hole 17. Sue Owens.

The Full Monte in support of our football team CD Montesinos going to Syd Avery.

Our photo shows some of the winners at Font del Llop, looking as if they have just come off the course after a very cold day!

TORREGOLF.EU at Vistabella

TORREGOLF.EU at Vistabella Thursday 28th.November

Our game to-day was brought forward from our normal Saturday one and maybe all that played, regretted it, as beside not a good day weather wise, only one player came in with more that 30 points. How this course continues to come up with a first class condition week after week is a credit to the Green Keeper and all the staff. May it continue and sure it will as we plan to visit this course 23 times next year.

We played a normal Stabelford competition with the 1st. prize going to Paul Hurrell with 33 points, 2nd. William (Bill) Wylie on count back from Norman Pickett 28 points.

A point worth mentioning and shows how maybe the conditions on the day had an affect on members was Chris Rose who for some while now has been in the prizes, week after week, however to-day managed a great score of 9 points. Well done Chris, it had to be said!

TORREGOLF.EU Dinner Dance (El Raso)

TORREGOLF.EU 4th Annual Dinner Dance 20th.November

Our 4th.annual dinner/dance took place on Wednesday the 20th.November at El Raso Restaurant and while our numbers were down, 66 members and partners/guests enjoyed another great meal prepared by Mario and his Staff and we had some great entertainment from Miss. Celena Deans. Yes, 15 Euros per head covered a 5 course meal, entertainment and a gratuity to staff so it has to be said a good time was had by all and of course we had the normal raffle prizes where the top prize a Sony Surround System was won by Allan Speleers.

We also had a number of complimentary green fees supplied by Hacienda del Alamo, Alenda Golf, El Plantio, Golf Altorreal and Vistabella Golf which were all auctioned on the night and these helped to raise over 200 Euros for the Club funds and several prizes were also supplied by Font del Llop, and our Associates, The Full Monte, supporters club of CD Montesinos,and of course to Shirley Lannon, wife of member Vince for the beautiful hand made embroidered throw, so our thanks go to all those that contributed, it was greatly appreciated.

A few photos of those attending see if you can see yourself.

TORREGOLF.EU at Altoreal

TORREGOLF.EU at Altoreal Tuesday 12th.November

Wow, its winter yet who would have thought it when we arrived at Golf Altorreal on Tuesday. It could have been late Spring with fantastic conditions, a course in great condition, no wind, and temperatures in the mid 20's. May it continue

Our day was one of excitement all round with everyone enjoying the course and a price we gave for the day that no one could match just another of the feats that TORREGOLF.EU in association with The Full Monte, the Supporters Club of CD Montesinos give to their members to promote more playing of golf here on the Costa's and at the same time enjoy football being played by those who enjoy doing what they do.

The competition to-day was the usual Stabeleford one with 3 Categories of winners and this resulted in Category 1. 1st. Peter Kerr, who having fallen out of his buggy on the 1st fairway, no he wasn't drunk! but did make a mess of his left arm however it did not appear to affect his game as he went on after a little repair from the great staff at Altorreal to record a score of 34 points on c/b from Norman Pickett and in Phil Brigham with 33. Category 2. 1st. Alan Darby 38 points 2nd. Brian Coombes 37 and 3rd. Joe Curren 35 points. Category 3. 1st. Christopher Rose 35 points 2nd. David Winder 34 and in 3rd. place one of our Danish members Soren Tofte 27 points.

The nearest the pins resulted in only one being reached to-day and that was by a lady member on Hole 5. Rachel Priddle, why is it that our Lady members always appear to win this Hole when we play here. Our 4th shot NTP on the beautiful Hole 12 to-day going to that man from Kilkenny, Con Moore whose 4th. was just a foot from the hole.

The Full Monte prize going to-day to Ian Whitworth, well done Ian, remember, it can only get better.

Photo of some of the winners in the evening sun of Altorreal.

TORREGOLF.EU at El Plantio

TORREGOLF.EU at El Plantio Tuesday 29th.October

Tuesday 29th.saw many members turning up for what can only be described as a perfect day for playing golf and they were not disappointed, even though the scoring to-day was surprisingly very low, with only 6 players managing to break into the 30 points barrier.

However, it should be reported that while the course is in a much better condition than it has been it is strange to see hollow tinning beginning to take place in the middle of what is know as golf's high season. Luckily it did not cause us too much trouble as it was the first day of maintenance and most were able to complete the round without any disruption.

Category 1 winners being Our normal Stableford competition to-day finished with the following winners.

Category 1. 1st. Peter Greasby 37 points. 2nd. Ron Matthews on c/b from 3rd. Phil Brigham 32 points 4th. Sue Owens 30 points. Category 2. 1st. Chris Rose 32 points 2nd. Bente Kildegaard 31 3rd. on c/b from Svend Kildegaard, was Barbara Watson with 28 points

Nearest the pins: Hole 7 Bente Kildegaard. Hole 9 Ron Matthews. Hole 14 Sue Owens and Hole 18 Alan Darby The 4th. shot nearest the pin on our sponsored Costa Blanca News Hole 12, going to Doug While.

The Full Monte Prize to-day, supporting our Associates The Full Monte, the supporters club of CD Montesinos and sponsored by Vince Lannon went to Ann Holland.

Congratulations to all the winners and well done to all the lady members!

Instead of the normal winners photo to-day we have a group photo for all to view on.

blog-photos-torre-golf.html TORREGOLF.EU at Vistabella

TORREGOLF.EU at Vistabella Saturday 5th October - Dulcie Gill Annual Golf Tournament

This year's tournament in association with the Courtyard Restaurant was held at Vistabella Golf Course, a single Stableford competition and 40 players taking part in commemoration of Dulcie Gill, wife of Brian Gill.

The day started early morning with breakfast for all players and a round of golf followed by a buffet and prize giving at the The Courtyard Restaurant.

The course was in immaculate condition, the greens almost perfect and this brought about some high scoring, with almost a quarter of the field scoring 30 or more points.

Our two lady players Anne Holland and Sue Owens both enjoyed the day although not featuring in the prizes. Better luck next time Girls!

The results for the day where: 1st John Poole 45pts, 2nd Chris Oatley 43pts. 3rd Bill Denne 38 pts (countback). NTP: Brian Dennis, Peter Kerr and Idris James. Longest Drive: Con Moore and The Full Monte: Brandon Grieves.

Crystal ware prizes where donated by Brian Gill and many golf ball prizes etc., donated by David Gill of The Courtyard Restaurant.

All in all an excellent day was had by all with perfect playing conditions.

Our thanks must also go to David's family and staff of The Courtyard who provided us all with an excellent buffet.

Our picture shows Brian Gill with overall winner John Poole.

TORREGOLF.EU at Las Alenda

TORREGOLF.EU at Alenda Friday 27th September

The day started off warm, sunny and a cloudless sky, just what we all came to Spain for. There was three ladies amongst the 24 members that turned out , Ann Holland, Barbara Watson and Sandra Twentyman. they all seemed to enjoy the day although the scoring was not high.

The course was in pristine condition and the greens where the best we had played on for some time.The format for the day was standard stableford.

The NTP competition got back on track for Geoff Betts with wins on the 3rd and 16th, Peter Kerr on the 13th and Con Moore on the 5th.

And the winners where Cat 2 1st Freddie Brown 37 points, 2nd Steve James 34 points, 3rd Paul Abbott 31 points. Cat 1 results , 1st Joe Curran 33 points, 2nd Tony Mackman 32 points and 3rd Rob Marchant 30 points

Finally after a hard day "The Full Monte" was won by Simon Gray.

The next game is at Hacienda de Alamo on 11th Oct at 10.30 please contact David Winder if you want to play-

TORREGOLF.EU at Las Colinas

TORREGOLF.EU at Font Del Llop Friday 13th September

With our mentor David Winder away on holiday it fell on myself Phil Brigham to organise this game. With an early 1st tee time 08.40 it was most surprising that everyone turned up early and had the correct money for the fees, congratulations to you all.

One of the highlights of the golf was one of our new members David Green scoring an eagle on the par 4 4th hole witnessed by yours truly 2nd shot hit the pin and dropped in well done David

Also of note was two NTP by Peter Kerr on the 7th and 14th other NTPīs Sue Owen on the 5th, Gail Green on the 10th and Phil Brigham on the 17th.

Cat 2 1st John Poole 38 points, 2nd Gail Green 32 points, 3rd Steve James 30 points. Cat 1 1st Joe Curran 39 points, 2nd Dave Gill 38 points, 3rd Sue Owen 36 points.

The Full Monte was won by Len Cole. Some good scoring overall and our handicap Sec is looking closely at the scores. Everyone seemed to enjoy the day with good weather complementary drink and of course the best golf club on the Costa Blanca, Torregolf.EU.

TORREGOLF.EU at Font del Llop

TORREGOLF.EU at Font Del Llop Friday 30th.August

What a great day, perfect conditions after the severe storms of Thursday for a full house of Club members playing their normal Stableford Competition. One would have thought that after raining so hard there would be puddles everywhere but no evidence to show anywhere for our 10am start, well done the staff of Font del Llop for providing us with such a great course in great condition.

Scoring on the day was low to average with only 8 members beating that 30 point score. Event of the day was Paul (The Hulk) Hurrell now adding another name to himself and after an Eagle on the 18th is now Paul (Eddie the Hulk Eagle). Well done Paul.

Results were Category 1. 1st. Tony Mackman 38 points 2nd. Eddie the Eagle 33points 3rd. Peter Kerr 32 and 4th.Brian Walsh 31. Category 2. 1st. Ray Pollock 32 points 2nd. Christopher Rose 30 3rd. Bob Tyson 29 and 4th. Steve James 28

Nearest the pins to-day Hole 3 Sandra Twentyman, Hole 8 Dave Hardy, Hole 12 Brian Walsh, Hole 17 Ray Pollock.

Our Full Monte prize sponsored to-day by Vince Lannon in support of our local football team C.D.Montesinos went to David Rowlands. Come and support our team who kick the new season off with an away game on the 15th.September at Benijofar however, we do have a local derby game at home against San Fulgencio on Saturday 7th. k.o. 7pm 19.00 hours, great fun great football.

After the game we returned to El Raso Restaurant, El Raso for some Tapas, drinks and the results. Thanks to Mario, Kathy & Igor for looking after us so well. Will be back in October for our Annual Dinner Dance.

Our photo to-day shows the winners on the forecourt of El Raso Restaurant.

TORREGOLF.EU at Las Colinas

TORREGOLF.EU at Las Colinas Thursday 22nd.August

Yes a second visit to this lovely course in less that a month but what a day in more ways than one, beautiful weather for a 08.20 start but where was `King Kong' and others. Still in bed! when they should have been on the 10th.tee. and then 3 other no shows Not to worry, with a lot of reorganising and changing everything around we did get off without too much delay and King Kong managed it for the last tee time but how it stressed out El Presidente but having said that he then goes out a scores 23 points for the back 9 so maybe he should get stressed more often.

With ideal conditions it was strange that only 7 players managed to score more than 30 points so the results of our Stableford competition were Category 1. 1st. Kevin Edwards 37 points 2nd.Sam McReynolds 35 and 3rd. on c/b Mac Mcdonnell 34 Category 2. 1st. Brian Coombes 36 points 2nd. David Winder 35 and 3rd. Tony Mackman 29

Our nearest the pins to-day were Hole 5 Brian Coombes. Hole 7 Tony Mackman. Hole 10 Vee Hardwidge. Hole 14 Kevin Edwards. Hole 17 Tony Mackman.

The Full Monte prize named after our football team C.D.Montesinos going to Chris Rose to-day and sponsored by Mick Hyland 2 Scratch cards to-day to win 20 Euros each 1. going to Neil Casey with Arsenal and the other to Steve James with Brighton.

Our next games are August 30th. at Font del Llop and then Vistabella on the 7th.September.

Our picture to-day taken with the 18th. fairway behind all the winners L-R Mac McDonnell, Tony Mackman, David Winder, Kevin Edwards, Vee Hardwidge, Sam McReynolds , Chris Rose and Brian Coombes.

TORREGOLF.EU at La Peraleja

TORREGOLF.EU at La Peraleja Friday 16th.August

On a very warm Friday a full house of members turned our to play our normal Stableford competition at this Sevi designed course and to-day was extra special as we were kindly sponsored by that great Spanish Restaurant Don Mariano and for this we are very grateful. Thank you again Don Mariano.To-day we also reduced the price by 3 Euros

Results being Category 1. 1st. Mick O'Brian 36 points 2nd. Martin Goldman 34 on c/b 3rd. Ken Holmes 4th. also on c/b Geoff Betts. Category 2. 1st. Sandra Twentyman 35 2nd. Steve James 34 3rd. David Winder 33 on c/b from 4th.Al Warnock

Nearest the Pins Hole 2. Ray Pollock Hole 7 Olly Cappleman Hole 12 Kevin Edwards Hole 16 Jon Whitchurch and 3rd. shot nearest the pin Hole 17 Kevin Edwards.

Our Full Monte prize in support of our football team CD Montesinos, to-day sponsored by Vince Lannon went to Vic Souter

Our Saturday game at Vistabella on the 10th which was a pairs competition resulted in a 3 way tie with the prize money being shared between Geoff Betts/Kevin Edwards, Peter Kerr/Owen Moore and Robert Adair/Stephen Cottle all registering 63 points

Next Thursday the 22nd. We are back to Las Colinas at a price of 42 Euros including buggy followed by Font del Llop on the 30th., which will be played at a reduced price than that currently advertised and Vistabella on the 7th.September.

The winner of to-days Football Scratch Card with Arsenal, was Neil Casey

Photo to-day on a shaded La Peraleja Club House shows some of the winners L-R David Winder, RayPollock, Geoff Betts, Mick O'Brien, Jon Whtchurch, Steve James, Olly Cappleman, Sandra Twentyman, Vic Souter and Al Warnock.

TORREGOLF.EU at Las Colinas

TORREGOLF.EU at Las Colinas Friday 3rd.August

Yes Friday 3rd, saw us returning for the 1st. time in probably 2 years, to this lovely course and we were served a treat even with the fairways still showing some of the recent maintenance. The course has now been added to one of regular playing courses.

With tee times starting at 08.40 on both the 1st. and 10th was a good idea as it meant we were all going to finish earlier than normal and get into the bar and quench our throats with some cool beer after a very hot round.

As it was a first visit for many of our members it was anticipated that scores would be fairly low and that's how it worked out with only 9 members breaking the 30 points. So the final scores were Category 1. 1st. Peter Kerr 37 points 2nd. Tony Mackman 33 on c/b from Ken Holmes 4th. Michael O'Brien 32 Category 2. 1st. Brian Coombes 33 points 2nd. Al Warnock 31 on c/b from Bernard Ball 4th. Steve James 30 Nearest the pins Holes 5 & 7 Geoff Betts, Hole 10 Stephen Barton, Hole 14 Ray Pollock, with Mr. No One on the 17th.

The Full Monte prize to day going to Mick Wells. Sponsored by Mick Hyland

The results of our Game at Vistabella last Saturday which was a best 2 ball pairs one, going to Ray Pollock and Christopher Rose with 57 points.

Our next 2 games are Vistabella Saturday 10th. August and La Peraleja, Friday 16th.

TORREGOLF.EU at El Plantio

TORREGOLF.EU at El Plantio Thursday 18th.July

Thursday 18th saw us returning to our home course for some time and while there is a great deal of re seeding going on, the course was in good condition greens slick but soft however scores overall on the day were very low.

Our usual Stableford competition resulted in the winners being Category 1. 1st.Paul `The Hulk' Hurrell 30 points on c/b from 2nd. Phil Brigham and 3rd. Reima Matikainen 29 points, good to see one of our other European members, in this case from Finland in the winners circle. Category 2. 1st.Christopher Rose 33points 2nd.Tony Mackman 32 and 3rd. on c/b Joe Curran 29 points.

Nearest the Pins to-day, Hole 9 Mick O'Brien, Hole 18 Joe Curran, no one on either the 7th. or 14th. 4th.shot nearest the Pin on our Costa Blanca News sponsored Hole 12. Paul Hurrell

The Full Monte prize in association with the Supporters Club of our football team CD Montesinos and to-day sponsored by Vince Lannon went to Christine Cronan.

Other than our usual roll up day at Vistabella on the 29th, our next game is at the lovely course of Las Colinas on the 3rd.August, our first visit for some while and now added to our list of playing courses here on the Costa Blanca.

For reference Course Maintenance (HT) is taking place at Altorreal August 19th to 25th 2013

TORREGOLF.EU at Font Del Llop

TORREGOLF.EU at Font Del Llop Thursday 4th.July

Yes, Independence Day saw us all playing this great course in what can only be described as ideal conditions and a course that you cannot fault in any way shape or form, well done to Alberto, Vanesa and all their staff for their efforts also great to see 18 buggies all lined up displaying the TORREGOLF.EU logo on the front screen.

It was a usual Stableford Competition split into 2 Categories to-day with the prize winners being Category 1. 1st. Ken Holmes 38 points, 2nd. Robert Marchant 33 on c/b from Dunstan Taylor and 4th. Geoff Betts 31 points. Category 2. 1st. David Winder 31 points 2nd., Roy Middleton 28 3rd. Joe Curran 26 on c/b from Steve James. We had a few guests to-day including Mick the Grip who was kind enough to sponsor the best front and back 9 scores and Ken Holmes 21 points on the front 9 and El Presidente with 22 on the back (shame about the front 9!) taking the prizes. Once again Mick good to have you with us again and guys/girls if you want some new grips give him a call on 638 859 475. Our best guest prize going to Brian Wilson with 35 points. In addition we had 5 nearest the pin prizes on Hole 3. Sue Owens Hole 8. Tony McQuillan Hole 12. Alan Darby Hole 16. Ken Holmes and Hole 17. Vince Lannon. Sorry about the temporary bits of paper for your name?.I forgot the flags!!

Our Full Monte prize, sponsored to-day by Vince Lannon and in support of CD Montesinos, went to Lewis. (Lewis you must try harder!!) and come again soon.

After the game we all returned to El Raso Restaurante, El Raso, Guardamar for the results and prize giving and here we must thank Mario and Kathy for the great Tapas they put on for us and the photo to-day shows some of the winners taken outside. Great place to eat at all times so if you get the chance, go there, I personally recommend it.


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