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1st.JUNE 2021.

To all members of Torregolf.Eu

Good morning to you all on a day here in Spain that’s looking like a stormy one with thunder, lightning and rain, as if we havnt had enough over the past few months and proceeding now with the following ...
It is with much regretto say that to accompany the weather I am also passing on some bad news on the golf front. As you all know I started Torregolf here in Spain in 2000 but due to medical reasons both physically and mentally all good things must come to an end and it’s with regret that I am now having to call it a day with immediate effect.

In March this year I took on board the Moderna/Lonza vaccine which may have now left me in a condition of continuous pain in both my shoulders the right one where I had both Jabs more than the other. Whilst it cannot be put down to the injections and after a continual change of pain killers and hospital visits the hospital are now saying they are unable to diagnose my problem. During this time I have also been waiting for Cortisone injections.

I am in continuous pain to the extent I have had to give up my daily trips to the Gym, since March. Some days cannot even drive my car, which is automatic, or move both arms above waist level and trying to sleep or get out of bed is leaving me with excruciating pain. Not pleasant.
So, very sorry about this but I will look for perhaps finding a trustworthy Society that may wish to take on now some 232 members, and provide a service that has been a passion with me for so long.
At the moment I have a large number of membership cards for those who have paid up their membership for 2021 and of course you also have the right to use them at the courses where we have special rates for our members. These have been held pending an end to Covid and travel restrictions. So if you don’t have yours please advise how they may be passed on. With luck I will do it personally.
I will be speaking to all my friends at golf courses where this is likely to occur so you will not be without golf. With luck I maybe in the future be in a position to play again the sport I really love and given so much over the past 20 years.
My relationship with The Full Monte will continue and though I may not be able to play golf I can still watch CD Montesinos so with luck will see you at a game.

Our web site will continue to be available, even if it’s just for the football or checking course details for the time being.
Once again I am very sorry but am sure you will understand the reasons behind it all. Keep safe and keep in touch Mi Amigos.


24th.April 2021.

To all members ...

Just one month after my last NEWS LETTER I now bring you something that will help you get back into Golf with the sight of lock down hopefully coming to an end and vaccinations well under way.
Between April and the end of August 2021 we have currently along with a few other large courses booked 10 games at Escula de Golf in Elche. Besides being a great Par 3 course of 18 holes, we, along with our fitness programme at Quesada every Thursday at 12 noon, will attempt to get all our paid up members that have not played very much golf over the last 13/14 months, maybe more!,back to some form of fitness and get back into the short game of golf, which of course is most important.

While bookings have been made for the whole year they are not totally shown on our booking page at however, now shown are booked games till the 20th.September this year and as you will see there are 10 games from April till end of August at Escula de Golf, so to make it more interesting for playing there and at the same time improving your short game we will have a competition for these 10 games based on the scores of each member over the number of times one plays, so for the member who’s lowest average score over the number of games played, will receive 100 Euros prize money. To play these games there will be a total charge of just 14 Euros which will cover Green Fee, Insurance, competition fee and 1 Euro which will go to our charity Elche Children’s Home in Elche that we have supported for a number of years now.

I now hope to see your name on the list of players for these games. After 1 game the current leader is Peter Cowd.
Get booking, take care and still stay safe.


23rd.March 2021.

To all members ...

Good afternoon and I think its ok to say that Spring has certainly sprung in this lovely part of Spain however we are still very much under the influence of Covid 19 but am pleased to say that the vaccination for all is now underway and I had mine yesterday and feeling just great and raring to now make an effort and start to organise golf for Torregolf members which of course still remains under a large question mark, even now and the near future.
The Spanish Golf Federation have set out the standards for playing golf but from what I’ve seen at courses are not totally been carried out or enforced as most do not have the staff to monitor it all the time which of course could and has had an add on effect to some extent with some contracting the virus.
Anyway when we play and it will not be in large groups the rules will be enforced but that will be covered in our game reminders.
So to get things into perspective and while many of our members are not here and many from the UK will probably not make it till June plus.
Those of us that have not been playing for obvious reasons, me included, we will start off gently with a few games at my Oasis in the middle of Elche with a special price of 10 Euros for 18 holes.
All members will also receive this price when going there separately and showing a current paid up Membership Card which leads me onto the subject of renewal.

Following my last news letter in late December I/We have had just over 60 renew, even though it was known we would not be playing till perhaps early summer and I thank you for the faith and trust in Torregolf still going after now more than 20 years.
Bookings for the year have been carried out and we have now added others to those that are our favourites. In the meantime we now show Events and dates for playing till and including June 1st. So with your passkey you can now book on line. Please let me know if you have problems. Remember membership is just 10 Euros per annum, there isn’t any cheaper anywhere. I will wait now to see how things progress on the travel side and how our Government play the game.

Finally I am pleased to announce that with us not all being in great shape limb wise, that in association with Quesada Fitness Gym, on Quesada, Rojales. Telephone 0034 86574577 we are setting up a weekly special session of personal training with the emphasis on strengthening those parts of our body that we use when playing golf. This will take place every Thursday at High Noon 12.00hrs. at the Gym but not in the Equipment room and will last for 45 minutes. Cost for non members, (yes anyone may attend) will be 6 Euros but for Torregolf Members showing their membership card it will be 4 Euros so in 5 weeks if not a member you have saved enough money to become a Torregolf member. Details attached. You do not have to be a Gym Member but let me tell you it’s well worth joining and enjoying the equipment at ones disposal the staff there are all great and always obliging and social distancing exists. I have been a member now since late last summer 2020 and am now looking to perhaps get back to walking while playing golf, something that has not happened in over 20 years. I feel great. You may call them on (0034) 865774577. Should you want/wish to join on a Full Member basis then I attach a Pricing Structure for Membership.
I have also obtained sponsorship for our nearest the pin winners on our golf days, from Judith Szakaly, proprietor of Quesada House Sitters who can be called on (0034)633595508 (WhatsApp) details attached Both of our sponsors details may also be seen on our website where you see ...


To all our members ...

As you are all aware currently life is not easy in more ways than one and golf comes under that category and of course at this time we at Torregolf are looking to renew membership for the 2021 year as 2020 membership expires on the 31st.December.
Currently no one is quite certain as to what will be happening in 2021 with the UK withdrawing from the EU and of course Covid 19 is still very much controlling our lives.
All European countries have made comments regarding the roll out of Corona virus vaccine and none of us are yet aware when the vaccine will be available(except the UK),some of us in the older age group will receive it, may be quicker than others however there is also the question of those that have holiday homes here, they will only be able to come for short visits and as we know are currently being put under the strain of paying extortionate amounts of money to both fly in and fly out with heavy fines being imposed if rules arenot complied with.
So, with all these things in mind we have to make a decision on playing golf in the near future and it has been decided that under the current conditions it is best we defer any Events immediately and for the near future and look again at this situation in May, 2021 by this time we should all be a lot clearer on what life holds for us.
I do not feel that I should put any of our members or myself at my age, through the stress of Covid.
This decision has not been an easy one to make but while we will not be playing as a Club for a while you will still be able to play at the Courses were we have a rate arrangement. Anyway during this period I will be looking at hopefully increasing some of the courses where arrangements are in hand and also looking at other courses that we may add to our playing list.
I hope you understand the situation and while some others do not care, I/WE DO!
So in order to continue with your 2021 membership for which some 40 plus have already carried out, please send your membership fee, remaining at 10 Euros using the details already provided to you via email.
I thank you for your support over the years and trust you will continue with your association as we go into 20 years of providing this service, not only to those that live here but most important to those of you who come here and that is the majority, not just for a holiday but most important, visit and enjoy their holiday homes here in this lovely area of Spain we all live in.
I do hope you are able to enjoy your Christmas and New Year, it maybe a little different than normal but at least it is looking like there will be a better life for us all as 2021 goes on.
Remember stay safe, abide by the rules, keep social distancing, wear your mask and we will all see better times.

FelizeNavidad. David.



To all our members ...

To encourage more support of CD Montesinos and our Associates The Full Monte we will be running an ongoing weekly competition to predict the results of all our games that CD Montesinos play home or away, during the upcoming season.
This will take place on the CD Montesinos Facebook site and there will be prize money for the top 3 best predictions at the end of the season.
It's not a lot but will be €50 for the top one €30 for the 2nd. and € 20 for the 3rd.
AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO MAKE A PAYMENT TO PLAY. it's all about having a laugh and showing support.
Come on everyone you've nothing to lose, have fun.


After game - La Finca ...

With immediate effect we will after all games at La Finca, starting the 3rd. September, 2018 return to Chandelier, The Showbar at La Finca/Algorfa address: Centro Commercial, La Finca, Algorfa 03169, for the results and a light snack.
You can see the bar as you come into La Finca on your right hand side 1st. floor. Telephone 602598058
Note : On production of a current membership card you will receive a discount of 10% on all your drinks.


TORREGOLF @ Las Colinas

Event 229
Torregolf/The Full Monte : at Las Colinas 24th.November,2020

Was good to get out again to play golf but still with the Covid 19 around us.
However due to a great price and strict conditions we decided to take a risk and head for Las Colinas where conditions were near to perfect and while we were left with a late start time all managed, except 2, to finish before light failed.
Results in just one category
1st. OlleLundblad 44 points yes a great round of golf on a course that generally does not produce scores like that
2nd. Jan OliGustarsson on a count back from John Featherstone both with 29 points.
Nearest the pins Hole 5. Robert Sjolander Hole 7. & 10.OlleLundblad
Hole 14. VidarFjeld but no one managed Hole.17.
There was a special raffle prize today with Chris Hill winning 2 free rounds of golf at Las Colinas.
On the football from CD Montesinos still remain top of their division and this Sunday take on CF Popular Orihuela Deportivo at The Cauldron in Montesinos behind closed doors but if you want a ‘football live fix’ you can see it live on the CD Montesinos Facebook Page.
Our next golf day is El Plantio so book on line now. Yes, TORREGOLF.EU is alive and going strong and membership expanding.
The NEW way to play ...

TORREGOLF @ Vistabella

Event 216
Torregolf/The Full Monte : at Vistabella Monday 10th July 2020

On an extremely hot day members struggled on a course that was in exceptional condition however after a round taking just under 4 hours there were some winners but scores were either down to lack of playing over the past few months or we were just not good enough on the day to cope with all the conditions.
So for the winners in again 2 Categories.
Category 1.1st. LasseJorung 36 points 2nd.Tony Mackman 32 points.
Category 2.1st. Roger Nilsen 30 points 2nd.GeirSorby 29 points
Nearest the Pins Hole 2.Stephen Lowe Hole 7. Tony Mackman Hole 11. Vicky Clarke. Hole 15. Mr No One!
And the usual Full Monte in support of our football team CD Mntesinos……
going to John Featherstone with 21 points.
Next week we are at Altorreal having now been allowed to cross regional boundaries which will be good with another special rate of 40 Euros inc.buggy. Prices not to be beaten!!
Below is the photo of all the winners at The Orange Bar.
Winners photograph.

TORREGOLF @ El Plantio

Event 215
Torregolf/The Full Monte : at El Plantio Monday 29th June 2020

As all members know we feel that playing golf in large numbers is still a worry under the problems of Covid 19 and we intend to take things cautiously for the remainder of this year.
However with Phase 3 out of the way golf is now opening up properly and on Monday we had our first game since lock down and it was good to smell fresh air, grass below your feet and a course in great condition.
Thank you El Plantio, for everything.

So for our Stableford competition we had just 2 Categories of players with prize money for the top 2 in each Category and from that the winners were ...
Category 1. 1st. Kevin Quinn 30 points 2nd. Barrie Hopkinson 28 points However it should be mentioned that Frode Norman scored 34 points but it was his 1st card. Sorry Frode.
Category 2. 1st. Colin Archer 43 points and a large cut!! 2nd. Clinton Sprague 34
Yes, nearest the pins without touching the flag!
Hole 7 back in the pot! Hole 9 and Hole 14 Frode Norman Hole 18 Barrie Hopkinson and of course it was good to have the 4th.shot NTP Hole 12 with Vicky Clarke in the frame.

Even with our amalgamation the Full Monte is still featuring in our games and today it was down to Tony Rudd with 17 points
Our next Event is at Vistabella on July 10th so get booking now!
Lets all have fun and forget the restraints we have been under and remember…..
Stay safe, and wear your mask.

Don’t forget that for new members our Membership Fee of 10 Euros will now cover you round till the end of 2021 what a great deal for a great Club and a price that has been in force for the last 20 years.

Our picture today is of all the winners outside the entrance to El Plantio Club House.

Vamos. CD Montesinos.

TORREGOLF @ Altorreal

Event 190 - TORREGOLF at at Altorreal Thursday 21st. November 2019

A very short report this week as mainly numbers forced it to be a one category game with 18 members cancelling, 9 following the 6 day reminder. This is not good as it causes problems with our courses over the rates we achieve and today we again had a special price for playing. It wont be disclosed as it appears to upset OTHERS!
The course as usual was in great condition
However, the results for our normal game were ...
1st. Kjell Aasebo 34 points 2nd. Sverre Sonesen 32 and 3rd. John Murphy with 28 points.
The Full Monte which as you know is in support of our football team CD Montesinos today was Erling Witzoe (again) with 14 points
Nearest the pins: Hole 5 no one managed to get to the green!! Hole 8. Jan Olof Gustasson Hole 10. Tony Mackman and Hole 17 was a draw, the distances were exactly the same so well done Bob Everett and Kjell Aasebo.
Our scratch card is a roll over and am pleased to say our charity receipts now amounts to 84 Euros.
As I was unable to attend my thanks go to Graeme Jolly for stepping in however no photographs of the winners as he had his phone ‘nicked’.

TORREGOLF @ Vistabella

Event 188 - TORREGOLF at Vistabella Thursday 7th.November 2019

Yes today you could say should have been a solemn occasion as we were playing for the “F” Trophy that was originally set up following the passing away of Peter Kerr but has now and will in the future also show the names of Members who have passed away since and this year has seen the name of Chris Rose added. I am sure they were with us in spirit because the day was excellent even if the game was a little slow but then you can only go as fast as the ones in front. I’m told the course was in great condition as regrettably couldn’t play myself due to eye surgery a couple of days earlier. It was also a shame that 12 members decided to take themselves out of the Event. These sort of actions cause problems when it comes to finalising the days procedures and also on the rates we receive from our Course partners.
So lets start with the winner of the “F” Trophy and this year it went to Brian Booton with a fantastic score of 42 points. Well done Brian but you are now cut! The rest of the days results were given out at The Orange Bar where we returned after the game for refreshments etc, for which we thank John and his Staff., and were ..
Firstly, the Full Monte which is a must? and in cooperation with our Associates, The Full Monte supporters Club of CD Montesinos. The winner was Francis Daw however he had to go due to feeling unwell so with just 16 points the prize went to Erling Witzoe.
3 Categories of winners today
Category 1.
1st. Stephen Brown 39 points 2nd. with 34, Bob Everett 3rd. Bob Knowlton 31 points.
Category 2.
1st. Brian Booton 42 points 2nd. Graeme Jolly 32 points and 3rd. with 27 points on a count back from Robert Sjolander was Con Moore
Category 3.
1st. Tony Rudd 34 points and 2nd. Steve Boxer with 31 points.
Best guest who finished up joining us as a member was Chris Caswell.
Nearest the pins:
Hole 2. Vicky Clarke Hole 7. Robert Sjolander Hole 11. Stephen Brown, no one on Hole 15.
Finally our scratch card yes, with Burnley Mr. Bojangles, yours truly!
Our winners photograph today or most of them, was taken inside the Orange Bar as just at that moment it decided to rain outside!
Winners photograph.

TORREGOLF @ Font del Llop

Event 186 - TORREGOLF at Font del Llop Wednesday 23rd.October 2019

Yes another great day of golf at Font del Llop where as a special price of 39 Euros including buggy, brilliant playing conditions and a course in excellent condition, (you would not have thought that it had rained consistently for 24 hours prior to us playing) it was enjoyed by all and you can see all the winners liked it with the smiles on their faces in the photograph below.
So for the results of our Stableford Competition in 2 categories to day
Category 1. 1st. Keith Muldoon 40 points 2nd. Joe Sheehan 38 3rd. Terry Sharley 36 points on a countback from 4th. John E. Grint
Category 2. 1st. Roger Twigg 32 points. 2nd. on a count back Brian Booton from 3rd.Ailish Sheehan both with 31 points and 4th. Tony Rudd 30 points.
Nearest the pins. Hole 3. Tony Rudd Hole 8. Joe Sheehan Hole 12. David Altoft Hole 16. Nil and Hole 17. Ailish Sheehan
Best Guest/1st.Card Eemer Ben 30 points and finally it would not be a game with The Full Monte in support of our Associates and Supporters Club of CD Montesinos and believe it or not there were 2 members with the same score and not seen before exactly the same scores on both the front and back nine but the winner on a count back from Frank Kinghorn was Robert Ridgeway both with 21 points.
Our scratch card was carried forward to our next Event which will be at Vistabella where we will be playing for the “F” Trophy so if you havnt got your name down do so now.
Winners photograph.

TORREGOLF @ El Plantio

Event 184 - TORREGOLF at El Plantio Monday 7th. October 2019

What a great day yesterday for the visit to our home course El Plantio which initially had a problem supplying buggies however we did get away though a little late but not before all those taking part on the day savoured not only FREE round of golf on the Par 3 course FREE drinks on arrival and FREE balls on the driving range but a subsidised rate for the day all exclusive to TORREGOLF.EU
All this was backed up by a course in great condition and great weather. Greens were perfect tough a little tricky to read and some new TEE Boxes. Also good to see that the Blue Tee Boxes are now clearly marked which will please those members over 75 who wish to try and improve their scores in their old age!
Scores overall were pretty good so the results for our Stableford competition were as follows in 3 categories today.
Category 1, 1st. Joe Sheehan 39 points 2nd. Lasse Jorung 34. 3rd. Vicky Clark 33 and 4th. by default, Pat Kidney sorry Pat!
Our best new carder was Vidar Fjeld with 34 points and now raring to go for prize money having completed his 3 card term.
Category 2. 1st Graeme Jolly on a count back from Geir Sorby both with 32 points 3rd. Tony Mackman with 29 points.
Nearest the Pins: Hole 7. Sonia Axberg Hole.9 Vidat Fjeld Hole 24. Dennis Clark and Hole 18. Con Moore however don’t forget the Torregolf Hole 12 which as our members know is 4th. shot nearest the pin and today it was Stephen Brown.
Our scratch card winner to day was Ailish Sheehan with Leicester City and before the Category 3 winners we must mention The Full Monte supporting our association with The Full Monte and CD Montesinos and yes the winner today was Graham Riches with and he wont like me mentioning it just 16 points.
And yes the Category 3 winners.
1st. Sonia Axberg 40 points 2nd. who blew his chances of the 1st spot, after a string of Full Monte’s yes, El Presidente 33 points and 4 blobs! …..must try
harder young David! and in 3rd. place Henry Dryden 32 points.
Finally I have some sad news to impart….and it is the passing away of a very long serving member Chistopher Rose who died in Poole Hospital at the week end. I on behalf of all our members wish to convey our condolences to his wife Sue and all his family. Will miss his West Country accent but he will live on with us now with his name on the ‘F’ Trophy which this year will take place at Vistabella on Thursday 7th.November. RIP Christopher. So if you would like to take part in this yearly Event get your name down NOW.
Finally our winners photograph taken on the forecourt of El Plantio Club House.

TORREGOLF @ Altorreal

Event 182 - TORREGOLF at Altorreal Event 180 Wednesday 25th.September 2019

What an absolute lovely day for all those who played yesterday, No Rain, No hick ups of any description and everyone home by 16.00. A blue sky all day!!and to top it all a special rate for the day to celebrate and a course that had had some rain but was in great condition with none of the problems like what had taken place elsewhere.
So for the results of our normal Stableford competition with I might say had some Ladies in the frames which was excellent because we love having them along with the many other European members who play with us.
So starting with of course The Full Monte, in support of and in Association with the supporters club of CD Montesinos and today it was Derrick Cooper with 19 points.
Nearest the pins: Hole 5. Ray Dodd Hole 8. Dave Marshall Hole 10. Terry Kidd and Hole 17. Annette Jorung.
Tournament winners:
1st. Sonia Axberg 32 points
2nd. Terry Kidd 30 points
3rd. Ray Dodd 29 points on C/B
4th. Terry Taylor who beat Lasse Jorung on C/B with 29 points, as well.
Brilliant day enjoyed by all and more by the money winners shown here on the terrace at Altorreal.

TORREGOLF @ Font del Lllop

Event 180 - TORREGOLF at Font del Lllop : Wednesday, 11th.September 2019

Firstly let me apologise for no reports being submitted since Event 170.
This came about due to those that were supposed to be running operations over the past months, not submitting anything, and who have now left our Club. This, along with other very important issues, which most are aware of has resulted in the all day to day operations coming back under my control with naturally some scale backs for the time being, so my retirement has once again, been put on hold. Remember this a golf club for the people by the people, not a selected few!
However, a couple of Events recently had to be cancelled due to weather and today at Font del Llop was no exception and while some members did complete a full 18 holes it was decided to abandon the day and retire to the 19th. …….. for something a little warmer, and DRIER!
It should be reported that though the weather was very unsociable there was some very good scores recorded for those that did manage to complete 18 holes, for example, Stephen Brown 41 points, Pete Brown 36, Henry Dryden 34, who also had 2 nearest the Pins. Derek Quigley 32 and Pete Collins 30. Lets hope that the weather will be more like we know it at our next outing, Altorreal.
No photos of any winners but here is a winner, the new hole 9 at Font del Llop which is looking good for when we come next time?
Hole 9 - Font del Lllop.

TORREGOLF @ El Plantio

Event 170 - TORREGOLF at El Plantio Thursday 27th.June 2019

Back to normal this week after the Presidents Day golf and dinner, yes to our home course which was found to be again in brilliant condition and weather to go with it and besides the golf I have to say AGAIN ‘there is always something going on, on the maintenance side of the course’ and today was no exception with course being watered all over and maintenance staff everywhere in fact on Hole 17 there were 5 guys working and doing something. There are not many courses in our area where you will see all this going on!
Slightly down on numbers today, no reason why, just a lot of last minute cancellations which is now becoming a problem when I am sure members know before the 6 day notice that they cant play and should have deleted themselves from the playing list. This sort of action not only causes us last minute problems but has a knock on effect to prices on the day.
However 24 members had a great day but it has to be said scoring in general was low and scores were all very close to one another, as you will see from the results in just 2 Categories today.
Category 1. 1st. Gail Green 33 points on c/b 2nd.Mike Jenkins and 3rd. Ray Rumble 32 points.
Category 2. 1st. Roger Twigg 33 points 2nd. John Stead after his big win last week and CUT! 32 points on a c/b from Per Borg
The Full Monte this week was Derrick Cooper with 15 points.
Nearest the pins:
Hole. 9 Ray Rumble Hole 14. Mike Jenkins, now becoming King of The Pins and Hole 18. Graeme Jolly
The scratch card winner with Q.P.R. was Eric Garside.
Our usual winners photograph shows all in the shade on the El Plantio Club House Terrace.

TORREGOLF @ Font del Llop

Event 169 - TORREGOLF at Font del Llop Friday 21st.June
Presidents Day 2019

Yes it’s that time of the year and this year it was decided the Day would take place at Font del Llop a great favourite with all our members and it was just perfect for the 45 members and guests playing, and while the results were not given out on the day ( taking place at Pacos during the Dinner Dance on Saturday 29th.June) all enjoyed some free refreshment and food following the game as you will see from the photos taken.
Some very good scores were recorded and 31 of the 45 playing managed more than 30 points in our Stableford Competition so it was pretty obvious that the winners in the 3 Categories were going to be very close at the end for all the trophies that were to be given out at Pacos the following week.
So here are the results.
The overall winner and winner of the President’s Trophy was John Stead with yes, a massive score of 41 points. Well done John let’s see what happens next year because you now have a major cut to your handicap to start with
Best Guest was Chris Ellenbrandt with 36 points
But before all the winners we have to give The Full Monte in support of our Associates The Full Monte, International Supporters Club of CD Montesinos, yes it is a winner as well, and with 19 points Al Warnock. Well done I wonder if you will be back to defend the Trophy?
Category 3. 1st. John Stead 41 points 2nd. Tony Rudd 35 points 3rd. Per Borg 34 and 4th.on a count back from Roger Twigg and Steve Boxer was Gary Carr-Smith with 33 points.
Category 2. 1st. Graeme Jolly 38 points 2nd. Chris Butland 37 3rd. John Gregory 33 and 4th. Gail Green on a count back from Colin McCoy both with 32 points.
Category 1. 1st. Joe Sheehan 38 points on a C/B from 2nd. Mick Madra 3rd. also on a count back was Ken Holmes and 4th. Con Moore both with 36 points.
Nearest the Pin Trophies went to Hole . Steve Boxer Hole 8. Gail Green Hole 12. Mike Jenkins Hole 16. Vicky Clarke and Hole 17. Ailish Sheehan.
2 Scratch card winners Bryan Andrews with Aston Villa and Joe Curran with Swansea
Poor old President didn’t make the winners enclosure but recorded a reasonable 30 points with 4 blobs. So who knows what, if he had scored on those 4 blobs?. Not worth thinking about!

1 / 12
2 / 12
3 / 12
4 / 12
5 / 12
6 / 12
7 / 12
8 / 12
9 / 12
10 / 12
11 / 12
12 / 12

All the members that took at at Font del Llop on the terrace at Font del Llop following he game for the Presidents Trophy.


Event 168 - TORREGOLF at Bonalba Friday 14th.June 2019

Today saw a very poor turnout, maybe it was because of the distance being the one course that is the furthest away from all our Venues, however we do have 2 members who live there and they very rarely cancel any games so…..???, but we did have 19 members cancel to play in any case.
However, those that did play had a great day with weather perfect other than a very short interlude of drizzle which was pleasant as opposed to a hindrance, because it is now getting a little warm, but the course was in great condition after its Spring maintenance, but it was reported the greens were a little inconsistent from the HT.
Scores could be said were not bad with 10 of the 23 playing scoring 30+ points and the Captain was generous to day having the prize money given out to the first 4 in each Category. So for the results
Category 1.
1st. Colin McCoy 34 points 2nd. Mark Spencer 32 3rd. Con Moore 31 and 4th. John Gregory 30 points.
Category 2.
1st. Bob Ridgeway yes 37 points well done Rob it’s a long while since you were in that form! 2nd. John Stead 36 3rd. Len Cole 33 and 4th. on a count back from both Marion Spencer and Per Borg was Roger Twigg all with 30 points.
Nearest the Pins.
Hokle 4. Marion Spencer Hole. 8 and 14. Chris Ward and Hole 11. Len Cole
And yes, having had his handicap cut and playing his home course The Full Monte in support of our football team was Gordon Roxon with 19 points, sorry Gordon does not mean you will get anything back for ‘General Play’.
Our Scratch Card winner with Wimbledon was Mark Spencer
Our photograph today taken on the upstairs terrace of the Club House shows all the winners for the day.


Event 167 - TORREGOLF @ Lo Romero 2019

No Returns.

TORREGOLF ~ Vistabella

Event 166 - TORREGOLF 2019

Cancelled due to Course Maintainance.

TORREGOLF @ El Plantio

Event 165 - TORREGOLF at El Plantio Thursday 23rd.May 2019

Wow, what a day it was today 30 Members arrived at our home course for a shot gun start at 09.00 in excellent playing conditions and thanks to the help of David Cervera at El Plantio we all managed to finish our game in 4 hours, why, because the course was in my opinion the very best it has been in a long long time there was just nothing to say against the condition, well maybe the greens which were in Championship condition but very slow to the extent that the ball reacted like a snail or a procession of those hairy caterpillars you very often see on the greens in summer time and yes it is summer at its best at this time of year.
That lovely waterfall on Hole 13, that’s just beautiful.

However, having said that it didn’t stop some very good scores being recorded. Hate to think what scores could have been recorded with greens playing as we like them to be.
So for the results of today’s Stableford in just 2 Categories .
Category 1.
1st.Ken Holmes our handicap secretary with 37 points, Hummm wonder how he will deal with his cut and also his desire for general play cuts? 2nd. Keith Smith 36 points 3rd. Andrew Martin on a count back from 4th Bob Knowlton closely followed by Stephen Brown all with 32 points.
Category 2.
Gary Carr-Smith 38 points who I played with and took great care of me by driving the buggy carefully and missing all the bumps. Thanks Gary with 39 points 2nd. Gordon Roxon 33 3rd. Carl Martin keeping it in the family 32 points and 4th. Joe Curran 31 ponts on a c/b from Kevin Hopkins.
Ou Full Monte today who fell from 31 points last week to just 9!! today. Yes, Elly van Himbergen. Funny old game this is Elly.
Nearest the Pins.
Holes 7 & 9 Con Moore and Holes 14 & 18 Keith Smith and then Hole 12 the Torregolf Hole. 4th.shot NTP Steve Boxer.
Finally our scratch card with Chelsea, Keith Smith.
2 pictures today 1. Winners on the forecourt of El Plantio Club House and 2. That lovely waterfall on Hole 13, that’s just beautiful. Next week was supposed to be Vistabella but is now cancelled due to hollow tinning.
Winners on the forecourt of El Plantio Club House

TORREGOLF @ Altorreal

Event 164 - TORREGOLF at Altorreal Wednesday 15th. May 2019

Yes back to Altorreal today and even though it’s a little way out from us here in the Torrevieja area it’s always a pleasure to visit and the course is also a pleasure to play and continues to get better and better and of course when we can cut the actual playing time down, like today, EVEN BETTER.
With a first Tee time of 10.00 it saw us all back in the Club House by 14.30 and with 32 playing that’s good.
The day comprised our usual Stabelford competition and while we saw once again some 15 members breaking that 30points barrier there were no big scores for our Handicap Secretary, Ken Holmes to get his knife out! So without further ado the results in 3 Categories today
Category 1. 1st. Ray Rumble 33 points 2nd. Terry Sharley 32 3rd. Keith Smith on a count back from 4th. Mick Madra closely followed by Alan Gifford and Bob Knowlton all with 31 points
Category 2. 1st.John Gregory 33 points 2nd. Dorian Brooksby 31 points on a c/b 3rd. David Altoft and 4th. Joe Curran 30 points.
Category 3. 1st. Steve Boxer 32 points on a c/b 2nd. Kevin Hopkins 3rd. and once again another count back Correna Altoft and 4th. Elly van Himbergen both with 31 points.
Nearest the Pin winners
Hole 5. Alan Gifford Hole 8. Joe Curran Hole 10. John Gregory and Hole 17. Mike Jenkins
Our scratch card winner with Coventry was Phil Harris and The Full Monte in support of our football team CD Montesinos was Andy Pyke with 18 points.
Regrettably due to problems on the new system of accounting on the day we missed doing the winners photograph not a problem because I wasn’t in it!…….sorry those on going medical issues forced me to play just 8 holes. But as Arnie would say “I’ll be back”. Remember winners should you fail to attend/stay behind after the game your winnings are returned to Club funds!

TORREGOLF @ Vistabella

Event 163 - TORREGOLF at Vistabella Tuesday 7th.May 2019

Today we had booked a shot gun start for 34 members all teeing off at 08.50 which is our normal arrangement when playing Vistabella, this we did, but unfortunately we had a no show which caused a little delay while re arrangements were made. However, have to say all went well and we were all back at the Orange Bar for the results and refreshments for 13.30.
The Course played well and the conditions perfect with plenty of Sun. Some very good scores recorded for this week’s Stableford completion with the results as follows with 3 Categories fighting for prize money.
Category 1. 1st. Derek Beckett 33 points 2nd. Con Moore 32 3rd. on a count back from 4th. Correna Altoft was Terry Sharley both with 31 points.
Category 2. 1st. Mick Madra 41 points, yes at long last weve got him! Big cut for you, young Michael. 2nd. Bob Adair 32 points 3rd. Allard Hudson with 31 and 4th. David Altoft with 28 points.
Category 3. 1st. Sonia Axberg 37 points 2nd. Tony Rudd 35 points on a count back from 3rd. Roger Hazeldine and 4th. Steve Boxer 34 points.
Nearest the pins:
Hole 2. Bob Adair Hole 7, John Stead no one on Hole 11. Hole 15. Gary Anderson
The Full Monte today was Paul Forbes with 17 points and our scratch card winner with York City was Roger Hazeldine.
Our photograph of all winners below taken outside our Vistabell home. Thanks again John for looking after us!

TORREGOLF @ Font del Llop

Event 162 - TORREGOLF Font del Llop Monday 29th.April 2019

34 Members all off various Tees starting at 09.40 plus major changes to the HCP system being tried out led to some confusion but it all worked well in the end and gave us ideas as to where we go in the future. So, yes back to Font del Llop and as usual everything was great……. the course, weather led to a great days golf, some very good scores and to all finish and be in Hole 19 in well under 5 hours was a bonus and this is the way forward for all our members not only now but in the future where we are able to carry out this method of playing.
Today was back to a Stableford Competition and the winners were
Category 1. 1st. Derek Beckett 42 points 2nd. Terry Sharley 39 3rd.Ray Rumble 38 and 4th. Terry Kidd 35
Category 2. 1st. Steve Rollings 39 points 2nd. Joe Curran 34 3rd. on a c/b Alan Moody 32 and 4th. Graeme Jolly both on 32 points
Category 3. 1st. Steve Boxer 37 points 2nd. John Stead 34 3rd. Special K 33 and 4th. Derek Williams with 32 points.
Highlight of the day yes me on Hole 13 PAR 4 at 363 mtrs. Yes, a Birdie rest of the game ….dont ask!
The Full Monte today supporting our football team CD Montesinos was Frank Kinghorn with 16 points
Nearest the pins:
Hole 3. Henry Dryden Hole 8. Elly van Himbergen
Hole 12. Alan Moody Hole 16. Roger Twigg. Nothing for Hole 17.
Our scratch card winner with Birmingham was Sverre Sonesen
Our next visit to Font del Llop will be Friday 21st.June which will be Presidents Day and we will be having snacks after the game in the Club House so if you havnt got your name down do so now as we have a booking for 52 players and there are still a few places available.
Another great day and our photo shows the winners on that great Terrace at Font del Llop.


Event 161 - TORREGOLF Monday 22nd.April 2019

Cancelled due to excessive/persistent rain over the last 5 days.

TORREGOLF at Las Ramblas

Event 160 - TORREGOLF at Las Ramblas Monday 15th.April 2019

Today saw many of the 31 members playing something different starting with a new course for most, yes, Las Ramblas which for those that have played there is not the easiest around the Costa Blanca but if nothing else ‘Interesting?’ but not the word for some of our members……
The other was a new format for playing when we had a team game consisting of 4 members with different scoring on each 6 holes of the 18 being played. This format probably went down more than playing the course and will again feature in the future along with other team games though it has to be said that most of those playing did say they would like to play the course again….so that they could find the balls they lost, I wonder why they lost some??
Answers on a post card please!
So for the results with the winning team of Ray Rumble consisting of Ray plus John Stead, Malcolm Watters and Sverre Sonesen who scored 106 points
2nd. Was Team Steve Boxer who maybe had an advantage with only Steve being partnered by Dave King and Keith Long with a total of 97 points
PHOTO SLIDE SHOW    <  use arrows  >

3rd. Team Twiggy yes Roger Twigg along with Brian Walsh, Glenn Forrest and Stephen Rollings with a score of 89 points.
Well done all.
Nearest the pins Hole 6. Vic Smith Hole 10. Vicky Clarke Hole12. Vidar Fleld but no one made Hole 14. Our scratch card winner not playing today but there to see how it all went, with Derby County, yours truly…. BoJ. At least I didn’t lose any balls!!
Lots of pictures for today including a few of the course taken by Gary Carr Smith.
It should also be noted that a decision has been made that with immediate effect Male members handicaps will be to a maximum of 28 and Ladies 36.

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TORREGOLF at Vistabella

Event 158 - TORREGOLF at Vistabella Friday 5th.April 2019

April showers were predicted today but 35 members escaped all this because we were able to get a shot gun start for our normal weekly Stableford Competition and were all able to finish by 14.00hrs just as the wind and heavy showers showed themselves. Yipee!!
Course was in great condition and those Vistabella greens we all know so well were very good and it was good to see the grass beginning to show its spring colour on the fairways.
Some very good scores were recorded with some 22 members breaking that 30 points barrier, so well done!
So for all the results
Category 1. 1st.Tony Robson 33 points 2nd. Sverre Sonesen 32 3rd. Johan Brouwer 31 points on a c/b from 4th. Con Moore who also beat Mike Jenkins and Derek Beckett with the same points.
Category 2. 1st. Bob Adair 38 points 2nd. Kevin Hopkins 36 3rd.Mick Madra 34 and 4th. with 33 points Malcolm Watters.
Category 3. 1st. Bep Brouwer 42 points 2nd. David Winder 34 and yes I was not a happy bunny, because I was up till the last 4 ball the winner! Well done Bep don’t spend all the winnings on your flight back to Holland tomorrow! 3rd. Graeme Jolly 33 points 4th. John Stead 31 points.
Best Front 9. Bep Brouwer 23 points and Best Back 9. keeping it in the family Johan Brouwer 21 points and to top it all…….who won the scratch card with Northampton, Johan.
Our best new carder today with 39 points Vidar Fjeld.
Nearest the Pins.
Hole 2. Phil Harris Hole 7. Per Borg Hole 11. Bob Adair and Hole.15 Con Moore.
Finally our Full Monte supporting our associates CD Montesinos was Roger Twigg with 17 points
After the game it was all back to the Orange Bar for once again great food etc put on by another Torregolf member John Mitchell. Thanks John shame you had to work today and here you will also see all our winners on parade outside the Orange Bar.

TORREGOLF at Altorreal

Event 157 - TORREGOLF Altorreal Thursday 28th.March 2019

Yes today back to one of the original courses that we signed up some 18 years ago and it’s always a pleasure to travel that little more distance for a great course. It has changed over the years and have to say for the better though yesterday while members thought the course was in great condition I felt it wasn’t as good as last time we came due mainly to the fact it was obvious that some HT work had been going on, on the fairways in the past few weeks which I know will make it even better for when we come again on the 22nd.April. Greens were in perfect condition.
The scores today where not the usual ones with only 11 managing to make more than 30 points in weather conditions that can only be described as perfect however I did manage to be 1 of the 11 out of the 32 playing even though still with my knee problem and possible gout as well, how we have to suffer to play this wonderful game. Enough of that ……the results for the day in believe it or not in just 2 Categories and the winners were
Category 1. 1st. Mike Jenkins 33 points on a c/b from 2nd. Mike Serrage 3rd. Sverre Sonesen 31 and 4th. Kjell Aasberg 30 points.
Category 2. 1st. Mick Madra 36 points 2nd. Bep Brouwer 35 on another count back from 3rd. Derek Williams and 4th. Special K…Hopkins with 33 points
Best Front 9. Mick Madra 23 points and Best Back 9. With 20 points Per Borg
Nearest the pins. Hole 5 Kjell Aasebo Hole 8. Con Moore Hole 10. Joe Curran and Hole 17.Mick Madra
The Full Monte and for the 1st.time Roy Tennant with 15 points
Finally the Scratch Card with Everton. Con Moor.
Our picture of the winners minus 1 shows them in the lovely sunshine on the outside terrace of the Club House.

TORREGOLF at El Plantio

Event 155 - TORREGOLF at El Plantio Wednesday 20th.March 2019

Not a lot can be said about today other than the warm weather experienced recently deserted us and it was ‘a little on the chilly side’ which is why probably no one wanted to stay after the results for the usual winners photo……or was it because it was Wednesday and that generally means going somewhere else for cheap beer……….dare I mention Daniela’s?
However, it also has to be said that while a lot of work was going on, the course was in pretty poor condition. Not being there to witness I can only report what I am told. We will be talking to El Plantio on this subject as soon as possible, because it’s not good enough for the money being asked to pay, even if it is our home course!
Maybe the condition of the course and the cold also had something to do with the very low scoring with less than half of those playing making the magic 30+ points so without further ado the results in just 2 categories today.
Category 1. 1st. Joe Curran 36 points on a count back from 2nd. Mick Madra 3rd. also on c/b’s was Stephen Rollings from Matt Shirkie both with 34 points. Category 2. 1st. Sonia Axberg with 35 points on again a count back from 2nd. John Stead 3rd. Kevin Hopkins, 28 points and 4th. Bep Brouwer with 27 points. The Full Monte today went to John Vaygelt with 17 points
Best Front 9. John Stead 20 points and Best Back 9. Ray Hamilton with 22 points.
Finally Nearest the Pins.
Hole 7. Still to make! Hole 9. Sonia Axberg Hole 12. Yes the Torregolf Hole for the 4th. shot NTP went to Tony Robson. Hole 14. Mike Jenkins and Hole 18 Ken Holmes
The scratch card with Celtic went to Special K.

Please note next week our game a Escula de Golf is cancelled ...
if you had your name down to play.
So will see you all at Altorreal on the 28th.March

TORREGOLF at Vistabella

Event 154 - TORREGOLF at Vistabella Tuesday 12th.March 2019

For the first time this year we were back to Vistabella and at long last sat navigation now up and running. Great.
Have to say course was in very good condition much better than it was last year and the 30 playing all enjoyed it, with 14 beating that barrier we have. Results for the day in just 2 Categories.
Category 1. 1st. Mick Madra on a c/b 2nd. Bob Gammond and 3rd. Bob Adair all with 36 points 4th. Bo Axberg 34 points
Category 2. 1st. John E. Grant 36 points 2nd. Roger Hazeldine 31 points 3rd. Kevin Hopkins 30 and 4th. Yours Truly, with 29 points and while there I have to report that Stroke Index 2 the 10th I had a drive of 256 mtrs. on the green for 3, 3 mtrs. from the pin and guess what 3 puts!!!. Disgraceful David! Have to also have to make a comment that to my mind this hole should still be stroke index 1 on the course not Hole 6.
Best Front 9. John E. Grant 19 points on c/b from Bob Adair, Roger Hazeldine and Derek Beckett.
Best Back 9. Mick Madra 20 points.
The Full Monte today went to Dan Torberg playing off 7 and scoring just 19 points the 2nd week on the trot when what should be known as reasonable players have won this prestigious prize?
For the best new carders the prizes went to 1st. Julie Adams with 36 points and 2nd. Sonia Axberg 34 points.
The scratch card with yes Aberdeen was Mike Jenkins.
After the game we all returned to the Orange Bar for the results and of course FREE food and discounted drinks. Thank you to the Staff and of course John Mitchell, currently in Bahrain, but still managing to look after us. Freshly cooked food after the results was fantastic.
Our picture today of the winners, well some! Taken in the Orange Bar

TORREGOLF at Font del Llop

Event 153 - TORREGOLF at Font del Llop Monday 4th.March 2019

Yes this Sun scenario in the beginning of March is becoming a joke…..sorry no it’s beautiful this is why we are here and today it gave us a fantastic day of golf at one if the best if not the best golf course on the Costa Blanca. How we love Font del Llop and why we always get packed houses as it were when we play there. Today was no exception with 32 playing our usual Stableford shot gun when we are here. The only regret was that I had to pull out at the last moment!!!!. However those that did play obviously found it pretty good and not as difficult as this course can be and to show it 19 members that played managed to break the 30 point barrier we invariably talk about.
Weather was as I have said was perfect, as may be seen in our winners photograph on the Terrace. The course was in great condition, so without further ado the results starting with the Full Monte who was a long way off that 30 barrier yes Derek Cooper with 14 points, oh dear Derek….you must try harder particularly when playing off 18! Will put it down to just “a bad day at the office”.
Nearest the Pins.
Hole 3. Sverre Sonesen. Hole 8. Elly Van Himbergen.
Hole 12. Graham Jolly. Hole 16. Joe Curran and Hole 17. Mark Spencer
Best Front 9. With 25 points Per Borg and Best Back 9.Derek Williams on a c/b from Per Borg with 22 points.
Results of the Stableford, with 3 Categories today
Category 1. 1st. Mark Spencer 35 points 2nd. Ray Rumble on a c/b from 3rd. Wim Vieleers both with32 points and 4th. Sverre Sonesen on a c/b from Mike Jenkins 30 points.
Category 2. 1st.Stephen Rollings 38 points 2nd.Quentin Pegdon 36 3rd. on a c/b from Vince Lannon was Roy Tennant both with 32 points.
Category 3. 1st. Per Borg 47 yes not a typing error and of course a severe cut now. 2nd.Elly van Himbergen 42 points 3rd.Derek Williams 35 points on a c/b 4th.Sonia Axberg.
Finally our scratch card winner with Wolves was Lindsay Dunlop.

TORREGOLF at Escula de Golf

Event 152 - TORREGOLF at Escula de Golf Thursday 27th.February 2019


A very special day for us today because while playing golf on this wonderful Par 3 course which was given over to us totally, while playing, it was to celebrate TORREGOLF presenting Elche Childrens Home with a cheque for 1,280 Euros.
For which there are photographs below.
Also see the report posted in the:   Spanish Newspaper Informacion  
To also celebrate no trophies/money but wine for the winners and again photographs of same.
Just one category for the prizes and the winners were
1st. Wim Vielleers with 35 points 2nd.Sonia Axberg 32 on a count back from 3rd.Johnathon Gray and 4th. David Altoft also on a countback from too many others all with 31 points.
We also had, yes, 4 nearest the pin prizes and the winners here were Wim Vielleers, Mike Jenkins, John Stead and John Moore and believe it or not a Full Monte with the winner Alan Perry (wont tell you his score!)
The scratch card winner with Southampton was Graeme Jolly.
Once again many thanks from Kevin Hopkins and myself to all those that have contributed to this great Charity.
Besides the photograph of all those taking part in our game we also had in addition attending and in photographs, the President of FGCB Andres Torrubia, Director of the School of Elche Juan Manuel Verdu, Noemi Guevara Sports Director Escula de Golf, Annette English, President of ECCH together with her husband David. From the school and on behalf of Baix Vinalopo, Andres Hernandez and of course from TORREGOLF.EU Kevin Hopkins and David Winder.


TORREGOLF at Alicante

Event 151 - TORREGOLF at Alicante Golf Friday 22nd.February 2019

It’s been over a year since we last visited this Seve Ballesteros designed course in the centre of Alicante. The only thing with playing there is that it’s not the easiest of courses to find, however, once there you can look forward to a challenge on this course with 6 of everything.
Today was no exception with one member getting lost and scores that not only showed perhaps it was an easy ride and others that struggled. As I understand it the conditions were just perfect for playing with course in great condition and weather matching, so without further to do. The results in just 2 categories today.
Category 1. 1st.Mike Jenkins 37 points 2nd. Stephen Rollings 34 3rd. Sverre Soneson 33 and 4th. Ray Rumble 31 points
Category 2. 1st.Vince Lannon 41 points 2nd. Kevin Hopkins 39 3rd. Alan Perry 33 and 4th. John Stead 28 points.
Best Front 9. Vince Lannon 22 points on a c/b from Mike Jenkins and Alan Perry
Best Back 9. Vince Lannon on a count back from Kevin Hopkins both with 19 points.
Nearest the Pins. Hole 3 Sverre Soneson. Hole 8 Ray Rumble Hole 12 Ken Holmes Hole 17 Ray Rumble no one on Holes 6 & 15.
The Full Monte winged its way once again to Elly van Himbergen but only just because it was a count back from Kath Robinson and Malcolm Waters all with 19 points
The scratch card today was Bolton and the winner was John Stead.
Our photograph to day taken on the lawn outside the Club House shows all the winners enjoying the late afternoon sun.
Our picture today shows some of the winners on the upstairs Terrace. The others that went please note there is always a winners photo after the results, as you know, so if you go, you wont be able to throw darts at yourself when the picture is published? Also note, some think summer has arrived ….sporting short trousers!

TORREGOLF at Bonalba

Event 150 - Torregolf at Bonalba Friday 15th.February 2019

On a day that was not the warmest but have to say, was very pleasant, a smaller amount of members arrived early for a shot gun start at 09.36 and once again we have to report a no show. This not only causes problems with the course but also on the cost, so I once again wish to advise members that they receive plenty of notice regarding playing and are reminded that penalties are in place for no shows.
The course I am told was in pretty good condition though there is still room for improvement, with the greens like greased lightning which obviously was reflected in the scores with over half of those playing beating that barrier of 30 points +, so well done to all! So for the results, starting with the Full Monte in support of our football team
who have now moved out of the relegation zone and up to 8th. in the table and the surprise for this was SverreSonesen with 22 points, obviously not your day Sverre.
Nearest the pins,unfortunately the pin for Hole 4 went walk abouts and has still not returned the other winners Hole 8. Mike Jenkins Hole 11. Stephen Brown Hole 14. Colum O’Carrell.
Best Front 9. Patrick Kidney 22 points and
Best Back 9. Terry Sharley on a c/b from Dorian Brooksby and Stephen Brown all with 20 points.
Our scratch card winner today with Tottenham was Vince Lannon
Lastly Category winners
Category 1.1st.Mark Redmond 38 points 2nd. Colum O’Carroll and on a count backfrom 3rd. Dermot Kilgallen both with 35 points.
Category 2. 1st.Terry Sharley 36 points on a c/b 2nd. Dorian Brooksby and 3rd. Mike Jenkins all with 36 points.
Category 3.1st. Brian Booton 40 points 2nd.John Stead 36 and 3rd. Gordon Roxon 33 points.

Finally I would like to let you know that the week after next we are at Escula de Golf in Elche and on that day we will be presenting a cheque to the Elche Childrens Home for over 1300 Euros so if you are not down to play why not come along and witness it all for this great Charity.
Our picture today shows some of the winners on the upstairs Terrace. The others that went please note there is always a winners photo after the results, as you know, so if you go, you wont be able to throw darts at yourself when the picture is published? Also note, some think summer has arrived ….sporting short trousers!

TORREGOLF at El Plantio

Event 149 - Torregolf at El Plantio Thursday 7th.February 2019

What a day… looks as if Spring has sprung when visiting our home course today with just perfect conditions and sunshine to go with it and course in good condition and greens very true though have to say wish players would repair pitch marks because many holes were very bad. They were not the easiest to read today, and this probably reflected on what were today not the best of scores with only 9 members breaking the sound barrier at 30 points+.
As usual with El Plantio great to see so much work going on with all the palm trees for which there are hundreds, lookingvery prestigious having all been cut recently.
That all out of the way THE RESULTS today with just 3 prizes of prize money in the 3 Categories
Category 1.
1st. Norbert Spaniol 38 points. 2nd. Terry Sharley 32 points on a c/b from 3rd. Bob Adair
Category 2.
1st. Vince Lannon 32 points 2nd. Brian Booton 30 points and 3rd .winning on a c/b from Gordon Roxon, David Winder and Mike Zebadee was Ailish Sheehan, all with 29 points
Category 3.
1st.Steve Boxer 35 points.2nd. Kevin Hopkins with 32 and 3rd. John Stead 31 points.
Nearest the Pins
Hole7. Brian Booton Hole 9. Bob Adair Hole 12. theTorregolf Hole with the 4th.shot NTP was SverreSonesen Hole 14. Norbert Spaniol with no one on Hole 18.
Best Front 9. Brian Booton 19 on c/b’s from Kevin Hopkins/Mike Zebadee/Bob Eccles/Steve Boxer and Bob Adair.
Best Back 9. Terry Sharley with 20 points
Our scratch card winner with Rangers was Bob Adair
And not forgetting The Full Monte and today Elly Van Himbergen with 21 points
As I said earlier a great day but with such a late tee time every one was anxious to get away so no winners photograph but I will give you a picture today of my favourite hole, No 14 a Par 4 with its water falls and streams which today I managed to get a Par on ....


Event 148 - Torregolf at La Finca Tuesday 29th.January 2019

What a joy for me to play golf for the first time in 8 months and yes there was some trepidation when teeing up on the 10th! However, being last out it gave me the chance, if it wasn’t going to happen to drop out should the knee give out on me……but it didn’t! , and heavily strapped I managed 18 holes, brilliant.
So yes, when at La Finca and with large number’s always wanting to play, today 31, we always play off Tee 1 & 10 so that there is not long delays from start to finish at this great course and where we always have a good turnout, however to day we had some no shows which is a shame and of course that means a 50% green fee fine for those not turning up.
Whilst the weather was not that warm and for most part of the day cloudy for those that did play, everyone enjoyed the course which was in good condition with the greens playing true and reasonably fast, even though many were showing little brown patches from where they had been repaired over the weeks.
Scores were not that particularly good, with only 10 members breaking the 30 barrier but then this is not the easiest of courses to play as many found out today.
Now for the results in 3 Categories
Category 1.
1st. John Mitchell 34 points 2nd.Ken Holmes 32 3rd. Jim Imrie 31 and 4th. Ray Rumble 30 points
Category 2.
1st. Arnie Kilnes 32 points 2nd. Mike Zebadee 30 3rd. Yes, Mr.Bojangles, me! 29 points and 4th.Colin McCoy with 27 points
Category 3.
1st. Alan Perry for the 2nd.week on the trot 36 points 2nd. Steve Boxer 33 points 3rd. Steve Woolcock on a countback from 4th.Kevin Hopkins and PatGingell. All with 29 points
Best Front 9. Terry Sharley 18 points on a c/b from Steve Boxer and Best Back 9 again on a count back was Mike Zebadee from Alan Perry both with 21 points.
Nearest the Pins.
Hole 3. Pat Gingell Hole. 6. Mark Johnson Hole 13.Jim Imrie and Hole 16. Mike Jenkins.
Lastly The Full Monte in support of our football team CD Montesinos who next week will undergo a new pitch so VAMOS MONTE, was Stuart Massie with just 10 points
Our scratch card winner today was John Mitchell with Portsmouth.
After the game at La Finca, as members know we return to the Chandelier, The Showbar on La Finca for the results free food and reduced priced drink. Thanks once again Matt & Gareth for looking after us. Remember with your membership card you may visit Chandelier Showbar anytime and receive a 10% discount. The best and cheapest in La Finca, Algorfa.
Photograph today all the winners on the Chandelier terrace.


Event 147 - Torregolf at Roda Golf Wednesday 22nd.January 2019

Today saw 32 members take to the motorway down to Roda for which some it was their first visit as we have not been there for nearly 4 years. While I was not playing I understand the course was in pretty good condition greens were reasonably good but slow and the fairways were a long way from the tee boxes. Scores were not particularly high with only 9 managing to break the 30 points barrier. Could this be down to many playing the course for the first time or the extreme chilly conditions because yes it was cold and there was no sun to give some hope of getting warm.
However, the general consensus was, yes, thoroughly enjoyable and want to play again so if that’s the case it’s a long way off being the 8th. July so if you want to play get on line and book NOW.
Now the results ...
Categopry 1. 1st. Terry Sharley on a count back from John Mitchell both with 32 points 3rd. Sverre Sonesen 31 and 4th.Bob Adair 30 points.
Category 2.1st. Mike Jenkins 35 points 2nd.Steve Rollings 34 3rd. Brian Booton 32 and 4th.Tim Scragg with 31 points.
Category 3.1st. Alan Perry 35 points 2nd.was John Stead on a count back from Vernon Anderson, Gordon Roxon and Steve Boxer all with 28 points.
Best Front 9. John Mitchell 18 points and Best Back 9. On a count back from John Stead was Alan Perry with 20 points.
Nearest the Pins.Hole 2. No one.Hole 3. Steve Rollings Hole 11. Tony Mackman and Hole 13. Keith Wheatcroft.
The Full Monte today with just 11 points was Bob Eccles….must try harder Bob.
And our scratch card with this week Coventry was, for the 2nd. week running, Elly van Himbergen.
Our photograph today taken in the Club House will show you some very cold winning members.

TORREGOLF at El Plantio

Event 146 - Torregolf at El Plantio Monday 14th.January 2019

Today with a late start of 11.28 and perfect conditions for playing golf just 25 members were able to enjoy a great days golf at our home course and at the same time saved 15 Euros on our normal costs thanks to a special offer obtained from our friends at El Plantio.
Though I was not playing I did manage to take a short trip round the course and while there were a few patches on the fairways the course was in great condition with a reasonable temperature, certainly better than last week when they had one day when the temperature was -5 and no golf was playable till 11.00. Well it is winter here and sometimes these things happen.
With a late start it obviously had an effect on the winners photo because there were long shadows for the winners photograph on the terrace at El Plantio. However who cares when you’ve had a great day’s golf!
So for the results in just 2 Categories today, not easy for the checking of cards with so many count backs so you can see how close it was.
Category 1. 1st. Con Moore on a count back from 2nd. Brian Walsh and 3rd. Mike Jenkins all with 35 points 4th.John Mitchell 31 points.
Category 2. 1st. Steve Boxer on a count back from 2nd. Elly Van Himbergen both with 38 points 3rd. Malcolm Watters 34 and 4th. on a c/b from Alan Perry was Special K both with 33 points.
Best Front 9. Alan Perry 21 points
Best Back 9. Also with 21points and again on a c/b from Bran Walsh was Con Moore
Nearest the pins.
Hole 7. John Mitchell Hole 9. Derrick Cooper Holes 14 and 18.Con Moore and on the Torregolf Hole 12th. 4th. shot NTP, Tony Mackman
Our Full Monte today with 20 points Bob Ridgeway
Finally the scratch card was won by Elly Van Himbergen with Wolves. A very good day for Elly.
Next week we are off to Roda where we have not been for some while.
long shadows for the winners photograph on the terrace at El Plantio

TORREGOLF at Escula de Golf

Event 145 - Torregolf at Escula de Golf Thursday 10th.January 2019

Today in what can only be described as acceptable weather not that hot but not that cold, 20 members returned to that gem of a golf course which I described as our Oasis in the centre of the Desert, yes Elche. Not the easiest of courses to find as Brian Booton found out!
Will make no more comment Brian, you will go the Ball (sorry the course) never fear and you will enjoy because this course will certainly sort the wheat from the chaff, trust me!
The greens are lightning fast so that’s something most of our members are not in the habit of seeing.
Well done Escula de Golf. We all look forward to being with you again on the 28th.February. So if you are not already down to play….come on get your name down, you will not be disappointed!

As this is only a Par 3 course the scores will not go through for handicap purposes.
Highlight’s of the day a Hole in 1 on hole 6 for Nick Turner returning to the fold after a couple of year’s absence and me attempting to play for the 1st time in 6 months!
However, yes I managed to do 18 holes and though a little tired at the end it was most enjoyable. Just hope I wont be that long before I can tackle a full 18 holes
There were no NTP’s to day and many of the delights we have on our other Events and the scores today will not be allowed for the handicap system.
So the results after 18 holes and everyone gets a mention, regret no photographs.
1st. Nick Turner 48 points
2nd. Shared between Rob Ridgeway and David Winder
4th. Pete Boon 41 points
5th. Mike Jenkins 40
6th. Andy Pyke 38
7th. Shared on 35 points Graeme Jolly and David Handy
9th. Shared with 34 points Per Borg and Malcolm Watters.
11th. Steve Boxer 33 points
12th. All with 32 points. Ray Rumble/Vernon Anderson and Tony Mackman
15th. Kevin Hopkins 30
16th. Elly van Himbergen 29
17th. Shared on 27 points Stuart Taylor and Vince Lannon
19th. Stephen Rollings 24
And finally 20th.Alan Perry 19 points.
Look out and if you want to play……in another 4 days we are at El Plantio. There is still room.


Event 144 - Torregolf at La Finca, Friday 4th.January 2019

What a way to start the New Year for Torregolf with 45 members playing La Finca which was in excellent condition, however, playing off the Blue Tees today as part of an experiment to speed the game up along with new golf rules was treated with yes and no comments and is under future discussion from Captain Kevin Hopkins and his team.
The day was further enhanced when we all returned to Chandelier The Showbar in La Finca for the results and the usual FREE food and discounted drinks to find that Gareth & Matt were surprising us with also live entertainment in the shape of the great Lady Jazz, a favourite of Torregolf members. Many thanks Guys, and a big kiss for Anita. What a way to finalise our day.
Now for the golf, what can one say some good scores and some bad like the Full Monte in support of our football team CD Montesinos,which today went to Hans Ovrum with 15 points. You will see how it was that scores were up and down with the attached photograph showing Captain Special K, about to sink a putt on the 9th.from about 2 feet ……and missed! Also in the back ground is Per Borg missing his shot out of the bunker and subsequently picking up!
However, the results.
Category 1.1st.Bryan Andrews 36 points 2nd.on a count back from SverreSonesen was Ole Rong both with 33 points and 4th. Geof Ashton 31 points.
Category 2.1st. Derek Sullivan 36 points 2nd.Stephen Rollings 35 3rd. Bob Adair 33 and 4th.Bob Gammond 31 points.
Category 3.1st.WimRamakers 33 points 2nd.Kevin Hopkins 32 3rd. Frank Todd 27 and 4th.on a c/b from Stuart Taylor was Steve Boxer with 25 points
Our best new carder was Paul Forbes with 30 points and our best guest was Paul Gallagher with 34 points.
Best Front 9. WimRamakers 17 points on c/b from Stephen Rollings and Derek Sullivan Best Back 9 was Ole Rong also on a c/b from Bryan Andrews,both with 20 points.
2 Scratch Cards today Paul Forbes with West Bromwich and Neil Robertson with Rangers.
Finally another 2 photographs all the winners following the performance from Lady Jazz (who you can see performing at Chandelier The Showbar, every Sunday evening).

We are back at La Finca again on the 29th.January so don’t be disappointed get your name down to play now.

The Winners.

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