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Following the very first 'Fun Day' at Escuela de Golf recently, it has been decided we will make this a regular attraction from November onwards.
So would you please note in your diaries the dates

and book to play by letting Kevin Hopkins know ...

You cannot book on line
We may also arrange somewhere to have a (light) meal after the games.

The dates we have booked are ..
Friday 10th.November, 2017

the rest are 2018
Thursday 8th. February
Thursday 10th. May
Tuesday 21st. August
Tuesday 18th. December

with Tee times starting at 11.00

Please note these outings are in addition to our normal Events.
Remember its a Fun Day - for all - including Partners ...
so treat it as that and of course it will improve your short game and putting on this lovely par 3 Course.


Course Closure ...

All members please be aware that La Peraleja Course is temporarily closed - will post again when open.


10% Discount on golf equipment ...
Address Calle Los Arcos 17, Ciudad Quesada.

For all your golf needs locally on the Costa's .......
see Fantasy Golf in our Sponsors page and grab a 10% discount.


In my hand I hold a ball, white and dimpled - rather small.
Oh, how bland it does appear, this harmless looking little sphere.
By its size I could not guess, the awesome strength it does possess, but since I fell beneath its spell, I’ve wandered through the fires of Hell.
My life has not been quite the same, since I chose to play this stupid game.
It rules my mind for hours on end, a fortune it has made me spend.
It has made me curse and made me cry, and I hate myself and hope to die.
It promises me a thing called par, if I hit it straight and far.
To master such a tiny ball should not be hard at all but my desires the ball refuses, and does exactly as it chooses.
It hooks and slices, dribbles, dies, it disappears before my eyes.
Often it will have a whim, to hit a tree or take a swim.
With miles of grass on which to land, it finds a tiny patch of sand then has me offering up my soul, if only it would find the hole.
It makes me whimper like a pup, and swear that I will give it up and take to drink to ease my sorrow, but the ball knows… ........

I’ll be back tomorrow!


How would you like a mural for your garden wall or even your lounge/bedroom or maybe an oil painting from a favourite photograph then contact Mike Jenkins on the number shown in the image - for 100% satisfaction.


TORREGOLF at Altorreal

Event 107 - Torregolf at Altorreal Friday 9th.March

Yes I think summer is here…..
after the cold spell on and off over the last few weeks today saw 42 members arriving in Altorreal, Murcia for the normal weekly Stableford and guess what many actually arrived wearing shorts, so that says it all. Weather was perfect with the course in great condition however the greens were very slow which even though scores were high they could have been even higher bearing in mind also that we had most of the time to play off the white tees and yes a few moans from lady members or poor Gail who was very upset having also to play where the Yellows were. We love you realy Gail. Reason, as the weather had turned warmer Altorreal were re seeing the tee boxes. Must say did feel sorry for the ladies but also I also have to feel sorry for those old codgers who also had to play from the Whites.
Having said all that over 50% of those playing managed to secure themselves 30+ points.
It should also be mentioned that we had 6 guests playing who finished up joining TORREGOLF.EU having enjoyed the day and the company. Thanks Guys!
So for the results today in 3 categories plus the 1st. carders which produced a winner in the name of Brian McSkimming who had a fantastic score of 40 points well done Brian but you know what that means?
Category 1. 1st. Keith Smith 36 points on a count back from 2nd. Alan Gifford 3rd. Ray Rumble 34 points and 4th.KjellAasebo 33 points.
Category 2. 1st. Quinton Pegdon 38 points yes next week Category 1 for you Quinton 2nd. Vince Lannon 36 3rd. Roy Tennant 35 and 4th. Terry Sharley 32 points on a count back from Ken Holmes and David Green.
Category 3.1st. Michael Madra 33 points 2nd. Al Warnock 32 on a count back from 3rd. Gordon Roxon 4th. Henry Dryden 31 points on a count back from Kevin Hopkins and Bojangles.
Nearest the Pins:
Hole 5 David Green Hole 8 Jim Imrie Hole 10 Norbert Spaniol and Hole 17 Mike Jenkins who for his sins also finished up with the Full Monte with 22 points
Best Front 9. Quinton Pegdon 22 points
Best Back 9. Henry Dryden 19 on a count back from KjellAasebo, Keith Smith and Al Warnock
Yes, Captain Birds Eye, Ken Holmes had a hard day today when checking cards so well done Ken
Finally the Scratch Card and 20 Euros with Liverpool, Al Warnock
Yes a great day though has to be said some of the olduns had to take a chair to sit down for the winners photograph taken in lovely sunshine on the Club House terrace.

TORREGOLF at Vistabella

Event 107 - Torregolf at Vistabella Thursday 1st.March

Yes a great day of golf and everyone is now getting used to the new hole’s, though have to say there is something wrong with Hole 6. Stroke index 1…… way!, we had 33 members playing resulting in 1 Birdie, 13 Pars 13 Bogeys and only 1 member failed to score points. Bring back the old STI 1 now Hole 10, because Hole 6 is certainly not the hardest hole on the course. Course as usual in good shape and green grass is becoming to show so Spring cannot be far away and today we were even able to dispense with a sweater even though some wind did get up later in the day.
So now for the all the results starting of course with the Full Monte and our support for CD Montesinos who continue to go beyond the point of no return and after last week ends result of a 5-2 win now move to 4th. in Division 1. , and today it went to the new Lewis Hamilton won’t tell you why……… Gordon Roxon with 18 points.
Best Front 9. John Gregory on a c/b from Geoff Plumer 20 points. After the front 9 Geoff lost the plot with 6 points, hey ho, that’s golf.
Best Back 9. Malcolm Watters also with 20 pointsbut his wheels didn’t fall off.
Three Categories for prize money today and the winners in our normal Stableford competition.
Category 1. 1st. Jim Imrie on a count back from 2nd. Joe Sheehan both with 34 points 3rd. also on a count back WimVieleers from KjellAasebo with 32 points.
Category 2.1st. Terry Sharley 33 points 2nd. John Gregory 32 3rd. again on a count back Lindsay Dunlop 31 points with 4th. Mike Jenkins.
Category 3.1st. Malcolm Watters 38 points 2nd. David Altoft 34 3rd. John Stead 33 and 4th. Marion Spencer 32 points.
Lastly nearest the pins. Hole 2 Jim Imrie Hole 7 Ray Rumble and both Hole’s 11 & 15 going to WimVieleers.
Our Scratch card with Q.P.R. James Boyd.
Well done everyone now for another full house next week with 42 playing at Altorreal.
Our photo today shows some of today’s winners on the grass outside the Club House……
it’s not that cold Marion!

TORREGOLF at Font del Llop

Event 106 - Torregolf Font del Llop Wednesday 21st.February,2018.

A second week of low numbers with 24 cancellations. Not sure why when this course is always great to play and very much a favourite with members, maybe it was the weather forecast but no we managed it without rain or wind in fact we even saw some sunshine!, even if it was a little chilly, well it is February.
However, those that did play enjoyed a great day of golf with 50% making that magic 30+ points scenario. Course was in good condition looking very green on the fairways and greens playing fast most of the time and true.
So for the results with some shocks or should I say one, yes El Presidente who having been in the money winning frame over the past few weeks decided it was time to rethink the way he played and it worked getting the Full Monte with 14 points and 9 blobs…..what can one say?
Nearest the pins.
Hole 3 Tony Felstead. Hole 8 Roy Tennant. Hole 12 Barrie Hopkinson. Hole 16 Ken Holmes and Hole 17 Joe Sheehan
Best Front 9. Kevin Hopkins 19 points.
Best Back 9. Joe Sheehan 21 points.
And the Stabelford winners
Catgegory 1.
1st. Joe Sheehan 39 points 2nd.Geoff Plumer 37 3rd. Barrie Hopkinson 35 and 4th.Ken Holmes on a c/b from Tony Felsted with 32 points.
Category 2.
1st. Quinton Pegdon 37 points 2nd.Kevin Hopkins 36 3rd. Vince Lannon 30 and 4th. Alan Moody on another c/b from James Boyd with 32 points
Our scratch card and 20 Euros with Stoke City went to Roy Tennant
The photograph of all the winners with the wonderful backdrop of the course taken on the best Club forecourt you will find anywhere in this part of Spain.

TORREGOLF at Bonalba

Event 105 - Torregolf at Bonalba Wednesaday 14th. February,2018 .

Yes for Valentines day we were off to Bonalba with conditions for playing golf just perfect, however think the day affected a lot of members because we had 28 cancellations in the end which in that number has never happened before. Remember not to play on the 14th. February again!
However, having said that the conditions were great bearing in mind that Bonalba, 2 days earlier, went into High Season the course was undergoing severe maintenance to the fairways and was not in the best of condition for a high season cost and with the added problem of trying to keep the ball rolling slowly on the greens which were lightning fast, it was a difficult days golf but for many it still did not stop some high scores being recorded.
So for the results of our normal Stableford with just 2 Categories of winners.
Category 1.1st. Mike Jenkins 36 points 2nd. Derek Beckett 32 3rd. Hans van Wanrooji 29 and 4th. Ken Holmes 28 points.
Categpry 2.1st. David Winder 36 points 2nd. Kevin Hopkins 35 3rd. Alan Perry on a count back from Brian Coombes both with 34 points.
Only 2 nearest the pins won and they were holes 4 &8 both going to Derek Beckett.
Best front 9. On a count back from Mike Jenkins and both with 19 Points Brian Coombes and the Best back 9 also on a count back this time Alan Perry was David Winder with 20 points.
Our Scratch card was carried over and finally The Full Monte with 20 points Thijs Hoogervorst.
Our photograph to day show the winners on the terrace of the Club House.


Event 104 - TORREGOLF at La Finca Monday 5th Feb 2018.

After our last visit where the winds reached gale force today it was totally the reverse and while it was chilly we did have some sunshine to see 30 members enjoy a great day of golf even though many of the yellow tees where attached to the whites making it a very long day especially with the older members yes we should look again at the question of us ‘old uns’ well those that would play on the Seniors Tour playing the Blue Tee Boxes.
However, while conditions were perfect scores were unusually low with only 7 making 30 points plus. Those Yellows Tees!?
However the results starting with our football scratch card with Manchester United yes the one and only El Presidente and The Full Monte this week a lady member Bianca Vieleers with 20 points.
Nearest the Pins Hole 3 and 16 Mike Jenkins. Hole 6 Kevin Robinson and Hole 13 Brian Andrews
Best new carder Alistair Farquer 30 points.
And the winners of our Stableford competition in 3 categories.
Category 1.1st. Jim Imrie 37 points 2nd. Tony Felstead 33 and 3rd. on a c/b of 3 John Moore 29 points
Category 2.1st. Terry Sharley 32 points 2nd.Ken Holmes on a c/b from 3rd. Joan Curran both with 30 points.
Category 3.1st. Roy Tennant 32 points 2nd. Kevin Hopkins on c/b 3rd. David Winder both with 28 points
Best Front 9 Joe Curran 19 points and Best Back 9 with 21 points Jim Imrie
Our photo today with a slightly different angle taken on the La Finca terrace. “The Winners”

TORREGOLF at Vistabella

Event 103 - Torregolf at Vistabella Friday 26th.January,2018.

Yes back to one of our special courses for the first visit this year and of course for many of our members playing, a chance to see the extra 7 holes now added to the original 11 and what a day to celebrate this Event. 32 members arrived for a normally later start than normal and while it was fairly dry and overcast we were met with winds greater than those we remarked upon at La Finca 2 weeks ago and when I say winds more like gales in fact at times it was difficult to stand up when addressing the ball, wherever it was and this obviously caused some low scores and only 7 making that 30 point barrier we talk of weekly.
However, it has to be said we now have a complete 18 hole course that will test all golfers! and if you havnt played it get yourself down there and experience one of the best courses on the Costa’s. If there is anything that is not quite right it‘s going back on yourself to the next tee in many instances.
As far as the Slope is concerned be it white, yellow,blue or red this course has it spot on with regard to the distances and Slope calculations. Please note other courses, because most of you do not have it correct!
It is very important that we remember what all these Tee boxes are about and why they are there.
Well done Vistabella.

Now for the day and results starting with The Full Monte in support of our football team and Associates CD Montesinos / The Full Monte and today, to regular a player at Vistabella …Scotty, and yes with 12 points, sure it was the wind that caused this as he was looking a little paler at the end!
Nearest the Pins.Hole 2. now known as the Peter Kerr hole. Joyce Collins.Hole 7. Roger Hazeldine
Hole 11. Con Moore in his shorts Brrrrrrr!! Hole 15. Jim Imrie.
Best new carder Patrik Lundblad with 31 points winning that very treasured TORREGOLF.EU mug and he also won the Scratch Card with Coventry and 20 Euros.
Best Front 9. SverreSoneson 21 points and Best Back 9.Mike Jenkins with 22 points
Just 2 Categories to day for prize money
Category 1.1st. SverreSoneson 36 points 2nd.Jim Imrie 35 3rd. Ken Holmes and 4th.Peter List 28 points.
Category 2.1st. Mike Jenkins 40 points 2nd.Roger Hazeldine 33 3rd. Roger Twigg 30 points and 4th.Joyce Collins with 29 points.
2 Members failed to return a card.

Our photograph today show some of the winners outside the Caddy Masters Office and have to admit some look as if they have been in the cold others must have had a couple brandies in the club house and warmed themselves up before he picture.

TORREGOLF at El Plantio

Event 102 - TORREGOLF at El Plantio Friday 19th.January, 2018.

Yes today back to our home course with fantastic weather playing conditions for this time of year however the course was not looking in the best of condition which I was told was due to severe frosts over the past weeks also a lot of the tee boxes were under repair and it was very wet underfoot in places but as usual a lot of gardening had taken place with the vegetation being cut back for the new season and I was assured it will be tip top within 3 weeks.
However, it did not appear to effect the scores with over 50% of the members playing, carding 30 points plus. Now when one scores a massive 42 points you would think “well no one is going to beat that”…….how wrong can you be, yes, El Presidente was beaten by 1 point. What can I say!
So for the results
Nearest the Pins Hole one. Hole 9. John Moore Hole 14. Matt Shirkie Hole 18. Quinton Pegdon and on Hole 12. 4th. Shot NTP.TommyErixson
The Full Monte today was Malcolm Watters with 17 points
Best Front 9. David Winder on count back from Quinton Pegdon 22 points and Best Back 9 also with 22 points Matt Shirkie
The scratch card for 20 Euros today with Swansea Con Moore
Just 2 categories today for the 27 playing.
Category 1. Winners
1st. Matt Shrkie 36 points 2nd. On count back Tommy Erixson 3rd. Derek Beckett and 4th.Ray Rumble 34 points.
Category 2.
1st. Quinton Pegdon 43 points.2nd. David Winder 42 3rd. Gordon Roxon 37 and 4th. Brian Booton 34.
Today we also had the presentation of a FREE round of golf at El Plantio for the member who had the most nearest the pins during 2017 so in reverse order with many on 1, 2 & 3 wins
In3rd. place with 4 nearest the pins Tony Felstead, Keith Smith, Peter List and Bojangles in 2nd with 5 Con Moore and Tom Curran and the winner with 9……Yes, RAY RUMBLE.
We will continue with this prize in 2018 so come on everyone try harder and make sure the King of the Pins doesn’t win this year!

Finally the winners on the day on the Terrace at El Plantio.


Event 101 - TORREGOLF at La Finca Thursday 11th. January 2018.

On a day that started just great and perfect for playing golf turned out to be a nightmare with winds gusting up to 70kmh and that of course had an effect on the scores, with out of the 34 playing only 4 members managing to make more than 30 points. Shorts were not the number 1 priority for today!
So for the results of our normal Stableford competition were ..
The Full Monte in support of our football team CD Montesinos to day went to Frank Kinghorn who I think decided he didn’t want to be embarrassed and left before the prize giving so it went to the next lowest scorer, just 1 shot more, Kevin Robinson with 14 points!
Best of the new cards Malcolm Watteres and that now renowned TORREGOLF Mug.
Best Front 9. Con Moore 17 points
Best Back 9 .Matt Shirkie also with 17 points.
Overall results
Category 3.1st. Kevin Hopkins 32 points 2nd. Quinton Pegdon 31. 3rd. Gordon Roxon 28.4th. Paul Greenwood 27 points.
Category 2.1st. Mike Jenkins on a count back 2nd.Con Moore both with 28 points 3rd. Ken Holmes 26 and 4th.Roy Tennant with 25 points.
Category 1.1st. Matt Shirkie on a count back 2nd. Tony Robson both with 31 points 3rd. CorrenaAltoft also on a count back from 4th. Peter List both with 28 points.
Nearest the Pins.No one on Hole 3.Hole 6. Tony Felstead Hole 13. CorrenaAltoft and Hole 16. Peter List.
Our scratch card was carried over to next week at El Plantio where there is still some room if anyone wants to play our home course.
The photograph today of the winners taken in the late afternoon sun in front of the 1st. fairway outside the club bar/restaurant where on the day the Stuttgart Football team were on a winters season training break from Germany.

TORREGOLF at Bonalba

Event 100 - TORREGOLF at Bonalba 3rd. January, 2018.

Yes the New Year and a new course to play for most members and have to say what a great day it turned out to be with perfect playing conditions and temperatures reaching 25c. Numbers for the day were 24 who travelled up the A7/E15 to just north of Alicante to receive on arrival FREE coffee, a good start, which for some got even better with even the 40 points barrier being broken by 2 members so big cuts taking place for Geoff Ashton and David Altoft.
No other memorable things to add other than and witnessed by 8 members, yes El Presidente teeing off the 18th. which is over water, doing a Dam Buster tee shot with 5 bumps on water and making the fairway and even finishing up with a point!
So the results...... firstly The Full Monte in support of our football team CD Montesinos who go into the new year in 6th. place in their Valencian League to another football man and joining us for the 1st.time Malcolm Watters a Director of Montrose FC up in bonny Scotland. Sure you will do better next time Malcolm but welcome to the Club.
Best Front 9 and also Best back 9. David Altoft with 21 and 20 points lucky on the back 9 because it was on count back from 2 others.
Nearest the pins Hole 4. Peter List Hole. 8 Mike Jenkins who also had Hole 14 and Hole 11. Preston Ives
The results for our normal Stableford Competiton, today in 2 Categories
Category 1. 1st. Geoff Ashton 40 points 2nd. Spencer Andrews 36 3rd. Jim Imrie with 33 and 4th. on c/b Keith Smith 32 points
Category 2. 1st. David Altoft 41 2nd. Mike Jenkins 35 3rd. Pete Boon 33 who has since broken a collar bone....must have been celebrating with that score....but now has to be on the sidelines for a while, get better soon Pete. 4th. Mick Madra 28 points on a count back from Stephen Lowe.
Also, for reminder on Thursday 8th.February we are having another fun day at Escula de Golf, Elche with a meal after, so contact Kevin now to reserve a place. Details above this Blog.
Our photograph today shows the winners outside the Club House, sorry about the quality!

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