Vistabella Golf Course

One of the "special" courses is Vistabella Golf Course.

Vistabella Golf - a typical view of the course.

Vistabella Golf Course,
Ctra. CV-945. Urb.Vistabella Golf
(Junto a Urb. Entre Naranjos)
Orihuela-Jacarilla, Alicante [Costa Blanca]
Tel: +34 966107846 Fax: 901706303

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Vistabella Golf Course - Price for TorreGolf members ...
Price for Torregolf Members and Event days ... Upon request
No Rate For Walking                                                                      Daily Licence/Insurance €1.50

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Review of the Vistabella golf course - by David Winder.

vistabella panorama photo

Hole 1 Vistabella Par 4 at 280 mtrs off the Yellow tees HCP 15 and yes all the meters shown from now on will be from the Yellows, sorry Ladies but take it from me on the 18 holes you are 975 mtrs shorter from the Yellows overall and 505 mtrs from the Blues.
From the tee you have out of bounds all down the left and behind the green, not a problem? well the bunkers protecting a raised green will test you because they are certainly in range from a good tee shot. The putting surface, no comment, find out the hard way. Do not drive your buggy to the back of the green as the 2nd.hole is through the tunnel which is before the green.

Hole 2 Vistabella Par 3 at 143 mtrs HCP 12 now known to Torregolf members as the Peter Kerr hole. Slightly down hill with a bunker in front of the green. The easiest of the Par 3ís on the course.
Good to see how the new hole Tee boxes have been nicely contoured down White, Yellow, Blue and Red

Hole 3 Vistabella Par 5 at 472 mtrs HCP 11 a downhill drive to basically an island green with water on 3 sides. Watch the electric pylon to left of Yellows and note out of bounds all down the right hand side behind the desert area. There is a bunker on the left midway down the fairway and then you are confronted with that water green, have fun here because there is also a bunker to the right of the green. Not a difficult hole but club selection very important.

Hole 4 Vistabella Par 4 at 296 mtrs. HCP 13 downhill and Yes, water again to the front of the green with the hole positioned nicely for your ball to roll back into the water there is also a bunker at the back of the green! However you will also find out of bounds all down the right hand side. Nice one!

vistabella buggy
Vistabella Golf - get down - boogie boogie buggy.
Hole 5 Vistabella VistabellaPar 5 at 462 mtrs HCP 3 slight dog leg left uphill another desert area here with out of bounds down the right hand side and then 6 bunkers protecting the green. Nice wide fairway, but not easy when getting near to the green.
Love the new golf Ďwatchí toilet near the green.

Hole 6 Vistabella Par 4 at 388 mtrs HCP 1. Yes, questionable to me the hardest hole on the course. Watch the bunker to the left to catch your drive all downhill with wonderful views over the Vega Baga but then you have a large bunker protecting the front of the green.

Hole 7 Vistabella Par 3 with a raised tee box at 164 mtrs HCP 9 all downhill with lakes either side of green.

Hole 8 Vistabella Par 4 at 357 mtrs HCP 7 Desert area to the left of fairway out of bounds all down right hand side 2 bunkers in what looks like the middle of the fairway but alas this will warn you that there is a right dog leg turn to the green which has a large bunker to the right for more trouble.
From here back through the tunnel turn be careful of those players coming from the 1st, then left round the green of Hole 1 and the original 11 holes.

vistabella golf course
Vistabella - great views - great greens - great course.
Hole 9 Vistabella (the old 2nd no longer out of bounds to right) Par 4 at 356 mtrs HCP 5

Hole 10 Vistabella Par 5 at 484 mtrs.( was originally the 1st. then changed twice to the 3rd. and 14th.) HCP 2 Itís all downhill however the little amount of water you may have seen from the tee now becomes a horse shoe surrounding the green but first you have to get there so your 2/3rd. shot could leave you with just anything from 100 to 60 mtrs. Too the pin BUT beware thatís over water in front of you and bunkers guarding the green. If you do manage the shot over the water and onto the green beware also water is to the back and right of the flag. Great hole.

Hole 11 Vistabella Par3 at 160mtrs.HCP 6 Great Hole with an elevated green, protected by bunkers very important to stay on the correct level ...
why? .. find out!

Hole 12 Vistabella Par 4 at 288 mtrs. HCP 18 Here you need to have your tee shot down the left in order for it to finish in the centre of the fairway and then you have to contend with an elevated green protected by bunkers to the front and left. You will be happy here with 3 putts. Having said that I have birded the hole.

Hole 13 Vistabella Par at 297 mtrs. HCP 12.Elevated tee. OBís down the left and if you donít drive left, bye, bye, ball in the water, yes water to the right, also forgot to say fairway goes left to right slightly down hill. Heavily bunkered to left of green, should you hit your 2nd shot (ha! ha!) to the back of the green you could finish up near the pin. Here you will also find another new ĎLook outí toilet.

Hole 14 Vistabella Par 5 at 485 mtrs. HCP 4. A good drive here from a slightly elevated tee could and I say could see you getting pretty near the green with your 2nd.shot but that to me is if you decide to go to the right of the fairway and get over the mound. Fairway off the tee does go slightly left to right of the fairway. If you come in from the left you should avoid bunkers on the right of the green.

Hole 15 Vistabella Par 3 at 167 mtrs. HCP 8. Itís all down hilland green protected by bunkers on the left.

Hole 16 Vistabella Par 4at 332 mtrs.HCP 16.Downhill from the Tee. Try to avoid bunker on right then onto the green with the 2nd. should you hit your 2nd. to the right of the green it could be to your advantage as there is a mound with a steep slope which can get you onto the elevated green. Donít go left of green.

Hole 17 Vistabella Par 4 at 272 mtrs. HCP 14. Here you need to clear the water from the tee!! This hole has 3 levels with bunkers front left and right. So take care.

Hole 18 Vistabella Par 4 at 343 mtrs. HCP 10. Try not to drive to the right as you could finish up in some very high mounds that will make your 2nd.shot a little difficult. The green is very elevated however after playing the last 17 you should be very experienced on the greens, I donít think so! because, this green will really test you.

That's it Guy's and Girl's great course well deserves to be a "Special one" but remember it' s all won on the Vistabella greens and here is where you will come unstuck.

David Winder.

Vistabella Golf Course - Price for TorreGolf members ...
Price for Torregolf Members and Event days ... Upon request
No Rate For Walking                                                                      Daily Licence/Insurance €1.50

Price may change on the day – with Special Offers.




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